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Hi! I'm writing a novel with Latinx characters and I was wondering if you had any offensive things that you've seen in media about Latinx characters? I'd really like to avoid that stuff, and I know exactly how it feels to have your culture misrepresented, so.

Hey, that sounds amazing! 

Just to name a few of the most common things:

  • Fetishization of our language. Often times Latinx characters only speak Spanish during sexually charged or angrily charged moments. Our language is not a kink to be used to fuel the idea of the spicy or sassy “Latinx” (This is not to say that there aren’t many Latinx who are very sexual beings as well as very passionate and quick to anger ex. Me)
  • There is nothing wrong with being a maid or a work hand on a farm. Plenty of Latinx especially our parents who came here with nothing not even knowing the language have taken on these roles of the “help” but not every Latinx should be. 
  • We span over 20 countries our cultures are so diverse. I can tell you right now that while we hold strong similarities many things can be different. Just a few examples. Being Cuban I eat tamales just like many mexicans, but I can tell you that what they call tostadas and what I consider a tostada are completely different. In Cuba there’s a popular dicho ‘me tienes la cachimba llena de tiera’ which basically translates to ‘you got me fucked up’ ask a Nica to tell you what cachimba means to them and we got a whole different conversation. Hell even our music doesn’t carry over. 
  • WE ARE NOT A RACE! There are white Latinx, Asian Latinx, Mestizx Latinx, Afro Latinx et.c Sofia Vergara and JLo while both beautiful women should not be what every Latinx in your story looks like. 
  • Religion is very important to many latinx. But if you are going into writing about the practice of Santeria or as many of us refer to it Regla de Ocha please please please contact someone and spend a lot of time learning about it, it is complex and it is usually depicted in a negative light with sacrifices and black magic. Also Jewish and Muslim Latinx exist (crazy concept that not every Latinx is Catholic)

I think these are the reoccurring issues I always see but if anyone has more feel free to add. And if you have specific questions I’m happy to answer. Suerte on your novel xx 


Lance who was raised in the city is sent to work on a farm for the summer. He thinks that Keith the guy running the place is gonna be some old crazy guy, so he’s really not too excited. 

Turns out Keith is some kind of FARMER GOD AND HE FALLS HARD (until he finds out that Keith is really snarky, and the bickering ensues)

Star Wars Spin-Offs:

-Chirrut and Baze background story 

-Darth Vader “Welcome to My Emo Mansion”

-Cassian’s background story

-Diego Luna on a quest to discover the texture of Jabba

-Bohdi and how his internal conflict progressed while he worked for the Empire

-Galen farming for 2 hours and 19 minutes

-Rogue One was just a joke and we get a movie with a happy ending :’)

the possibilities are endless

Time for a history lesson

Just remember the following:

Hitler promised to make his country strong again.
Stalin vowed to restore the glory of his people.
Mao Tze Tung started the “Great Leap Forward” to make China better, more efficient, and stronger.
Trump promises to make America great again.

Hitler believed the best way to make Germany strong again was to murder an entire ethnicity, along with the gays, roma, and anyone else who happened to cross him.
Stalin instituted the Great Purge, took over the economy, and execute who knows how many farmers.
Mao Tze Tung seized all the farmland, shipped the actual farmers to the cities and the cityfolk to work on the farms, and shot anyone accused of being smart and/or badmouthing his regime. 
Trump wants to build a wall to protect Americans from those awful Mexican rapists, register and/or deport the Muslims, and kill the families of people he says are terrorists.

Hitler sent his prisoners to camps in other countries to be beaten, starved, and worked to death if not immediately terminated.
Stalin sent his prisoners to gulags in Siberia to be beaten, starved, and worked to death if not immediately shot.
Mao Tze Tung sent his prisoners to “re-education farms” to be beaten, starved, and worked to death if not immediately murdered. 
Trump probably has the same general idea, the way the rest of his politics are reading.

Hitler invaded half of Europe to push his master race idea. He was pretty friendly with Stalin until he decided to invade Russia.
Stalin invaded the other half of Europe for the glory of communism. 
Mao was too busy waging war on his own people to invade anyone else but I’m sure he would have if his army wasn’t otherwise occupied. He was also pretty chummy with Stalin
Stalin is now thankfully dead but Trump is still working that Russian bromance.

Hitler’s policies resulted in the massive destruction of his own country, and the starvation and death of millions of not only his own people (the Jewish ones, anyway) but those from neighboring countries.
Stalin’s policies resulted in the starvation and death of millions.
Mao’s policies resulted in the starvation and death of millions.
We’ll have to wait and see about Trump.  I am not optimistic.

Hitler had a cult following of devoted sycophants, and appealed to millions of Germans who believed in his message of superiority.
Stalin had a cult following of devoted sycophants, and appealed to millions of Soviets, though it was lethal to profess otherwise.
Mao was revered by his people and still is to this day.
Trump appealed to enough Americans to land him in the white house, despite his message of superiority, hate, and offensiveness.

Hitler controlled the media and used it as a propaganda machine.
Stalin controlled the media and used it as a propaganda machine.
Mao controlled the media and used it as a propaganda machine.
Trump wants to control the media.

Hitler was directly responsible for the deaths of over 6 million people.
Stalin was directly responsible for the deaths of 35-50 million people.
Mao was directly responsible for the deaths of over 70 million people.
Trump has time.

Oh, and finally

No one thought Hitler would rise to power.
No one thought Stalin would amount to more than a government thug.
No one thought Mao would be more than a political agitator.
No one thought Trump would win. 

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 

  • Gabe: You grew up on a farm? Aww, that's adorable. Did you pet baby goats and pick eggs all day?
  • Jack: I've slaughtered more cows in my life than burgers you've had in your's.
  • Gabe: What.
  • Jack: Have you ever eaten freshly cut bull testicles? I have.
  • Gabe: WHAT.

