working illustration


l’ EP de l’ami secmio est sorti ce matin! je lui ai fait une pochette ainsi qu’une boucle pour ses clips, ecoutez l’EP sur youtube, ou soundcloud et dites moi ce que vous en pensez!

I made a cover for a friend’s EP, go check it out on youtube and tell me your thoughs on it!

I thought I could make a “quick hand draw” … and now I am drawing since 3 hours on it xD (but my head is today a bit slow, so…. I hope I will finish it tomorrow ^^;) ~

We’re giving Dungeons & Dragons another shot. My character for this campaign in an Aarakocra cleric.

I wasn’t quite satisfied with the canon design of “bird head on human-shaped body with angel wings tacked on the back”. I wanted to take a more anatomical approach to her, and so I have her wings as the primary limbs on her torso. Her arms are small and secondary, and tuck up next to the body when flying.

Her casting focus is that cat’s cradle, which has an actual feather from her goddess hanging from it as her holy symbol. As well as healing, she uses weather-based spells.

She’s on a quest… to do… something…? It was Very Important, she remembers that much. It was also Very Urgent and must be done As Soon As Possible, whatever it is. But she can’t quite seem to recall… Why exactly is she here?? And what was she doing???


Hey everyone! The BOY/BYE project Kickstarter is now live today August 15th! 

The BOY/BYE series is a lighthearted and fun expression of solidarity with those who struggle to see themselves in the stories presented to them. We’re launching pins, prints, stickers, and patches all to showcase women of color and to support an incredible community of artists! Check out the full story behind our work on Kickstarter and all the rad stuff we’re doing. 

It’s been a wild ride these past two months working up to this, and now I’m so excited to share it with you all!! Let us know what you think, and pass it along!


This show has meant the world to me for the past five years. I’m so glad I’ve been a part of it from the beginning to the end. The Partisan, The Apothecary, The Huntress, The Matriarch, or The Martyr, the future will always be female. Farewell, Orphan Black.

A small drawing to celebrate that first September 1st journey 🚂✨