working on this actually made me really like his character

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did you like mick? i was actually starting to enjoy him but then.... *cries*


i didn’t

BUT I’LL EXPLAIN WHY because after his demise, a lot of people asked if i liked him, and i remained completely unphased by him SO!! here you go

  • he’s with the BMoL. already not a good thing BECAUSE
    • i don’t care for this group……….they are SO CLEAN. and i think of clean as boring, unless proven otherwise. (which, within spn, i often am, which is nice!) i talked about this with a friend in seattle–this storyline strikes no chords with me because there’s 0 personality or gritty americana at all ;o;
  • the way they introduced his character made him seem like he’d be a lot more badass! but he was a pencil pusher so i mean alright
  • he said he’d never killed, but as a kid just to advance his position he killed one of his only friends?? so we don’t actually know anything he’s done ever except for so far kill 2 kids for his job that he doesn’t really like that much
  • i want SOME SORT of mythological creature to be working with them regularly, and mick………….dressed…………lIKE CAS….i mean if i have the choice between the two i’m gonna choose an angel child
  • his character never made too much sense to me?? and again. too clean without getting the hands dirty:

in comparison, look at my favorite character. look at him. he’s the most powerful being in the universe and he’s a damn slob

i think i might’ve just been spoiled too much last season

curse you robbie thompson

Why I fell in love with Riverdale's cast

Usually when I watch tv shows, I get easily attached to the characters. But when I discover the actors in real life, watch their interviews and stuff, I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed, but I’m kinda sad they aren’t like I imagined them you know? Sometimes I don’t like their personalities, or my otps in the show don’t even get along that well in real life and stuff like that. Usually I fall in love with fictional characters, not the actors behind them. But with Riverdale it’s just so different. The moment I began watching the first episode I just knew I was gonna be obsessed with it. I knew I was gonna love the cast. And then when I watched interviews, they were so much better than my expectations. I loved the actors even more. Every interview shows how genuine they are, how they get along so well and care for each other. They’re all so funny, humble, pure and loving. You can really see the chemistry between them. They actually show that they enjoy working together everyday. I don’t know how to explain it but it felt like I knew them for a very long time. They seem like a family, and they made me feel like I was part of it for some reason. Also the thing that surprised me is that each actor is perfect for his character. I know that it’s supposed to be like that since there’s a casting process and they’re basically looking for the actor who would fit the character well, but it’s insane how they make it feel like they’re actually these characters when they play them and how they don’t seem so different from them in real life (especially since the characters are 75 years old and well-known, so it’s not that easy). There’s a part of Betty in Lili, a part of Veronica in Camila…
I don’t know if you guys feel this way too, maybe it sounds weird and not very clear, but that’s how I feel. And to make a person feel all of this just in a few interviews (because the show just began so we don’t know that much about them after all), is pretty special.
To conclude all of these messy thoughts, I think I’m just gonna say that I’m so grateful for this lovely cast. They’re already gaining so much audience, fans, recognition…and I couldn’t be happier because they truly deserve it.


so i finally felt like posting these- a few months back me and @motozuma made a Mario AU with our OCs! I drew these for some of the notable figures- Averett as Bowser, Moreke as King Boo, Demeter as Princess Daisy!

Marco isn’t filling the place of a main character, but he’s a design I really wanted to sort out on his own! He’s a D-Man but works for Momo, so his color scheme is supposed to be in line with a Dark Boo instead. I really like how all of these turned out :’’)

some hairstyles I really like in BNHA

Toshinori Yagi’s hairstyle is number 1!

it looks like a sunflower mane or something! it has this fluffy feeling that literally makes me feel like petting his hair every time I see him and pulling those two long front locks of his, those front locks also happen to be my favorite part of his hair.

