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Mischievous findings

Hey babe! So can you write a scenario where donghyuck/taeyong/jaehyun finds out mark is really ticklish and they have a tickle fight?? (or if you dont do ships, can you do one where mark finds out the reader is really ticklish?)


You were downright exhausted. First you had gotten up early to go running in an effort to get into shape (and you hate running), then your major class started and dragged on for two hours, after that you being the great friend you are ran to cover for your friends shift at the bakery making you late to your next class and then you had work from noon to five and a test to study for. Yup, your day was going swell.

You had walked up to your apartment door with a sigh of relief. All you wanted to do was change out of your clothes and into pajamas, wash your face and replace contacts with glasses, and curl up on the couch with some ramen and unfortunately study. You fished your keys out of your pocket and unlocked your door, already taking your shoes off your feet. You didn’t fail to notice the extra set of shoes sat neatly by the door and you immediately felt a smile slip onto your face, Jaehyun was here.

You quickly bounded down the hall in search of your boyfriend to spend time with him. After all, he rarely got home this early. You perked your head into the kitchen. Nope not there. The living room. Nada. The last place he could possibly be was your bedroom and that’s exactly where your feet took you.

“Jaehyun? Babe are you in here?” Your voice carried down the hall into your bedroom to Jaehyun who was lounged across your bed lazily. He hummed an affirmative as you walked into the room smiling at the sight of your boyfriend. He had on a black t shirt and a pair of dark gray sweatpants to go with his ultra soft looking brown hair.

“Baby come here.” He commanded you while beckoning you over with a wave of his hand.

You complied pattering to his side as he grinned at you from his horizontal position. He outstretched his hand towards you and he grinned wider when you intertwined your fingers. He gave a gentle tug, a sign that he wanted you to cuddle with him. You pulled your hand back after kissing his wrist lovingly.

“Let me change first and wash my face alright?” You whispered and let his hand go when he nodded, a gentle smile playing in his lips.

You scampered into your closet, grabbing a pair of sleeping shorts and one of Jaehyun’s shirts and quickly entering the bathroom. You kicked off your jeans happily and threw on the shorts and replaced your blouse for Jaehyun’s t-shirt that was super soft and smelt like him. You washed your face quickly and brushed your teeth before slipping on your glasses and exiting the bathroom with a yawn.

Jaehyun opened his arms and they enclosed around your figure as you cuddled into Jaehyun’s side, nuzzling your head into his chest and legs tangling together. Jaehyun hummed in content as his thumb stroked your hip softly.

“Is that my shirt?” His voice broke the silence.

You glanced down at the material and shrugged before cuddling further into his side giving him confirmation that, indeed, that was his shirt. He chuckled lightly before creeping his hand under the shirt to the bare skin of your abdomen, fingers lightly dancing upon it as if it were a feather. Your body twitched and arched away from the touch as it tickled your skin.

Jaehyun readied an eyebrow at the motion and did it again receiving the same reaction with a slight giggle from you. With a mischievous grin both his hands ere suddenly dancing along your skin rolling you underneath him so that you couldn’t move. You squealed and shrieked, pleading for him to stop as you tried to catch your breath. After what felt like an eternity he stopped, allowing you to catch your breath and calm your racing heart.

Jaehyun rested on his forearms watching you with an adorning smile on his face. He reached down and brushed your hair back before leaning down and kissing your forehead tenderly. When he pulled back he intertwined your hand with his and kissed the back of your hand before rolling onto his side and bringing you with him. You lay with your head on his chest again, legs tangled, and arms wrapped around each other as you stared into his eyes. He slowly leaned down and kissed your lips softly before pulling back and wrapping his arms around you with a hum. He kissed your forehead humming as your eyes slipped shut after a long day. The last thing you heard was a soft, “goodnight baby”, before you were out like light.


7 Nights Of BTS: Namjoon

She awoke the next morning, rubbing sleep from her eyes as the alarm on her phone went off at 10:00am. She groaned throwing her arm over her eyes, after she turned the alarm off. She didn’t know when Suga had left her room, but she felt the emptiness of the bed now. 

Getting up, she walked to the bathroom, relishing the sore feeling between her legs. In fact,it had been awhile since she had sex. A good while. She pulled her sleep shirt over her head, looking at her body in the mirror. She wasn’t amazingly impressed, but she wasn’t disappointed either. Her flat stomach, and wide hips, she turned to the side to look at her butt. Still perky. She looked good, it was easy to see why he couldn’t resist. What was that though? 

