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Our head bagger was fired because our manager has been after his job for increasingly stupid reasons. He already fought them once when they tried to wrongfully fire him and now they’ve accused him of stealing. They told him that he had to prove that had bought the cigarettes and soda he was accused of stealing but that’s not how it works with customers and the manager knows it. In fact, if he wanted to, he could sue them for accusing him of stealing without evidence just like any customer could. He’s also looking to retire though, so he doesn’t money to try to sue a big company.

He says he’s not coming back this time and just cleared out his locker yesterday, it’s very sad seeing him go because he’s been working for the company for 15 years and has trained every bagger we currently have. The picture attached is essentially a quiet protest from a few of us baggers on a sheet of paper that the managers won’t be able to throw away for a while because it has a bunch of our signatures are on it for work related stuff. None of us are happy about this but baggers are easily replaceable and we know that will fire us if given the chance.

phaythe-ritchie  asked:

Hi! Sorry it's me again. 😊 I am so obsessed with cresswell can I have them like on the rampion just like a normal day? Idk I just love them so much ahh. (You are a fantastic writer btw)

Thank you, darling! :)

07:00: Thorne rolls out of bed, gets ready for the day, puts on the coffee, etc. Cress usually sleeps for another half hour or so because she’s a night owl.

07:30: Thorne checks the news and his stock portfolio while he finishes his breakfast to see if anything fun happened overnight. Cress stumbles into the kitchen for breakfast (and morning kisses).

08:00: Thorne switches the Rampion from autopilot to manual control as they approach whatever city they’re landing in. Cress sends out the appropriate shipping confirmations and rechecks landing clearances.

08:30-11:30: They land, get their cargo unloaded, get the proper signatures and delivery receipts. All the boring work stuff.

11:30-01:00: They leave the Rampion at the airfield and stroll around the city until they find a nice little place for lunch (sometimes a colorful little cafe, sometimes a foodtruck, sometimes even grocery store food that they haul to the nearest park for a picnic), then they stroll around hand-in-hand some more.

01:00-03:00: Cress and Thorne oversee the loading of their new cargo before taking off for the next stop on their flight plan.

03:00-06:00: The Rampion is set on autopilot. Cress and Thorne work on various boring, adult things—returning comms, tidying up around the ship, minor shipboard repairs, balancing the budget, etc.—that need doing until dinner.

06:00-07:00: They cook dinner together—Thorne’s better with throwing together main dishes, but Cress can bake circles around him—and they usually eat it in the cockpit, where they can watch the world go by.

07:00-11:30: Whatever boring adult things they’re still working on, followed by fun relaxing things like netdramas or comming friends or fiddling with the computer systems (Cress) or whatever they’re in the mood for that particular night.

11:30-12:30: Thorne usually falls asleep somewhere in there.

12:30-02:30: Cress collapses somewhere in this range.

03:00ish: Thorne wakes up enough to see if Cress actually made it to bed or not. If not, he shuffles out to the living area where she’s usually dozing in front of her computer and carries her to bed so she won’t wake up with a crick in her neck.