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NCT’s names according to google voice:

Lee Taeyong: Lithium Song

Dong Winwin Sicheng: Boosie When When Song

Qian Kun: Cancun

Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkun: 10 Cheetah Porn Ricetta Bone Coon

Mark Minhyung Lee: Mark Mentally

Lee Haechan Donghyuck: The Hitch On Dump Truck

Jung Jaehyun Yoonoh: Jungle Jay Can You Know

Nakamoto Yuta: Nakamoto Yootha

Seo Johnny Youngho: Sale Johnny Young Whole

Ji Hansol: G Hansel

Kim Doyoung Dongyoung: Kim Do Young Dumb Young

Moon Taeil: Moon Tail

Na Jaemin: Najee Men

Lee Jeno: Legion No

Zhong Chenle: Zone Show Mall

Park Jisung: Fuck You Song

Huang Renjun: Long Run June

I’m just gonna say that ace discourse on this website is the final form of this weird “points” system most of y'all who interact with oppression on this website have. You try to quantify your oppression wrt your identities and completely disregard the intersections of, and personal interpretations with those identities. You believe that being a cishet ace gives you 1 Oppression Point over gay non-asexuals because you have this weird disconnect with the context of oppression. You want your identity and oppression to exist in a vacuum and you also want to quantify it in a way that is simply unrealistic.

hey so why are sapphires pretty much nobility but rubies are cheap disposable foot soldiers when they’re the Same Damn Stone

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YOUR ART IS SO AMAZING I am in love with your style and how well your colours work together? And your lines are so soft and beautiful ahhhhhhhhhhhh <3 <3 <3 if you're willing to do ships at all could I ask for a sugakookie? Anything you like xxx thank you so much for all your hard work!

I imagine Suga’s wallet being sad and empty after spoiling the kid

Because of Mick and His Guys the Alpha Vampire is dead.

Sam Winchester forgetting he did all the work taking down the Alpha while Mick and the other BMOL’s watched.                                                                  

( 12x15 “Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell” ) 

|| 3rd of February, 2017 ||

On a dreary February day I finally started brainstorming ideas for my 4th year honours project. It was good to finally put something down and organise my million thoughts :)
Now I’m struggling to chose between the four topics I’m interested in!

I think I’m just going to start doing some general research in the area and see what’s out there.

My focus area of interest is the use of play based therapies in early intervention work with children :)

Wish me luck!


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Envy: “I spoke too soon. Damn this entire building and every door in it. And every doorknob in the entire Unova region and beyond, now and until the end of time- so says I.”

Wooded hallways had– quite distastefully– cut off at the threshold of a sterile white hallway leading to the impromptu and poorly-planned White Forest Research Laboratory. Though Envy had been able to spare his dignity with the pokedoor at the front of the house, he had overlooked one fatal detail in his plan. And here it sat, mocking him at the last leg of his quest. A keypad. Not only another doorknob but a keypad.

Defeated, Envy knocked his forehead against the glass, hoping that his trainer could hear him.

But what if after everything is resolved and they return to the base, only to find a lifeless LMD!Jemma in a closet somewhere. Fitz is pretty freaked out, but Jemma steps forward after having enough of this nonsense, throws her LMD self over her shoulder, and walks off like a complete BAMF to the incinerator. 

Jemma: I’ll take care of this. 



It’s a revolution, not a war;

London, in the early 1900′s. Lady Morgana Pendragon is the highly controversial daughter of the Conservative leader The Rt Hon. Sir Uther Pendragon, MP. It has been widely speculated by the tabloids that the Lady Morgana is secretly funding the suffragettes movement. It would seem where the Lady Morgana would go she would attract attention from her bold fashion reflecting her general demeanour to her choice of “companion” with the young Miss Guinevere Leodegrance, a once servant to the Pendragons, now with the help of the Lady Morgana a sensation in London’s affluent music scene. 

On the other side of the Spectrum the working class are rising in the form of the Labour party, the leader is rumoured to be the opposition’s own wayward son, The Rt Hon. Arthur Pendragon, MP. who gave up his titles after his rebellion. Mister Pendragon is often criticised for the position due to his privileged upbringing, most publicly by a certain reporter by the name of Mister Merlin Emrys. Mister Emrys is The Guardian’s most favoured reporter, whose wish with the help of his undercover colleague Miss Mithian Nemeth it is to expose the Lady Morgana’s affair with Miss Guinevere, in the hope to use the scandal to bring upon an uprising against the Aristocracy for a modern Britain.  

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Gency week, day 5 - Role Swap!

Previous and next of the week!

I had a bit of a trouble with this prompt, but then I thought Body Swap au! Because who doesn’t love a body swap au. (And don’t lie to yourself, you know you love it!)

And I forgot to mention, but this was partly inspired by Zee’s lovely art and the discussions in the gency discord server! :)

Appropiate tags: Body Swap, light fluff, feeling stuff. (You know. Stuff)

Please enjoy!

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Faba is terrified of Bewear, but they seem to love him ;A;