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└ How can this adorkably cute mien be that of our oldest member? Muri desu~~ Too squishable~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.03.2017

south throws a tantrum and maine has the misfortune of being the last person pinned under her gaze. “what’re you looking at?”

he shrugs. doesn’t look away. she gets in his space–

and he boops her nose.

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c10 ritsu :^)

For anon: Ritsu with c10 for the expression meme! :’)

I tried a different style so it would go faster, but ah…if it kinda looks like someone elses, I assure you, purely coincidence. I just drew what I felt honestly haha, so apologies if this looks like copying! ^^;;


twelve days of twelve // day eight: character development

i don’t think that i’m a hugging person now.


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“I wanna write stuff while I’m working on the house. Give me the…”




If that’s ok

Wow, this took longer than I meant to for a number of reasons, but I couldn’t resist doing this! Although I took it in a bit of a different direction. What can I say? Plot bunny latches on, you don’t let plot bunny go.

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January 11th
Happy Birthday Eisuke Ichinomiya!

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It had been a while since he’d seen the kid and judging by the city around them, a lot had changed since he’d been gone. The odd thing that hadn’t changed was this kid’s desire to do good. In all honesty, it gave him hope that maybe the good he’d always wanted to do was still something he could. Steve had lost a lot of hope but he kept being dragged back in no matter what he did. Maybe that was a sign, maybe it was what he’d needed to see.

“Still fighting on the streets, I see.”

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If we're going with women of color I would so love for Zendeya to play Sabrina.

Ooh, that would be amazing to see Zendaya play that type of role.

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Send me who you want to be the New Sabrina 🔮✨