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“Hey comrades, we gotta organize the working class into a cohesive anti-capitalist unit through the use of a propagandizing workers party and the development of parallel institutions like cooperatives. We must come to realize our collective strength through the collective struggle!”

*does LSD once*

“Google Murray Bookchin, friends. 🌳🌲 Our Being is Becoming, not stasis. 🌈🌙 There is a complex diversity that makes up the totality of life; uniformity is totalitarian. 🌻🌹 Ecological justice depends fundamentally on political justice. ⚡️🔥 Hierarchy is a plague upon the earth. 🌎🍄 Classless solarpunk ecotopias are not only possible, but actively needed to save the earth. ☀️🌿 Long live Rojava! ⭐️💐 Shire communes for all! 🏞🌅”

workerism is lame but use values are still… useful. the critique of the USSR shouldnt be that people had to work (work is required for the reproduction of the human species) but that it failed to bring about international proletarian revolution. overall i think criticism of state socialism, or the proletariat organised as the ruling class of society, mostly believes that there can be a clean break between the world we live in and the world we want to bring about. that’s simply not true – the new world is possible, but we have to develop it out of the conditions existing in the present. communism is not the trumpeting revelation of a new world, but the movement that is building that world out of this one. 

it’s naive to believe that capitalism can be overturned immediately without any kind of transitional period. demanding that this be so has hamstrung leftist organising for at least as long as i’ve been alive.

Washington, DC: Anti-Capitalist - Resist Imperialism Contingent at Climate March

Saturday, April 29 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

4th St NW & Madison Drive, Washington, D.C.

Call or text 443-221-3775 or check Workers World Party on Facebook for details on where to meet us.

To save our planet we must put an end to the capitalist/imperialist system as soon as possible!

It is crucial to unite with those who have borne the brunt of capitalism’s war on the people, those who stand the most to lose from climate disaster. The climate crisis has forced many migrant workers to leave their homelands. Environmental racism has destroyed the lives of many Black and Brown children and their families.

Don’t just march on April 29. March on May Day! May Day provides an opportunity to “Shut shit down” in defense of the most targeted workers – like immigrants and the Black community – but also all workers.

March after May 1. Defend the strikers! Join us as we raise our voices and put our bodies on the line to say “NO” to reprisals and firings of workers who strike.

Those participating in the People’s Climate March, who come from more privileged backgrounds, must also come out on May Day to defend migrants who have risked their low-wage jobs to demand an end to Trump’s war against them. Environmental activists should support workers who face reprisals for marching on May Day.


August 13, 1917 - British Government Stops Labour Delegates from Attending Stockholm Peace Conference

Pictured - Pax im Weltkrieg - a poster advertising the socialist peace conference in neutral Stockholm in September 1917. Both Britain and France stopped their own socialists from attending.

Socialism and social democracy were popular platforms across Europe before the Great War - Germany’s Social Democrats were the largest political party. Yet when the war broke out, the respective socialist parties supported their governments and the conflict. But that consensus broke down as the war dragged on and especially after Russia’s February Revolution.

Inspired by the success of a moderate socialist revolution in Russia, socialist parties agreed to gather in Stockholm in September 1917 to discuss peace and the future of Europe. It was the third such meeting during the war, but the first with real optimism about a united front of workers in Europe. Socialist parties in Britain, France, the US, and in Germany and Austria-Hungary, were eager to attend.

The warring governments were cooler to the idea, however. French Premier Georges Clemenceau barred France’s socialists from attending. British Prime Minister David Lloyd George had at first been friendly to the conference, but worried about the attendance of delegates from the Labour Party. Some of the conference members were too radical for Britain and France’s liking - there would be both Bolsheviks and members of the Zimmerwald Movement there, a pro-peace group that included Vladimir Lenin. On August 13 the British government pulled passports from the British delegates who had planned to intend.

