When you have a crush on them and shyly confess

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To be honest, it’s hard to gauge his reaction to this.  He’s a quiet, shy person himself so he might really have an appreciation for what it took to confess to him.  He is american, though, so he might be more used to straightforwardness.  Either way, he’ll probably think it’s cute.  The little origami heart will definitely peek his interest, though he might be a little confused as to what he’s supposed to do with it.  It might end up in his pocket or in his wallet before someone (probs Jinyoung) points out it’s not just a gift, it’s a letter.  He’ll probably feel terrible, especially if it’s been a few days, and seek you out.  If the crush goes both ways he’ll want to find you as soon as possible to clear things up.  It would be his worst nightmare if his obliviousness cost him a chance to be with you.  “Hey, uh, I’m sorry about that.  I didn’t mean to ignore you or anything.  Can I make it up to you?”

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He’s going to be super surprised.  I can imagine him standing there after you’ve left the heart in his outstretched hand with just the most dumbfounded expression on his face.  He doesn’t strike me as the most observant person…like he notices things about the people in his immediate circle, but like outside of that he’s kind of walking blind.  He’s seen you around before and has on multiple occasions found himself thinking ‘wow he’s/she’s cute’ but because of your shy nature, he’s always assumed you weren’t interested.  So, what exactly is he supposed to do now that you’ve dropped a literal heart in his hands?  Jaebum would need to talk this out with someone…anyone just to wrap his mind around it.  He can be shy, but he’s mostly blunt.  He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it.  If you fall into that category, then just be prepared for him to walk up to you and tell you in the most straightforward way that he likes you back and wants to date.   “She/he likes me, dude…” “Is that a bad thing?” “What? No!” “So you’re going to ask him/her out, right?” (cue the ‘are you stupid look’)

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Here’s a few ideas I have for what Bendy was like before everything went all to hell

- Bendy on stage vs Bendy off stage were two very different people. On stage he would be a chipper, mischievous devil; dancing and making jokes. However, the second the cameras were off he would go silent until the next one.

- He never spoke to anyone off set, and if someone would try to talk to him he would just stare at them until they left. After a few instances of this the studio workers stopped trying.

- At most Bendy would nod/shake/tilt his head, but that was it.

- Supposedly Joey was the only one he ever spoke to, but those were just rumors. 

- Bendy can be found meandering the halls and through the various departments at any given time when he wasn’t on set.

- Fond of most forms of music and has been known to break into dance if he particularly likes the song.

- The only time he ever got all that involved with what the studio workers were doing was joining them for movie night. 

- There were a lot of pranks pulled around the studio and while it was always assumed Bendy was the one behind them, no one ever did catch him in the act.

- The pranks started off pretty harmless at first but became increasingly more dangerous as time went on. The last known one involved putting vaseline at the top of a flight of stairs. Tragic what happened to that animator, really.

dreamnoteprincess  asked:

How would workers in the studio react if one of there family members was visiting the studio?

(( …like how would everyone else deal with someone having a visitor? aside from a few of the Really Friendly People like Susie trying to talk to them, its business as usual - people got stuff to do. the person with the visitor would tend to them and send them off. also Joey would be Pissed if they just let the person in question walk into the studio without letting him know first. he’s gotta hide the toons n what not :P visits (especially spontaneous ones) are discouraged.))


“I found her a very interesting child. I was able to have several chats with her on the set and I thought her most attractive, very shy and very eager to learn her job. We discussed books and I mentioned a few she might want to read.”

“I had no idea she would become a big star. If she had something different from any other actresses, it wasn’t apparent at the time. She seemed very shy and quiet. There was something sad about her.”

“She seemed very shy, and I remember that when the studio workers would whistle at her, it seemed to embarrass her.”