I love how it always looks so detailed in the back view.

his hair is so unique, but at the same time it’s pretty common, I mean there are a lot of hairstyles that are similar to Toshinori’s own in anime but something about his hair always intrigues me…  it’s probably because of the love I  have for anime blonde males

I just re-read the whole kamino arc looking for good pictures of Toshi and now I have the feels!!!! But here are some more panels with Toshi’s pretty hair.

and of course there’s Izuku. If there’s any anime hairstyle that I can call one of the most unique it’s gonna be his. Sure there are a lot of anime guys with curly hair (although I do not understand how Izuku’s hair is supposed to be curly in any way) like Leo (kekkai sensen), Gintoki, Nice (hamatora) and hinata (haikyuu). But I just love how Izuku’s hair is. It’s a bit “westernized”, like his hair is the type you see in American comics and whatnot. You really notice this when Horikoshi uses that American-styled comic art for his cover pages sometimes.

I love how his hair looks so wavy in the wind!!! XD

and I think my favorite part of Izuku’s hair is how it can look so incredibly detailed like this:

and this:

and then just go to this:

this child has some beautiful hair though…

Izuku’s hair is just so freaking awesome, especially when Horikoshi really, really, really draws those highlights in!!!! It’s one of those hairstyles that I just spend so much time analyzing on a regular basis for no reason whatsoever… *sigh* what am i doing with my life?  

in short, I just really love my son’s hair.

and then there’s Kacchan. I. CAN’T. TELL. YOU. HOW. MUCH. I. ADORE. THIS. BOY’S. HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kacchan’s hair is absolute perfection!!! Yes, the infamous spiky hairstyle for boys has been around for over a decade in anime, but Kacchan’s hair is on a whole other level compare to anyone else with blonde spiky hair (excluding naruto and all super saiyans)

His hair looks like a spiky puffball and I constantly want to pat it, because it just looks so soft and fluffy and I have a thing for poofy-like hair in anime.

His hair looks perfect in all directions, front, back, left, right, front side view, and it’s just so I don’t know, PRETTY?!

How can someone look so perfect in back view anyway?! 

I love the color of his hair too, it’s incredibly close to his skin color, but it comes out really nice to me (mainly because i have a thing for anime blondes)

and I can’t forget the most important one,

use this pretty face to help you sleep at night

I’ve also grown to like Mina’s hair too, maybe it’s because it’s similar to Izuku’s… I don’t know, but I love how fluffy her hair is.

her hair is pretty

I have a thing for well detailed hair.

Shigaraki’s hairstyle is a hairstyle I really like, I love how messy and sloppy it is. TBH, I really love anime guys with full, messy shoulder length hair.

I love this angry child’s hair ^^

the reason I love Zawa’s hair is basically the same reason I love Shigaraki’s. It’s long, wavy, and pretty. just like his face

and of course I can’t forget the bun c:

I have a deep love for Kaminar’s hair. It’s been one of my favorites since the beginning.

chapter 107 just gives me so many reason to love this boy and his hair.

and my favorite thing about his hair will forever be that black highlight…

it’s so cool!

and lastly, it’s my red headed, shark toothed boy Kirishima!

we need,

of this in the series.

however, how his hair stays up 24/7 will always remain a mystery to us fans…

Here are some honorable mentions!

I love Shouto’s hair, plus he looks adorable here (even though he’s angry), although his hairstyle is pretty common in anime.

I freaking love Hatsume’s spaghtetti hair XD

Tsuyu’s hairstyle is really unique. It’s something that really intrigued me when I started reading bnha.

I REALLY love Shindou’s hair, it’s just cute. Plus it reminds of me of Ritsu’s so yeah.

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I'm so salty that barabas secret wasn't worse?? Like it was a bad thing that he did but what he did after it and his motives were good so if anything he looks better in the end?? He could have had a real moral struggle, something that he needed to work for redemption & was eating him up inside for a long time which would add more depth to his character & we could see how without the wight of that weighing him down he was? His "secret" felt like a way to and baraba fans excited but nothing more

I dunno, anon, I actually quite liked his secret myself! It felt fitting to me, like it really fell in line to who we know Barba to be as a person. I feel like if they’d made his secret something really awful, like career-threatening, morally awful, it would’ve come too far out of left field and not made sense.

