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Co Workers (Part Six)

Summary: Misha and Y/N fly to LA

A/N: I’m not sure how many more parts to this there will be, butttt I don’t think it’s going to end any time soon :)

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smutttt (they finally do it?!?!)

Word Count: 2.1k

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Misha made his way out of the apartment and left you alone with your food and your thoughts. You were worried that Andrew might show up and try something; but Misha was right. You were part of the Supernatural family after all. You knew that everyone else would be by your side as well, along with Misha.

You finished eating and went to pack your bags. This weekend was going to be an interesting one.

You and Misha arrived at the airport together an hour later, after rushing to pack and covering your bruises the best that you could. The drive there was silent. You were still trying to process everything that happened last night, and also your feelings for Misha. Were you two going to be together now? Was it even a good idea?

The two of you walked through the airport quickly, checked your bags, and got through everything you needed to get through. The part of the airport you were in was seemingly empty, probably because everyone that needed to fly to LA had done so on the earlier flight that you and Misha had missed. There was almost an hour still before you needed to board, so you both took a seat in a corner by your terminal. You were scrolling through your twitter, answering tweets and saying how excited you were for this weekend, and you were, even though you were still hurting. You were nose deep in your phone when Misha spoke up.

“So,” he cleared his throat, “what were you trying to tell me back at your apartment?” He looked at you, curiously. You had almost forgotten. You were going to tell Misha that you loved him. You looked back down at your phone. This isn’t the time, you thought. This isn’t the place. You weren’t even one hundred percent sure if it was true or if it was just from how emotional you were. You made eye contact with him once again before speaking.

“Oh, I-uh,” You trailed off, searching for something to say. “I was, I was going to tell you that I really appreciated all that you had done for me last night and-and this morning.” Good one, you told yourself.

Misha smiled at you, your heart to skipping a beat. “You’re a bad liar.” He leaned into you, his face just inches from yours, his breath on your lips making your mouth water. Your eyes darted to the side to make sure no one was watching, “We’ll talk about it later baby girl, okay?” he said softly. You nodded, and your eyes looked down at his lips. Misha’s eyes never leaving yours, he smirked. He knew you wanted to kiss him. His eyes glanced down at your lips as he leaned in even closer. You felt his hand on your knee and your eyes closed. Just as his lips brushed yours he pulled back. Your eyes opened and you felt your face turn red. Misha was already looking down at his phone with a smirk on his face. He was going to be the death of you.

“What was that all about?” You demanded.

He looked up at you and opened his mouth to say something when it was announced that it was time to board your flight. He smirked again as he stood up and held his hand out to help you up.

“What are you planning?” You asked him.

“Oh, nothing.” He said as you both made your way onto the plane, it looked as though you two would be the only ones in first class. You and Misha made your way to your seats. You were still pretty new to first class so it took you a minute to get comfortable in the big seat which was big enough for two, maybe even three people. Once the flight was in the air and the flight attendant left you alone, you looked over at Misha’s seat, which was a few feet away from yours. He looked at you as if he’d been waiting for you to finally look at him.

“Want someone to sit with?” he asked. You nodded, you didn’t like these big seats, and you wanted to sit next to him anyway.

“Pretty cool we’re the only ones in first class, huh?” You said as you scooted over to make room for him.

“I think so,” He said, taking a seat next to you, your thighs touching, “It just means that we can do this.” he quickly grabbed your face, brought it to his, and planted a kiss on your lips. You weren’t going to stop him this time, you didn’t have to worry about Andrew anymore. You grabbed onto the front of his shirt and pulled him in closer. His tongue danced on your bottom lip until you let him in, you moaned quietly into his mouth. Now that you were free you wanted to feel him all over you, you wanted to make him feel good. You realized where you were and pulled away. Misha looked at you, his eyes full of lust.

