Egy hónapja vagyok a cégnél

-Küldték a vizsgaanyagod?
-Még nem.
-Megkapta a belépőkódodat?
-Még azt sem.
-Adtak már rendszerhozzáférést?
-Nem, még nem.
-Küldtek neked jelenléti ívet?
-Nem, azt sem kaptam.
-Amúgy te olyan csendes gyerek vagy, szerintem elfelejtették, hogy itt dolgozol…

advice for the new year: 
1. Talk less. Do more. The fewer people that know your plans, dreams, business, the better. Move silently, and let your actions speak for u
2. Work harder than u ever have before, to get to where you’ve never been. You have to commit and overly dedicate yourself to your goals.
3. Miss out on the random turn ups. Less online “link ups”. Put your phone down & Surround yourself with people who genuinely care for you.
4. Respect yourself. That way people know you don’t tolerate disrespect and no one can come in thinking they can play with you & yours.
5. Eliminate the desire of wanting to rekindle old flames. What’s out, is out. Continue Moving forward.
6. Don’t allow yourself to be a “convenience” to anyone. Let go of anyone who only comes to you, needs you or wants you, on their own time.
7. Protect your dreams goals and desires. Nurture them with positive energy. All things are possible when you truly believe in YOU.
8. Your assignment from God is yours, only. Don’t let anyone question your purpose, persuade you to give up, or make you feel inadequate.
9. Procrastination doesn’t make success. Excuses don’t make success. Ambition does. Hunger does. Commitment does. You want it? Go get it.
10. You matter. Stop doubting that. You’re amazing. Stop questioning that. Stop giving people the power to treat you like you mean nothing.
—  twitter: DearYouFromWe (Reyna Biddy) 

[20/100 days of productivity] 28.10.16

here’s my desk right now, currently making flashcards on my plant hormones module in biology as I have a test next week.

i have so much planned for today but I’m really excited to do my work and get it all finished to I can relax for tonight!



#decemberstudychallenge my study space technically but I’m working in bed at least 50% of the time…i’m ill today so I doubt I’ll be as productive as a need to be but I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday💛🌤

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