People are rightly pointing out how Bill Clinton’s anti-drug campaigns focused on PoC neighborhoods primarily and how millions of potential voters couldn’t vote in this election because of Bill’s policies [because they’re locked up in jail with felony drug charges thanks to Bill Clinton]. Also consider: NAFTA. NAFTA is a large reason “illegal immigrants” began flocking to the US in the 90′s. The so-called “free trade” agreement gutted the economies of central and south american countries, literally starving huge populations of working class farming families in these countries by subsidizing American farmers/food-producers. If NAFTA wasn’t signed into law, there’d likely have been less of a populist backlash against immigrants as these immigrants would still have decent paying jobs back in their home countries.

It’s incorrect to say this is karmic justice because it’s far from fucking justice, but it’s just another way Clinton shot herself in the foot with her husband’s own policies.
Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown
The day before harsh new laws came into effect, Brian Cash had 65 Hispanic men picking tomatoes. Now he has none
By Ed Pilkington

One of the downsides of trying to run undocumented migrants out of America is that there is no one left to do the hard work of farming.  As all Americans are about to find out when their grocery bills skyrocket…


It’s the end of summer and everyone is a bit stressed from the heat and crime, so Bruce arranges that they all visit the Kent farmstead.

It goes…surprisingly well.

Damian takes to farming like a fish to water, and is always running errands and doing farm work for Ma and Pa Kent.

“That boy,” Ma announces after supper, rocking on the porch, “needs space to run around.”

Bruce shifts. “We have sixty acres of woods at the Manor,” he says uncomfortably.

“Only sixty?” Clark comments, eyes on the newspaper.

Bruce raises his brows as if to say “I s2g Clark do not even start with me.”

Clark smiles but doesn’t look up.

From that point forward Bruce is in a sour mood. Especially when they get back to Gotham, and Damian spends hours on end in the library and garden. He’s planted tomatoes. And corn. Who on earth would actually want corn?

This goes on for some odd days until Bruce stops Damian from returning to his studies to interrogate him.

“Agriculture is an honorable occupation, Father,” Damian replies very seriously. “When all civilization is destroyed, what remains? The animals and plants. We must give respect to the earth and work side by side with her.”

This is reminiscent of Al Ghul agenda. Bruce feels a bit sick, but he’s saved from these unpleasant thoughts by Tim.

Tim scoffs, crossing his arms. “You just want farm animals.”

Damian steps aside, turning his back on Tim, nose in the air. “Any other time Drake baiting me would have incited an agitated response, but I am confident and serene in my decision. His immaturity does not shake me.”

Bruce and Tim watch Damian walk off into his room, only for him to return in flannel, a straw hat, and a hoe slung across his back.

“I shall now journey to Kansas, to live among the beasts and wheat,” the boy announces. He tips his hat. “Godspeed, Father.”

Damian makes it halfway across the driveway before Bruce catches him by the back of the overalls and takes him back inside.

The next day, Bruce takes him camping. It becomes a weekly pastime.
Farmer Forced To Dump Insane Amount Of Gorgeous Cherries
"These cherries are beautiful! But we have to dump 14 percent."

This is one of the reasons why our agricultural system (in the US) sucks so bad. Designed to prop up prices, satisfy big ag, keep industrial ag financially healthy, and screw the hungry.

The story:

A bountiful harvest seems like a good thing. But not for a farmer in Michigan who says a federal regulation forced him to let 40,000 perfectly good tart cherries go to waste. Marc Santucci, who owns Santucci Farm in Traverse City, shared a picture on Facebook this week of tart cherries he dumped.   “These cherries are beautiful! But, we have to dump 14 percent of our tart cherry crop on the ground to rot,” Santucci wrote. “Why? So we can allow the import of 200 million pounds of cherries from overseas! It just doesn’t seem right.”

Crop yield also varies significantly from year to year. That’s one of the reasons the U.S. Department of Agriculture imposes an order on the industry, which growers and processors regularly agree to, that limits the amount of cherries that can be sold each year to match demand. The goal is to keep prices more stable for farmers. This year, there is a surplus of over 100 million pounds of tart cherries, according to the Detroit Free Press.

there’s a post in particular I’m thinking of which follows on from the theme of ‘lmao nineteen year old luke was playing with toy aeroplanes whilst rogue one happened’ which talked about how leia was an active participant in the rebellion at that time in contrast.

which I think along with shit-talking luke for silly reasons (1. there’s nothing wrong with toy planes, 2. luke worked on a farm for a living he wasn’t doing fuck all he was doing difficult manual and mechanical labour), and praising leia at detriment to luke, also misses an important point: leia’s whole life has been war and rebellion. and perhaps it shouldn’t have been.

see, she was helping alderaan give supplies to rebellion worlds at the age of 15 and became a senator at 16, and a rebellion agent not long after that, whilst she was still a child. that indicates in some ways she wasn’t afforded a childhood in the same way luke was. leia is fierce and fearless but in many ways she wears these behaviours as a mask to cover for her vulnerabilities and isn’t as together and in-control as she pretends or would like to be, she pretends to be strong because otherwise she would fall apart. I feel that sometimes posts which praise leia for being a ‘strong female character’ and a ‘badass’ - especially in comparison to luke - forget at how much pain that this behaviour masks, that since childhood she has been actively fighting against the empire and on her shoulders rests the fates of many worlds, because if she doesn’t succeed then the galaxy might be defeated with her.

and perhaps, in a more ideal world, leia should have had a childhood more like lukes’. leia should have been able to go out racing with her friends and enjoying trivial things after days of work or school instead of worrying the empire will catch you spying for the rebellion, instead of transmitting secret messages and plans and intel.