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April 4, 1968: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated as he stood in solidarity with striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

“That’s the question before you tonight. Not, "If I stop to help the sanitation workers, what will happen to my job. Not, "If I stop to help the sanitation workers what will happen to all of the hours that I usually spend in my office every day and every week as a pastor?” The question is not, “If I stop to help this man in need, what will happen to me?” The question is, “If I do not stop to help the sanitation workers, what will happen to them?” That’s the question.“
– Martin Luther King Jr., "I’ve Been to the Mountaintop,” April 3, 1968


May 11 2017 - Workers at a car component factory in central France have occupied the plant and are threatening to blow it up in a radical protest against their bosses as the site risks closure.

The workers at the GM&S auto-suppliers plant in the Creuse region, north of Limoges, have told Renault and Peugeot they are ready to blow up the factory if their demands are not met.

Some 280 jobs at the site are under threat after the plant went into receivership back in December, and workers accuse the two car giants of blocking negotiations for a takeover of the factory and of making too few orders.

The protesters have already started destroying machinery at the site. Photos released on social media on Thursday, show them cutting a machine in half with a blowtorch. CGT trade union representatives say the workers will destroy a machine each day unless their demands are met. [video]/[video]


May Day 2017 - Philadelphia

Philly May 1 march for immigrant and worker liberation

A Philly march from 7th & Race organized by Workers World Party took the streets, passing out hundreds of fliers and signing up passersby for the People’s Defense Network. At city hall, they merged with hundreds of Working Educators teachers and students from Temple, Drexel, Bryn Mawr, Upenn and other schools, where they welcomed 500 immigrants and other workers organized by Juntos and the Black and Brown Workers Collective. After speeches and cultural performances, hundreds marched to the Liberty Bell.

Photos and report by Joe Piette


Long Live The Celebration Of the International Working Women’s Day

On this historic date, we celebrate the struggle and achievements of working women throughout the world against the tyranny of a male driven society and its patriarchal power structure, fuelled and supported by the foul socio-economic beast that is capitalism. While many women in history resisted and fought the subjugation of their rights, women with socialist ideals took on the harsh mantle of organising, educating, and agitating fellow comrades into engaging a war against wage slavery, the absence of democratic rights, and a society that even today sees them as sexual objects, property which men can rely as a servant of comfort and breeding.

We must also not forget the women first ignored by these movements, such as black women, women of colour, trans women, and lesbians. Now more than ever we must pool all our resources, educate, and agitate fellow women in this ceaseless struggle for women rights on a global scale and garner all possible strength to defend fellow black women and women of colour who are constantly targeted by the fascist institutions of ‘law’, trans women and lesbians that suffer the continuous judgement of a bigoted conservative society that drives them to the point of suicide. We must raise the red banner in solidarity with the women of third world countries that are constantly exploited and worked to death so that women in first world countries can have a life full of commodities and social rights.

Without socialism and solidarity towards all women , the proletarian war against capitalism and patriarchy will be for naught. Without correcting the errors of the past, of ostracising women from communist parties, the proletarian war against capitalism and patriarchy will be for nothing. Without giving the red banner of solidarity and workers power to women, the proletarian war against capitalism and patriarchy will be a failure.


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Happy May Day-International Workers Day

Brought to you by the union movement, the people who, in fighting collectively, brought us the weekend, the 8 hour work day, the end to child labor, paid vacation, healthcare available to those without a lot of money, seniority, due process and collective bargaining rights at our places of work and so much more.

I’ll be joining the massive May Day Workers Solidarity/Anti-Trump March and Rally starting at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles in a few hours.  Most of the local unions have endorsed this demonstration, as have most immigrant rights organizations and other progressive groups.  Hope those of you in L.A. will be joining, and others will be finding similar demonstrations in your own communities.