-Cary Grant, co-star in Monkey Business

“Whenever I felt blue or down in the dumps, I’d make for Carole’s dressing room accross the lot. And inside that door I found a willing ear and lots of laughter. Her buoyancy of spirit always refreshed whoever came near her. Indeterminate somethings became simple nothings, and I’d feel thankful that there was one so close who possessed what few of us are rich enough to have - a wise and understanding heart. I don’t suppose that I ever stopped to wonder that maybe she had troubles, too. She was the one who fixed everything.”

A Letter to Heaven, “by one of the many studio workers who counted her as a true and unfailing friend”, Screenland magazine, April 1942

For any of you who haven’t seen Jo’s Twitter, Luis Vielma was shot and killed in the orlando shooting yesterday. He worked at the Harry Potter ride in universal studios. Another worker named Tony is still in the ICU. I’m so shocked and saddened by what a malicious world we live in and honestly my heart hurts for both of them and their families. I hope Tony pulls through, I didn’t know either of them but I do know they both deserved so much better

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[FULL TRANS] GD X J.Estina Interview on ELLE Magazine (Feb 2014)

Korea’s greatest style icon of all times, G-dragon. We have never seen a star in their twenties leading a life that is as free and creative with fashion and music as him. G-Dragon receives love calls from famous designers all around the world to be their ‘Living muse’. A few days after 2014 began, the ‘secret’ that he will be the new muse of J.Estina was passed on to <ELLE> magazine. The brand’s image is elegant and princess-like and the muse is G-Dragon who has a fierce, punk-like style. It made us question that choice at first but we figured this would be nothing for a fashionista who can always pull off women’s clothing in his own unique way. His days have been hectic and busy due to BIGBANG’s Japan tour concert. J.Estina and G-Dragon finally met on the day before he left to Japan. And the result was? All the staffs and workers in the studio were looking at the overflowing A-cuts and said in awe, “As expected, it’s G-dragon!” <ELLE> team sent bunch of curious questions to G-Dragon who was in Japan, but it may have been a little too much for GD who wasn’t in his best condition after the tour finale concert in Osaka. (And the editors’ curiosities towards him may have been too much) We only got about 10 answers from the questions we sent but honestly, we’re not upset or angry at all. Why? Because he’s G-Dragon.

The reason why so many people love GD, I wonder what GD thinks it is (Editor Kang Joo Yeon)

GD: I think what appeals to the public is my free way of thinking and showing that through my actions, what do you think? Whatever it is, I like to express it in my own way. I don’t like forcefully making something up or exaggerating. Actually, my music and stages sometimes might not be appealing to the public, but I think people can be more comfortable with me because of my different sides I sometimes show on variety shows. Oh my, the questions are hard from the beginning.  

How does it feel to be the muse of J.Estina? ‘J.Estina’ has an elegant and princess-like image, and I wonder how it would look with GD who has a punk-like style.  (Fashion editor, Baek Ji Yeon)

GD: I was happy to be chosen as the model for a brand that is loved by many women. I really liked the ‘Leto backpack’ that was inspired by me so I wore it right away on my way to Japan two days after I received it.  I was honestly surprised because the men’s jewelry line ‘Uomo’ was actually a lot different from J.Estina’s brand image. What especially caught my eyes were rings and Boutonnières! During the photoshoot, I wore the Boutonnière on my ears like an earring and the staffs were surprised and they asked me how I came up with such an idea.  

Not only bags and jewelries, but J.Estina has also introduced 8 new fragrances and I heard that you transformed into 8 different concepts to show the story and to help visualize the fragrance. What was your favorite scent and concept? (Fashion editor, Yoo Rina)

GD: I tried my best to really get to know each scent and I tried to show that feeling for every concept. It was a fun, new work for me. My favorite fragrance was ‘My Boyfriend Jacket’ Apparently a perfumer in France made that fragrance after listening to my music and watching my music videos. Its sweet but spicy scent is very attractive.

What is a scent that attracts GD? (Beauty editor Cheon Nari)

GD: It’s different from time to time, but I think I’m a bit more attracted to sexy scents during the winter times like this.