“You know, there’s a bathroom on these things.” He suggested. You looked at him, your mouth dropping open a little in shock. Was he really suggesting what you thought he was suggesting? Either way, you wanted him. You were the only two people in first class, and so what if the flight attendant caught you? You got up out of your seat and stepped around Misha.

“I’ll meet you in there.” You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t use every ounce of confidence you had to say that. Misha gave you a look that told you he was more than willing to meet you in the bathroom.

“I’ll wait five minutes, make it seem like I’m checking on you, you know, just in case.” He winked and you made your way to the bathroom. It was small, you didn’t know how you were supposed to do this. The most adventurous you had ever gotten was in your shower. The shower, you thought to yourself, this will be kind of like doing it in a shower, a very tiny shower. You bent over the small sink to splash your face with cold water. You didn’t know why you were nervous, you almost did this with Misha once, and it’s not like you were a virgin, even if you did only have one previous partner. Your train of thought was interrupted by Misha knocking on the door. You opened it up and stood there, just staring at him.

“You gonna let me in?” He asked, you nodded and stepped to the side, well, as far to the side as you could.

“Sorry, it’s small in here.”

“It’s okay Y/N, you’re cute, you know that?” You could feel yourself blushing. He was doing that to you a lot today. You responded by kissing him, he locked the door behind him and swung you around, pinning you against it. You ran your hands to his back and tugged at the bottom of his shirt, urging him to take it off, he did, you turned around to take yours off as well. His hands came around your waist and his arms wrapped tightly around you, your arms making their way to the back of his head, so you could grip onto his hair. He leaned in and placed soft kisses along your neck, working his way up to your ear, gently biting. The feeling of his hot breath on your ear sending chills through your body. You turned your head to face him and he crashed his lips to yours. His hands made their way to the front of your jeans, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping them. His lips left yours only for a moment to pull them down along with your panties. He helped you step out of them in the confined space of the airplane’s bathroom and you turned to unbuckle his pants, pulling them down just enough for his hard cock to spring free. He kissed you again as you gripped him tightly with your hand, pumping him a few times. He moaned into your mouth, trying to keep quiet. He grabbed onto your hips and the two of you worked around, so that you were now facing the door. Misha spun you around once again, reaching over you to place the toilet seat down.

“Put your leg up there.” as you did what he said he ran his fingers down your back, stopping to grab your ass tightly and then running them through your drenched folds. You squirmed a bit at how good that felt. It had been nearly three months since you had done anything. Misha rubbed your wetness onto his cock and you felt his head come to your entrance. He pushed your back down a little more, you were hanging onto the wall for support. He slowly entered you as you both let out groans of relief.

“You okay?” he asked before moving. “I’m great,” you said breathlessly. You leaned back a bit so that your back was now to his chest, you looked up at him and he smiled. His eyes completely blown with lust. He wrapped his arms back around you before he began thrusting into you quickly. Your head started to fall forward but he moved his hand to cover your mouth before he started fucking you even harder. You wanted to scream. He felt so good inside of you. He was trying his hardest to keep quiet as well when he uncovered your mouth and moved his hand down to rub your clit. The pleasure too much for you to keep quiet. “Mish-uhhh” you moaned out as you reached your climax. He thrusted even harder, causing your orgasm to rip through you as came to his own release, filling you up and coating your walls with his cum. When you were both done, he pulled. You both just stood there for a minute, trying to catch your breath before he handed you some toilet paper to clean up.

When you were both cleaned up and had somehow managed to get your clothes back on in the tiny room, you turned to him, he pulled you into a tight embrace, running his hand through your hair. He kissed the top of your head while you were tucked tightly in his arms.

“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered to you, “I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with someone so fast, it actually scared the hell out of me.” You pulled back. You were smiling, of all the things that had happened between you and Misha, between you and Andrew, what he just said made it all okay.

“I love you too.” He smiled, relieved that you loved him as well. He leaned down and kissed you softly.

“Let’s get back to our seat, or-seats. We should be landing soon.”

