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*prageru “economist” voice* hey millennials, you know how SOCIALISTS think it’s bad that this 19th century industrialist had his workers killed for unionizing? they’re wrong, it was actually NECESSARY for INNOVATION, and without it SOCIALISM would WIPE OUT the noble child laborers who made our country GREAT. now here’s ben shapiro on why fracking is environmentally friendly

The new CATS movie looks predictably weird

So we’ve all noticed the trend of totally unnecessary CGI recently, right? CATS, Lion King, basically any time a company CAN use a computer to do something, they use a computer, even if it would be cheaper, faster, and look better to do it traditionally. 

Here’s the thing: Hollywood is a union town. Set design, costumes, makeup, all are union industries, and you can’t go around the unions. Unless you just don’t have sets, costumes, or makeup. Then the union actors/directors/writers can’t object, since you’re not hiring scabs, you’re just not hiring. 

Enter VFX. CGI is a new industry, too new to have a union. Which means no union-negotiated worker protections, pay rates, crunch rules, etc. And no partnership with the larger guilds to protect them. Production companies are using CGI to cut out the technical guilds and possibly break the back of the union ecosystem of Hollywood. 

And unless the other unions work fast to get VFX artists unionized, I don’t know if anyone can stop them. 

What worker unions gave America
  • The 40 hour work week
  • Holiday pay
    • Every work holiday other than July 4th and Christmas
  • Overtime pay
  • Hazard Pay
  • Sick days
  • Holiday time
  • Disability insurance
  • Mandatory fire escapes on the job 
    • on top of other basic-shit like requiring handrails, notices for dangerous chemicals, safety equipment, asbestos abatement, and more
  • Mandatory lunch breaks
  • Well-paying blue-collar work
  • The breaking of Robber Barons of the and early 20th Century
  • Decreased income inequality
  • The Minimum Wage
  • Medicare
  • Social Security
  • Pensions
  • The 401k
  • Increased standards of living
  • The Civil Rights Act and the EEOC

Don’t wait until Labor Day to thank the men and women who literally fought and died to give you the benefits of the society you’re living in today.

The whole net neutrality discussion seems to be focusing on download speeds and access to particular services, but does anybody remember back in 2006 when AOL got caught blocking people from sending or receiving emails that expressed criticism of AOL? There was no sign that it was happening, and the emails would appear to be delivered - AOL’s mail servers would even report a normal “accepted for delivery” status code - but they’d just never show up in the recipient’s inbox. Or how about the incident a year earlier where Telus imposed fake service outages for websites expressing support for the Telecommunications Workers Union? Again, no indication that any blocking was taking place: just a error page falsely claiming the affected sites were down.

Under the proposed deregulations, this sort of thing would be explicitly permitted, and we know it’s possible because it’s been done. Now consider how much more communication happens via the Internet in 2017 than in 2005/2006. It’s not even email or websites; big chunks of the telephone network now pass through ISP-mediated VOIP channels, and those conversations would likewise be targetable by faked outages.

Like, this isn’t some dystopian sci-fi scenario; we’re talking about horseshit that major ISPs were getting up to on the sly over a decade ago, and are now about to be told can be engaged in without regulatory penalty.

heres how it’s gonna go down

amazon: if our workers unionize i’m going to be fucking pissed we have to do everything in our power to disenfranchise them

amazon warehouse workers: we organized a labor strike

everyone: cool we’ll boycott using amazon in a way that impacts yall in order to support you warehouse workers in any way we can

media: wow look at how much stuff amazon owns you should boycott all of this stuff otherwise you’re fake woke and don’t care about amazon workers

everyone: how can i boycott all of amazon that doesnt make sense they own everything uhg… am i a bad person because i can’t boycott everything?

amazon: yes yes, yes yes! we’ve turned this into a question of whether or not boycotts are effective!!!! ignore the workers don’t look at the workers forget about the workers!!!

everyone: so you mean our boycott did do something?

amazon, in a fake nice voice: oh of course, we’re just so sad about this boycott that we decided to make amazon prime free for a month because we’re so very sad about making you all sad uwu

media: boycotts work! 

amazon warehouse workers: did yall forget about us and what this was about or?

media: the amazon boycott did it again!

UPS Teamsters ready to stage America's biggest strike since 1997, with solidarity as the main sticking point

Unionized UPS Teamsters – 260,000 of them – are set to strike in the biggest American strike since UPS’s unionized drivers walked out in 1997.

Superficially, the issue is about the company moving to seven-day delivery, but the issue that’s forcing the strike is the sizable cohort of union members who are unwilling to accept a two-tier workplace where established workers get the full protection of the union and younger hires are given a worse deal. This has been a traditional way that employers have split, weakened and ultimately killed their workers’ unions – by buying off the long-established employees with better deals that make the workers who’ll replace them feel that unions have nothing to offer them, which establishes divisions that can be exploited later to lay off those higher-paid workers, leaving only the lowest-paid employees and no union they can use to press for better pay.

It seems like some of UPS’s Teamsters have figured out that solidarity pays.

walmart like actively demonizes unions and encourages their employees to be fearful of them by spreading lies and propaganda about them lmao. like it would be really difficult to unionize walmart workers because as soon as youre hired they start making you learn anti-union propaganda and quiz you on it to make sure you’re adequately fearful of them and they do this multiple times. lmao they literally try to brainwash their employees into hating unions.

Disney animators’ strike, 1941. Prompted by continual disrespect and poor treatment by Walt Disney, who affected a paternalistic attitude towards his animator, the spark that lit the flame of the strike was Disney’s firing of Art Babbitt, among other leading union activists within the studio. Over 200 animators struck, complicating the production of the film Dumbo, in which Disney spitefully portrayed striking workers as menacing antagonists. The striking workers ultimately won. Disney was forced to rehire the fired workers and sign a union contract by the NLRB. Disney, although the son of a socialist campaigner, despised unions and this incident only deepened his resentment towards organized labor. During the McCarthy era Disney wasted no time ensuring that leading union voices in the animation industry were blacklisted.

why are you weirdos still writing essays about how aang was a fucking milquetoast liberal and he should’ve killed the firelord. you want fucking 12 year old aang to bloodbend this mans guts out his mouth on nickelodian? you want toph to unionize the workers of ba sing se and stage an anarcho-syndicalist revolution? you wanna see katara guillotine zuko????? is that what you want???????


August 1 - Workers walk off a building site, shutting it down, after management tried to send some of them home. Turn on the sound because the guy narrating this lesson in the power of solidarity between workers is hilarious!