What kind of efforts do you put in to obtain the ‘hot’ fashion items that complete GD’s fashion? (Fashion editor, Hwang Ki Ae)

GD: I usually go shopping when I visit a different country for a concert or when I’m travelling abroad to rest. After all, I can shop more freely abroad than I would in Korea. I try to take a close look at even the little shops on the streets because it can be an opportunity to find an unexpected item.

I think each artist have different ways of maintaining and showing their ‘creativity’. What about GD? (Feature editor, Kim Areum)

GD: I try to enjoy the life given to me to the fullest. Then the inspiration inside me comes out naturally. ‘Creativity’ isn’t something that is achieved after sitting down on a desk and studying hard. You should try to be free to the best of your abilities, right?

I’m curious where the confidence that GD gives off on stage comes from. Is it something natural or is it something accumulated through Big bang promotions? (Feature editor, Min Yong Joon)

GD: I guess you could say that it’s both. I always try to be honest to myself. And because our Big bang members were there for me, I was able to endure the hard times and continue to stand on stage. But above all, I think my confidence of now comes from the fans who love me.

In 2013, you showed your fantastic harmony with Jung Hyung Don on <Infinite Challenge> and you even won the Best Couple Award at the year-end entertainment awards. Are there any communicating skills that you use to talk to people you like? (Feature director, Chae Eun Mi)

GD: First, I try to lower myself and adjust myself to the person. Is it hard to believe (that I do that)? Trying your best to understand others, I think that’s the most important factor in communicating with others. But to do this, I sometimes have to do things that I don’t really like to do.  

It is known that GD’s life motto is ‘Wild & Young’. You even got a tattoo of that. In order to live ‘Wild & Young’, what are some things that you should throw away and stay away from? (Beauty Editor, Cheon Nari)

GD: Something that should be thrown away is ‘Restriction’. Things you should stay away from are ‘Laziness’ and ‘Irresponsibility’.

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Settling In

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It had been a little over a year since, they had made the decision to stay in the human world. Navimus had opened up a bookstore, and Crossfire had found a job at a welding factory, that was also connected to a welding studio where workers could take any scraps over from their work and use them for more creative projects. With every thing going so well, Navimus and Crossfire had decided to spend a romantic evening together as both a celebration, and to have some one on one time, which they did not often get now that Cain was becoming more active.  

A friend of their’s Double Tap was able to watch over Cain. Navimus had meet him when her bookstore first opened, and they had become fast friends. Though Navimus always felt a bit guilty for with holding the full truth from him, but she knew it was for the best. 

They had ordered food from an Italian restaurant to go and decided to enjoy a picnic at the park. “It’s nice to finally be able to spend some time together like this.” Navimus said with a content sigh, when they were half way through their meal. 

Flirting With Power // Kuvira and Baatar

The murmurs didn’t go unnoticed. The other guards didn’t trust her. 16 and already an officer? What’s Suyin thinking? Kuvira ignored them, or at least she tried to. Who needed their approval when you could just prove you were good enough? Still, she couldn’t help feeling a little slighted by the position the gave her.

“You’re one of Suyin’s dancers, Officer Kuvira,” the captain had said with just enough disdain in his voice to tell her what she needed to know. This wasn’t an assignment; it was a slap in the face. “You know that place better than anyone else on the force. And Baatar needs a full squad to make sure nothing goes wrong while he and Junior remodel the mirrors.”

Now she was standing there, shoulders hunched, arms crossed over her chest, in the uncomfortable uniform they’d given her, watching the workers move around the studio. Despite her obviously dejected body language, Kuvira was keeping a keen eye out for any sign something was amiss.

