working class tattoo

still getting used to these paints but anyway here’s a tattoo idea I had at work today (bonus: you can always add on when another album comes out)

“you can’t get a job with visible tattoos” is the most petit-bourgeois machine because every millionaire has tattoos but they will use a metric of respectability of tattoos to keep some people out for reasons that obviously are not about tattoos, and on the other hand us poor squirming masses with tattoos miraculously have jobs, every single working class person in america with a job has tattoos, you weirdos, people who talk about how you can’t get a job if you have tattoos has never met a person who works, except when somebody like a tattoo artist or an assistant principal wants to threaten otherwise. and obviously this is about moving borders about acceptability which are related to more than anything white women’s trends but it’s also not…new. and anyway a lot of the Entitled White Male Working Class have had “visible tattoos” since the uh 1940s, that’s a big part of what that class is here, and how it was made and masculinized, which you would know if you knew one person from the twentieth century working class, like, ever, in your life