And in my opinion, even though his secret wasn’t something all that bad, I still feel like we got a good insight into something that Barba was actually struggling with. There is no doubt in my mind that Barba has been carrying the weight of that mother’s death all of these years, with those monthly payments to her daughter probably only serving as a further reminder of his “wrong-doing” in his mind. Plus you have to consider the fact that Barba has never been anything but a consummate professional – I’m sure the fact that he’d had to hide any knowledge of what he’d done/was continuing to do from the DA was something that Barba didn’t deal with lightly.

Now, maybe if this were a different season of SVU, even last season, for example, I would say that there’s a good possibility we would see some sort of continuation of this storyline, even if it were only an offhand remark from Liv checking in on how her friend is doing. We’d probably hear some sort of conclusion to Barba’s meeting with the DA, as well.

But, since this is season 18 of SVU, and apparently personal storylines are a general no-go, as well as adding in the fact that this episode didn’t air when it originally was supposed to, I 100% do not see that happening. Which I think is where I agree with you that it sucks that we won’t see any sort of growth from Barba because of this secret coming to light.

Because while the secret was not something terrible, I still think that there’s a great deal of personal growth that could potentially come out of it for Barba as a character. Would we see him start to question the job, now that his inner most secrets have been made vulnerable? Would we get to hear any more about his professional aspirations, and whether or not those are as good as dead with this secret in play?

But as I said above, there is no chance of this happening because this is season 18 of SVU. All of that potential for character development will be tossed out the window, and Barba’s secret will never be heard of again. 

@ringabellamy: I thought I was the only one who didn’t like it :/

I tuned out after third or fourth episode, so it’s safe to say I didn’t care much for it. It felt like a 13 part PSA rather than an actual human drama where I was supposed to care about the characters - there was just nothing about it that really worked for me at all.

(Actually, I take that back - I did like Tony, whatever his deal was. Should have just made the show about his mysterious shenanigans).

My flatmate started off liking it a lot more than I did - she marathoned the entire show in one day. But when I asked her later on what she thought of it, she admitted that she’d ended up also kind of hating it because she realised about halfway through that the show was doing a pretty fucked up job of talking about the subject matter. 

And then there’s That Scene that happens in the last episode - I didn’t see it, but it made her legit angry - so yeah. You are definitely not alone in not liking 13 Reasons Why.

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hi! after you're done seeing the movie, would you be ok with writing some spoilers or at least a spoilery-review for us western fans who have to wait months to see it, pretty please? :( im so hyped for it but hate having to wait. hope you enjoy it! <3

Happy to oblige friend

Alright so let me start off by saying that the Campania arc is my absolute favourite arc of the manga and I’ve read it more times than I can even count. Honestly, I could probably tell you exactly what happens panel by panel, so this is a review coming from that context. Bear in mind some of the things I’ll mention might not even be noticeable to people who haven’t poured so much time into it. Having cleared that up let’s begin.

(Obviously spoilers under the cut)

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BOY, what does that tell you when that actually gave me pause for a second.

On the one, Priam was at the center of a particularly sore point of fandom drama, and, at the end of the day, apart from a solid Jamieson Price VO (because I always adore Jamieson Price’s work), there’s really nothing memorable at all about Priam. The closest I came to liking him was when someone put these words in his mouth on the Incorrect FEA Quotes blog, and it made me think, yeah, playing him up as a haughty, Maoi type, charming heel would’ve made him so much more memorable, let alone likable.

On the other, every single element about Excellus was designed to be as contemptible as possible, and…well, they succeeded in that, I’ll give them that. So…at least he’s memorable, in that sense. Albeit some of those contemptible elements go beyond the boundaries and into “hey, whoa, don’t drag this particular subset down with him.”

I mean, after a moment to think, it’s a clear choice, but, again, WOW, doesn’t that tell you something about the capstone character of Awakening’s Paralogues?

Anita Blake Deconstruction: Guilty Pleasures ch 1-2

In which I have opinions about books and I make you listen to them. :D

But first, a little scene-setting:

I first encountered the Anita Blake series in my freshman year of college about a decade ago. (Oh my god has it been ten years already? TEN. YEARS.) They were my first real urban fantasy novels and it was love at first page and I identified with Anita so hard.