“Remodeling the mirrors,” she muttered under her breath. “I pass the tests with flying colors and they have me guarding mirrors. I should be out there helping pe–” she stopped short as Junior passed by, standing up straight and doing her best to suppress a blush. At the very least, she’d get to see two of the brightest minds in Zaofu at work. That was something. She hazarded a wave. | @avatareverstorm

Where is the love (5)

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       “Y/n?” Simon looked surprise to see you stood in front of the door after entered AOMG’s studio where he and Gray were talking without even bother to knock the door. You weren’t intended for being rude like that, earlier you met Loco and Jukyung at the lounge too but you had no chance to say hi because you were so in rush to meet Gray as soon as possible. In other side, Gray had no idea because he was back facing the door, but when he heard Simon calling your name, he turned his head to see you and he looked surprise just like Simon was. It’s because he never imagined that you’ll come there, he was happy to see you but his smile fade away when he saw your cold expression. Something bad must happened, that was his first thought when he studied your face.

       Instead of saying hello, you stood still while your hand rumpled the letter that Mina gave to you earlier, you felt so sad, pissed off, ashamed, upset and angry at the same time. Those feeling mixed on you but you didn’t even know for whom you were going to throw it up. To yourself? To Gray? The only one thing on your head was: you needed to meet him as soon as possible and asked him to explain everything. After read the letter, you didn’t even think twice and rushed to the AOMG building.

       “Looks like you guys need time to talk in private..” Simon got up from the chair while Gray still looked so confused finding you there, “Sunghwa, we can talk later.” Simon added and walked out to the door, before he made his way out he put his hand on your shoulder and said in low voice almost whispered, “I don’t know what happened, but don’t be so emotional, y/n.. it’ll only hurt both of you.”

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Echoes & Empty Promises (Chanyeol, OC) Scenario

OC- Minhee

We have forever, she said. 

Chanyeol stared at the dining table where a single plate was set, with a cup of coffee and a single pair of utensils. He looked down at it and before he knew it a memory flashed before his eyes.

“Chanyeol-ah! Get down here! You’re going to be late for work!” Minhee yelled as she took the egg from the frying pan.

Chanyeol bounded down the stairs, his polo unbuttoned, his tie undone, and one side of his hair sticking up. The moment he appeared in the kitchen, Minhee suppressed a chuckle as she looked at her boyfriend’s state. She sighed as she placed the plate on the table, “Come here.”

Chanyeol obediently went towards her and let her fix him up. “I don’t understand. I swore I set my alarm last night.”

“You said that yesterday." 

Chanyeol gave her a grin, "I swear I really did set it this time.”

Minhee chuckled as he patted down his hair, “Whatever you say, honey.” She was about to move away but Chanyeol held her waist, pulling her close. “No morning kiss?” He pouted. 

Minhee giggled at his cuteness and pecked his nose, “Good morning.”

“Aish! That’s not a kiss.” He pouted and Minhee smiled at him teasingly. “Oh? I don’t remember how that’s not considered a morning kiss." 

"Do I need to refresh your memory, then?” He smirked before pressings his lips to her, capturing it in a sweet kiss. Minhee’s laughter echoed in his ears.


Chanyeol shook his head and sat down to eat breakfast…alone. 


“I’ll always be here for you,” she said. 

Chanyeol was doing some cleaning in the living room when he accidentally pushed over a box sitting on the shelf as he was arranging the figurines situated there. The box fell with a loud thud on the floor, its contents spilling out. He stared at the mash of papers on the floor, but what caught his eye was a dark blue pocketbook and another memory flashed before his eyes. 

“Jagi! I’m home!” He hollered as he took off his coat and hung it in the rack. The house was quiet, showing no signs of any living presence. “Jagi?” He called again as he went deeper into the house, reaching the living room. 

He saw Minhee sitting in her favorite chair reading a book, completely oblivious to his presence as he went in to greet her.

“Minhee~” he called. 

No answer. 

“Oh Minhee~” he called again, this time receiving a curt nod from his girlfriend. 

Chanyeol huffed, approaching her and leant his arms on the arm chair, sighing exaggeratedly. “Minhee-ah~ Don’t ignore me." 

