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Thank you so much for taking your time to put all the great Reylo fanfics out there in the blog. I appreciate your work so much <3 Could you please tell me if there are any coffeeshop au's? Thank you again. :)

Hey, thank you so much for saying that!! I did find quite a few coffeeshop AU fics for you! Suggestions welcome. 

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete


+ Medium Caramel Latte by Tiara_of_Sapphires

+ The Edge of Uncertainty by writingramblr

+ Jakku Java by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty)

Nine Lives by on_my_toes

* Everything in Transit by fighthesky

+ Coming Up for Air by Hamliet

*+ Trip the Light Fantastic by Thelittlescrimshaw

*+ Always In My Head by kylotrxsh

* Not Another Coffee Shop AU by electricjulia

A Toy on Christmas Day by HerSistersKeeper

*+ Dear Porcupine by momo_official

* Decisions, Decisions by LeiaLovesDarcy


+ The Coffee and Leather series by cazzy

The Coffee and Romance series by HerSistersKeeper


welcome to death starbucks by krakeneggs

Cantina by baileyjoy3

It’s Addictive the Minute You Let Yourself Think by royal_chandler

Speaking Nonsense by tyrantsandcreampuffs

The Vampire of Starbucks by AnonymousMink

So You’re The Girl by preatorpercy

took me to your library (and kissed me in the stacks) by TheJGatsby

Blush for me by Sweet_Solitude

+ Maybe I just wanna be yours by DauntlessSubconscious

Coincidence by Perry_Downing

The Girl by Hormonal_Trashbag

i feel like reading fanfic has kind of broken my desire to read published stories bc like theyre so bland tbh like. where the hell am i gonna get queer android romance in a bookstore. who writes about past assassins working together in a coffeeshop. all i see are straight white people making out like really like REALLY

So I’ve had this idea for some superhero lesbian romcom type story that I dont have the skills or focus to really develop but man do I want it.

Main POV is on the hero character. She’s terse and high strung in that vulcan “im calm and collected and cool outside but eternally screaming on the inside” way. Overthinks Everything.

Her main nemesis is some catwoman style jewelry thief who GLEEFULLY lives up the “ridiculous sexy villain” aesthetic. She’s gonna be comfortable but that doesnt mean she aint gonna look GOOD because these tiddies DESERVE to be appreciated via a cleavage window.

This is almost entirely why the hero has dubbed this mostly harmless thief as her nemesis like who fucking does that some of us are trying to do respectable work while she goes around feeding into EVERY sexy cliche I hate it so much I keep this picture of her to remind me of how much she annoys me and sleep with it every night.

Anyway. Hero one day sees her Nemesis in a mundane setting like at work or a coffeeshop and recognizes her INSTANTLY (reason 3 she’s annoying: actually thinks a dainty black eyemask is a DISGUISE)

Hero is like “hooollllyyy shit holy shit it’s her jfc she is FOLLOWING ME she’s trying to PSYCHE ME OUT!! Well ill show her im gonna go over and pass some hints that im on to her shit!!”

Goes over and is bamboozled when Nemesis is just all “oh hey i was wondering when you’d stop staring and come talk to me ;)” and next thing she knows theyre sitting down and having coffee together and then it hits her.

Not only did Nemesis not recognize her (of course she didnt because SOME OF US know how to do a disguise with voice changers and all) but she is now on a date. It’s a good date. Nemesis is flirty and cute and oh no she runs a charity organization for street kids fuck thats where the money all goes oh no oh fuck

And then dates?????? keep happening??????????? but moonlight chases across the city also keep happening????? Hero is Very Confused and Conflicted and it’s a constant hilarious comedy of errors of her almost coming clean on who she is then chickening out and in a constanr state of lowkey existential crisis.

All leads up to some scene where theyre doing the Hero and Villain thing and Hero cant stop from flirting hardcore and laying it on thick (bc she is now starting to warm up to this whole catsuit and titty window look she sees the benefits)

Only to have Nemesis go “oh honey thats sweet but im not gonna let you off easy for it. Also I have a girlfriend anyway”

Cue another lowkey existential crisis of being stuck between “I JUST GOT FUCKIN REJECTED BY MY OWN GIRLFRIEND????!?” And “holy shit she called me her girlfriend and turns down people for me oh my god ❤❤”

Plot twist: when she finally comes clean over breakfast Nemesis is like “oh thank god i was wondering when you’d say something because pretending I didnt know was getting too old to be fun anymore, like I caught on around our third date, anyway you want some more pancakes?”

***Nearly 3 weeks into the hiatus and I am missing Magnus and Alec desperately. Matthew Daddario voice: *When is it gonna end?” Siiigh. But well, what better way to spent the hiatus then reading some great Malec fanfics, right? Right. Because I have read a lot of amazing fics incl. discovering some great new authors. And now that autumn is coming…. the perfect time to read more.

Also, I am overwhelmed how many notes the last rec post got and how much you all enjoy(ed) it. So I hope this 5th edition will get a lot of love, too. Again, let me know if you liked this and if I should continue doing this. But now, have fun reading, pumpkins.***

FALL WITHOUT WINGS by @notcrypticbutcoy [ M | 144k | WIP ]

Alec has been told the same stories all his life. He’s been taught the same lines, over and over again. Downworlders are reckless, impulsive, demonic. They’re not to be trusted.

And Magnus Bane is the epitome of everything evil about Downworlders.

At least, that’s what people keep telling him. Alec’s not quite so sure anymore.

Or: In which the Nephilim have wings, are taught to loathe Downworlders, and Alec is presented with a conundrum when Magnus Bane saves his life.

HOLDING THE STICK by @baneismyexistence​  [ M | AU | 80.3k | complete ]

Alec Lightwood has dreamed of hoisting Lord Stanley since he was eight. It’s in his blood. He’s spent the last five years trying to make that dream a reality, only managing to fall short each time.

Until a scandal leads to a multi-team trade that sends Magnus Bane his way. One of the top performing wingers in the league. An up and coming star.

And the most handsome man Alec has ever met.

He’s doomed.

STRANGE LOVE by arandomfan91 [ M | AU | 46.6k | complete ]

Alec is in love with Magnus. Magnus needs Alec to be his fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

STRANGE LOVE - EXTRAS by arandomfan91 [ T | AU | 13.8k | complete ]

Missing scenes and chapter re-writes from Strange Love, all told from Magnus’ POV.

These extras are tied in with the fic Strange Love. You should read that story first before reading this!

FOOLS RUSH IN by @m-aleciseverything [ M | AU | 85.2k | complete ]

Alec, Jace, and Simon go to Vegas for Jace’s bachelor party and things get a little bit ridiculous.

Alec wakes up the next morning and…wait a minute, who’s that in his bed?

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… by @lecrit  [ E | AU | 21.5k | complete | Stars Aligned #1 ]

Working for Magnus isn’t easy. Magnus is out of control and Alec has to yell more often than not to get him to listen to him. He hates everything formal because it means he has to watch his mouth. Most importantly, Magnus is an incorrigible flirt.

