working class records


Jonny always hated when she had to stay for the whole day in school. Most of the time she spent her day working on her business. Working on her phone or writing things in her planner. She had gotten good at her job. Two years since she had taken over from her step father, not that anyone knew that their gang leader was a fifteen year old girl. She ran her line well, her men terrified of a masked leader who could have been anyone among them, a good strategy to keep the men paranoid and hard working.

She had been away too long, not that many noticed, her homework was always done and she did her class work, having set recorders for most of them. She was the only fifteen year old who had a car, although again not many noticed her sliding into the drivers seat once everyone was leaving. 

It was time for history, and there was nothing Jonny hated more than dwelling on the past. Finding it a waste of time, although useful if she had other work to do, she took a seat in the back of the class. She couldn’t remember her teachers name, she wasn’t here often enough for it to stick but she didn’t care. 

Pulling out her small journal she began to write different dates and times, everything she wrote was in Latin. Although the chances of her losing her most important possession was rare and virtually unheard of, in the even that it was, many didn’t understand the old language, not to mention certain words written in another half a dozen dead languages. The class seemed to mutter something in unison, Jonny assumed a half hearted greeting to the teacher, she didn’t even bother to look up. 


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