"Hello Chanyeol.” She said, still reading. “How was work?”

“Nothing new. Not much work at the studio–” he looked at her, awaiting her reply but Minhee only hummed. 

“I also fell of the stairs, broke my neck, and had a concussion.” He said, testing if that would get her attention. 

“That sounds fun, Chanyeol.”

“Yah!” Chanyeol yelled as he took the book from her hands. “Hey!” She protested. 

Chanyeol flipped through the pages with his eyebrows hunched together, “What’s in this book that’s more interesting than me?" 

Minhee chuckled, "Just give it back, honey. I’m at a really good part–”

Chanyeol saw her pout and he hated how he couldn’t resist her. She always had the upper hand. “Get up,” he said. 

“What?” Minhee looked at him questioningly. 

“Up…up!” He gently nudged her off her seat until she was standing in front of him. 

“What are you–” just then Chanyeol sat on her chair and patted his lap, “Now sit.”

Minhee was confused at first but slowly smiled as she realized what he was trying to do. “Yah~ Park Chanyeol…” She sat on his lap and kissed his cheek. “Sorry for ignoring you.”

Chanyeol encircled her in his arms, placing the book in front of them. “Well if you’re so busy with this, might as well read with you.” Minhee smiled and leaned back against him as Chanyeol placed his chin on her shoulder, looking over the book.

After a few minutes of silence, Minhee felt him take a sharp intake of breath. “No..”

Just to tease him, Minhee closed the book and faked a yawn. “I’m sleepy, Yeol. Let’s go to bed–”

“Wait!” Chanyeol yelped as he pried to book open from her fingers. “I need to know what’s going to happen–”

Minhee chuckled, “Told you it was a good one.”

Chanyeol shushed her before continuing to read. “But I still think I’m more interesting, Jagi.” He muttered making Minhee giggle. “Of course your are.” She rolled her eyes, earning a playful poke from Chanyeol and sending her in a fit of giggles.


Chanyeol dropped the book in his hand as her laughter echoed in his ears. He took a deep breath to calm his beating heart, covering his ears as her laughter continued to plague his head. 

How long will it take to forget?, he thought. 


“Just sell the house, hyung.” Kai, one of his co-workers at the studio, said. “Seriously, you’re looking more and more like a corpse as the days pass. I mean, are you even getting any sleep?" 

Chanyeol sighed as he poked at his salad, loosing his appetite once again. "Of course I am.” He lied. He didn’t want his friend to know about his sleepless nights; about his nightmares coming in more frequently, waking him up in the middle of the night.

“I know it’s hard, hyung–”

“What do you know about hard?” A voice interrupted and Chanyeol looked over to see another of his friends, Byun Baekhyun. “You hardly do work in here!”

Kai rolled his eyes, “As I was saying, you can’t stop the pain if you won’t forget–”

“And you can’t forget if you won’t leave that freakin’ house which is the last place you should be in.” Baekhyun finished. 

“Did you guys rehearse this or something?” Chaneyol joked but deep down, he knew his they were right. He should just leave the house. It was too big for him anyway; too big to be living in alone. But somehow he couldn’t let it go. He could let go of the house he had bought for her…for Minhee. 

“Chanyeol where are you taking me??” Minhee said excitedly as sat in the passenger seat, wearing a blindfold. 

“I’m about to take you to your dreams~” Chanyeol cooed as he reached for her hand over the console. 

“Ugh… stop it with your greasiness and just tell me!” She was slightly jumping in her seat, smiling widely. 

Chanyeol had stopped the car when they finally reached their destination. He helped Minhee out and guided her towards the front yard. “You ready?" 

Minhee nodded and she slowly felt the blindfold being removed. She was welcomed by a sight of a beautiful white house; with a front porch and a small yard with white picket fences. There was a rose garden along with other colorful flowers planted on the ground and Minhee let out a small gasp at the sight of the beautiful place. 

"Chanyeol–what is this?”