Which would be alright if Alec wasn’t utterly, irremediably, unfathomably in love with him.

IT’S ALWAYS YOUR MOVE by @lecrit  [ E | AU | 15.5k | complete | Stars Aligned #2 ]

Maryse Lightwood is fierce, determinate and she is standing right in front of Magnus, on the threshold of his house, the scowl on her face announcing nothing good.

Magnus hasn’t seen her since the Oscars ceremony three days ago. To be fair, he hasn’t really seen anyone, too busy that he had been catching up on lost time with Alec.

Magnus thought he could be tranquil forever after winning an Oscar and finally confessing his feelings to Alec. Magnus was wrong.

WALK OF FAME by @lecrit  [ M | AU | 13.5k | complete | Stars Aligned #3 ]

Alec is fairly certain he is the luckiest man in America. On earth. Possibly in the entire universe.

He slowly started to convince himself of the now indisputable fact when Magnus and him started dating a year ago after the ceremony that crowned Magnus as King of the World (or Best Actor, but Alec isn’t always objective when it comes to his boyfriend).
A lot happened in a year, and Alec knows eventually the wheel is bound to spin and his luck might dim and vanish but as of now, he still feels like the luckiest man on earth, and he is going to make the most of it for as long as it lasts.

CATCHING THE LOVE BUG by @daddariossmile [ M | AU | 3.5k | complete ]

In which the Lightwood siblings always end up in the hospital, Alec spends a lot of time waiting around, and the charming Dr. Bane is more than a little attractive. 

SYMPATHY FOR THE PRINCE by @ketzwrites [ M | AU | 31.9k | complete ]

Prince of Hell Magnus Bane, was tired of his life in Hell. Every day was the same; condemned souls being punished for their wrong doings, demons feasting on the worst humanity had to offer, two or three deals with a few greedy humans. It was dull, uneventful. Boring.

So Magnus packed his bags and moved to New York City. As the owner of the lavishing club Pandemonium at the heart of Manhattan, Magnus enjoyed a life without worries for five years, until the fateful night where a former client was murdered on the streets.

It was then that he met no-nonsense Homicide Detective Alec Lightwood, owner of incorruptible morals and the tightest ass Magnus has ever seen. Earth was fun, after all.

TODAY YOUR BARISTA IS… by @baneandgone [ G | AU | 2.4k | complete ]

alec works in a coffeeshop. one day jace hijacks the chalkboard out front

(aka one of those ‘today your barista is’ sign aus)

THIGH HOLSTER by @everydayisonfire [ E | PWP | 2.2k | complete ]

Magnus doesn’t get distracted by a certain Shadowhunter, wearing a tight thigh holster.
Nope. Absolutely not.

ON THE SUBWAY by The_Forgotten_Nobody [ G | AU | 1.4k | complete | On The Subway #1 ]

Confused, Magnus followed Rafael’s line of site to the opposite side of the train where a young man sat, pulling silly faces. However, the moment he realised Magnus was staring his face flushed and he stopped, averting his eyes as if he hadn’t just answered all of Magnus’ prayers. In more ways than one as well because not only had he calmed Raf down but he was gorgeous.

MR LIGHTWOOD, MR BANE by TruePlainHearts [ E | PWP | 2.2k | complete ]

“Lovely to see you, Mr Lightwood.”

“And you, Mr Bane. Thank you for taking the time.”


The kinky, shameless smut that occurs right after the rest of the clan leaders leave. Magnus and Alec make excellent and creative use of Alec’s new office and its expansive mahogany desk… and its sturdy door.

MR. LIGHTWOOD by @nanf1c​ [ M | 1.2k | complete ]

A ‘no kissing, looking at suggestively or touching’ rule was applied when it came to Magnus and Alec at the downworlder meeting. Magnus respected that, respected his man, and tried his best as soon as he walked through the doors of the institute. But now, back in his loft, with the night fallen and Alec returning through the front door from a demon attack, looking battered and exhausted, Magnus couldn’t help but keep the game going.

YOU HAVE ME by @hufflebee​ [ G | 664 | complete ]

They stay on the balcony for a while, listening to the sounds of New York at night. Alec noticed the glasses and the discarded pillows when he walked in, but he doesn’t want to break the comfortable silence they’ve fallen into. He looks over at Magnus, and by the angel, he looks beautiful, breathtaking. but the longer Alec watches him, the more he can see the makeup and hair and the clothes for what they really are.

An armour.

PARADISE IN BETWEEN by Teumessian [ E | 7.8k | complete | The Boundless Saga #4 ]

In the months following the loss of the Mortal Cup, anxieties run deep. It’s no time for a vacation, and yet… Magnus has had a lot of years to practice the art of persuasion.

WITH MY BODY AND SOUL, I WANT YOU MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER KNOW by liamandzayn [ E | PWP | 4.3k | complete ]

Alec captures the defined line of Magnus’ jaw between eager yet clumsy fingers, tilting his face upwards as they gasp into each other’s mouths, exchanging fevered gusts of breath. Magnus seizes the swollen flesh of Alec’s bottom lip with gentle teeth, nipping gingerly, suckling with avid hunger and Alec’s groan resonates loud and clear throughout the room. By the angel, he wants this man desperately; his need has become a physical ache, pulsating through his nerve endings and coiling strictly around his burning muscles.

BEGIN AGAIN by ReneeWritesx [ not rated | AU | 21k | complete | A Light To Call Home #1 ]

Unpacking sucked. And Magnus had only brought like half of his things. Okay, maybe two-thirds. But whatever, it didn’t matter. What did matter was that Magnus was sweating from carrying boxes, the cottage had no air conditioning, and he was super close to packing everything back up and driving back to New York in about three seconds.


Or the one where heartbreak is a pain in the ass, Magnus is forced to spend the summer in a small cottage in the hopes of finding his passion for design again, and manages to piss off the cute neighbor after only being there for two days.

“The only real pain in life is between hanging on and letting go.”

IN THE INSTITUTE by sarahrae5135 [ E | 6.1k | complete ]

Magnus stays at the Institute for the first time.

THE MORNING AFTER by @asexualalexanderlightwood​ [ not rated | 733 | complete ]

A small little post finale fic for anyone in need of more Malec loveliness

BETTER FOR YOU by @zrdu [ not rated | 9.2k | complete ]

Magnus’ and Alec’s relationship comes to a sudden halt when Maryse interferes. They both try to cope without each other.

WITH YOU WRAPPED AROUND ME, THE WORLD FEELS PERFECT by @matsdaddario  [ E | 3.6k | complete | Lovely Firsts #3 ]

Magnus is still asleep; Alec can feel the steady rise and fall of his chest against his own back, and Alec takes the few minutes just to enjoy being wrapped up in Magnus’s arms. He looks down at their hands threaded together, resting against his stomach. He loves the contrast between them; tan and pale, long and lean, deep red nail polish and short, bitten nails. There’s something comforting there too. How different they can be, but how well they fit together. Alec has a moment of feeling like they were made to fit together. It might be stupid, it brings a blush to his cheeks, but a warm feeling settles in his stomach at the thought. He likes that.

