working on a photoset with all three of them in this photo now

It’s a question that comes up quite a bit in my livestreams. There is no big secret behind it and I am by far not an expert when it comes to likenes, but I thought I’d write my process down for anybody who’s interested in how I go about drawing real people. Today’s victims are the Hat Films boys!

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Learning from the Cradle

This idea has been lying dormant in my head since the end of series 6 but it suddenly erupted out of my brain with a little visual prompting.  Many thanks to @m-t-b-lover for this photoset:

I’m sure after reading this little story, you will guess which photo inspired me!

I hope you like it :)

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Since it’s “Throwback Thursday” here are three years worth of holiday dresses - all made and worn by me, photographed at the same location at the same time of year!

I think this year (the third set of photos) was the most successful, the lighting worked with us for once and the dress better suited the environment than they had in previous years.  But at the time the first set of photos were taken they were my favorite costume photos ever, I was so pleased with them and that dress. 

I must have been 16 in the first set of pictures, 17 in second, and am 18 in the last. I don’t know if any improvement actually shows from the exterior of these dresses, but i’ve learned so much about since that first year and the quality of what i’m making now is a lot better - and so are my makeup skills, haha. 

Hopefully my Christmas inspired dress tradition will continue into 2016!

Individual Photosets: 2015 : 2014 : 2013