You both left the bathroom, looking around for anyone who might spot you. You were in the clear. You both returned to your seats.

You woke up to Misha shaking you awake, you must have fallen asleep for the remainder of the flight.

“Look alive sunshine, are you ready for your first convention?” You smiled excitedly. You always wanted to go to a Supernatural convention, but could never afford it. Now you were part of the cast, and this would only be the first convention of many.

“I am, do we have to do anything for the rest of the day?” It was almost seven, and all you could think about was going to bed.

“Well, you and I have a panel in about an hour and half.” Your face fell. A panel, onstage, in front of people.

“Wait-us? We have a panel together?”

“Yep. Come on.” He helped you up and you both made your way off the plane. You held hands the entire way to the terminal, not thinking about the fact that you really hadn’t defined what the two of you were doing. As you walked into the terminal, you pulled your hand away, he didn’t ask why, you figured he knew. But when you looked over at him, you had seen why he didn’t question you. You followed his gaze to see a blonde woman running at the two of you. He stood and stared at her, you were wondering why he seemed so horrified.

“Miiiishaaaa!” The woman squealed. She ran straight up to Misha and threw her arms around his neck, planting a kiss on his lips that he did not return. Oh hell no, you thought. He pushed her away, and looked at her, still horrified.

“Renee, what are you doing here?”

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Bit more about Japanese culture and anime...

There was some interest after this Inuyasha post. Thought it would be cool to go more in-depth and relate it to anime, so next time you watch something you can go, “Oh yeah. That happens over there.”

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No, THAT doesn’t happen in Japan.

As a word of caution: I grew up near Tokyo in the 90′s, when the economic bubble had burst but your average family didn’t feel the effects until later. Culture may have shifted slightly after the economic downturn (I know there’s a more nationalistic undertone now, like most of Asia), and everything I say will not apply to all of Japan. Places like Sapporo and Ōsaka have their own distinct cultures, like how New York and Texas are uniquely different.

But since most anime are set in or are geared towards the Tokyo crowd, I have a good idea of the cultural influences. Especially when relating it to Inuyasha, which was published and set in the 90′s (at least in Kagome’s modern time).

Originally posted by 19-de--fevereiro


Also, what I’m about to say below is about Japan (Tokyo). Please don’t start applying it to other countries in Asia, or you will be laughably misled.

Additionally, I’m not some researcher who did extensive study on my own culture. I’m just relating to y’all my background, experiences, and the little bit of knowledge I’ve gleaned from my memories of living there as a little girl, as well as from stories shared by my parents.

Suffice it to say, you should not cite me for your research paper.

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You’re on your own, suckers!

I didn’t want to bother making multiple posts, so this is gonna be looooong. It’s not all roses either. If you have this fantastic, perfect vision of Japan, turn back now! You hear me?

Now then.

Are you ready, kids?


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Do you have trivia on Izaya?

I decided to do this just because. Got some help from Ruka and sloppily threw this together. WARNING FOR SPOILERS FROM NOVEL 13 AND BEYOND.