On This Day: August 11
  • 1828: Workingmen’s Party, first US labour party, forms in Philadelphia.
  • 1882: Voline born in Voronezh, Russia. He was a leading Russian anarchist who participated in the Russian and Ukrainian Revolutions before being forced into exile by the Bolshevik Party.
  • 1894: US troops force 1,200 jobless workers out of Washington, DC, including Jack London and Big Bill Haywood.
  • 1898: In Brussels, Belgium, the police chief of Monmaerts tries to arrest the anarchist Henri Willems at his home, and is welcomed with gun shots. Willems flees.
  • 1905: Salvador Planas y Virella’s weapon fails during assassination attempt against Manuel Quintana, President of Argentina.
  • 1917: The first issue of Golos Truda (The Voice of Labor), published in Russia.
  • 1921: Léon Prouvost dies in St-Raphaël, France. Known as the “Libertarian Philanthropist”. He bequeathed part of his fortune to André Lorulot.
  • 1923: German Revolution of 1923: Berlin factory councils proclaim a general strike and call for national action.
  • 1923: German Revolution of 1923: Communist newspaper Die Rote Fahne confiscated authorities during “for protection of public order”.
  • 1935: Militant co-operatavist and anarchist Jean-Gabriel Goujon dies in Bordeaux, France.
  • 1948: Jan Palach born in Prague. He committed suicide as a protest against 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact.
  • 1958: Dockum drugstores in Wichita, Kansas agrees to serve all customers after weeks of sit-ins to end segregation.
  • 1960: Chad declares independence from France.
  • 1964: Stuart Christie is arrested in Madrid, Spain while attempting to assassinate Francisco Franco.
  • 1965: Watts Riots: Six days of massive race riots erupt in Los Angeles: 35 dead, 1000 buildings damaged or destroyed. Meanwhile, smaller riots occur in Chicago.
  • 1972: The last United States ground combat unit leaves South Vietnam.
  • 1977: Playwright John H Lawson dies in San Francisco. He wrote plays about working class, such as The International and Marching Song and was blacklisted in 1940s.
  • 1996: Anastasios Isaac, a Greek Cypriot refugee, killed during protest against Turkey’s military occupation of the north of Cyprus.
  • 2000: The North American Anarchist Conference begins in Los Angeles. A transcontinental gathering of anarchists in the days before the 2000 Democratic National Convention
A Warning to the People

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After what happened yesterday, the 9th of November 2016, I felt that I had to write something.

I’m going to tell you a story. No, I will tell you about a situation, about a historic period that is not so different than the moment we’re living in.

To let you undestand this story, we have to came back at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. First of all we have to remember what happened in the last years of the 19th century.

The 19th was a cetury of riots and fights. Many nations fought for indipendency and unity. Italy and Germany are the best examples of what happened in those years.

In the 18th of Jenuary 1871, Germany was unified. For the entire century, philosophers, writers, artist, celebrated the German spirit and nationalist ideals were spreading. This situation is the basis to understand the following events.

