four teleporters used to the brink

and no one could spare a single fuck.

i guess they all just got to the point as the enemy was about to cap by magic all those times.

anonymous asked:

blue wtf is wrong with pets??? havent you ever had one?

Hell no. What a waste of money and food. 

Look, when you grow up the way I did you learn real fast that anything that’s not useful doesn’t get to eat. That includes people. Workin’ animals, sheepdogs and shit like that, those are fine. Those have a job to do. But like, fish, cats, those dumb little curly toy poodle things? Hell no.

I love when ppl accuse me of being a ~tumblr sjw~ as if I’m not like getting a degree in this shit, organizing and event planning around this shit, workin with ppl in my community and around the country with this shit, and will have a career in this shit. I’m important, I’m a boss ass bitch, I’m going places, and I will change the world. You got kicked out of school and joined the circus. 🐸☕️