Glittering Prizes

And so
You worked hard
Gained qualifications
And experience
Put in the hours
Oh so many hours
You made your sacrifices
Mostly in time
Quality time sacrificed
Work life balance
But you enjoyed it
Revelled in the challenges
Got your rewards
Turned them into a myriad
Of possessions
Glittering prizes
Symbols of your status
Of how far you had come
And boy
You had come far
Even you couldn’t believe
How far you had come
You knew you had it in you
But you always thought
The system would hold you back
From wrong side of track
But you used the system to your advantage
You were street wise
As well as intelligent
And you made it count
Climbed that ladder
Got your glittering prizes
Basked in their glare
Glittering prizes
There for all to see
And then they came
New comers
New climbers
Younger. Cleverer.
Ambitious. Ruthless.
Beasts biting your feet
Trying to pull you off your rung on that ladder
You held them off for long enough
Covered your arse
And your tracks
But in the end the system got you
But oh how it happened
They came out of their ivory towers
A rare occurrence indeed
And you smiled at your protectors
They truly knew your worth
What you had done for them
And they smiled back
Just before they pushed you off their ladder
Fingers. Papers. Accusations .
And down you fell
You’d climbed so high it was a long way to fall
Into the abyss
The blackness
But you’re a fighter
Street wise
And you grabbed and grasped
As you tumbled
Eventually you
Managed to arrest your fall
Settled once more on the ladder
Not where you originally started, the bottom
But not where you had reached either
Nowhere near that dizzy height
And here you are now on
No-man’s rung
In the middle
With the new climbers
On their way up
And the lifetime underachievers
Going nowhere
But you’re spent
Spent from a lifetime of working, learning, grafting
A lifetime of collecting
Glittering prizes
You have neither the energy nor opportunity to climb again
Things have changed
But you’ve got too many glittering prizes
That daily need to be polished means you cant jump off
Have to keep those prizes glittering
Keep that status
At least to onlookers
So what now
No-man’s rung
Until it’s time to get off the ladder altogether
Claim your final prize
No defined contribution scheme for you
Oh no, you were far to clever to fall for that
So you hang on in there
Why not
Sell those prizes
Sell those trophies in the cabinet
All polished and shiny
Glittering for all to see and hold
Exchange them for greater prizes
Prizes that can be
Felt. Experienced
Treasured. Loved
See & feel things like none you’ve felt or seen before
True prizes
Wondrous treasures to behold
You came into the race of humans with nothing
You will leave our race with nothing
You can’t take your prizes with you
No matter how glittering
So cash them in
You’ve earned them
Cash in your glittering prizes
You yourself
Cash out

So, I decided to make this post for you guys and I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did :) 

1. Never compare yourself to others, but really, NEVER do it.

From my personal experience, I can tell you there’s nothing more destructive than comparing yourself to another person. Every single one of us unique and has their own amazing skills. Maybe one of your friends aces Physics class but you rule when it comes to Chemistry class or a foreign language. Also never let anyone make you feel like you’re not awesome because you are. As Eleanor Roosevelt would say “No one can make feel inferior without your consent.” So don’t let them and wWhat you do, do it for you.

2. See what you’re missing and do it.

If you pay attention and make fantastic notes, but still you don’t reach your desired goal and you know you can do better, check what is missing. Maybe is studying for the exam. Maybe is handing in the homework. Maybe it can be related to a poor sleep or nutrition. You gotta identify what is wrong and do something to change it.

3. Sit up front.

Again, I have experienced this and when I sit in the back I completely lose my focus and immediately start to talk with my friends and doodling on the back of my notebook. Look for the seats right in the front, you’ll be able to pay more attention to what the teacher/lecturer is saying and you’ll be more likely to get done your work fast.

4. Time management.

As a big procrastinator, I can tell you that not having a schedule or not planning your tasks can be really harmful to your grades. I know sometimes Season 4 of Sherlock sound more fun than Spanish reading but you need to prioritize. Make a list, from the most important task to the least, that way if you do not complete everything, you will have ready the most essential duties. Be strong and work hard, then relax.

5. Eat well and sleep well.

As I wrote in one of the past points, sleep and food can be a really influent factor in your school performance. If you only eat junk food and sleep four hours, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep in class or even to suffer a lack of focus and energy because of not nurturing your body properly. I know sometimes homework takes more time that we expected to get done but if it’s not school work or something really important, you should try not to stay awake (even more if your reason to lose hours of precious sleep is to be scrolling down Instagram or Tumblr, which can be done next day). Eat your veggies and get 8-hour sweet dreams.

6. Stay hydrated.

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It increases energy and relieves fatigue, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins and will get you closer to the perfect skin we all want.

7. Pray

Personally, this has been really important to me, especially when it comes to a big exam or a contest. Praying always gives me peace and makes me feel more confident. I invite you to try it, you’ll see the difference. Also, studies have demonstrated that prayer helps you to have more self-control and makes you less vulnerable to the negative physical health effects associated with stress.

8. Pretend that you’ll have to teach the material you are learning, that way you’ll pay more attention and be more likely to memorize it fast.

Always do your best and remember that good thing take time.

My doctor once told me fat loss with PCOS was nearly impossible. My mom told me she heard the “I will actually do it this time” story a million times. My ex-boyfriend called me fat and told me I needed to go jogging. I hit 160 lb on the scale and my mental health hit an all time low. I didn’t start it for my physical appearance, my health was deteriorating and I would no longer just stand and let life pass me by. I credit no one but myself for my mental and physical progress. As it was said by Ally Stone (thefitally), one of the women who inspired and continues to inspire me ‘till this very day, “one day I decided to lift the weight of the world rather than continue to let it crush me, and that was enough.”


5.2.17☆1/100 days of productivity☆

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