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  • Teacher: *taking roll*
  • Teacher: Kuro Honda?
  • 2p Japan: here.
  • Teacher: Allen D. Jones?
  • 2p America: WASSUP
  • random student: what does the D stand for
  • 2p America: *smirks*
  • 2p Japan: don't
  • 2p America: it's D for Daniel
  • 2p Japan: stop
  • 2p America: AS IN-
  • 2p Japan: shut up
  • 2p America: -DAMN DANIEL

豆腐油あげ 福田商店 by m-louis .®
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Nov 26, 2016 at 14:59, Osaka 西成区千本北


Making notes for an upcoming group presentation about factory workers in Japan. I think I’ve got a decent group this time so hopefully it won’t be an unmitigated disaster like the last group presentation I did!

🎧: Sing Me Home - Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble


In Japan, the artificial intelligence takeover is well underway 

  • According to the Guardian, Japanese insurance company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is cutting costs by laying off 34 employees and replacing them with an artificial intelligence system.
  • Fukoku is banking on the transition to AI technology increasing productivity by as much as 30% because the machines will be able to calculate policyholder payouts at a much faster rate than humans.
  • If companies like Fukoku find replacing human employees with AI indeed ends up saving time and money, it could spell disaster for workers in Japan. Read more

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Suwabe Junichi is pretty famous of liking posh, expensive cars. He has several of them ^_^ Not For Sale!

Nissan GT-R costs at least 10 million yen (95 thousand something USD), while the salary of regular white collar worker (salaryman) in Japan was roughly 2 million yen/ year.

Top seiyuu make a good money.