There were already a dozen books out and I used to run upstairs to borrow them from a friend who owned the series. I still remember the first thing she said to me after recommending them: “they get weird later.” I assumed she was being cautious and dramatic because they had (gasp) sex and violence in them and at the time this was very edgy for li’l sheltered me.

She was not.

So the thing about this series is I have NEVER heard anyone bring these books up without adding that qualifier. If you hear someone talking about a series of books that gets weird they are talking about this series. I will lay money.

Anita Blake Vampire Books: They Get Weird.

Let’s discuss.

Ch 1:

Willie McCoy had been a jerk before he died. His being dead didn’t change that.

This is a pretty catchy start. Someone is dead! And in Anita’s office wearing polyester and looking like “a bit player in a gangster movie.” Willie is a vampire but he is not a love interest. We know this because he is short and awkwardly dressed and clearly low on the pecking order. He is also the first vampire Anita knew before he died.

One thing I never noticed before is how this first sentence sets up a key idea of the series. Vampires act like people. They remain essentially the people they were before they died. So are they people?

Don’t worry, Anita will spend thousands of pages angsting about this topic in books to come.

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Bleach characters' voice mails

As requested by anon. :)

I’m very excited about this list. When I was in high school, I was really into Terry Pratchett, and I actually made lists about his books (like, on paper. Longhand) which I showed to my dad and my one other friend who read Pratchett. *coughs* Anyway, I once made voice mails for Pratchett characters, so it feels right to be doing so now for Bleach characters!

1. Orihime

“Hi!!! This is Inoue Orihime! Looks like I can’t come to the phone right now - I’m probably working, or at school, or in the land of the dead fighting monsters. Leave me a message! Or, if this is a medical emergency, please go outside and scream my name to the heavens. Hopefully I’ll hear you!”

2. Ichigo

“Hey. This is Kurosaki Ichigo. If you’ve kidnapped one of my friends, press 1. If you need rescuing and/or help, press 2. If you’re calling about the homework or something normal like that, ignore all that and press 3. And if you are Kenpachi or Grimmjow asking me to fight, just give it up already thanks.”

3. Ishida

“Hello! This is Ishida Uryu! If you have a sewing emergency, press 1. If you have a hollow emergency, press 2. If you want to discuss a QUINCY matter, press 3. If you want to discuss a Soul Society or shinigami matter, then why the hell are you calling me? I’m a Quincy. I don’t get involved with shinigami. Ever.”

4. Rukia

“Wait….so how do you record this? What, it’s going already? Give it back, Ichigo! Uh - this is Rukia! Kuchiki Rukia! I can’t come to the phone right now, so please leave me a message at the sound of the tone! Thanks! Wow that was fun! Wait, it’s still going? How do you turn it -”

5. Chad

“This is Sado’s phone. …………………………Leave a message.”

6. Unohana

“This is Unohana. If there is something important, you may leave me a message. If you are bleeding out on the battlefield, please hang up and text me your location. I check these messages every four months.”

7. Yachiru

“It’s Yachiru! I’m probably watching Ken-chan fight, so you shouldn’t bother me! But you can leave a message if you want and I’ll listen to it when Ken-chan is no longer fighting!”

8. Hisagi

“Hello. This is Hisagi Shuhei of Squad 9. If this involves the Seireitei Bulletin, please press 1. If it involves Squad 9 matters, press 2. If you are Matsumoto Rangiku asking for a favor, press 3. For anything else, press 4.”

9. Kyoraku

“Sorry that I missed your call, friend! I may be busy, or I may be asleep. Leave me a message, and we will talk soon! Preferably in person, over drinks.”

10. Nanao

“This is Ise Nanao, lieutenant of Squad 1. If you are calling for me, press 1. If you are calling because you cannot get a hold of my lazy-ass captain, press 2 and I will take care of it.”

11. Aizen

“This is Sosuke Aizen. I know why you have called, and I know what you will say in your message. It is all a part of my plan.”

