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okay so i work at a restaurant and we have couples come in sometimes that sit in the same side of a booth and share food and stuff and it's so cute and it makes me die a lil every time bc it's adorable. but like imagine you and harry on the same side of a booth, talking and giggling to each other and when your food comes you steal off each others plates

this is so cute it hurts omg

TalesFromYourServer: I feel sexy. (Long?)

tl;dr Chairwoman of famous company makes me feel like Brad Pitt.

Hey everybody, this is my first actual post instead of commenting so I hope you’ll be gentle. I work in one of NYC’s highest profile catering venues. It’s part time work and a good fall back position if something else isn’t working out. My last actual restaurant job kinda dissolved so I’m taking shifts here again. Tonight we were doing another gala events which is our bread and butter and I have one of the high profile tables as usual because I worked here for years and I am very well regarded. So after I’ve offered my wine and I’m checking to make sure everyone likes/can eat the first course. So I go asking around and I come to this one woman.

Me: Is the first course to your liking tonight Ma'am?

Woman: Oh I’m not having any.

Me: You don’t like it? Slight backstory here the first course is a shrimp avocado salad that I absolutely adore. Most of our food is only ok but this is scrumptious.

Some dismay might have shown on my face, because here is what happened next.

Woman: I’m on a diet, Sweetie. while gently grasping me by the thumb and forefinger chucking me under the chin.

This really surprised me but I was also really flattered. I’m not good looking, I’m fat, bald and um how can I put this? Not tall. I almost couldn’t believe it happened.

Me: Would you like the Arugula salad instead?

Woman: That sounds Lovely.

So I go around the rest of the table with the same question and I have one other request for the salad. I take the shrimp plates back to the kitchen, and bring back the arugula salads. Meanwhile the MC of the event or whatever is speaking.

MC of the event or whatever: Will our 50 honorees please stand and be recognized. Bo Shmoe; Name Doesn’t Matter; Woman’s Name, Chairwoman of Famous Big Company…

And up she stands. I can’t believe it, I’m just totally Gobsmacked. I proceed to brag the rest of the night and I just had to share that one with you all.

tl;dr Chairwoman of famous company makes me feel like Brad Pitt.

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Last time I worked in a restaurant this guy fed me strawberries (white ones, they tasted amazing), I was sat down and he was stood above me, it was so sexual that I developed like a massive crush on him after that. And another guy fed me some steak. I remembered this because the steak one happened again today 😐 why are people like this?! Anyway a ground rule for my new job is Do Not sleep with anyone.
I was speaking to this guy and he was speaking about gyms etc and asked me if I went and then was like oh I thought so, cos you know, your figure.. Then made like a curvy gesture with his hands, as in, big ass. Let me have this one guys. Even though my bum and boobs are almost definitely there because of pizza and not the gym.

god i wish lesbians in mainstream media werent so sexualized. like… wheres my dorky highschool gfs… wheres my uptight office lesbian and sloppy sweatpants lesbian who shows office lesbian the joys of eating raw cookie dough at 4am… wheres my rich and famous lesbian who falls in love with shy bookish lesbian… wheres my waitress gfs who work at competing restaurants… wheres my mutual pinning neighbor lesbians who barge into each-others’ houses uninvited… like not every sapphic couple is two Sexy Women With A Forbidden Passion… give me my fun and sweet sitcom lesbians

people seem to have trouble understanding why i’m an anti-capitalist, so i’m going to try and put it into simple, real-life terms.

i work at a restaurant. i make $12 an hour, plus tips. minimum wage where i live is relatively high for my country - the national minimum wage is $7.25/hr, and has not been raised since 2009. before taxes, working full time, my yearly income is about $22,000 a year. ($25,000 if you count tips)

at my job, we sell various dishes, with an average price of about $10-$15. we get printouts every week detailing how much money we made that week; in one week, our restaurant makes about $30,000. (one of our other locations actually makes this much on a daily basis!)

i’m not going to go into details, but after the costs of production (payroll for employees, rent for the building, maintenance, and wholesale food purchasing) are accounted for, the restaurant makes an estimated profit of $20,000 per week.

this profit goes directly to the owner, who does not work at this location. the owner of my restaurant has actually been on vacation for a few months, but still profits from the restaurant, because they own it. i have met the owner exactly twice in my year of working here.

to put this into perspective, the owner of this restaurant earns in 2 days what they pay me in one year. and that’s just from this single location - the owner has several other restaurants, all of which make more money than the one i work at. this ends up resulting in the owner having an estimated net worth of tens of millions of dollars, even after accounting for the payroll for every single worker in their employ.