She brushed her teeth, after turning on the shower going over what happened last night in her mind. All the guys were super flirty, they went to bed, and Suga came in and gave her what was hands down one of the best nights of her life. Would he say something today? Should she say something? Maybe, it was just a one time thing. Could she see herself with him? Too many questions to ask. She stepped into the shower, washing her body, enjoying the hot water. Half of her wondered if they still slept, and she washed her face thinking that maybe she should play it cool. She had no ties to anyone, she could do what she wanted. 

She sighed, walking to her closet in her towel, picking out some clothes for the day. It was fall, and she picked a green army looking coat, a black long sleeve shirt to go underneath, and a pair of dark blue jeans. As she looked down in her drawer, for underwear and a bra, she heard someone clear their throat. 

She forgot her door was open and Namjoon stood there, lollipop in his mouth, sucking on it. 

“We made breakfast. Correction, Jungkook and Hobi made breakfast. Come eat.” He stared at her awhile longer, a playful smile on his face, making his dimples stand out more. 

“Thank you.” She looked back at him, then down at her towel, making sure it was fully around her breasts. 

“Wear the black lace bra under that shirt, gives me something to think about all day.” He winked at her and left as quietly as he came in. ‘

She stood there heart racing, as her mind replayed what he said again, and again. This had to be some sort of cruel joke. She closed her bedroom door, half expecting Jin or V to be bhind it ready to scare her, but there was no one and so she dressed, taking her bonnet off. 

She wrapped her hair the night before and now gently combed it, with a wide toothed comb, fixing it so it was like she wanted it, before heading downstairs. 

“Good morning >>>.” They all called in unison.

She smiled, saying hello back to the guys, making eye contact with Suga who made a kissy face at her. If they could see her blushing, she would be bright red, but she rubbed at her warm cheeks, and walked into the kitchen. 

“Do you guys have anything to do today? I work today from noon to five, so you’ll be alone for awhile. I’ll leave a key for y’all.” She grabbed a pancake, some eggs, and sausage, and a few pieces of fruit. 

“We have to go to the studio today and fine tune a song. After that, dance practice, and we should get here maybe an hour after or before you.” Namjoon answered her, chewing some pancakes. 

She sat down in the only available spot next to Suga, who reached an arm over squeezing her thigh under the table. 

“Oh.” She answered, her own hand going under the table, to squeeze his hand back, before she set to eating. 

Suga, eyed her and then looked at Namjoon smiling. “How’d you sleep, >>>?” 

Mouth full of pancakes, her face shot up and looked at Suga carefully. His face completely innocent, he smiled at her, his eyes searching her face for an answer. 

“Well, thank you. I’m well rested.” 

“No sleep interruptions?” J-Hope asked her, as he took a sip of his juice. 

Her jaw clenched, did they know something? Did Suga say something? “No, why? Did something happen?” She could play it cool. 

“No.” Jin said. “Well, V snores, so maybe you might have heard that.” 

“I do not!” V’s pink hair whipped up as he spoke. 

They guys all grinned, looking at her before, they set to cleaning the kitchen. Jimin sat at the table with her, talking a bit more before they scattered, to get dressed for the day. As she rinsed her plate, Suga was the first downstairs, and he came behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. 

“We’re gonna leave when everyone is dressed.” His lips kissed the back of her neck. 

She shivered under his touch, turning in his arms. “Did you say something to them? Do they know?” 

Suga’s innocent face and teal hair, turned to the left as he looked at her. “Told them what? About last night? How I made you come?” He leaned forward, his lips brushing over hers. 

She wasn’t buying it and placed a finger on his lips. “I’m serious.” 

Suga rolled his eyes, moving her hand before placing a kiss on her lips. “Would it bother you, that they knew? It wouldn’t bother me, if they did, and they wouldn’t be bothered either.” 

He let her go to think on his words, just as the rest of the guys came downstairs. They pulled on their shoes, each giving hugs and kisses on her cheek. 

“See you later >>>.” V, Jin and Jimin heading out the door first. 

Suga walked backward winking at her once more, before he walked out. 

J-Hope and Jungkook waved, at her leaving. 

Namjoon grinned. “Our ride is here, so we shall see you later.” He came over cupping her chin, his trademark playboy smile on his face, as he leaned in letting his lips brush over hers, as he whispered. “Maybe, you should keep on that bra and panty set so I can see it later?” 

