working and doing his duty

Reblog if you ship WhiteTime

Who else is aboard this super sweet sinnamon roll of a ship? Yes, this is obviously a crack ship (all of Mirana’s ships are crack since the writers failed to give her any actual counterpart) but let’s think of the possibilities shall we?

Here are some reasons to love it! Feel free to reblog with your reasons below!

  • They are a combination of fluff, angst, sass, naughty times, royal and time puns, happiness, adorableness, and overall silliness. What’s not to love?
  • Both take pride and work hard for what they do. Time with his daily duties in the castle, Mirana being Queen of course but also working on potions and healing arts. Both have their friends/followers that help: the “Marmoreal League” and Wilkins and the seconds.
  • Mirana loves to give and receive affection, Time needs it and it’s very likely she would be happy to oblige.
  • They look like cute chess pieces. The black and white contrast is constantly on chessboards / checkerboards so the combination is a common match.
  • Both their style and aesthetics are influenced by Japanese culture (the samurai coat, the manbun, the magical origami, Marmoreal’s cherry blossom trees, etc)
  • In all seriousness, they both seem very lonely and would likely find common ground with how they have both been treated in the past and find comfort in each other.