Paul Romano: Adrift. 

After a year of dormancy, artist Paul Romano has renewed a special project in which he offers original 10x10 work. The works are a meditation on Paul’s themes of melancholy, the tension between beauty and horror and the quiet safety of nature. The works personally function as a landscape in which he can experiment with different mediums and moods. Each of these works are only 100$, at a limited number of 1,000, is an incredible opportunity for collectors.

October is always a wild month for me being that my work gravitates towards darker themes and aesthetics, but I couldn’t be more excited about the things I’m doing and able to be a part of. Yesterday, I continued working on a project for an awesome release that I can’t wait to talk about while listening to recordings from another project that I can’t wait to share, my episode aired on @aidpodcast’s Creep Week, I dropped off work for the 5th annual “Small Wonders” show at @archenemyarts, and then I got a burrito with my fantastic partner, @naudirr, and my good friend, @workhardened, in Philly. This Friday I’ll be seeing my friends, @oldwoundsnj, in Philly, and on Saturday, I’ll be heading up to Cambridge, MA for the opening of “Black Mass” at @eridanostattoo with one of the most impressive artist lineups I’ve been able to be a part of… All before celebrating my favorite holiday, Halloween. To everyone that listened to my episode on AID, picked up prints, pins, or anything else, hits me up to make album art or shirts for your band, comes out to an opening to see my work in person and say hey, or comments saying they dig what I’m doing, I’m endlessly appreciative and y'all are the best. Now stop reading my sappy shit and go listen to @bonethrower’s interview for Creep Week!

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