He didn’t give her time to answer before he walked out the door, grabbing the key and closing the door behind him. 

She realized the whole time, she had been holding her breath, and she let it out, her heart now beating a mile a minute. What was this? What was she getting herself into? Why her? Why now? 

The whole day at work, she couldn’t keep her mind from thinking of Suga’s body working over hers. The way he smelled, and the feel of his skin on hers. She shivered in goosebumps every time she thought of him. Now the images of Namjoon’s lips, played in her mind and she squeezed her thighs together, as her mind gave the scenario of Namjoon naked before her, and her lips wrapped around his member. 

‘You’re a dirty slut.’ She thought to herself. 

‘No, you are not! You are a human with feelings and emotions and wants. And you want, every one of those boys to fill you up. It’s natural.’ Her mind thinking back and forth. 

‘Fill you up like a little bangtan cum dumpster!’

‘That is so not a bad thing.’ 

She shook her head freeing herself of her own thoughts as she felt her phone vibrate. 

“Miss us?” It was a text from Namjoon.

She quickly texted back. “No, I’m having a peaceful work day thank you.”

“Mhm. I keep seeing you in that towel in my head.” She could practically see him biting his lip. 

“Namjoon, stop I’m at work.” She sighed, looking over the shirts she still had to put out. 

“One hour left.” He sent her a picture of him smiling and winking.

She shook her head, feeling her core tremble. Why her? 

She got home before them. Leftovers would have been had but, instead of eating breakfast, Jimin and Jin ate the stew. She sighed. Chinese food it was. She had a recipe for eggrolls and honey sesame chicken with steamed rice. As she set the rice in the cooker, she began cutting chicken pieces and frying them in flour and oil. Her mind kept drifting to Namjoon’s words earlier:  “Maybe, you should keep on that bra and panty set so I can see it later?”

Just as she was setting the food in the oven, in it’s sauce, she heard the guys outside the door. They came in laughing and smiling, before getting quiet noses in the air. 

“I could get used to this.” Jimin said, removing his shoes and coming into the kitchen trying to open the oven. 

She smacked his hands away. “No. Not until it’s done.” 

He whined, poking his lip out at her, V putting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder he gave her puppy eyes. 

“Honey sesame chicken, steamed rice and eggrolls guys. Give it 10 minutes,” She patted their heads, as they both made barking sounds. 

She shook her head moving past them. “How was practice?” 

“Good.” They answered. 

“Tiring.” Suga said, plopping down on the couch.

“Go shower guys.” She shooed them, but they shook their heads. 

“It’s like 7 and you worked all day and cooked. Go shower >>>, we will take the food out and set the table. Besides you might wanna, relax or something.” Jin smiled at her. 

“No, I’m more hungry than anything.” She ran upstairs however, changing her clothes, before coming back. 

They were talking to themselves, and as she touched the living room floor, they dispersed, not looking at her. 

“You guys act so suspicious!” She said, walking to the oven as the timer went off. 

“You always come in when we are talking, and think the worst.” Jungkook answered her, pulling bowls out of the cabinet. 

As they set the table, and she arranged the food, they sat down eating and talking about their day. She thought she’d find herself near Suga again but this time, she was in between Namjoon and Jin. Jin’s broad shoulders, touching hers, his thick thighs pressing against her legs. Namjoon had the habit of keeping one hand in his lap as he ate, but the other hand was on her thigh, rubbing dangerously close to her core. Several times she had to scoot away, but as she moved towards Jin, he would snuggle into her side. Or set his bowl down and rub up and down her legs. All this stimulation was beginning to be too much, and after she finished, she set her chopsticks down standing up. 

“I’m gonna shower. Can y’all handle the dishes for me?” She rubbed her thighs, as they held up thumbs or nodded at her. 

In her room, she closed the door, looking at the clock. 9pm. She didn’t work tomorrow, good thing. Sitting on her bed, her head in her hands she breathed deep, thinking. First Suga, now Namjoon and then Jin? Stripping out of her clothes, she was left in her panties and bra and moved to the bathroom. Putting her hair into a bun she, looked for a shower cap, when the bathroom door opened and a shirtless Namjoon stood in his shorts and socks. 

“Need some help?” He closed the door behind him, moving towards the shower, turning it on. 

“Actually no, I have it. What are you doing in here?” She turned to face him. 

After he checked the water, Namjoon turned to face her, smiling. “I think you know where this is going.” 