So, as I’ve said I was going to tell a story. This story began at the end of the First Wolrd War, in 1919. Officially the war ended with the Treaty of Versailles. It ended thw war against Germany. Infact that Treaty was hard and humiliating for the defeated nation. Germany was forced to disarm, make territorial concessions, and pay high reparations. Germans reacted agaist these conditions as a insult to the nation’s honour. Anyway, they had to pay high reparations. This contributed to impoverish the already damaged economy. The country was devasteted by hunger, uneployment. In addiction inflation  reached appalling  levels so as to reduce the mark to a mere waste paper. The riots,  were the order of the day and the government appeared too weak to stem the protests. The specter of a pro-Bolshevik revolution was always more concrete. In political landscape emerged the figure of Adolf Hitler.  He thought that Jews and Communists were responsible for Germany’s defeat. He was nominated leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. His party had a military organization through the SA that were used during the Munich putsch, a failed coup attempt in 1923 . Hitler was arrested  and in prison he wrote the Mein Kampf, where he explained his ideas. From 1925 to 1928 Hitler and his party began to have more and more consent. Nevertheless the Nazi Party lost the elections in 1932. But thanks to  the line opponent divisions, to clever political moves and delicate alliance mechanisms, Adolf Hitler nominated  on the 30th of Jenuary 1933, Chancellor of the Reich. At this point we have to understand why a nationalist party had such an increasing success. The answer arrives from America: the Great Depression. In the 1929 there was the Wall Street Crash, the most devastating economic depression of the 20th century. It affected worldwide. The Great Depression hit Germany hard. With the Wall Street Crash America was no longer able to finance the loans to help rebuild the German economy.The unemployment rate reached nearly 30% in 1932, reinforcing support for the Nazi and Communist  parties, causing the collapse of Social Democratic party. Hitler ran for the Presidency in 1932, and even if he lost to the  Hindenberg in the election, it marked a point during which both Nazi Party and the Communist parties rose in the following years. Hitler’s success is based of the support of the middle class that was hardly hit by the economic crisis. Farmers and veterans, instead, were attracted by ideals of folk, the mith of purity of blood and and land. On the 30th Jenuary 1933 Hitler gained power.  Using  the pretext of the Reichstag fire , Hitler issued the Reichstag Fire Decree on the 28th February 1933. The decree suppressed much of the civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution of 1919 of the Weimar Republic in the name of national security and the  opponents of the regime, where jailed. At the same time the SA launched a wave of violence against trade union movements, Jews and other “enemies”.(Seems familiar?). He gained his power legally, and was always popular until the end of the regime. He was an incredible speaker, and  with all the media under the control of his propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, he  was able to persuade Germans that he was their savior from the depression, the communists,  the Treaty of Versailles and the Jews.He wanted to make Germany great again! (It reminds me something). Once he became Führer, his campaing against Jews. In 1935 were promulgate the Laws of Norimberga. According to these laws Jews lost their status of German citizens and were expelled from government employment, professional bodies, and from its economic activities. They were attacked by the propaganda. These restrictions were further exacerbated, especially after the anti-Jewish action of the night between 9 and 10 November 1938, known as the “crystal night”. Since 1941 the Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David in public. Well at this point we all know what happend to Jews, gays,opponents, gypsies, disabled people.

I wrote this because nowadays, in the 2016 we’re living in a very similar situation. I felt that we need to remind where fear, desperation and anger could brought us.

As in 1929 we are experiencing a severe economic crisis that has brought poverty everywhere. All citizens are oppressed and want to breath. In addition the recent terrorist attacks, increased immigration have led  increased xenophobia, the fear of foreigners. In the past were the Jews today are the Muslims. Right-wing governments are pressing on these factors to fuel hatred and violence. Not only fear of foreigners but also fear of difference. The members of the LGBT community continue to be discriminated hated, killed, persecuted. Look around, listen to the newspapers, pay attention to your workplace, school, cities. Hatred, bullying, violence are commonplace. The right-wing governments have more and more success.
An economic crisis, poverty, labor crisis, fear, violence, racism, misogyny, sexism. With Trump in power this is what we have, with Trump to power the right-wig of countries are stronger. I do not know what the future holds but analyzing the facts I know what could happen. Please, study the past, do not forget,  not let it happen again. I know it’s hard, I’m afraid too, I found myself being intolerant sometimes, but we are humans. we need to listen to our rationality and remember that we are all equal. 

