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Series of Unfortunate Events curse

-Make a witches ladder and tie it to your target however you’d like (hair, name, etc)

-Tie in items that relate to unlucky things 

  • used up travel toothpaste-> they never seem to have toothpaste when they need it
  • a key with a ‘?’ drawn in sharpie-> you’re gonna be late to work, douche
  • empty battery-> they’re always just too tired to really get any work done
  • loose pieces of yarn-> so they always have that one strand of hair tickling their arm
  • a pushpin-> step on something sharp, asshole
  • a ripped piece of paper with the words “REALLY IMPORTANT THING”->so they always forget that one really important thing
  • an empty toilet roll-> every. single. time.
  • broken birthday candle->nobody remembers their birthday

Charge that sucker with your annoyed motherfucking energy and swirl some fucking smoke on it with a few spritzes of cayenne water for good measure. 

Now stuff it in an old sock and forget about it. Or hang it up. You do you.

i’ve been watercoloring a bit to force myself to slow down, but.. it turns out my scanner is too old to connect to my mac and etc so.. I guess I better start looking for a new one. >_>

Fenris is quite the thistle plant imo.


“There’s a limit to how far you can get on emotions alone! Skills come first! If you have skills, you gain confidence and even control your emotions! Ideals and feelings are for the weak to justify their weakness!”

Happy Birthday to my princess, Narumiya Mei! (Jan 5th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


pretty sure this is how like 90% of their interactions go

the other 10% are wheeljack running in screaming bc he blew up himself/his lab/some bystanders


“A work of art.”
[battery day]

a special shoutout to @victoriel, a kind soul who has given so sooo much to a lot of fandoms, including daiya. Happy belated bday vic!!

Things I do with my Hearing aids/Cochlear implant that may be weird/unusual to other people but is not for me

This applies to Hearing aids and Cochlear implants but I am not too familiar with CIs so if you have a list, go ahead add it!

Hearing aids:

  • Clean my moulds out in public with that special cleaning cloth.
  • Take the Ear blower and blow wax out of the tubes/moulds making wax fly everywhere (I should pay attention when I do this out in public, I rarely do but in emergencies…)
  • Take my HAs off out in public and do the “whistle test” to see if my HAs are working
  • Changing batteries, set HAs down on table/lap/book/other, take batteries out put old ones in pockets (or bag or garbage) take new batteries take off stickers, put new battery on table for ‘2 minute wait time before putting batteries in HAs, put stickers randomly (on self/object).
  • Taking batteries stickers off and putting them on random things (my clothes, backpack, table…) 
  • Taking HAs out and putting them on table, lap, pockets - some place visible… I do this all the time it’s no big deal right? 
  • Forgetting to turn them off and having my hearing friends tell me they are whistling loudly. 
  • Forgetting to turn them off during the night. Next morning get a comment such as “THAT is what that noise was! Your HAs kept whistling ALL night! I couldn’t sleep!” Whoops!
  • Changing batteries and accidentally drop the new battery, it disappears, now you’re doing the whole “Crawl on the floor and try to find it” search.
  • Pulling your hair back and your HAs fall out, making a wonderful whistling sound. This happens especially in a quiet situation… everyone stares at you. Awkward…
  • When your hearing aids die you say “My ears died/are not working” *get weird looks* “Oh I mean, my hearing aids are dead”

Cochlear Implants

  • Walking and your coil/headpiece comes off and sticks onto something magnetic.
  • Sticking your CI onto the fridge/other metal magnetic objects
  • having to move your hair around constantly to make it stick. 
  • Taking it off to go on rides at the fair for fear they’ll fall off. 
  • Not hearing anything at night when they’re off
  • The volume and sensitivity might accidentally be changed and it takes forever to be put back on the right setting. 
  • Having to go through the different programs several times before you get to the one you want.
  • Never using any of the other programs your audiologist gave you.

Jay-Z and his mentor Jaz-O pose for Michele Poorman during a recording session at Battery Recording Studios in London in 1989. The photo was taken during a trip to the English capital where Hov was helping Jaz-O record his debut album Word to the Jaz. Jaz, Hov, and Irv Gotti stayed in an upscale apartment in Notting Hill and were treated like royalty by The Jaz’s record label. Also, it was during this trip that Hov’s drug trafficking ring back in the States was shut down by police and many of his partners were arrested.

“When I photographed Jay Z, I had no idea who he was or what impact he would have on the industry. He was the quiet one, Jaz-O was much more talkative. I made friends with a producer called Hamish McDonald who worked at Battery in Willesden, North London. Hamish called me one evening and said there were two guys recording at the studio who were from America and that I should come down and take their photograph. He said, ‘you never know, one day they might be famous.’ I don’t think even he realized how true those words would become!”