  • Izaya has called Kadota “Dotachin” since high school [source]
  • Izaya got ‘noticed’ in high school by Kine as someone who could work for awakusu (although he didn’t start really working for them until after).
  • In regards to the awakusu, Izaya is hired more as a third party by Shiki who believes in the power of information over brawn
  • According to Shinra, Izaya has a very brittle heart. Which is why he avoids getting it hurt by instead choosing to love ‘all of humanity’.
  • Mikado seems to be the only character from Durarara!! that Izaya regrets/wishes to get into contact with again after the events of Durarara 13. [source]
  • Izaya is younger than Shinra but older than Shizuo and Kadota [source]
  • Izaya explains in volume three that the girls who follow him were abused by either their families or their lovers. (Girls such as Saki)
  • When asked if there was meaning behind Izaya’s rings and jacket Narita joked that ‘there may be meaning! or none at all! I haven’t decided yet!’ [source]
  • It’s been said time and time again but Narita has specifically said that although Izaya loves all humans equally, in terms of sexual desire he is ‘normal’. Translators think this was Narita’s nice way of saying he is heterosexual. [source]
  • In Izaya’s novel it is implied that Izaya refuses to seek rehabilitation for his broken body because it is his way of accepting the fact that he ‘lost against Shizuo. In contrast Shizuo doesn’t think either of them won or lost because both of them lived. [source]
  • In Izaya’s novel, the boy pushes Izaya in his wheelchair while Izaya drinks Barley tea out of a wine glass. [source]
  • In volume 13 Izaya was prepared to die to prove what a monster Shizuo  is. 
  • At the end of Durarara and into Izaya’s novel it is implied that he has become traumatized by his fight with Shizuo [source]
  • Izaya pays Namie 260k a year [source]
  • Izaya is ‘repelled’ from Aoba due to their similarities [source]
  • When he met Aoba Izaya was pretending to be his cram school tutor [source]
  • When asked if Izaya has any love experience, Narita said that was a spoiler which fans believe was a reference to mikage. [source]
  • Orihara isn’t an uncommon surname. Narita chose it to stress Izaya’s ordinary origins. [source]
  • Izaya, however, is a very unusual name. While it was meant to be related the prophet Isiah there is a lot more complications to it. I’d suggest reading up on it here
  • In volume 6 Izaya was stabbed on his birthday [source]
  • Izaya hates dead fish eyes [source]
  • Izaya likes any food that can tell him about the personality of the person who made it [source]
  • He dislikes compressed/canned/junk food [source]
  • Narita has said that Izaya loves food and eats out often. [source]
  • In elementary school Izaya was a straight A honor roll student [volume 9 iirc]
  • His family members are: his grandparents Orihara Torakichi and Natsu, his parents Orihara Shirou and Kyouko, and the twins. [source]
  • His parents worked for a trading company and were overseas frequently and for long periods of time. It is noted that his parents work wasn’t a factor in the formation of who Izaya is, but that lack of contact with them might have helped in that formation. [source]
  • Izaya is the reason why the twins turned out like they are [volume 9]
  • Izaya’s record is spotless save for a corrective guidance due to ‘stabbing Shinra’ in middle school. Corrective guidance being not juvenile delinquency but something more like a ‘plan’ to prevent it from happening again [source]
  • Izaya’s cover for his information brokering is that he is a Financial planner [source, also Durarara SH]
  • While most information brokers get information from the source (night club workers, etc) Izaya has done better by instead using other information brokers as his sources/network. [source]
  • Izaya gets alot of his information from Shinichi Tsukumoya.
  • Shishizaki-senpai was the only person who could catch Izaya.
  • He was viewed as a loner in elementary school. But whenever people realized he was left out they’d often fight over him. [source]
  • Izaya initially thought ‘Shizu-chan’ was a girl. He later adopted that nickname and used it when he met Shizuo. [source]
  • When he is using a fake name Izaya always claims he is 21.  [source]
  • On Izaya’s anime driver’s license it says he wears glasses. I don’t know how much I believe this though since the name on the license was ‘Nakura’.
  • Izaya fears death more than anyone and reveres heaven more than anyone. But he’d rather spend eternity in hell rather than to become ‘nothing’ [volume 2? or 3 iirc]
  • Izaya doesn’t deny his involvement in causing the ruin of other people. He acknowledges that he pushes people knowing what they will do but chooses to do so in order to see if they will exceed his expectations. [Volume 3 and later to Akabayashi]
  • Izaya weighs himself after every daily shower [volume 9]
  • Both Shiki and Namie refer to Izaya as ‘Loki’ at different points

I know some people claim that Izaya’s favorite fruit? Is a red apple? I have never seen a source for this (and trust me, I’ve looked) so yeah I don’t believe that whatsoever. (Not gonna say it is bs but unless someone shows me a source it doesn’t sound reliable). But I think that is pretty much all I have/can think of from the top of my head in regards to Izaya. Read volume 9 for more!! (No seriously, if you’re an izaya fan you need to read volume 9 if you haven’t already)


Plot: just Seb fucking you in a bathroom | Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, oral, fingering, this gif I added???

