The first primaries are coming up fast and if Bernie Sanders is going to turn his lead in the polls in early states into a primary victory young people NEED to vote. In just a few months all this activism comes to a head and Bernie Sanders has a very real chance at winning.

Bernie Sanders is already winning in two of these early states and by much wider margins than previous Democratic challenger candidates. This can become a real victory, it really can.

Unfortunately though there is a huge obstacle to overcome, a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters are young voters who consistently fail to show up to the polls come election day.

If young people turn out to vote though at rates far above 13%, even as low as 50%, that would be MASSIVE. That would fundamentally change how our government responds to the needs of young people. It is a tall order, but it isn’t that hard. Registering to vote isn’t that difficult and there is no reason that anyone should not be registered by the deadline. It needs to be done soon, but there is still plenty of time.

Okay actually, for some people there isn’t much time left. NEW YORKERS REGISTER TO VOTE NOW! Everyone else, there is some breathing room, but get on it. Below is a link to all the paper work you need, from there it is up to you. Share with your friends and family, help them register, help them get to the polls, and lets get Bernie Sanders elected president.

Register to vote in New York

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It doesn’t stop there though, you need to know how to vote and how each primary election type is different.

BLUE STATES: Anyone of any party affiliation can vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

RED STATES: Red states are closed primaries, meaning you MUST BE A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. You need to be a Democrat if you want to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

PURPLE STATES: Are Caucuses and the party affiliation required differs by state.

GREEN STATES: Most Green states are mixed primaries, meaning INDEPENDENTS or NON-AFFILIATED voters and DEMOCRATS can vote for Bernie Sanders. You can not vote for Bernie Sanders as a registered REPUBLICAN, in one of the red states.




Stonewall Means Fight Back!

Don’t believe the hype! 

U.S. imperialism tries to use Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer rights as a bludgeon against other countries. 

But Stonewall was a rebellion of the most oppressed, people of color and working-class youth against police brutality, the racist, sexist capitalist state and the imperialist war in Vietnam. 

That’s why communists celebrate Pride. That’s why LGBTQ workers are an essential part of the U.S. working class!

Leslie Feinberg interviews Sylvia Rivera: ‘I’m glad I was in the Stonewall riot’

I’m honestly really uncomfortable with all the pressure put on service industry workers by people in queer circles to use gender neutral language when interfacing with customers. Like, using gendered terms of respect (sir, ma'am, etc.) is a part of our job; we’re expected to use language that indicates our class position, and gendered terms of respect (including their plurals, ladies, gentleman, etc.) is part of how it is expected that we do that. If we don’t do that, we come across as rude, we don’t receive as many tips, we risk losing a customer interaction, in which the customer has all the power over us economically, not only by not tipping, but by bringing complaints to our managers and undermining our job security. This is the shit people don’t get about working in service. I can’t just walk into your desk job (provided it’s not a service desk job such as customer service, etc.) and start complaining to your boss about your performance and get you fired. And you’re not expected to treat every asshat who walks in with absolute servility and deference.

Yes, getting misgendered sucks, but the reason this is even an issue, the reason that service industry workers are such a visible target of anti-misgendering activism, is because people feel entitled to demand anything from us no matter what, because that’s how the customer-server dynamic works. I’m not saying that you EVER don’t have the right to demand to be gendered properly. I’m not talking about individual efforts to get your gender respected. I’m talking about these campaigns of card handouts explaining gender theory to baristas, I’m talking about these posts going around on the internet loudly telling services workers they need to educate themselves, and lamenting the fact that everyone at McDonalds and Starbucks hasn’t gone through college level safe space training programs…

Like, I’m one of those college-educated safe space training program coordinators. I’m also a trans woman. And I myself have been witness to the coercive nature of gender dynamics in the workplace in all sorts of ways. YES there are workarounds, yes they are substitutes, but they’re often awkward, hard to get used to, hard to implement, and often are received poorly by our customers. It’s a lot of fucking work to do all that, to be constantly thinking about that ON TOP OF all the other shit we have to think about when interacting with customers (do you know just how difficult it is to memorize an entire menu? Especially for someone with multiple learning disabilities such as myself)?

I once got lectured in my store by an English professor from a very prestigious DC university because I called them “sir”. They told me they’re trying to be a professor outside the classroom (where they teach queer lit theory) as well, and teach service workers the proper way to address strangers when they don’t know their pronouns. They told me, “it’s important to ask people their pronouns and not assume! For example, I go by ‘they’, and you go buy…” I responded, I go by 'she’. They smiled in the most condescending way (this whole lecture was condescending as fuck) and told me, “See?” Like, wow, not only are you condescending and telling me shit that I’ve literally been trained to educate people about, you’re also actively distancing me from my womanhood now by basically saying “See? No one could have ever guessed that you go by she! You don’t look anything like a she!” Fuck off.

As a trans woman in the service industry, I PROMISE you I get misgendered by my customers a THOUSAND times more than I ever misgender them. Being misgendered by a trans person isn’t any less shitty, but it IS less shitty than being misgendered all. fucking. day. Like, believe me, I do my absolute and 100% best to avoid misgendering my customers. I really do. But here’s the bottom line: The reason people feel so entitled to these campaigns criticizing service workers, the reasons you feel entitled to demand this respect from us (which is respect that is yours to demand, in any situation, of course) more readily than you are of say, your doctor, or your neighbors, is because of the nature of service work. It’s because you see yourself as our boss-by-proxy.

I see more posts going around about the need to educate service workers than I do about the need to educate doctors about trans issues. And that’s fucked up, weird, and it says something about people’s expectations from others based on class position and profession.
The Drivers Behind Amazon’s New One-Hour Delivery Service Say They’re Getting Screwed
Amazon Prime Now will bring your stuff to your door within two hours, but the person who delivers it has little hope of making a decent living.

Amazon’s one-hour delivery option launched in the Bay Area this week, but the workers behind the scenes of the “Prime Now” service say they’re paying a steep price to make the super-fast turnaround a reality.

Prime Now drivers are suing Amazon over pay that amounts to less than the California minimum wage. Drivers in the Los Angeles market make $11 an hour, but buy their own gas, insurance, and auto maintenance service. Drivers who cover 120 miles in a day without being reimbursed at the standard per-mile rate “make $88 in pay for eight hours with $69 in expenses, and are left with $19,” attorney Beth Ross, who is representing the Prime Now drivers, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Please Take A Moment to Read an Important Plea From the Bernie Sanders Campaign


Practical Organising


If you spend a lot of time on social media, you might have noticed some Americans have confused Labor Day with Memorial Day or even Veterans Day. Today is not about honoring veterans or the military dead, it is strictly about celebrating workers and the labor movement. I actually received a few texts yesterday and today hoping I have a great Memorial Day weekend. A bunch of dead union organizers are rolling over in their graves right about now. Anyway, let’s remember all the workers who fought for the eight-hour day and national minumum wage/overtime pay or against child labor. They live on in murals across the country. I know some of you out there do not have the world’s greatest jobs (hey, Millennials I’m talking to you!) but if you find your job somewhat tolerable, then you have these people to thank.

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CEOs Have Millions More Stashed Away For Retirement Than Their Workers

The pay gap between what CEOs make and what they pay their workers is pretty well known. A new report released on Wednesday illuminates a different gap: that between what CEOs have stashed away for retirement and what their workers have been able to amass.

The report from the Center for Effective Government and the Institute for Policy Studies looks at the retirement accounts among CEOs at Fortune 500 companies and finds that on average they have $49.3 million saved. By contrast, Americans have just $2,500 saved at the median.