working on a new poses


I have somethings in my ask box and should really be trying to work on TH but Jade has me testing her new pose pack and I’m so distracted :) Guess I could post some pics of her greatness…. 

I married Kaze last night, because hahahaha of course I did asdfga send help, so yeah anyway I made a thing to celebrate

AU where Voltron is a model agency run by Allura’s dad and all the paladins are models there (??)

I haven’t started on the others yet but I’ll be adding everyone as I make them

(I’ll be tagging it all under “Voltron Model Agency”)

Toddler Bathtime Pose Pack !

Hey my fellow simmers! I worked all day long on a new Pose pack. Since eveyone ask me to do more of those smaller Toddler pose packs I couldn’t resist to do more. This time I did a bathtime pose pack :) You will need teleport any sim mod and andrews pose payer. I also used euphoria creations skintone nappies which I’ll link below. Please do not re-upload or claim as yours :) Enjoy those bath poses and if you like to tag me on my Instagram account (Simming_for_fun) so I can see it :)

Over and out!

Skintone Nappies  

Download SFS


So, because I’m still working on short story posts (conversions and building new scenes and creating new poses -.-;) here’s just random summary of sim I’ve completed  (which includes their correct outfits in-game more or less, which is why for example, Jack, isn’t included in the summary).

I really wanted to post something like this and I never really get the opportunity to post screens of everyone else besides John and Kaidan :P


Collab with the super awesome and sweet @emeraux she did the lineart and i did the coloring, hope you like it! >w<

My warm-ups from the last few days have had a common theme. I love the different styles used in the Legend of Zelda games. Can you guess who’s my favorite? You’re right! It’s Link! Pfft It’s totally the Twilight Princess design.