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Disability Benefits Under the Missouri Workers Compensation System
If you have been disabled as a result of a workplace injury, you can claim disability benefits under the Missouri workers compensation system.

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Receiving Workers Comp for Overuse Injuries: Knees and Shoulders | St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer | Law Office of James M. Hof
Receiving Workers Comp for Overuse Injuries: Knees and Shoulders. Helpful article presenting a St. Louis injury lawyer's insight regarding notable accident and injury claims, personal injury laws, your legal rights and other important topics.
Ladder Accidents: A Common Cause of Construction Site Injuries

Work-related injuries resulting from a fall from a ladder can vary from minor to severe and can even be fatal. Free consultation - (314) 361-4300
Workplace Injuries Involving Manufacturing and Construction Workers
Manufacturing and construction industry workers are at the highest risk of work-related injuries and death. Call (314) 361-4300 if you have been injured.
Work-Related Cartilage Injuries Among Missouri Workers
A worker may assume that a cartilage injury is just part of the job; however, these types of injuries may qualify an injured worker for workers' compensation benefits.
New Report Reveals Those Most Vulnerable to Work-Related Injuries
Workers who are most vulnerable for a work-related injury may also have a difficult time receiving workers' compensation benefits.
Gathering Medical Evidence for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim
In order for an injured employee to be fully compensated for their work-related injury, the medical evidence must be documented accurately.
How Work Restrictions Apply in Workers’ Compensation Claims
While most employers will cooperate with medical restrictions, there are some who will try and use them as a basis for termination.