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Carnival Confessions

Pairing: JayTim
Event: JayTimWeek Summer 2017
Summary: Wherein Jason is a nervous, lovesick mess and Tim is clueless.
Notes: I’M A WEEK LATE; forgive me ;__;

“Tonight is perfect,” Jason admitted, just as the ferris wheel carriage reached its zenith. After all, the moon was full and the stars were bright, and the neon haze below made him feel giddy. His gaze slid to the other side of the cart and he shoved forward a drooping bouquet of wildflowers, wilted from the motorcycle ride.

Against his ribs, his heart jack-hammered.

“It’s perfect…because of you,” he breathed, swallowing thickly right after the confession. It was a moment of truth. His palms were sticky. His throat had gone dry. He ached…and then he groaned just before unceremoniously crumpling backwards, causing the carriage to tip sideways and creak under the sudden shift of weight.

The bench across from him was, of course, empty.

Had Timothy Jackson Drake actually been sitting there, Jason would have undoubtedly taken a swan-dive from the cart and disappeared into the crowds below. A man’s pride could only take so much in a ten minute period, and confessing to someone like Tim seemed like a surefire way to throw your heart into a blender.

After all, Tim was calm. Streamlined. Kind of nerdy, but that I’ve-got-my-shit-together type, which spoke to Jason’s nerdiness on an elevated level. But also, Tim was unaccessible.

Always working.

Always on patrol.

Always texting.

“Well?” he asked, eyeing the bouquet in his hand for advice. “What do you think? He loves me, he loves me not?”

They stared at him. Jason stared back.

One daisy wilted further.

“Uggggggh,” Jason dropped his hand, unintentionally letting the flowers slap against the seat.

When the ride ended and the cart door opened, the elderly attendant stepped forward to help only to pause abruptly.

“Sir?” he asked.

From his collapsed position on the bench, Jason simply lifted his wrist. The flowers made a sad sound. Jason sighed.

He felt pathetic and he hadn’t even been rejected yet.

Jason thought about giving up. Trying a different time. Trying a different person. But the attendant’s hand came forward as he took a step inside the carriage; he saw the weeping flowers, the far-away, love-lost look in Jason’s eyes.

Maybe he sees himself, Jason thought. Did he once try to woo a lover in a ferris wheel?

The old man said, very seriously, “Son. You need to get off.”

Jason sighed.

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Movie Night Headcanons with Team Prime

Optimus:  He’s… not really a fan of movie nights at first.  “Hey, Optimus?  Wanna watch a movie with us?”  “No.” You refuse to give up however. You make it your personal goal to find the perfect movie for the stoic leader of the Autobots.  You catch him on a good day after a particularly satisfying win against the cons and convince him to reward himself with some much needed r&r.  You decide to show him the best Earth cinema has to offer: Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia, the works.  It becomes a Hollywood classics marathon.  Optimus finds himself enjoying the movies more than he thought, and uses this as an opportunity to study human culture.  He takes a particular interest in the old Charlton Heston version of The Ten Commandments as Moses’ struggle with Ramses is something he relates to 1000%. Little do you know however, that you have now have created a monster.  Whenever no one else is around, Optimus will pop in the absolute corniest and/or funniest movies he can find and use them to build his repertoire of Earth dad humor.  One day, he walks by you and Raf playing with Raf’s toy racecars and without missing a beat says, “What is this?  A convertible for ants?”  He smiles and walks away leaving you and Raf both utterly speechless.  Optimus, why are you like this???

Ratchet:  He’s actually a pretty fun guy when he’s not stressed 24/7.  He enjoys classic comedies from the 80’s like Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Caddyshack, and pretty much anything by Mel Brooks.  (He won’t admit it, but he secretly enjoys the raunchier comedies too, not that he’d ever let you watch them with him.)  He also loves movies about astronauts, but always forgets how much our limited knowledge of interplanetary travel annoys him. “There is NO WAY that a human would be able to survive a tear in his protective suit, let alone use it as a source of adequate propulsion to reach an orbiting space station!”  “Ratchet, just watch the movie!”  Another one of his favorite genres are movies that have a real emotional connection.  One of his favorite movies of all time is Good Will Hunting.  He finds Robin Williams’ portrayal of the snarky yet caring psychiatrist to be immensely relatable.  