ONE DAY by @magnusragnor​ [ T | 1.3k | complete ]

“Do you -” Alec started, hissing his teeth in pain and looking up at Magnus. “Do you have any more of that free of charge warlock TLC?”

“What are you -?” Magnus asked, before the memory hit him full force and he tried not to laugh, because Alec was hurt, god damn it. But Alec was smiling up at him and his eyes were shining bright full of hope and love, so Magnus leaned down and kissed him.

MORNINGS LIKE THIS by @softmagnusbane​ [ G | 1.1k | complete ]

Alec feels all his love for the man in his arms bubble up to the surface looking at him like this. Sleep rumpled and peaceful, his hair is a soft mess that Alec almost can’t wait to run his fingers through when Magnus wakes up, his lips so kissable and slightly open. There is nothing better in this world than being able to wake up to this he thinks idly.

PLAYING WITH FIRE by Obsessivecompulsivereadr [ M | 3k | complete ]

Alec’s breath catches nearly every time he looks at Magnus, and it happens even during times they haven’t been on an official date. But tonight is different. Magnus isn’t his sedate and dignified self right now. He’s back to being flirty and relaxed, and he looks so good that Alec can’t stop thinking about touching him.

SO BRIGHT by @lemonoclefox [ G | 17.5k | complete ]

Alec has come out, but that doesn’t stop his parents from their continuous attempts to set him up with a nice shadowhunter girl. So, what better way to finally get them off his back, than to say he has a boyfriend? Problem solved. Except they now apparently want to meet this guy, who doesn’t exist. Thankfully, Magnus Bane – who encouraged Alec to come out in the first place, and whose silent crush on Alec is just as bad as Alec’s crush on him – is more than happy to help. Even if the night doesn’t end up going entirely as planned.

SLOW ME DOWN FOR A MINUTE by @abloodneed​ [ E | 7k | complete ]

They stared at each other for a moment, each beat of Magnus’s heart seeming to thicken the air again, pulling them back to the charged space they had fallen into on all of their dates. They’d fallen into this feeling here in the loft, out in the world, so many places where everything suddenly just felt intense and present. They were in this charged space where their bodies were saying one thing, and one thing only.

I want you so badly.

BLUE CHRISTMAS by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 1.5k | complete | Blue Steels Series #6 ]

Just a quick fic to fill in a Christmas need I have for my Blue Steel Series. Takes place between “Blue Extravagance” and the upcoming “Blue Righteousness.”
Magnus and Alec “come” together for the first time since Alec’s injury and the boys wake up for Christmas morning.

BLUE RIGHTEOUSNESS by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 41.1k | complete | Blue Steels Series #7 ]

After returning from medical leave, Detective Alexander Lightwood-Bane catches his roughest case up to date. When one of his properties, a club called Kebebasan is attacked by two gunmen, Magnus Lightwood-Bane calls the best cop he knows. During the course of the investigation, Alec discovers that this shooting isn’t an isolated incident, but the result of domestic terrorism; a group attacking what they consider to be amoral. Alec and his partner, Jace Herondale have to move quickly to stop this group before it causes wide-spread panic in the city and more loss of life.

LUNCHDATE WITH AN AFTERNOON DEBATE? by eenkhjin [ G | AU | 5.7k | complete]

Magnus Bane goes out to get lunch but comes back with a mission to prove someone wrong. Kind of…

TO LOVE A SHADOWHUNTER by Madalena [ E | 10k | complete | The Peacemaker Chronicles #1 ]

“Are you really going to risk your life for a Shadowhunter?”

Those were some of the last words that Magnus Bane had said to Dot before he stepped through his portal to his lair, protecting only the warlocks. Abandoning the rest of the Shadow World to Valentine and his Circle.

Dot wasn’t sure how long she had been under Valentine’s control, but now as she stood on Magnus’ balcony, hours after Magnus and Clary had portalled away to the Institute, to save both Shadowhunters and Downworlders, she knew something had changed.

Someone had changed him.

OBLIVION by @champagnemagnus [ T | 2.7k | complete ]

Alec stood up, keeping a careful distance and being sure to move slowly as he approached. “Magnus, I am so sorry. For everything you had to go through.”

Magnus’ eyes never moved from the spot on the floor he was staring at. He shook his head slightly, eyebrows furrowed deeply. “That agony rune…” He paused, taking a moment to swallow. His face was drawn in so much pain that Alec had to look away for a moment. He immediately punished himself by digging his fingernails into his palm. It was selfish to worry about his pain. He had certainly inflicted more than enough on Magnus that he had to atone for. “Made me remember things that I spent…centuries trying to forget.”

ONE SHOW ONLY by @gingersnapwolves [ E | AU | 29.4k | complete ]

It’s hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner … but Alec will be damned if he isn’t going to give it a try.

THE RED BUTTON by @ketzwrites [ M | AU | 38k | complete ]

After one black out too many, Ragnor and Catarina had enough of Magnus trying to drink himself to an early grave. It was time for an intervention and they had the perfect place in mind: The Institute, the best rehabilitation installation in the New York state.

Only Magnus wasn’t exactly asked for his opinion on the matter. And if there is something Magnus doesn’t like, is to be forced into something.

Maybe the Head of the Institute, Alec Lightwood, is enough of an argument to chance his mind?

skam fic rec masterpost

here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps i update this very frequently as i read so feel free to come back from time to time to look for any new fics!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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Ok, so, coffeeshop AU where Enjolras is working as a barista to put himself through college and R is the annoying customer.

And everyday, when Grantaire comes in, when he’s not busy arguing with Enjolras about ideological differences, he flirts outrageously with Enjolras and any other barista in earshot, and always orders his coffee the same way:

“I like my coffee like I like my men,” he’ll say, with an enormous wink, before adding whatever relevant adjective he feels that day, be it “tall” or “dark” or “strong” or “could knock me on my ass and honestly I’d thank him for it”.

And Enjolras just rolls his eyes and gets Grantaire his usual and purposefully doesn’t comment on it, because Enjolras fits none of those qualities (except tall, but like, so’s half the male population), and it shouldn’t bother him that much but it does.

So he sulks and he complains to all of his friends who know that he’s being ridiculous (and honestly, he knows he’s being ridiculous, but that’s never stopped him in the past and it’s sure as shit not gonna stop him now) and he tries to get the annoying, cynical man out of his head.

Until one day, when he’s had a late night studying after a protest and he’s tired and on edge and finally just snaps at Grantaire: “Honestly, I’m just here to make your coffee. I don’t really care how you like your men.”

And Grantaire gets really quiet and Enjolras is about to apologize when Grantaire asks, in a kind of strange voice, “How do you like your coffee?”

