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another chororin,

Okay so this question might be a bit confusing but I need some information on this if anyone has had experience with this or knows anything about this…

So my work is trying to get workers to clock out after a certain time and immediately clock back in at a different wage. Example: a worker might be making $12 an hour normally but after 9PM they have to clock out and clock back in at the wage of $10 an hour. 

I’m just curious if anyone has had any experience with this type of request and if it’s even legal. A co-worker said that this is illegal in a state that they used to live in but I don’t know if there’s any truth to that. I wouldn’t even know what to look up regarding this kind of practice, like is there a name for this? If anyone has any info about this let me know. I live in Arizona, btw. 

I work in a kitchen and the air conditioner in the back broke and my work is refusing to fix it. It’s damn near 100 degrees back here right now and we haven’t even reached the worst part of summer. (Where I live it reaches up to the 120s in the worst part of summer.) 

Is there anything that I can do about this? It’s making workers sick and the people in charge don’t give a shit because their section of the resort has working air. 

For some, this election is a matter of life and death

Especially if you are poor, working class, homeless, elderly, disabled or ill, this election could be the most important decision we ever make.

This election could mean the difference between eating, or not eating. Having access to free health care, or being too poor to afford it. Having a home, or living on the streets. Having access to social care and benefits, or being lonely in a freezing little apartment. Having access to free education, or not having any opportunities. Being able to earn a decent salary from decent work, or surviving out of food banks on a zero-hours contract. Having social support and benefits, or being declared ‘fit for work’ and literally DYING because you are unable to do the work assigned to you.

If you needed any more reasons not to vote tory, there you have it. If you care about the lives of thousands that will be ruined by another five years of tory rule, please vote to get them out.

For people like me and tens of thousands of others it means access to a bright future, or a very dark one indeed. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. 

PLEASE vote the tories out.


Or “Angry anarchist rants about liberals shaming direct action”

I’m tired of the shit talking on shoplifting here on Tumblr. Shoplifting is actually totally rad. All this nonsense about how all those poor stores people steal from are at our mercy is total bullshit. Don’t let the rich convince you that you’re responsible for them firing employees, for their artificial scarcity, or for anything else they do. Capitalism is their game and it is always in their favor.

The bourgeoisie takes the labor of the working class and sells it as their own, giving the working class a cut in exchange to access to the means of production. Laborers are forced to participate in this system in order to survive or not face imprisonment, and therefore, are being robbed of their labor and all it produces. By doing this, the bourgeoisie gives the working class the right to take back what was stolen from them. ALL products of labor RIGHTFULLY BELONG TO THE LABOR FORCE.

Nobody is gonna lose their job due to shoplifters because shoplifting already happens ALL THE TIME. Employers are smart; they know that they will lose capital and account for it. Stores set aside funds specifically to cover the lost funds from shoplifting. Economically, shoplifting at most prevents stores from profiting more than they expect. Hell, in the US, the majority of retail theft is due to employees. Shoplifters aren’t the ones firing employees, nor are they forcing their hand.

Don’t Say It - One

summary: you and steve are roommates and have been all throughout college. he’s constantly bringing home dates and watching them leave the next morning, and he’s perfectly content with it. you only ever planned on being friends, but sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

warnings: mentions of sex, swearing

word count: 1,165

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“Another date tonight?” You asked as Steve stepped out of his bedroom, dressed a hell of a lot nicer than his usual jeans and a t-shirt. He ran his fingers through his hair, shooting you a smile as he slipped his shoes on, grabbing his jacket, which was thrown over the back of the couch.

“Yep. But I don’t expect it to go anywhere.” He admitted, his smile still preset.

“Then why are you wasting your time?”

“…She’s hot.”

“You’re a pig.”

“Maybe so.” He chuckled, pulling open your creaky apartment door before happily stepping out.

He’d been on eight dates with eight different women so far that month, and he never expected any of them to get further than the bedroom. You kept telling him that it was pointless, that he should actually try to make it work with one of the many women he’d gone through. He said he did. You had to explain to him that meaningless, one-time sex was most certainly not “making it work”. And that’s usually when he started ignoring you.

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“This week, thousands of courageous workers at a Nissan plant in Canton are voting for the right to join a union, the right to make a living wage, and the right to job security and pensions. And they are doing so by connecting workers’ rights with civil rights, as the plant’s workforce is over 80 percent African American… Nissan workers should be very proud. They have exposed the system of racial and economic injustice that corporations like Nissan are perpetrating. We need to build on their courageous efforts, and fight for an economy that works for all of us, not just the top one percent.” - Bernie Sanders


Hello, everyone! I just finished my first week of college classes (and second on campus) so I wanted to share a few tips! Keep in mind these are my personal experiences so things will be a bit different for everyone :~) I’m sure I forgot a few things so feel free to message me with any questions. 