Word count: 2375

A/N: I haven’t posted in a while so take this as a peace offering! Also, I’m not at home and I have really bad Internet access here so I won’t tag anyone atm!

Masterlist | Request

Originally posted by sebastiansource

A New Year’s Eve party with your co-workers, in a club. What a dream come true. This was the last place you’d wanted to spend the last night of the year, but here you were, standing next to the bar, a glass of red wine in your hand, waiting for your friend who promised to be back in 5 minutes, but it had already been about 20.

You watched people grind on each other on the dancefloor; two of your male colleagues making out in the corner across the room made you smile. They always did have a crush on each other, it was adorable, yet gross since they were practically dry humping each other in public. 

But then your friend popped up right behind you, startling you. “Giiirrlll, you have no idea what just happened.’‘ 

You snorted. ’'What?”

“I just met my possible future husband! Did you know Chris Evans is here?” she practically squealed. You arched an eyebrow in question, since you weren’t really familiar with the name. 

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Haunting [Yandere! Jumin Han] [Reader-Insert]

Please do not read this if you are vulnerable or sensitive to these subjects. In saying so, just because I have written about the subject, it doesn’t not mean I support it. I do not support rape.

Anyway, enjoy!


Steel grey eyes blinked tiredly. With each blink, there was a shock of pain, and the heaviness and the dryness behind the eyelids continued to increase. Underneath the cold eyes concealed of emotions, there were not even dark circles, but swelled eye bags which portrayed the lack of sleep.

The sounds of the slow clock ticks, and fingers ruthlessly typing away on the computer’s keyboard were disturbingly emphasized in the eerie and intense silence of the room.

Outside the office, city lights glowed brightly appearing to be a bokeh of different coloured lights, and the moon hung high in the sky.

Jumin, who was mindlessly and utterly indulged in his work, was snapped out his trance when there was a gentle knock on his office door.

He spoke with an emotionless voice.

“Come in,” He said, not bothering to glance away from his computer screen even once.

The door opened to reveal Jahee.

Similar to Mr. Trust Fund Kind, her eyes were extremely sore from the lack of sleep, and if it was not for her make-up, then the dark circles on her skin, would have made her resemble a raccoon.

She gazed tiredly at Jumin, itching to snap at him for increasing her workload. However, she didn’t. She walked towards his desk.

“Here are all the papers that you requested, Mr. Han,” She said, her voice low, and inclined with exhaustion as she settled them on his table.

Jumin did not bother to acknowledging her or even spare her a glance, when he replied.

“Okay thank you,” He said, before he motioned towards one of the many large stacks of paper at the corner of his desk.

“Could you sort them out in alphabetical order?” He inquired, glancing towards Jahee, only then noticing her horrible condition.

Unlike usual, where Jahee would conceal her true thoughts and let down Jumin politely, the female evidently gasped. Her jaw dropped open, and her eyes widened. Due to her extreme exhaustion caused by longer hours of work and barely four hours of sleep, she snapped.

“With all the due respect Mr. Han, it is 2 am and I have been working since 8. If this was once in while, I would have dealt with it, but it has been happening too often. I would really like to go home and sleep. And you should to,” She said, blinking rapidly, in order to blink away the sleep that wanted to overwhelm her.

However, as soon as she said those words, she came to regret them. This was because her words had caused Jumin’s attention to be fully focused on her.

He narrowed his eyes at her as if he was analysing her like a business contracted presented to him on paper.

He took her in: her usual short and swept hair, a mess of strands all over her forehead. Her dark circles that were evident even from behind the layers of foundation she used. Lastly, it was her posture. Normally, it was straight, and she stood to her full height. However, presently, it was slumped, and her glasses were slanted, making her appear as if she was going to fall asleep at any given moment.