Bumblebee:  It’s no secret that this bot loves his cowboys!  The two of you get together and have a total western classics marathon with movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, True Grit, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  He gets super into it, pointing his guns at the screen during a fight, and buzzing happily throughout the film.  He also loves helping you make popcorn for the movie because he loves the sound it makes. You usually end up with about a bathtub’s worth of popcorn by the end of it.  You two also love to build pillow forts and pretend to stage shoot-outs in them during the film.  After the movie ends, the two of you run around the base playing cowboys together, which usually involves a lot of shouting, laughter, and throwing cushions at each other.  Ratchet hates cowboy movie nights.

Arcee:  She tends to favor historical dramas, especially those based on true stories or featuring female leads.  Movies like Atonement, The King’s Speech, and The Imitation Game are all right up her alley. You have to be careful what you watch with her though, as some of those war movies hit her a little too close to home, especially if one of the main characters dies.  (She had to walk out of the room at one point during Saving Private Ryan.)  Surprisingly, as tough a bot as she is, she doesn’t mind the occasional romance movie. Mind you, they have to be good, not some frivolous romantic comedy made for a quick buck.  But stuff like Pride and Prejudice, Ever After, and The Age of Innocence are movies that Arcee enjoys from time to time.

Bulkhead:  He likes movies featuring ‘the everyman”.  Something like Armageddon where the hero of the movie is an oil rig worker, or movies featuring a strong group camaraderie like he had in The Wreckers. It’s no surprise to anyone that he likes big, explosive action movies.  (They don’t even necessarily have to be that good either.)  Movie nights with Bulkhead are a ton of fun!  You, Bulkhead, and Miko all cheer at the screen, or shout things at the characters, and pretty much just talk the entire time.  In fact, a lot of times one of you has to rewind part of it because you were all talking and missed a crucial scene.  He gets Wheeljack to build some supersonic subwoofers to make those awesome explosion noises even awesomer!  Ratchet hates action movie nights even more than cowboy nights.  

Wheeljack:  He’s a huge fan of action movies too, but he’s a bit pickier about what he watches than Bulkhead.  He loves the original Die Hard, but his preference tends to lean more towards classic spy movies, or something with sword fighting (he likes to critique the choreography.)  He likes those mad sciencey type movies as well, but more often than not finds himself disappointed at the lack of realism.  “That’s not how teleportation works.”  “I… don’t think most people know that’s a legit thing, Wheeljack.”  Movie nights with Wheeljack can include anything from the Sean Connery Bond films, to The Fly, to Kill Bill, to Fight Club.  He loves all of those classic movie quotes. The two of you practically have your own secret code’s worth of quotable lines.  He’ll walk up to you at random intervals and say something like, “What’s the first rule of Fight Club, kid?”  “Don’t talk about Fight Club.”  (finger guns.)

Smokescreen:  He’s so excited for movie night!!!  He really doesn’t even care what the movie is, so long as you two get to hang out together and have a ton of fun.  He’s happy to let you pick the movies for the evening, so you show him a number of your favorites.  He tends to talk a lot and ask a lot of questions, so be prepared for that.  “Oh, man!  I can’t believe they just did that!” “ Wait, so he was dead the whole time?!” “So does this mean that the princess and that blond guy are brother and sister?”  He ends up getting really into Star Wars, and tries to get Wheeljack to construct him a working lightsaber.  Back to the Future is another one of his favorites.  He likes to quote lines from it whenever you two ride together.  “Smokescreen, you’re going to run us off the road!”  “Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”  (Smokescreen, pls.)