Chanyeol ignored her question as he took her hand and dragged her up the front door. “This is the place where we start–” he gazed at her lovingly. “Where we start our forever." 

Minhee felt tears pricking her eyes as he grabbed something from his coat pocket before kneeling down in front of her. He held a box and opened it, revealing a ring. "I love you, Minnie.” He chuckled. “And I want to ask you to spend forever with me. Say yes and be Mrs. Park Chanyeol." 

Minhee covered her mouth as she tried to keep her tears from falling, but they still did.

"Please?” Chanyeol pressed when she didn’t answer.

“Yes!” She cried. “Yes yes yes!” She said, tackling him in a hug; their laughter melding together. 

Hyung?” A voice asked. “Yah! Park Chanyeol!”

Chanyeol jumped as he felt a slight slap on his shoulder. “What?”

Baekhyun frowned at him, “Kai’s been calling you for like five times. You okay?" 

"Yeah.” He lied. “Just thought of something.” Baekhyun and Kai gave each other looks. 

“Like we said, hyung. Just sell it.”


“You’re being unreasonable!” She screamed. “I can’t do this anymore with you. You’re not even here much anymore. You leave me here alone all the time!”

“I’m busy with work, Minhee.” Chanyeol said. “Is it so bad that I’m working hard to make a living for us?" 

"It wouldn’t hurt to spend some time off, you know? Spend time with me once in a while. Some guys would do it…”

“Some guys?” Chanyeol suddenly felt anger rising in his chest as he remembered something. “It’s because of him, isn’t it?” he said darkly. 

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb, Minhee.” He scoffed. “Tell me this has got nothing to do with John.”

Minhee upon realizing what he was talking about protested, “You know that’s not true! How could you even say that?!”

“Oh don’t deny it Minhee!” He retorted. “You’re parents had been pushing that guy towards you for years–”

“But I don’t want him–”

“Then why did I see you with him the other day?” He spat. “Having lunch and obviously having a good time. How long have you been cheating one me?!”

“It wasn’t like that–”

“Liar!” He roared. “I saw him holding your hand!”

“And right after I let go and told him I was engaged.” Minhee argued. “Why won’t you listen to me?!”

“Because you’re lying!” He said. “This wasn’t the only time I saw you with him. Last month I saw you two together and a few weeks after that!”

“Chanyeol I–”

“What Minhee?!” Chanyeol yelled at her, making her flinch. “What?! Do you think I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t know?!" 

"It’s not like that!” She yelled exasperated. “My parents had been on my case and I simply couldn’t argue with them–”

“So what?” He scoffed. “You’re just gonna let them push you to date that guy?!" 

"I’m not dating–”

“Bullsh*t!” He spat, hitting the flower vase and sending it crashing to the floor.  “Sometimes I wonder if you even love me.”

That hit Minhee like a slap and she stood there silently as he continued. “Why don’t you just go to him if you hate this life so much? Just leave, the door is open!” He yelled. 

Minhee felt a tear fall as she angrily slipped off the ring from her finger and threw it on the floor. “Fine!”

Chanyeol crossed his arm and turned away from her. The last thing he heard was the door slamming shut.


Chanyeol came home that night feeling miserable. He knew his friends were right about selling the house. It had no use to him anymore. He could just move into an apartment in the city, close to his work. That would save him a lot of trouble; both for practical and emotional reasons. But as he opened the door to the house, a wave of nostalgia washed over him. 

“Honey!” Chanyeol wasn’t even halfway inside the threshold when Minhee jumped at him and gave him a hug. “I missed you!” She giggled. 

Chanyeol gasped as he let the memory wrap him up like a warm hug; lessening the coldness of the room as he walked through the empty house.

He went towards the living room and saw Minhee sitting on her favorite chair..

“Honey!” She smiled that beautiful smile. “Read with me?”