“What?” Enjolras asks, confused.

“How do you like your coffee?” Grantaire repeats. “I want to buy you a coffee as an apology.”

And Enjolras just looks at him for a long moment before blurting, “I like my coffee like I like my men.”

And Grantaire raises an eyebrow at him. “Oh, really?” he asks.

“Yeah,” Enjolras says, and before he can stop himself, adds, “You know, short, dark and bitter.”

For a moment, he thinks Grantaire doesn’t get it, but then Grantaire grins, a wide grin that crinkles his eyes and makes Enjolras grin almost as a reflex in response.

(And when he hands Grantaire his coffee a little later, when his fingers brush Grantaire’s, when Grantaire stands on his tiptoes to kiss Enjolras quickly on the cheek before leaving with a “See you tomorrow!” tossed over his shoulder, Enjolras is pretty sure his grin is going to last all day.)

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Hey!! Can you recommend me some good Klance fics? Thank you

You got it!!!! I’m really picky with my Klance fics so I don’t have a lot, but these are some of my bookmarked ones!

call me, beep me by orphan_account 

one of the best klance fics imo and one of the most popular/well known! the wrong number au we deserve!!!*

i can’t help but want by aknightley

this is one of the first fics i’ve ever read for this fandom and i fell in LOVE. lance gets stranded on a planet and only has keith to communicate with. tbh i’d rec anything by aknightley, they regularly post klance fics and they’re all amazing!!

you had me at merlot by ryamokun

keith and lance become youtube costars and their channel is about cooking while drunk and it is SUPER CUTE. very funny and lots of pop culture refs with pidge and hunk helping out with their channel. 10/10 would recommend

in stasis by ilgaksu

ONE OF MY FAVORITE WRITERS AND FICS. pretty angsty. lance gets hurt during a mission and has to wait and live his life as an AI while he waits for his prosthetics to come online. it’s not a typical langst, because while he does go through a traumatic experience, he ends up being super capable, just needs the help of his teammates. 

ceasefire (series) by ilgaksu

the keith and lance as exes au we all deserve. also one of the first fics i’ve read in this fandom!!!

Let the Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

so i really got a thing for sci-fi fics and that slight angst oomph to it, along with the fluffy stuff. BUT this fic is about lance getting stuck in a dream simulation and has trouble differentiating it from reality, and keith is determined to get him out

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"One pumpkin spice latte." The cute red head barista, name tag "HUX", snorted looking far too exasperated for only 6 o'clock in the morning. "I should give you a black eye. We don't do pumpkin spice anything at Empire Coffee." Ren balked before anger flooded his caffeine-less system and he retorted, "Unless you have a whole clone army of hot baristas back there to take me on you don't have a prayer with those scrawny arms of yours." Hux smirked. "Black eye; regular with 2 shots of Espresso."

The rage faded out so fast he almost felt dizzy, replaced instead by complete and perfect humiliation. Hux’s smirk only got smirkier when he saw the look on Ren’s face. “Clearly, real coffee drinks and the terms associated with them are a new concept to you.” He wouldn’t take Ren’s money, though. “It’s on me,” Hux said. “Maybe then you’ll learn not to waste your money on that sugary slop.”

Ren normally didn’t stay so close to the bar while his drinks were being made – he’d overhead the baristas at his regular Starbucks say it made them nervous or irritated when people did that – but he couldn’t help but hang around, watching. “This coffee’s from Guatemala,”Hux was saying as he poured it, moving swiftly from the urn to the espresso machine without spilling a drop. “You’ll find it’s of much higher quality than what you’re used to.”

Ren gave a snort, refusing to give Hux the satisfaction. “Maybe. I just like, need to wake up. Caffeine and sugar.”

The look on Hux’s face was one of a man who had done a shot of espresso like it was a shot of vodka, boiling hot and stinging-bitter. “What you drink matters, you know. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get caffeine and sugar.” The shots finished pouring and Hux placed the lid on the cup, then handed it to Ren. “Don’t expect freebies every day, you’ll put me out of a job. And I don’t have a, what was it? A hot clone army to support me.” Ren took the cup, feeling his face grow hot–fuck, Hux had remembered that line. He hadn’t meant to say it, especially since the moment he began interacting with Hux, he’d gotten the douche chills. At least nobody was here yet to hear it.

“It’s fine,” Ren said, after taking a sip. It was zippy, he’d give it that. He was half tempted to walk to the store down the block and add his own pumpkin spice flavoring.

Hux relented, ever so slightly. “We have honey and sugar at the condiment bar. You can sweeten it there.” 

Ren waited until Hux’s back was turned to add the sugar – this hipster place didn’t use packets, it seemed, just a sugar bowl that looked like something out a of a Civil War-era mansion. Half out of necessity and half out of spite, Ren dumped nearly the entire contents of it in his cup, then quickly replaced the bowl and popped the lid back on. Hux was adding packets of tea that had names Ren couldn’t even pronounce to their assigned boxes when he asked, “Do you work around here or something?”

“I just started,” Ren answered. “Yesterday knocked me flat, it was so busy. I knew I’d need coffee, and the nearest Starbucks is on the other side of town…”

“I’m going to break you of that nasty habit,” Hux said crisply, with the confidence of someone who really could give a guy as big as Ren a literal black eye. “Disgusting. Come back tomorrow and I’ll make you something else.”


“You’ll have to pay eventually. But nobody’s ever here until 7, normally. So no one will have to know how mean I am to you.”

Ren snorted again, and once more waited until Hux’s back was turned – the teas had to be replaced on the shelf, their boxes now full – and then slipped a five dollar bill into the tip box marked ‘HUX’. 

anonymous asked:

Can you write a story about Dipper meeting human Bill for the first time at a coffee shop? Like, demon bill doesn’t exist in in this universe

As a note: I’m not going to take many requests during nanowrimo, because I have many things to write, but…… I took this one as an excuse to avoid my major project.

“A soy venti latte with three pumps of caramel, two of strawberry, aaaaand could I get enough space for whipped cream. Oh! Oh. And do some latte art on it, too! I mean, I’m gonna cover up your probably pitiful effort, but I like to see people try.”

It’s seven in the morning.  Dipper blinks a few times.

This is the first customer of the day, and he’s already a jackass.

He meets this smug, grinning eyepatched guy’s face and, simply, stares.

“Welp,” The guy says, and claps his hands, clears his throat. He’s grinning. He taps his watch a couple of times. “Get going, kid. I’ve got a very important business meeting later.”

“Okay,” Dipper says, and, working on automatic, pulls a shot. 

It’s too early to even get angry. He can almost feel the gaze of the man on him, as he runs through the steps, getting the espresso going.

The man starts speaking again. “Is this your first day?”

Dipper says nothing. it’s, way, way too early. This isn’t the first jackass customer he’s had, either. Dipper can deal.

“Wow, you’re real slow on this, kid.”

Dipper moves, mechanically through the motions. He makes the stupid latte. He pumps in the syrup.