Ultra Magnus:  You’re almost kind of scared to ask him to join you for movie nights, tbh.  It’s only after one night when he walks by you watching a film with one of the other bots that he questions you about it. Despite his usual no-nonsense outlook, he’s… just a bit offended that you didn’t invite him to one of your “camaraderie building exercises” as he calls them.  You make it up to him by picking out a collection of movies specially selected for him.  You go with a good selection of classics, hoping that he’ll be impressed.   You start out with The Godfather, and then move on to The Bridge on the Rive Kwai, and To Kill a Mockingbird.  He compliments you on your movie selection, and agrees that he finds the movies very much to his taste.  You apologize for not including him earlier, and make a special effort to invite him for a private movie night session at least once a week.

“ If you want a Superman movie done right, watch the Captain America films”.


Superman’s not human. Superman isn’t a government experiment. Superman wasn’t lost at sea and frozen for over 70 years. Superman’s love interest isn’t being forced out of the narrative once she’s done something useful for him. Superman didn’t run away when his universe’s public said he needed to answer for some of the damage he caused; he came fully prepared to argue his case. Superman is shown saving people in situations where he is the only one that could do so; replacing him with a super soldier results in all the people in those situations ending up dead. Superman doesn’t go on covert missions for the government; nothing he does is covert.

Clark Kent wasn’t a boy from Brooklyn who had to stand up for himself against bullies, Clark was a boy in Kansas with powers he was struggling to understand and control. He was a boy who could have destroyed any bully that got in his way, but his parents raised him better than that. Clark’s parents are present to give insight into how he grew up and why he feels the way he feels about his powers. Clark Kent was saving people before he put on the “S”, whether it be the kids on a bus, the workers on an oil rig, or the countless others Lois tracked down to figure out who Clark was.

They’re not the same character and they’re not supposed to be. Their cinematic versions are also different from their comic interpretations, so the courtesy of insisting that Superman is less of a superman because he doesn’t follow the comics completely should be extended to the mcu’s Captain America. This constant desire to see a Superman movie done like the Captain America ones ignores what the role each character plays in his own universe, as well as ignoring the genre of films that each character fits into: Superman is not a military asset/government personnel, and Cap. America is not an alien trying to find his place on Earth.

If your idea of Superman is a human-turned-super soldier that punches people for the government, then go watch the Captain America films. They’re enjoyable, and I won’t stop you, but I will say that they are not what Superman movies should be like.

Taken directly from the TaG announcement webpage;

We can now exclusively reveal the stellar guest cast line-up that will feature in new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go from September this year on CITV and ITV.

David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) stars as Tycho Reeves, a billionaire inventor much admired by Brains, who has some unexpected teething problems on the inaugural voyage of his superspeed Hypercar; while Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Me Before You) voices Doyle, a resilient and courageous oil rig worker who stands up for what is right and allies herself with International Rescue.

Just two of the incredible list of talent featuring in the series from September, the full guest cast list comprises:

Adam Hills (The Last Leg) as Buddy Pendergast

Alan Ford (Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) as Light Fingered Fred

Asa Butterfield (Hugo, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children) as Space Controller Conrad

David Tennant (Broadchurch, Doctor Who) as Tycho Reeves

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Me Before You) as Doyle

Kathryn Drysdale (Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) as Kate

Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Taboo) as Professor Quentin Questa

Ruby Wax (Ruby, The Waiting Game) as Hayley Edmonds

Togo Igawa (Memoirs of a Geisha, The Last Samurai) as Toshi Murakami

Fred as Lizard 1

Frank as Lizard 2

They join the returning cast:

Rasmus Hardiker as Scott Tracy and Alan Tracy

David Menkin as Virgil Tracy and Gordon Tracy

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as John Tracy

Angel Coulby as Tanusha “Kayo” Kyrano

Kayvan Novak as Brains

Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

David Graham as Aloysius Parker

Andres Williams as The Hood

Chris Jarman as The Mechanic

Sandra Dickinson as Grandma Tracy

Adjoa Andoh as Colonel Casey

Teresa Gallagher as EOS

Stand by for more announcements, behind the scenes exclusives and much, much more!


