Dressage Lesson by Gabriela Danasova

 さらに新津さんは続けました。「清掃の仕事は確かにきついです。3Kって言われてる。まだ社会的地位も低いと思う。でも、だから何? 私は気にしてない、だって私はこの仕事が大好きだから」。






I write this to you from the depths of despair. The kind of despair that only comes after heavy drinking on a school night. Now when I say school night I don’t mean actually having to go to school the next day. Unless you’re a teacher. Or a pretty wild teenager. I mean, the night before any day where you have to get up in the morning and present yourself as a fully functioning adult to the rest of society.

My despair, however, is somewhat lessened by the fact that I am fortunately able to write about it from the comfortable haven of… my sofa. The Internet is a fabulous thing. For scores of people across the land it has completely changed their professional lives - because ever increasing numbers of people are able to live the dream and work from home. A couple of months ago I became one of these people and so now here I am to wax lyrical about the best features of packing in your 9-5 and using the world wide wonderweb to make your living.

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8.2.16 So Saturday was one of the busiest days ever! Went clothes shopping, then to the V&A to do some studying under this beautiful staircase and in the National Art Library, visited a photography exhibition of 19th century stills, then walked around the gothic medieval England section, then went to a party aaand went too far and done really remember much more! Oops! Xxx emily

Campo Santo Is Working To Improve Firewatch Performance Issues On PlayStation 4

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It may have only been a day since Firewatch launched, but developer Campo Santo is already looking to address the performance issues found in the title on the PlayStation 4. Besides now being available on the PS4, the Wyoming-set adventure additionally is available for Windows PC.

Speaking to the fine…

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