“Hey! I never asked for that much-”

Dipper pauses, mid-pump  of  that gross, thick, sugary strawberry syrup. He watches the tiniest bead off it fall into the liquid.

“That isn’t what I-”

And the guy flails, and swears, reeling back, wiping at his face. 

The usual line of customers backs up a pace, that’s weird too.

Dipper looks back down at his hand, at the empty paper cup.

Actually… now pretty much everyone has backed away from the counter, leaving a wide semicircle. The only ones remaining in it are Dipper, and the guy he just-

Kinda threw hot, syrupy, sticky espresso at.

Fuck it.

As the jackass straightens up, looking furious - 

Dipper throws the now-empty cup at his head, and takes more pleasure than he should at the way it makes his eyes widen, when it bounces off his stupid head.

“There’s your drink,” Dipper says. He clamps his hands tight against the counter. “Sir.”

The asshole with one eye blinks rapidly. He seems completely thrown. 

Dipper jabs a thumb at the tip jar. “Feel free not to tip if you didn’t like it. I don’t care either way,”  And he straightens up, turns back to what’s left of the line. “Next!”

Two customers later, Dipper looks up for that eyepatched jackass. He’s probably going to get in trouble for it, but if that asshole’s upset? It was worth it.

He’s nowhere to be found, for the rest of Dipper’s shift.

When he heads out -

There’s three hundred in his tip jar, and a small note with a number.

Dipper glares, crumples up the note.

 But he’ll keep the tip.

Samifer - coffee aesthetic

@evakteket fall challenge 

(that I demanded like the brat I am and Kit delivered so awesomely)

1 – Coffee Shop AU    
3 – Cold Snap    
3 – Beanie Hats

Everything looked tinged in gold in this season. He never really knew when it started; was it a certain date? Just a random day? Did it happen gradually? Who knew, it always crept up on Even, one moment everything was green and the next the whole world seemed yellow and cozy and just so nice.

This feeling only grew when the little bell above the door went off and his favorite customer came in. Even couldn’t hide the smile spreading on his face as he spotted the by now familiar golden curls.

“Halla!” he greeted and leaned forward, both hands on the counter. He could never help the movement or, well, he didn’t really register it at first. Not until Elias – who thankfully was in the back and couldn’t see him drool all over the counter – had mentioned that he always swayed toward Isak.


Isak. That was his name. Even had only found that out through what he thought had been a genius stunt: He had taken his order and then said “Name?” with a pen ready at the to go cup in his hand.

The thing was, at Starbucks they always asked the customer’s name. The little coffeeshop Even worked at however? He hadn’t had asked once the past few weeks since Isak had been coming to get his daily coffee fix in the morning. This meant that the question didn’t come across as casual or inconspicuous as Even had hoped for.

“Uuh, Isak,” the boy had responded quietly. Isak then cleared his throat awkwardly, his brows furrowing even more. Even had grinned at him and nodded.

“Isak,” he’d repeated quietly as he wrote the name on the cup (and stopped himself before he drew a heart on it or something) and when he looked up again there had been a red tinge to the boy’s cheeks.

Now, there was a tinge to his cheeks too, and on the tips of his ears, but sadly it was more likely due to the sudden coldsnap that had taken Oslo by surprise than Even’s presence behind the counter. Isak shuddered a bit and lifted his arm, as if to reach for one of his seemingly frozen ears, but lowered it onto the counter instead.

“Hi.” He sounded a bit breathless, a sheepish smile spreading on his face. “Fucking cold.”  

“No hat?” Even asked with a scolding tsk, reaching for the already prepared (read: doodled on) to go cup and began with the usual order before Isak could say anything.

“No,” Isak sighed, “Jonas took mine when he left this morning.” A fond eyeroll followed that. Oh. Jonas. Even felt his smile falter a bit. He saw Isak’s dim a bit, too, after he looked at him. Even forced the brightest smile back on his lips.

“That’s not very gallant of Jonas.” The name tasted bitter. Or maybe he was just being dramatic. Of course, that cute golden boy had someone in his life already and wasn’t waiting for Even to swoop him off his feet, one doodled on coffee at a time.

Isak tilted his head to the side and shrugged. “No, he can be a dick.” He sounded fond as hell as he said it, though. It took all of Even not to pout at that.

He put the finishing touches to Isak’s order and then he slid the finished coffee over the counter towards him.

“Takk.” Isak smiled and looked curiously at the cup because, fuck. Even had begun to doodle random things on them a while ago. Mostly doodles of Isak with his books, or with a huge coffee, or with a red nose the week he fought a cold or sometimes just something that inspired Even in the moment (for example a squirrel that looked suspiciously like a certain boy with curls that escaped a beanie on his head, the huge scarf and a backpack beside it).

Today though, Even had decided to be bold, and had drawn Isak sitting on the ground, face buried in his scarf, hands clasped around his steaming mug of coffee and beside Isak there was a doodled guy - who, with his coif and denim jacket looking very much like himself - an arm draped around Isak’s shoulders.

Isak stared at it.

Was running away something he could play off next time Isak came around? Because it felt pretty tempting now.

He had to come up with something that would spare them both the awkwardness of Isak telling Even this was not ok, since he had a hat-stealing boyfriend to go home to. But all that played on repeat in his mind was fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Isak, eyes on the counter, inhaled deeply and then rushed “CanImaybegetyournumber?” out on an exhale.

Even - needing a second to decipher the mumbled words - stared at Isak, who bit the side of his lips and let his eyes look at everything but Even’s face.

“Uhm,” Isak started but Even’s brain finally kicked to a start again.

“My number?” he asked, sounding so perplex that it made Isak snap his eyes back up to him. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Uhm, uh, yeah but I mean I- you don’t ha-“ Isak stammered out and then seemed to decide that flight was the better option because he suddenly loudly cleared his throat, lifted the hand that wasn’t holding the coffee and did a little awkward wave. “-anyway thank you for the coffee, bye.” And turned on his heels.

“Wha- wait, wait, wait! Isak!” Isak was already in the door when Even called after him. He hesitated for a second and then closed the door again. The bell ringing, again, as Isak turned around in slow motion.

“Jonas.” Even said, because his brain decided it was time for a break once again.

Isak’s eyes widened. “What?” He looked quite shocked to be honest. Then again, Even thought, if you ask for someone’s number and they answer with the name of your boyfriend that could startle a person. Oh, right, his turn to talk.

“Uhm, should you not just have, uhm, Jonas’ number?” It made no sense but he thought it would bring the point across without calling Isak out for cheating and also, hinting that this was a big no no for him.

Isak screwed his face up and it was hands down the most adorable thing Even had ever seen. His nose scrunched up and crinkled, his eyes were almost non-existent with the force he drew his face together with.

“Why would I have only Jonas’ number? Hva faen, Even?” The exasperated and overly dramatic way Isak said his name made butterflies flutter in Even’s stomach.