now, i have to ask you: does the owner of my restaurant deserve this income? did they earn it? did their labor result in this value being created?

the naive answer would be “yes”; the owner purchased the location and arranged for the raw ingredients to be delivered, did they not?

the actual answer is “no”. the owner may have used their initial capital to start the location, but the profit is a result of my labor, and the labor of my co-workers.

the owner purchases rice at a very low bulk price of about 25 cents a pound. i cook the rice, and within a few minutes, that pound of rice is suddenly worth about $30. the owner did not create this value, i did. the owner simply provided the initial capital investment required to start the process.

what needs to be understood here is that capitalists do not create value. they use the labor of their employees to create value, and then take the excess profit and keep it.

what needs to be understood is that capitalists accrue income by already HAVING money. the owner of my restaurant was only able to get this far because they started off, from the very beginning, with enough money to purchase a building, purchase food in bulk, and hire hundreds of employees.

that is to say: the rich get richer, and they do so by exploiting the labor of the poor.

the owner of my restaurant could afford to triple the income of every single person in their employee if they felt like it, but this would mean that they were generating less profit for themselves, so they do not.

the owner of my restaurant pays me the current minimum wage of my area, because to them, i am not a person. i am an investment. i am an asset. i am a means to create more money. 

when you are paid minimum wage, the message your boss is sending you is this: “legally, if i could pay you less, i would.”

every capitalist on the planet exploits their workers for their own gain. every capitalist, even the small business owners, forces people to stay in poverty so that the capitalist can profit.

“When I was younger, I’d always leave the house dressed like a man, but then I’d change my clothes. My mother told me the devil was in me. My father said that I was useless. They even took me to the doctor to find out what was going on. But my grandfather always supported me. He was more open-minded than my parents. I think it’s because he worked at a 24 hour restaurant and met all the people who came out at night. Even when I was a child, he’d see the clothes I wore, and he’d tell me: ‘If you were a girl, you’d be very beautiful.’ When I finally told him everything I was feeling, he said: ‘You’re a great person, and I’ll never be afraid of what’s going on with you.’”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)


table for two

@larvesta and I did a collab; liv did the pretty af sketch and I coloured these gay, non-subtle ladies out on a romantic date of sorts and did some bg effects and all that fun jazz ~(˘▾˘~)

Noctis' part time job
Final Fantasy XV
Noctis' part time job

I got this while roaming around Insomnia Chapter 14 where the two Naga-type daemons lingered in the street, at the end of the corner.

Prompto: Hah! Remember when we used to hang out here?

Noctis: Yeah, like everyday?

Ignis: And the prince worked part-time nearby.

Gladio: Wearin’ a scowl on his face the whole time.

Noctis: Hey, I smiled as much as I could!

This was the restaurant:

Prompto didn’t want to move. 10 years and he knew that I was still using him as my model. HD image link

“I’m driving to pay off my student debts.  I had to start college late because my father had a stroke shortly after I graduated high school.  He couldn’t afford to stop working.  So I worked in a fried chicken restaurant seven days a week while he recovered. When he first came home from the hospital, I carried him down the stairs.  He had tears in his eyes.  My father emigrated from Pakistan in the eighties.  He worked hard so that I could have a better life.  In that moment, I think he saw that I’d turned into the son that he’d always hoped for.”

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if u feel bad for restaurant workers and want to help when u go out to eat pls listen to this so you can help the hosts/bussers/waiters exponentially:

stack cups as much as you can, from most empty to most full. no more than like 4-5 per stack. put all ur silverware in the top cup. stuff it in.

put all your plates together in stacks. biggest on bottom, smallest on top with all the food leftovers & sauces n whatever.

put your napkins on the top of the plate stacks.

don’t fuckin leave sauce all over the table.

that’s rlly it. it would be helpful if you could do that loves.

“I live with my mom and uncles.  There are twelve of us in one house.  Everyone is sacrificing so that I can go to university.  My mom works in restaurants and cleans houses.  All her money goes to my tuition.  She always tells me just to focus on school.  We were short on money last semester, but she told me: ‘Don’t worry about it.  I’ll find it.  You just continue.’  She’s always been like that.  She never wants me to be stressed.  My dad passed away when I was a young child.  So we’ve always struggled.  Sometimes when I was growing up, there would only be enough for one meal.  And my mom always said that she wasn’t hungry.  I didn’t realize until I was older that she had only been pretending.”

(Lima, Peru)