On This Day: August 9
  • 1814: The Treaty of Fort Jackson is signed by the Creek. By the terms of the treaty, the Creek were forced to cede 23 million acres (93,000 km²) of their territory: their remaining land in Georgia and much of central Alabama, to the United States government.
  • 1877: Battle of the Big Hole between the US Army and the Nez Perce tribe.
  • 1888: During a meeting of the terrassiers strikers Joseph Tortelier, an ardent advocate of the “General Strike,” is selected as their lawyer.
  • 1890: Knights of Labor strike on the New York Central railroad.
  • 1898: Anti-fascist anarchist guerrilla fighter Vassil Ikonomov born in Aïtos, Bulgaria. He was an important figure in anarchism in Bulgaria.
  • 1927: California School Employees Association formed. Representing over 230,000 school workers, it is the largest labour union of its kind in the US.
  • 1929: Abdi İpekçi born in Istanbul. He was a journalist and human rights activist who was murdered by fascists while editor of the newspaper Milliyet.
  • 1938: Emma Goldman offers the International Institute of Social History (IISH) her unpublished sketches and large collection of newspaper clippings as well as Alexander Berkman’s diary. She agrees to help IISH obtain other collections of personal papers from her circle of anarchist friends.
  • 1943: Austrian Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to serve in German army, publicly beheaded in Berlin for “undermining of military morale”.
  • 1945: US drops “Fatman” on Nagasaki, as a test to see whether it or the Hiroshima atomic bomb design was more effective; 39,000 are killed.
  • 1956: 20,000 women march in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act in South Africa.
  • 1971: British forces in Northern Ireland start Operation Demetrius. Hundreds are arrested and interned and twenty are killed in the violence that followed.
  • 1983: Spanish anarchist Francisco Abarca Gomez dies in Hui, Belgium. He was active with the CNT and FAI.
  • 1994: Manuel Cepeda Vargas, Senator for the communist party in Colombia assassinated by paramilitaries.
  • 1998: Workers at Bell Atlantic on US East Coast end successful strike.
  • 2002: Anarchist sociologist and activist Peter Neville dies.
  • 2014: Michael Brown, an 18-yr-old black man shot and killed by policeman in Ferguson, which sparked mass protests.
  • 2014: 150,000 march in London, UK, in solidarity with Gaza and against Israeli attacks on Palestine.

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Ok omg I am in love with your Mafia AU. I kid you not, I spent the whole day thinking of scenarios that happened after their encounter. Edgeworth revisits, and literally asks for a weekly supply of them, so Miles visits regularly. When Edgey is busy, he sends Gumshoe to get them, in which they become good friends. Miles begins promoting the bakery to his co-workers, and even uses Wrights cooking at formal parties he attends. Look to the next ask, cause I got more headcannons :3

How did you know??? You read in my mind??????? YOU READ MY NOTEBOOK???? More seriously, yes I’m sure it happened. I like to imagine Phoenix delivering a big box full of pastries to the Edgeworth HQ in a middle of a big meeting with super scary guys, and he’s like “oh hello gentlemen, are you here to discuss about environment policies? Here have a croissant”. He became the mascot of the mafia world after that. Like everybody just established a rule saying “don’t touch to the nice baker in the 3rd district, he’s too cute and innocent.” Code name “Cinnamon roll”. 

I’m cranky

Fuck bloodwork.

Fuck pills that need to be taken at the exact same time everyday because who is that reliable?

Fuck surgery follow ups. 

Fuck scheduling your semester around the potential for being sick. 

Fuck boys who are so into you until they find out your body likes to hemorrhage for lols.

Fuck friends who fall out of touch because you can’t party like you used to. 

Fuck co-workers who write you off because you can’t carry 6 million pounds like a healthy person. 

Fuck being told you can’t.

Fuck heating pads.

Fuck cramps.

Fuck rating your pain on a scale from 1 to 10.

Fuck “have you tried this magic diet?”

Fuck yoga.

Fuck choosing between walking to school and being exhausted or cabbing it and being broke. 

Fuck pain diaries.

Fuck having to justify being sick to healthy people. 

Fuck inspiration porn.

Fuck compromise.