“He has your hat.” Even explained weakly. At first Isak shook his head in confusion, but then understanding dawned on his face. His mouth dropped open and after a second longer he snorted out a laugh.

“No! Oh my god, no. No no no no no. Jonas is just my best friend. He crashed because we were so high last night he was convinced he’d freeze to death if he left my flat.”

Oh. Ooh.

“Oh.” This was great news. Fantastic news. Even felt his face morph into a relieved smile.

“Yeah.” Isak answered on a chuckle, then he shuffled with his feet nervously. “Yeah, soo…” he began and bit the side of his lips again.

Even’s eyes lit up with the knowledge that he 1. already knew that this was a nervous gesture of Isak’s and 2. that that meant Isak was nervous. Nervous if Even would give him his number. Isak wanted his number. Isak wanted his number and was not taken.

“Yes!” It came out too loud in the small room and they both jumped a bit.

Even grabbed for another to go cup and began scrabbling his number on it. (Of course, he made a mistake and had to scratch through a digit. He hesitated for only a moment before he made the scratched out digit into a heart he had wanted to draw for forever.)

When he held the cup out, Isak came back to the counter and took it, grinning. He looked giddy. He looked adorable! He looked perfect.

“Do you write all your stuff on these?” Isak asked and Even raised his brows before he pursed his lips to the side to try to at least tame his answering grin.

“It was either that or write it on your arm, but I thought the cup would be the more classy choice.” Isak let out a laugh - ok hey there was Even’s new favorite sound alright – and rolled his eyes fondly, after which he looked up at Even through his lashes. There was a crooked smile that lifted one side of his mouth and Even felt his eyes dart down to those Cupid’s bow lips. When his eyes flicked back up, he saw Isak look at his own lips. Hands on the counter again, Even felt himself sway forward.

“Jesus, I swear it’s like you two have connecting magnets inside of you.” Elias’ voice cut through the charged moment. His best friend squeezed past him behind the counter, arms loaded with the newly arrived autumn to go cups.

“Uhm, yeah ok, uh, thanks.” A very red Isak mumbled now, holding his cup up and then added, “again,” with a small chuckle, before he was out the door for real this time.

“Did I interrupt something?” The innocent tone in Elias’ voice was betrayed by the huge smug grin on his face.

“Fuck you.” It lacked heat, though, since Even laughed while he said the words. Elias laughed too, dodging the towel Even threw at him and clapped Even on the back before he moved past him again for more cups. Even was already excited to start on new doodles for Isak on them.

Still grinning Even fished his phone out of his pocket. Damn it, he should’ve asked for Isak’s number back. It itched in his fingers to text him already.

His train of thought was interrupted by a ping from his phone.

unknown number:

Forget the butterflies, Even felt something stomp around in there. Isak fucking answered the heart Even had drawn on the cup. After he saved Isak’s number and before he had time to come up with what to respond with he saw the three dots appear. Shortly after that:

🍂 Isak 🍂
oh it’s isak btw
the heart was because of your heart you gave me
I meant the one you drew on the cup
not anything cheesy

Even laughed out loud and decided to end Isak’s rambled suffering. He fucking loved autumn. 

Monday: Celebrity

Fics of the rich and famous. 

★=Fics that could use more kudos, comments, and appreciation.

OH MA GAWD!!! This deserves all the love! Amazing coming out story!: 

★Out in the open by inmydreams (1/1 | 5,188 | Teen) 

Derek Hale, successful actor and Oscar winner, is ready to come out and where better to do it than on his boyfriend’s chat show?

I’m dyingggggg! Such a beautiful dynamic: 

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth by @fandom-madnessess / hazelNuts (1/1 | 5,129 | Mature) 

Derek loves being an actor. He gets to meet and work with a lot of amazing people. So when he lands a job that has him working with Stiles Stilinski, his celebrity crush, he’s a little scared, but mostly excited. Especially when he and Stiles really hit it off, at first…

Gross sobbing from the cute!! Such a beautiful fic!: 

And The Oscar Goes To by  @exhuastedpigeon / 42hrb (1/1 | 2,241 | Teen) 

Being publicly in the closet means Stiles can’t go to the Academy Awards with who he really wants, but it’s not like he’s going to win so he doesn’t have to worry about slipping up and thanking Derek in his speech… right?

Lol!! I love reading Sterek in this light! Very well-crafted: 

★This Crazy Life of Ours by nesselberry (1/1 | 2,426 | Teen) 

“Apparently you’re sneaking around with Isaac.”

Derek and Stiles are celebrities and dating, having to deal with all the bullshit the media throws their way.

The best not!fic: 

Half-hearted contestant by @LadyDrace (1/1 | 1,478 | Teen) 

Stiles signs up for a tv show where you can win a date with actor Derek Hale. Stiles does it mostly for the food, really.


Carmine by LadyDrace (1/1 | 1,889 | Gen)

Stiles has no idea what Derek does for a living, but whatever it is it tends to cut into their dating time a lot.

*turns into mush*:

★no love for the limelight by @hale-of-stiles-heart / haleofStilesheart

According to US Weekly and every other major gossip magazine, Derek and Stiles are married. The only problem is that they aren’t.

I just can’t get enough of this: 

a puzzle and a missing piece by trilliastra (1/1 | 2,128 | Gen.)

“So,” the guy repeats, fumbling with the sleeve of his shirt. It only makes him look more adorable, “assuming this won’t blow your cover, would you mind giving me your autograph?” Derek chokes on his coffee, coughs until his eyes start watering. Stupidly Hot Guy just stands there looking more and more nervous. “You don’t have to! Please don’t die, oh my God.”

“Sorry.” Derek finally says, taking a deep breath. “I just – thought people wouldn’t recognize me with the glasses.” He gestures towards his own face, all the while looking around to check if there are any paparazzi around.

“Maybe you should hide your eyebrows next time.” Stupidly Hot Guy mumbles. When he catches Derek staring, his entire face turns red.

Really, really cute!: 

★You can’t always expect your fame to solve everything for you by Arrianator416 (1/1 | 572 | Teen) 

Derek sees a cute guy working in a coffeeshop, and immediately asks him out. However Derek expected him to know who he was.

Ehh bonus: 

you’ve got me on pins and needles by jadore_hale (1/1 | 17,620 | Teen) 

“At any rate, I’m not here to steal from you. One of the biggest potentially most important moments in my life is coming up and I find myself in need of a custom tux.”

“A tuxedo?” Derek halted, then tried not to laugh as he gave the kid a good look up and down. “Biggest potentially most important moment of your life?”

Derek picked up the broom and started sweeping, shaking his head. “If you need something for your little costume party, kid, rent something from party city.”


Stiles Stilinski needs THE perfect suit and Derek Hale is just the tailor to make it for him. Only Derek doesn’t exactly know that Stiles is kind of a famous movie star…



  • riches and wonders by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: In some universes, love blossoms in swimming pools. In others, there are kittens involved.

  • #hashtag by Bellakitse
    Summary: Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.