Organize Your Work Space

I use a magazine box to keep all of my textbooks and notebooks in. It’s quick to grab something because they’re on top of my desk yet it keeps clutter off of the surface. I’ve always kept my writing supplies in a pouch but the drawers are great if you have a lot of supplies. If you’re like me and you love sticky notes, get an organizer to keep them in. Include your ruler, scissors, tape, etc.


The first day you will most likely only go over the syllabus, and the rest of the week is usually intro work. I suggest bringing a pen, pencil, highlighter and looseleaf to class. I always rewrite my notes into a notebook after class so I can spice them up a bit, but do whatever you think will work for you. Different methods work for different classes!

!Get to Class Early!

If you take anything from this it is that you need to get to class at least half an hour early on the first day if you can. Most of my professors start class at least 10 minutes early but on the first day, some started half an hour early. It sucks but I do not want to walk in late because it’s a bad first impression. 

The Syllabus

Make copies of your syllabus and keep a copy of it on your computer. I have the original, one on my wall, one in my notebook and one on my computer. You are responsible for keeping track of test dates, due dates and readings. 

Welcome Events

Most schools have a few events every day so you can meet people on campus and get to know the area better. Try to go to whatever doesn’t conflict with class time. It’s really fun and you get a ton of free food/shirts. Plus you can usually grab some club info if they have a booth.

Buying Whatever You Left At Home

I’m the kind of person that writes a list for everything so I never forget what I have left to do or get. Yet I still left a ton of things at home. Write a list of things that you left at home and buy it all at once, but be sure to budget. Money disappears way faster than you think. Food is expensive, books are expensive, living is expensive. Keep a log of what you spend so you’re more conscious of your spending. 


Most people say to buy the textbooks after your first day of class. I totally agree. But…. most schools have a policy where you just have to return any unused books before add/drop ends so I just buy mine ahead of time and return whatever I don’t need. Just remember to keep any plastic wrap on, don’t disturb unwrapped books and KEEP YOUR RECEIPT if you do this. 


Unfortunately, you’ll actually have to study your first week. Try to do your work for each class right when you get back. It’s still fresh in your mind and you know you won’t be awake at 2am on a Sunday trying to finish it all. In college you can’t just spend 30 minutes on each class; it actually takes a bit longer to study than that and it takes a lot of getting used to.

Use a Planner

Write everything down! Whether it’s a reading, online homework, rewriting notes, that meeting next week or that party this weekend, you need to write it down. There’s so much going on and you’re bound to forget half of what you planned on. 

Campus Life

Check out what’s on your campus. We have a gym, smoothie place, a bagel shop, eye doctor, clinic, post office, counseling service, and a ton of other things. It’s basically like you’re living in a little city and it’s something you should take advantage of. For us, the doctor is free and we only have to pay for imaging/injection fees. We also have paths through the forest (we’re on land that’s sort of a nature preserve) and ziplining through the trees. We also have our own garden. You never know what your campus will have.

Meet Your Floormates

My school has a few different styles of housing. The way I see mine is it’s basically motel style because there’s an outdoor balcony with rooms to all of the dorms. It’s way nicer than it sounds I promise. It’s easy for us to meet people because there’s always someone in the kitchen, lounge, laundry room, clubhouse, pool, or seating area. It’s still the first week so everyone tends to stick with their roommates but you can always knock on a door and introduce yourself. 

Meet Your RA

Our floor has two RAs and they’re both really awesome. They’re not only here for roommate issues but they can also answer a ton of questions for you. If you can’t find a building or are wondering if your campus has a certain service, ask them.


I guarantee the first two or three days there will be people set up on the way to class trying to get you to join their club/church. If you don’t have time/don’t want to, just tell them you have to rush to class. But you never know if you’ll like the organization so give them a chance. You’ll at least get a bottle of water/bracelet/mug/shirt/fan from them :~)


We all have meal plans but nobody actually likes eating in the cafe because we’re tired of pizza, fries, salad, cookies and pasta. Try to not spending all of your money in the first week on chick-fil-a or Starbucks but treat your self when you have a bad day. Same goes with ordering pizza! Our plan is to only order takeout if someone has a bad day so it’s like a treat. Every night there is a club or church having a dinner that’s open to everyone. If you plan your evening right then you will never have to buy dinner.