Chanyeol grimaced as he left the room and went up the stairs towards his bedroom. He opened the door and the coldness of it was almost unbearable. He stared at the king-sized bed which used to be slept on by two instead of one. He looked around the room and he saw himself and Minhee running around, having a pillow fight before collapsing on the bed laughing and smiling. 

Chanyeol crawled into bed, not bothering to change, and curled up on one side. 


He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and found a text from the real estate agent his friends had offered him to talk to; in line with the topic of selling the house.

Free tomorrow, Park Chanyeol-shi. Should we meet around lunch? 

Chanyeol sighed as he put the phone on his bedside table. He then opened the drawer and retrieved a ring…her ring. He laid in bed as he twirled the ring in his fingers. 

Who am I kidding?, he thought. I miss her. I miss her so much it hurts to even be here. 

Chanyeol looked at the ring and thought real hard. It’s true that he missed her and that he regrets everything he had said to her that night. I shouldn’t have asker her to leave, he thought as he covered his eyes with his hands in frustration. 

He fell asleep that night, with tears in his eyes. Early the next morning, he woke up and sent a text:



It took Chanyeol a long time to finally decide to sell it and now here he was standing in front of the house , his things packed and are placed neatly at the back of his car. 

Time to say goodbye, he thought as he took one last look at the house before getting into his car and driving off. 

Chanyeol drove silently but his thoughts were chaotic and he had to stop by the curb to get his bearings straight. He placed his head on the steering, cursing himself for being so weak. Why is it so hard?, he thought. It’s just a house. 

He opened his eyes and caught sight of the ring sitting on his dashboard. He held it tight and felt himself cry. For the first time since she left, he had let himself sob. He screamed and pounded on the steering wheel; regret, anger, and love…love for her…washed over him as memories of Minhee flooded his mind.  

I can’t do this, he thought and before he knew it, he switched the car in reverse and went back to the one place where he knew she would be in. 


The house was dark and empty as Chaneyol arrived later that night. He hopped off the car, almost desperately and went up the front door, fumbling with the keys as he unlocked it. The door swung open revealing an empty house. 

Upon realizing what he was doing, he cursed and let his body sink to the floor. What was he thinking? That he would open the door and she would still be there on the other side, waiting for him?…still in love with him?


Chanyeol perked up at the sound of a voice–her voice–and he immediately stood up, running towards it.

Minhee?“ He called as he reached the living room. His breath hitched at the sight of her, standing by the window, her form drenched in the moonlight. "Minhee.” He breathed and she looked up at him, smiling her beautiful smile. 

“Honey.” She said.

“You came back.” Chanyeol choked. 

Minhee’s smile faded but she nodded, “You…came back too.”

Chanyeol moved towards her but kept a good distance. “I was hoping you’d be here." 

"I’m always here…" 

Chanyeol stepped towards her, his breathing heavy as he took her in, "Is it really you?" 

"It always have been me, Chanyeol. Always." 




The words echoed in his head along with a hundred more sounds of her voice: laughing, talking, and even screaming. He closed his eyes and tried to shake it off; and then opening them once again to an empty room drenched in a bluish hue. 

Chanyeol ran a hand through his face, cursing himself as he awoke from another fantasy. She’s never coming back. He doesn’t even know where she was or what her current state was. She practically left without a trace and Chanyeol didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing. 

He stood up and went towards the door. He closed it again, locking it for good. His heart somehow felt lighter as he started the engine; partially accepting the harsh reality.

He looked back at the house through his window and then back at the ring sitting on his dashboard. "It’s just a house,” he mumbled. “It’s not home anymore." 

With a heavy but determined heart, he drove off into the night; starting a new life to find a new place to call home. 



Requested by anon :) your prompt is a favorite song of mine and I tried to write this as to how I interpreted it. And I have to admit… I was a bit torn on how to end it but I hope I made the right decision. HAHA :) hope it was alright..:)

thoughts? :)

thanks for reading!

*and yes…it’s good to be back :D Did you miss me? HAHAHA *peace* :P