INFO:  Grace Lee Boggs is the daughter of Chinese immigrants, an author, lifelong activist, and feminist. Her studies in philosophy and the writings of Marx, Hegel, and Margaret Mead led to a lifetime of social activism. Facing significant barriers in the academic world as a woman of color in the 1940s, she took a job at low wages at the University of Chicago Philosophy Library. Through that job she began fighting for tenants’ rights and joined the Workers Party. At this point, she began to focus on what would become her life’s work: the struggles of women and the African-American community. She attempted to convince Malcolm X to run for the United States Senate in 1964. After marrying black auto worker and activist James Boggs, Lee moved to Detroit, where she remains an activist today.

FOR MORE INFO Search: “Detroit Summer”, “US Workers Party,” “Karl Marx”, “James Boggs”, “ Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century"

On This Day: May 20

Endangered Species Day

  • 1743: Birth of Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L'Ouverture in Cap-Haïtien.
  • 1795: Insurrection of the Sans-culottes (insurrection of 1 Prairial Year III) against Thermidorian Convention.
  • 1802: Napoleon Bonaparte reinstates slavery in the French colonies, revoking its abolition in the French Revolution.
  • 1887: Lenin’s older brother Aleksandr Ulyanov executed for conspiring to kill the Tsar.
  • 1897: Diego Abad de Santillán was born in Reyero, Spain. He was an author, economist and leading figure in the Spanish and Argentine anarchist movements.
  • 1910: Miyashita Takichi is the first anarchist arrested in what would become the High Treason Incident.
  • 1913: Emma Goldman and Ben Reitman were arrested in San Diego, California, and put on a train out of town after vigilantes surrounded the police station.
  • 1916: Emma Goldman speaks to garment workers in New York City’s Union Square about the benefits of birth control.
  • 1917: Birth of Tony Cliff in Jerusalem. He was a Trotskyist and a founding member of the Socialist Review Group, which eventually became the Socialist Workers Party, in 1977 Cliff became effectively the leader.
  • 1926: US Railway Labor Act enacted after strikes - guarantees collective bargaining rights to railroad workers.
  • 1938: 500 unemployed in Relief Project Workers’ Union start sit-down strike at Vancouver’s Hotel Georgia.
  • 1945: Death of German anarcho-syndicalist Fritz Kater.
  • 1951: Australian Christian anarchist Dave Andrews was born.
  • 1961: Freedom Riders are assaulted in Montgomery, Alabama, at the Greyhound Bus Station.
  • 1963: White mobs attack the Freedom Riders’ bus in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • 1965: The Vietnam Day Committee organizes the largest Vietnam teach-in to date. 30,000 attend the 36-hour event at Berkeley, including Benjamin Spock, Norman Thomas, Norman Mailer, Mario Savio, Paul Krassner, Dick Gregory and Phil Ochs. Hundreds march to the draft board, where Lyndon Johnson is hanged in effigy, and many burn draft cards.
  • 1967: The Spring Mobilization Conference is held in Washington, D.C. 700 anti-war activists gather to discuss the April 15 protests, and to plan future demonstrations.
  • 1968: Sanctuary given during Vietnam War by Boston’s Arlington Street Church to Talmanson and Chase.
  • 1980: Koreans rise up in Kwangju against the repressive US-supported government under dictator General Chun Doo-Hwan.
  • 1989: The Chinese authorities declare martial law due to pro-democracy protests.
  • 2002: Death of Stephen Jay Gould, left-wing US paleontologist, evolutionist and writer.
  • 2006: A series of massive textile strikes involving 1.8 million workers started in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • 2012: Quebec Student Strike: In Montreal, during an evening protest that turned violent, a protester was seriously injured by police officers in riot gear.

Today!! My dad’s co-worker invited us to a party and my dad said that we were invited to a “Dog Party,” and I thought it just meant a gathering where you bring a dog. And the thing was we didn’t have one so I was very confused.

Turns out it was his co worker’s dog’s first birthday and she had a cake and everything. She was very tired after though hence the second picture. <3