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anonymous asked:

Can you guys rec some newly updated sterek bakery/coffeeshop fics? :) keep up the good work!

coffeeshop is coming up!

Strut into Your Heart by Brittanica2015 (3/3 | 4,059 | NR)

Derek is a college freshman who’s working as a barista in order to get enough money to satisfy his book addiction. Everything is fine until one day his favorite model, Stiles Stilinski walks in and completely changes his life.

Hold the Sugar; You’re Sweet Enough by Dani Mahealani (ProtectJeanKirschtein) (1/1 | 2,846 | G)

Stiles loves his friends, he really does. But as he’s making Derek’s latte, he catches what Scott’s written on Derek’s cup and groans.

“What are you, twelve? You know Derek already has my number. He’s had my number. We text every day,” Stiles says as he works on the latte.

Scott looks over at him from the register with the most innocent grin in the world and shrugs. “I know, but I wanted to make a statement.”

Stiles rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “You mean adding ‘+ SS’ underneath his name and drawing a heart around it wasn’t enough of a statement?”

“If you’re not going to flirt with him yourself, I’ll just flirt with him for you,” Scott says, shrugging.

or the one where their meddling friends decide it’s high time for stiles and derek to get their acts together and date

Celestial Navigation by alocalband (1/1 | 12,492 | R)

A year after the death of his sister, while struggling with social anxiety and writer’s block, Derek decides to start over somewhere new.

Tea Drinking Cutie by synoa (1/1 | 1,426 | G)

Derek works as a barista at a coffee shop, Stiles doesn’t drink coffee because of the Adderall.
They are not off to the best start but they find a way to make it work.

Written for the “Caffè o Tè?” challenge at

Oops by Little Spoon (JaydenNara) (1/1 | 2,852 | PG13)

Derek was the one that brought Stiles dinner when he knew Stiles had forgotten, and Derek was the one that massaged Stiles’ feet when he was stressed. When they watched a movie, Stiles snuggled up against him, and Stiles trusted Derek enough to fall asleep on his shoulder. When Stiles woke up in the middle of the night screaming, Derek was the one that held until he fell back asleep, and in return, Stiles would help him count his fingers when Derek wasn’t sure if he was awake.

Derek and Stiles were just friends. Oops?

Not How I'd Imagined

Prompt: A soulmate AU with Tim Drake Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

So I noticed there’s a lot of Red Robin soulmate fics circulating around right now, but I tried my best to make it interesting and original! Hope you like it anon!

Part 2


You closed the last of the window blinds with a relieved sigh, glad your long day at the coffeeshop was finally coming to an end. You were only meant to be working for a couple hours this morning, but when the girl scheduled to work after you called in sick you had offered to cover her shift. You didn’t really mind, you liked your boss and you could use the extra cash besides. Although working such long hours on top of being a full time college student was pretty exhausting. Service had stopped almost an hour ago, the other workers had stayed to clean up but you were locking up on your own. You were proud of your bosses trust in you, even if it meant it was almost eleven by the time you were ready to leave.
You snagged your coat from the hook by the door, casting a fond glance at the words on your wrist before shrugging it on. Your soulmates words. The first words they would ever speak to you. ‘I’m okay, really, I’m fine. Could really use a coffee right now though,’ 
Initially when they appeared on your thirteenth birthday you had been perplexed, and a little disappointed. The words were so obscure. But over time that had changed to intrigue and fond affection. You were glad that at least your words would be obvious, you hadn’t been cursed with something trivial like ‘Excuse me’ or ‘Hey’ as some of your friends had been. Plus, it gave you something to look forward to while you worked. The fact that your soulmate had mentioned coffee had been the main reason for your choice of jobs in the first place. You imagined maybe he would come up to the counter to order, and his words were an answer to something you’d said. You’d worked in a couple of different places by now, but since you’d moved for college this was your first job in Gotham.

You slipped out the front door and shut it behind you with a quiet click, locking the padlock before tucking the key safely into your pocket. Thankfully your apartment was only a block away from here, having to walk too far in Gotham at night made you skittish. If you hadn’t lived in Bludhaven before coming here you doubted you would have the nerve to make the walk at all. Living in a city like that built up your tolerance for dangerous situations. 
You ducked your head and shoved your hands into your pockets, setting a quick pace. It was a cold night, and your breath appeared as little puffs of fog in the darkness. You always made sure to stay alert when on your way home, but the sudden cacophony of sirens blaring just around the corner still made you startle. You took an instinctive step back, uncertain, and just then a darkly clad figure darted out of the alleyway just meters in front of you. Your breathing hitched in your throat, but thankfully he took no notice of you and continued running down the street. A moment later three police cars whizzed past you, sirens blaring. You were standing frozen in shock, and you noticed with dismay that they had taken the wrong turn; the man’s black outfit had camouflaged him in the shadows. Your heart was pounding with fear; you didn’t know whether you should run the other way or not. It was in the wrong direction to your apartment building, but it didn’t seem like a great idea to follow the guy. It was then that something amazing happened. A black and blue blur shot out from behind a building, colliding straight into the criminal’s back. You heard him swearing as he hit the ground, and the next minute another man was swinging in from above, red and black this time. ‘Nightwing and Red Robin,’ you realized, distinguishing the vigilantes outfits.

‘Holy crap,’ Like most citizens of Gotham, you were a huge fan of the city’s masked heroes. Even growing up in Bludhaven, you had been obsessed with stories of Batman and Robin’s exploits. If you were honest with yourself, you were probably a lot more interested than most normal people were. You knew all of the stories, you knew which Robin had become which vigilante and what each of their signature moves and weapons were. You even had a poster on your bedroom wall. Red Robin was your favorite; you guessed he was probably the closest in age to you and he was just so cool it almost hurt. This was your first time seeing them in person though, and you were so awestruck that it took you a couple of seconds to realize that the fight was coming back towards you. The man they were chasing had managed to escape Nightwing’s grasp somehow and was now racing towards you at full speed, some kind of baton in hand. “Shit,” You swore, adrenaline pounding in your ears as you dived for the alleyway, hoping to conceal yourself behind one of the dumpsters or boxes littered there. ‘He probably wants to use me as a shield’ you realized, cursing your own stupidity. You knew you were too late as the man reached out, just inches away now, fingers outstretched to grab at your jacket. You stared at him in terror, wide eyed. Suddenly he was wrenched backwards, away from you. You gave a surprised yelp as Red Robin swooped in on the man, sending him flying backwards with a kick to the chest. He was so close you could hear his gasp as the air was forced from his lungs by the impact. With dawning horror you noticed from your vantage point what Red Robin couldn’t - the man still had his batting arm raised, and at the last second he lashed out wildly with his weapon. It was a fluke shot - but it connected with Red Robin’s ribs with a crunch. The vigilante yelped as he was flung sidelong into the adjacent building. You gasped, hands flying to your mouth when he slumped in a heap on the sidewalk. The criminal was on his feet and making a break for it, Nightwing hot on his heels. “I got this Red Robin, stay down!” he yelled over his shoulder, disappearing around the corner. Leaving you alone with his injured partner.