12. Soi Fon

“This is Soi Fon. If you waste my time by leaving a message that is unimportant, I will hunt you down and I will kill you. That goes for you especially, Omaeda.”

13. Ulquiorra

“Whether you leave a message or not, I will know that you called. You have no options. My caller ID has taken them from you. Leave a message if you wish, but it will not change your fate. Once I saw your name, my decision as to whether or not to call you back had already been reached. Now there will be a beep.”

14. Yoruichi

“Hey there! This is Yoruichi! To be honest, I have no idea where my phone is and also cats can’t use voice mail, but you’re welcome to leave me a message if you want! You can tell me all about it when I next show up!”

15. Grimmjow

“Huh? I don’t WANT to leave a personalized message! What the fuck are you doing? Stop recording me! Stupid phone!”

16. Hitsugaya

“This is Captain Hitsugaya of Squad 10. Your call is important to me. Leave a message that gives your name, phone number, reason for calling, and the best time to reach you, and I will get back to you soon. Thank you. Goodbye.”

17. Matsumoto

“Wow - who uses voice mail anymore? Text me, silly!”

18. Lisa

“Hey. It’s Lisa. I probably heard the phone, but can’t be bothered to pick up right now. Leave a message if you want.”

19. Rose

“It looks like we missed each other - perhaps the time was simply not right for us to talk! Leave me a message, and I will call you back when I can!”

20. Gin

“Hello? [pause] Yes, this is Gin. What’s up? [pause] Really? [pause] Wow, tell me more. [pause] Uh huh. [pause] Uh huh. [pause] I gotcha. Oh, by the way, this is a recording. So sorry - I couldn’t help but tease you a little! You can still leave a message, of course!”

I watched it, and it was surprisingly good.

As I mentioned long before, I kept my expectation as low as possible because I knew from past experiences that being made into anime is not always a good thing. There are Japanese mangas, novels, games that I loved the original work but really didn’t like anime, and it made me really upset that people remember those works as anime versions even though they were much better in original. Those bad cut scenes on Dual Destinies really didn’t help either. I was worried and nervous at the news rather than thrilled.

But the first episode was actually quite pleasant. Even though I wasn’t really fond of anime promo arts (I still really prefer those pachinko animations) the characters looked much better moving around in the video, and the voice acting was good too. There were many scenes for AA fans to notice and smile, like Phoenix’s old pink sweater in his room, Phoenix riding his bike and late to the court, all those familiar sprites and musics. The opening and ending were both full of symbols. Everything was nice and I came to think “Wow. This is not bad at all! Maybe I was way too skeptic until now.”

But I still want to wait and see how it goes, because another lesson I’ve learned from watching many shows is that I can’t really judge anything when I saw only one episode. Yes, I know I’m being too skeptic again, but Ace Attorney is really important to me and I want to be less hurt as possible when anime turns out to be bad.

Ace Attorney would be an unusual work for Japanese anime, because the whole story is based around the emotional relationships between characters yet it still lacks the canon romance. Seriously, ALL of the main characters, like Phoenix, Edgeworth, Mia, Maya, Gumshoe, Franziska, are canonically single throughout the whole series. This is quite rare for anime, where at least one of the characters usually develop romantic feelings and start dating during the show. Even though there are numerous shippers of various pairings thanks to all those subtext hints and messages, but that’s what they are: subtexts. Not canon. Almost canon. But never canon.

This anime has a burden to show those difficult relationships, not making them too bland, but not making them too obvious. Phoenix and Edgeworth must be friends and rivals as they are in canon, but also there must be enough delicious hints to satisfy the needs of hungry shippers. Countless people would be upset if they appear to be either “way too gay” or “not gay enough.” The same thing goes to narumayo and other AA pairings.

Again, I think the opening, the ending and the first episode had done a pretty good job. That famous “golden chain and balanced scale” scene can be interpreted as showing their complicated relationship as both rivals and partners for justice throughout the series, or the fact that Edgeworth can’t escape from Phoenix because they are destined to love each other. I’m really intrigued to wait and see where this goes. And since I really liked the first episode, now I can wait in more peace and less fear :-)