He moved towards her, his hands on her waist, as he eyed her. “I see you have on what I told you to.” He kissed the tops of her breasts.

She shivered. “Don’t the guys know you’re up here?” Her hands on his chest, barely pushing him away. 

“They think I’m in the shower. I never said which one.” He said in between kisses, moving up her neck. 

His hands on her face, he kissed her lips. Savoring each kiss, he lifted her legs onto the counter, spreading her legs and pulling her towards him. RapMon pulled his pants off, letting his boxers follow. His member right against her clothed core as he proceeded to grind his pelvis into her. She leaned her head back, hands gripping the counter, eyes closed. She thought of Suga and snapped her head up. 

“Namjoon, listen. I have to say this. Last night.” His head came up from sucking on the skin of her breast, covering her mouth. 

“I don’t care. I’m with you now. That’s all that matters.” He kissed her lips, gently. One peck, then two, his fingers sliding her panties to the side, he rubbed her pearl. “Either you want me or you don’t, but considering how wet you are.” 

He let his words trail off as she pushed herself onto his fingers. Abruptly, he pulled away and took off his socks. Without saying a word, he climbed into the shower. “You coming?” 

She licked her lips, looking around. Should she? She removed her bra, her slit dripping as she thought of his touch. She could. She got in the shower. He had a rag already lathered, rubbing it up and down her body. He cleaned every inch of her, and let her do the same to him. He stood behind her, careful not to wet her hair, as his right hand held onto her breasts. Soapy and sliding, he caressed them, his left hand coming between her legs, fingers in and out, his thumb flicking over her pearl. She was so close, her arm back around his neck. 

“Are you gonna come for me?” He asked her, biting on her earlobe. 

“Yes.” She whispered. 

His fingers pinching her nipples, Namjoon rubbed her clit until she gasped and kicked her feet lightly, coming apart in his hands. He chuckled, lifting her in his arms, he carried her from the shower and set her on the bathroom floor. Grabbing towels, she gave him one and began to dry herself off. As she walked into her room, Namjoon grabbed her hand. “I’m not done.” 

She found herself sitting backward on his lap, as he laid down on the bed. Namjoon was deep inside her, as she rode him. Her hips up and down on his length, he watched her ass shake and jiggle as she bounced on his member. 

He slapped her ass, hard, the loud smack echoing in the room, he sat up pulling her body flush into his as he moved his hips hard against her. His hand on her throat, Namjoon pumped his shaft into her, his teeth finding purchase on her shoulder. 

“Come for me, sexy, let me feel you squeeze me.” He moaned into her ear.

She gasped, her hand reaching back and holding onto his neck. “Fuck, Namjoon, touch me.” Her hand shaking as she placed his hand on her breast. 

One last thrust, and he squeezed her nipple, listening to her ragged breaths as she came. 

She was asleep when he left the room. Naked in bed, he pulled the covers over her body, and turned off the lights. He wrapped the towel around himself and walked into the room he shared with J-Hope. 

Hobi looked up from his phone, smiling at his friend. “You were louder than Suga.” 

RapMon shrugged at him, his trademark smile on his face. “I do what I do well.” 


[[Daichi hcs for Daichi and His Ragtag Misfit Family au]]

⊙ His biological parents were neglectful and often talked down to him, making him feel insignificant and unwanted at a young age.

⊙ His favorite days were when his aunt would visit his father because she was amazing and showered him with the affection he desperately needed.

⊙ When he was about seven, his parents just never came home from work one day.

⊙ Went to his teacher after two days of being alone and managed to convince her to give him his aunt’s phone number, lying about how he needed help surprising his parents but didn’t want them to get suspicious by asking them for the number.

⊙ Called his aunt when he got home and told her what had happened. She came and got him, packing up all his things and bringing him home with her.

⊙ His parents had gone on an impromptu vacation and had forgotten about him.

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Here’s a side by side of the henna tattoo art I’ve been working on today. I started at noon. It was twenty till five when I stopped for the day and I only did her hand, which still needs a few finishing touches. I haven’t even started on her face or hair. But I’m going cross eyed because I do art with the pencil in my mouth (I’m disabled if you’re new here) so I need to stop and rest my eyes. My vision is literally blurred right now. My respect for henna artists has gone through the roof today. Y'all are the MVPs of the art world. (The reference photo I’m using was found on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram account. I love their makeup but I can’t afford it.)