“Ohmygosh,” you mumbled to yourself, realizing belatedly that you were shaking. You took a step towards the slumped man, hoping to help him. He groaned, dragging himself up into a sitting position, clutching at his side. He held a hand out towards you, not looking, warning you to keep your distance. “I’m okay, really, I’m fine,” he gritted out, and your heart stopped. It couldn’t be, could it? No, surely not, you were going to meet your soulmate at work, this couldn’t be.. He carried on, oblivious to your turmoil, muttering to himself as he leaned back against the brick wall he had just been smashed into. “Could really use a coffee right now though,” 
You stared at him for a second, stunned. Your heart couldn’t deal with this right now, you’d already just narrowly avoided death and simultaneously been terrified out of your mind. You raised a trembling hand, pointing at him accusingly. “You!” Your tone was incredulous, but didn’t quite cover up the slight waver in your voice. “All this time I’ve spent working in coffeeshops, for nothing!” Even you couldn’t believe the words coming out of your mouth. But you were so tired, emotionally and physically drained, and this! This.. this was your soulmate! 'Ohmygod.’ Something clicked in your brain. Red Robin was your soulmate! And you had just lost your temper at him, after he had been thrown into a wall protecting you. You wanted to die of shame.

His head shot up, startled. And then to your surprise, he laughed, albeit strained. “You’re not the one with a caffeine addiction,” he quipped, smiling up at you. You found yourself smiling back unwittingly. You jogged over and knelt down beside him, laying a tentative hand on his arm. “Can you walk? My apartment is just around the next corner, I could fix you up there while you wait for Nightwing to come back.” You looked up at his face and found him still smiling widely at you. Suddenly shy, you looked away, blushing. “I mean, if you’d like, that is..” You stuttered. You felt his other hand come up to yours, squeezing gently. “I’d love to,” He reassured, and you could hear the smile in his voice. You felt suddenly giddy. 
It took you a couple minutes to maneuver him up and onto his feet, and even then he kept his arm slung over your shoulder while you gripped his other elbow to support him. You could see it hurt him to move, he winced at every little jolt even though he didn’t complain once. The walk back to your apartment was slow, and Red Robin needed to lean on you heavily. You realized on the way that you hadn’t even told him your name, so you did. He seemed to realize then too, and laughed, seemingly at the absurdity of the whole situation. “Tim,” he replied, still chucking. You grinned. “Tim,” You repeated to yourself, and the shape of the word felt right in your mouth. Then you remembered something. “Coffee addiction?” You raised an eyebrow at him. He shrugged sheepishly. “I used to spend a lot of time in coffeeshops, figured I might bump into you.” He sounded embarrassed, and you giggled. “Makes sense that you wouldn’t have, I just moved here from Bludhaven.” He let out a slow breath. “Well shit. All that wasted time,” You nodded in agreement. You’d reached the door of your building and you guided him into the lobby. “But no more,” You promised, both to Tim and to yourself. “No more,” He repeated, and the seriousness in his tone and the way he looked at you let you know that he meant it.

anonymous asked:

How did you meet your amazing girlfriend?

I’ve been sitting on this ask for some time trying to figure out the way to say this, so I suppose I will just tell the story as it happened.

I won’t be posting her URL here because I don’t want to send thousands of eyes to scour her blog, but we’ve been mutuals for something like a year, and always had crushes on each other, flirted a ton online, etc. But she lives very far away from me and this, of course, is a major obstacle, so we never made plans to act on that at all. She messaged me one day to say she’d be in town for a day or two on a family trip, and I brought up hooking up if she was interested, although I was such a nervous baby about it that I think I ACTUALLY said, “Hey we should make out or something if you want.” We agreed to meet, go to my place together, have a lot of sex, and make some sourdough because why not?  So in the days before meeting 1) I tried a new recipe and tested it out to ensure it would be good enough and 2) we sexted a ton (she’s good at this and also? world’s best Snapchat snapper) and just got to know each other really well, too, and I found out that we have all sorts of weird little things in common- we want the same number of kids, we want the same color Le Creuset oven, we like and dislike the same kinds of fruits, she has been making jam for several years and I have been making bread for several years, etc- and each of us made several obviously-not-regular-hookup comments about the other being :) the woman :) of our :) dreams :) and how ohhhh gosh if only she didn’t live so far away we’d totally be dating!

She made it to the coffeeshop where I work, and I saw her coming in the door, thought, “WOW she is prettier than I expected” and immediately pretended not to see her/to be very QUICKLY taking some trash to the back of house to go get myself settled. I put on what was apparently a very good -I am totally chill and not going to die- face, sat beside her, made some conversation about her trip up, blah blah, sexted for several hours while I was closing up shop, and decided we would catch a ride from a bar across the street from my job because I MAY have skipped out on a meeting to go fuck this really hot woman and didn’t want it to be super obvious. So I closed up like normal, went to go meet her at the bar, and she kissed me several times while waiting for the car because she was too excited to wait. Then we got home, made bread, and had really incredible sex during which she came 13 (THIRTEEN) times before I stopped counting :) :) :) And when she left I did my best to pretend not to be sad, but it didn’t work because she asked, “Are you sad?” and when I said “Oh! I didn’t think you could tell!” she proceeded to mimic my posture, which was hands-in-my-pockets, slumped over, and forlornly gazing at the ground because I’d had a really genuinely magical time with her.

The main thing is really that the second we met I just felt an instant sort of “WOW I’d like to keep this one around” feeling that I know from a lot of dating is extremely rare and really special, and I think there were lots of moments during our first date that were very much not regular hookup/hangout moments, like we each called the other sweetie more than once, spent…an absurd amount of time staring into each others’ gay eyes, held hands a lot more than would be normal for a hookup, etc. I think it took her a few hours after she left to really realize she was feeling the same thing, but every now and again you meet someone and it just feels right and natural and comfortable instantly, and you just MESH well, and that’s really what happened. So in the next few days we sort of talked things over and decided to give this thing a shot. And I’m glad we did! Sometimes you have to do the very stupid, very silly, very wild 20something thing to do and just go for it because you think you could find something really special and worth it. I think I just sort of thought, “No this isn’t the most logical thing in the world but I know how rare this feeling is and if I can, I don’t plan to let it go because of something like distance.” So now we’re girlfriends and I couldn’t be happier about it- she’s really wonderful and sweet and makes me incredibly happy and I’m so proud to be, as my blog is titled, Her Butch. She’s the best coincidence I’ve ever encountered, and I’m so glad that she came through the city at just the right time and on just the right day and we talked just often enough beforehand for her to tell me she’d be in town, because I honestly didn’t think I was capable of feeling this way again and she’s been a wonderful addition to my life. She’s a pretty excellent girlfriend and I’m more excited than I can say to kiss her again.