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‘Jealousy,’ Imagine #9: You See Him Talking to Another Girl and Get Jealous

~{requested by anon/edlikescoldcoffee, I changed it a bit but I hope you still like it, thanks for requesting x}~
Happy reading and happy Ed’s birthday!


You were on a trip to go get some strawberries from the store, which you’d taken a craving to during the early weeks of your pregnancy, and had soon run out of. Your emotions weren’t exactly in check by any means either, and you could tell he was treading lightly, silent aside from little compliments and comforts.

Once you’d gotten to the store, and he’d run around to the passenger side of the car to help you out, a girl waved from a car, as she was putting the bags of groceries in her car’s backseat.

She called his name in a high pitched, yet excited voice, starting to walk towards him as you stood near the car. Ed kissed you on the hand as he let it go, saying “I’ll be right back, will you be okay?” which you could only nod to, already feeling the rise of anger coming up against your will as you snapped a ‘sure, Ed,’ it coming out harsher than you expected.

He gave a worried look at your irritated expression as he walked to her, accepting her hug awkwardly. You felt yourself getting more and more frustrated, nearly to the point of crying with how sore your feet were already, the hard pavement not helping your case. They were talking and laughing, a bit too friendly in your already-tense opinion, and she was touching his shoulder in a way that you’d reserved for yourself.

At last, he finally walked back to you after dismissing her with a nod in your direction, embarrassing you though you were nearly sure he didn’t mean it in a humiliating way, the hormones making you absolutely miserable as tears threatened to spill down your cheeks as he approached, waving at her car as it drove away.

He walked to you, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear with an offhanded ‘she was from Thomas Mills, she was in my senior class’. It was then that he noticed your distraught expression, as you shifted from one foot to the other as his mouth opened in dismay. “Hey, hey, what’s this about? Just tired, baby?”

You sighed, feeling your body visibly relax as his gentle hands kneaded your arms, the heat rising to your face as her car disappeared.

“It’s stupid,” you said, looking down, knowing exactly how he was going to react, though not being able to stop yourself.

“It’s not stupid if it’s making you upset, let me know so I can try and make it better, I can’t if you don’t,” he said plaintively, a quiet little ‘look at me’ tacked to the end, waiting until your teary eyes met his, taking your chin between his thumb and forefinger. “What’s wrong?” He asked again, “What’re you on about, hm?”

You laughed a bit brokenly, catching his concern, looking back over his shoulder, at which his face softened as he immediately drew you into a hug.

“You’re so silly,” he mumbled, heart aching with worry, “I love you, you know that. I know you probably don’t feel good right now, I’ll go get you your strawberries and then we can get home and I can run you a bath.”

Your mouth quirked into a smile that matched his, as he flushed red, adding “Okay, I’ll run us a bath, yeah?” You hugged him again, him stumbling back a bit to catch you by surprise, so happy with how well he knew you.

“I’m so sorry,” you laughed apologetically for your high strung emotions, and he laughed again, helping you to sit back in the car so he could run in the store, “Don’t be, don’t be. I love you for better or for worse, remember? Even when you’re a raging hormonal—”

You hit at his shoulder playfully, a touch he didn’t flinch at like he had with her. “Watch it, now, don’t make me mad, Sheeran.”

“Yes of course,” he said teasingly, the joking air still there as he helped you to sit down and lean the chair back comfortably, his hand fluttering over your baby bump as he kissed you, muttering, “but I really do love you, you know, I mean it.”

You smiles into the kiss as it ended, him giving your knee a squeeze as he righted himself, straightening his back from where he’d been bent over to your level. “Stop being cheesy and get me my damn strawberries,” you teased, sticking your tongue out at him, earning a laugh and a ‘yes, love,’ from him as he turned on his heel immediantly to go.