Thunderbirds Are Go: Emilia Clarke, David Tennant and Mark Gatiss join ITV reboot

Some of the biggest names in television are set to make an appearance in ITV’s Thunderbirds reboot.

The latest stars to join the cast of the Thunderbirds Are Go series include David Tennant, Emilia Clarke and Mark Gatiss.

Appearing in special guest roles, former Doctor Who and Broadchurch star Tennant will play Tycho Reeves.

Reeves is described as: “A billionaire investor much admired by Brains, who has some unexpected teething problem on the inaugural voyage of his superspeed Hypercar.”

Game of Thrones’s ‘Mother of Dragons’ – Clarke – is set to play Doyle, “a resilient and courageous oil rig worker” who joins forces with the International rescue team.

Her Thrones co-star Mark Gatiss (best known for both co-creating and starring in Sherlock) will take on the role of Professor Quentin Questa.

Other TV guest stars include Ruby Wax as Haylay Edmonds and The Last Leg’s Adam Hills as Buddy Pendergast.

Film star Asa Butterfield (known for his performances in Hugo, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children, and Nanny McPhee) will play Space Controller Conrad.

Thunderbirds Are Go airs on ITV and CITV this September.
Invisibilia: How Learning To Be Vulnerable Can Make Life Safer
Tommy Chreene saw a man die while working on a Gulf oil rig — and went right back to work. Then the oil company decided that for the workplace to be safer, roughnecks needed to share their feelings.

Nuer felt that management problems had a lot more to do with interior struggles than with the kinds of things typically taught in business school. Creating environments where people supported each other, she thought, would free them to make great contributions. For people to make those kinds of fundamental changes, it helped to have the involvement of not just their co-workers but their family members, too.

By allowing themselves to become vulnerable to one another, they had altered “their sense of who they were and could be as men.”

Ely says that as the men became more open with their feelings, other communication was starting to flow more freely. "Part of safety in an environment like that is being able to admit mistakes and being open to learning — to say, ‘I need help, I can’t lift this thing by myself, I’m not sure how to read this meter,’ ” she says. “That alone is about being vulnerable.”

That helped contribute to an 84 percent decline in Shell’s accident rate companywide, Ely says. "In that same period, the company’s level of productivity in terms of numbers of barrels and efficiency and reliability exceeded the industry’s previous benchmark.”

The old way of being an oil rig worker — the the stoniness, the complete self-reliance — Ely thinks it was endangering the workers and holding back efficiency.

anonymous asked:

so you want superman to be sad and never happy, what kinda fan are you? You all just want superman to wallow in his man pain and not be the hopeful being he is supposed to. He only gave people hope when he died, admit it.

Oh.. wow. This is very big, and you obviously feel very strongly about one of my posts (Idk which one, because you weren’t specific). Anyway, I wanted more time to write this out but I’m losing my internet tomorrow- and I don’t want this weighing heavy on my chest.

I’m going to break this up. BUT to keep it short- you  have misinterpreted all the things I’ve said about superman horribly. 

so you want superman to be sad and never happy, what kinda fan are you?

I wasn’t a big superman fan until I got into the DCEU, that’s what kinda fan I am. I grew up with superman, I appreciated superman, but I grew up with the notion that superman was this untouchable person- who saved everyone, and I could not relate to him. So when I actually saw BvS and saw that superman was more like myself than ever before- I fell in love with him (instantly). Then.. guess what? I’ve been eager to consume all the superman media I can. I’m into smallville. I love the animated universe, I’m saving my money to actually buy more comic books. That’s right, this particular interpretation of Clark Kent has deepened my love for superman. So cut it with this ‘what kinda fan are you’ crap.

Also, I have never said that I wanted superman to be ‘sad and never happy’. I’ve actually expressed on multiple occasions that I WANT him to be happy. I want him to be happy so badly. But, he isn’t happy all the time- and that’s completely fine. People aren’t happy every minute of their lives. Him struggling with these feelings is what makes him much more human than so many people, who are actually human. He deals with his emotions in such a healthy way, talking to Lois and talking to his Ma (on multiple occasions). What reason does he have to be happy in this movie? This movie is darker.. it’s reality. It fits into today’s society about how we treat people who we deem different then us. He had no reason to smile, he had no reason to want to continue to help people, but he did cause Clark Kent is a better person than me.

I cannot believe I’m saying this again but the world is literally tearing him apart, they’re questioning his existence right in front of him and he can’t to a damn thing because Clark Kent can’t afford to get emotional on behalf of superman. They’re telling him that he destroyed metropolis, that he didn’t do enough, that he’s committing genocide. BIG fucking accusations that are going to weigh heavy on his shoulders no matter what they’re made of. 

‘You all just want superman to wallow in his man pain and not be the hopeful being he is supposed to.’

IDK what you consider man pain, but I’ve always considered it being in pain on behalf of a female counterpart- or acting out violently cause you’re in pain. I’m not repeating what I said up there, when I said Clark had a reason to be in pain. He was thrown through the ringer. But I do know that what he was experiencing was real pain (where the hell do you cut the line?). He never acted out violently, he never even really cried. He sucked it up and continued to help people with a smile and never asked for anything in return. When they asked him to come to the court to answer for his actions (that weren’t even his actions), he did. He was so gentle walking into that courtroom that you wouldn’t think he could throw you into space. His pain is real and valid, and not at ALL victim to toxic masculinity, so screw you trying to turn it into that. 

‘He only gave people hope when he died, admit it.’

This one really struck a chord, because it isn’t true. He gave everyone hope, from the beginning.

He gave his Kryptonian parents hope- hope that he would represent their planet with grace. 

He gave Martha and Jonathan Kent hope, when they found him in that cornfield. 

He gave Lois hope when he saved her life (the people he saved in MoS, the oil rig workers in the beginning).

He gave people hope when he saved the world from destruction.

He gave Bruce Wayne hope when he restored his faith in humanity and died for this world.  

He died having hope. He died with a smile on his face because everyone would be safe.

The symbol on his chest means hope.

He was a force of hope from the beginning of his life and he will continue to do so. What you’re seeing now is his beginning, his darkest chapter. But he’s accepted this world as his own and he died for it. And you just watch, in Justice League he’ll be an even BIGGER hopeful being than he already was.

Clark has always been a symbol of hope from the beginning and to the very end. 

'Deepwater Horizon' Could Stake a Claim in Oscar's Tech Categories

Deepwater Horizon, a drama about the massive 2010 drilling rig explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday night, with survivor Mike Williams, who’s played by Mark Wahlberg in the film, on hand for a standing ovation after it ended.

The production, which cost an estimated $156 million, will be released by Lionsgate/Summit nationwide on Sept. 30. It reunites director Peter Berg and Wahlberg three years after they teamed up on Lone Survivor, and it will, like that film, likely wind up a moneymaker at the box-office, but only a marginal player at the Oscars. To me, the new film looks poised to land noms in the same two categories as their previous film, best sound editing and best sound mixing — and perhaps best visual effects, as well.

There had been some speculation that Deepwater Horizon — which Matthew Michael Carnahan and Matthew Sand adapted from a New York Times article, and in which Wahlberg, Gina Rodriguez and Kurt Russell play workers on the rig, John Malkovich a villainous BP rep overseeing them and Kate Hudson Wahlberg’s wife and babymama back home — might contend across more categories.

But, ultimately, it turns out to be an action movie/disaster film, focused more on stunts and effects than on story, turning Wahlberg’s regular-guy character, Mike Williams, into a superhero (nobody can accuse it of being anything but respectful and celebratory of virtually all of its real-life subjects, save for the guy played by Malkovich). That’s fine. It’s just never been the Academy’s cup of tea.

The good news: the dynamic duo collaborated on another film that will hit theaters this year, on Dec. 21, called Patriots Day (Wahlberg unveiled the trailer during a talk at TIFF), which centers around the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and sounds a lot more like Oscar-bait to me.


Spring 2015

Five years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank in April 2010, has life returned to normal along Louisiana’s coastline? Or has it been changed forever?

When the well exploded we were putting the finishing touches on SoLa, Louisiana Water Stories, which we’d begun filming in 2008. That film captured a way of life in SoLa pre-spill that many now believe will never return.

Since the spill we have returned many times, with cameras, to interview fishermen, scientists, politicians, environmentalists, and oil-rig workers seeking answers as to how the coast of Louisiana has changed. What really happened to all that oil? What about the dispersant used to push it beneath the surface? How has the spill impacted local economies as well as human health and the health of both marine life and the Gulf itself?

Has Louisiana’s coastline been changed forever? 

You can learn more by visiting this website and watching the videos below.




EW First Look: Deepwater Horizon! Deepwater Horizon (Sept. 30)On April 20, 2010, 41 miles off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig burst into a ball of fire and sank beneath the waves. The ensuing environmental disaster would dominate headlines for months, overshadowing the deaths of 11 rig workers who perished in the explosion. Lone Survivor director Peter Berg reunited with star Mark Wahlberg to capture the brothers-in-arms heroics of the workers, including Mike Williams (Wahlberg), who escaped from the doomed rig. –Jeff Labrecque

No, Bernie, most new wealth doesn’t flow to the top 1% because of corrupt politicians – it flows to the 1% because the 1% appropriates the wealth/surplus value created by workers via ownership claims and the inherent contradictions of the capitalist system. You got our hopes up there when you opened with “a rigged economy”.

A change in politicians will not fix this – only a radical change in the way we organize the economy will do that. And that means democratizing collectively-operated enterprises and institutions and changing the way wealth flows.

Conservatives claim they want to keep the wealth they earn as workers – that literally cannot happen under capitalism, as bosses can never pay a worker all of what they earn or else the boss’s position becomes obsolete (and indeed it already is). Liberals claim they want to fight inequality – that literally cannot happen under capitalism, as reforms can always be undone and the system is structured to produce massive inequality by default (all based on ownership that allows for wealth appropriation).

Actual socialism, socialism beyond “human-faced” capitalism, is a way out of these grotesque contradictions. We claim to love democracy, but it doesn’t occur to most of us to extend it to the economic realm; this flight of logic is perfect for elites to maintain power.

Socialism means autonomy over that which is personal and democracy over that which is social, all so that needs can be met and a wider breadth of freedom can be attained. If this vision inspires you, and you find yourself liking Bernie Sanders, I urge you to please (PLEASE) read more into socialism’s history and the intense following it has had throughout the world. I don’t need Bernie to be constantly quoting Marx to be satisfied with him as a mainstream candidate (though that’d be nice obviously), but pushing him further left in this regard is still very necessary.


Four years after the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, BP is being welcomed back to seek new oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

An agreement on Thursday with the Environmental Protection Agency lifts a 2012 ban that was imposed after the agency concluded that BP had not fully corrected problems that led to the well blowout in 2010 that killed 11 rig workers, spilled millions of gallons of oil and contaminated hundreds of miles of beaches.

I'm watching the show "The Librarians" with my mom

And granted this show is as cheesy as all get out and their location font is papyrus and the cgi is laughable and sometimes they use puppet monsters, can we please appreciate:

The “brains” is a girl
The “brawn” is a girl
There is a cheeky Aussie outlaw of Asian decent who is overprotective of his dainty thief hands
And the hick oil rig worker is a passionate European/Ancient art historian

This is my new cheesy TV fix