Jumin blinked, and for a moment, he felt his own head fall forward in exhaustion, but he quickly shook it off.

He sighed, and waved Jahee off with his hand.

“Fine,” He began, stifling a yawn. “I apologize for making you work so late Assistant Kang. Go home and get some rest,” He murmured tiredly.

His response caused Jahee’s eyes to widen in glee, and she opened her mouth to reply. As she spoke, Jumin’s phone vibrated in his pocket, causing him to take it out, and read the message that was sent to him. While doing so, whatever Jahee was saying faded to insignificant background noise.

Actually, everything did. His mind came to be focused only on one thing: the text message. It read: I have found her.

Instantly, Jumin’s eyes widened and slowly, but surely, the corner of his lips began to twitch up.

“You should rest as well. I, I don’t mean to step on sentimental topics but Mr. Han, you have barely looked after yourself since the divorce with your wife–” Jahee spoke, but her words fell on deaf ears.

Jumin’s heart beat began to speed up, and his fingers began to twitch, as if they were yearning for action. And suddenly, Jumin’s exhaustion disappeared, and he swore that he had never felt more awake before.

“Breaking up with her must have been ha-”

“Assistant Kang,” Jumin called out, interrupting her.

The female froze.

“Y-Yes?” She stammered, fixing her glasses.

“Tell everyone that they, and you are dismissed for a week,” Jumin said, as he stood up. He typed a few times on the keyboard, before turning his computer off.

Jahee gasped in surprise. “B-But-”

Jumin turned towards Jahee, as he put on his coat. “Did you not want a vacation, Assitant Kang?” Jumin asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jahee opened her mouth to reply, but Jumin cut her off.

“I’ll get going now. I’m quite tired, and I’m sure Elizabeth the 3rd has missed me. I’ll see you in a week’s time,” Jumin said, walking past her.

Jahee, confused at what had happened suddenly, blinked at him, before she nodded tiredly.

“Okay, see you,” She said, as Jumin walked out of his office.


The dark rooms in the building were lit with neon lights, as loud music was played throughout them. There were various bars which were almost full with intoxicated men that continuously bought drinks. Additionally, many small rooms were built in the big rooms where ‘customers’ received private service.

Clothes were stripped, and money was thrown on stages on which women danced on. Occasionally, there would be loud screams and wolf-whistles that were made by the male viewers of the female dancers, dancing on poles.

As soon as Jumin entered this feverish and intoxicated atmosphere, he inwardly began to wince in disgust.

If it was not for his intention, then he would not have come here in the first place. This was because although he was rich, which would lead many to assume he was into these sort of things, he valued privacy. Anything sexual, much less expressive that he did, he did it in the private safety and comfort of his home.

However, tonight, for tonight he was more than willing to release the beast here, make a show.

It might have been too obvious that he was rich, for many workers in the club, glanced, and smiled seductively at him.

However, he simply ignored them, like he did with other ‘gold diggers.’
The small bathroom that was created for ‘staff,’ was occupied by decent number of strippers that either smoked, fixed their makeup or costume, or simply used the bathroom for what it was meant to be used for: going to the toilet. Amongst those that fixed their makeup, was [Name] [Surname], one of the most reannounced workers of the place.

Presently, the [h/c] female had her mouth wide open, and was reapplying her lipstick, when she was called.

“[Name],” One of her workers said, tapping on her shoulder.

She stopped midway of reapplying her lipstick, and turned towards her co-worker with an eyebrow raised in question.

Her co-worker gave her a sly grin.

“You have a customer that is waiting for, in private. From what Baa Baa told me, he’s not ONLY loaded, but is extremely handsome, wayyyy better than the trash that we have to please on regular basis. And get this, he asked specifically for you. I saw him, and phew, had to fan myself at the increase in temperature all of a sudden when I looked at him. You’re going to be a one lucky lady tonight,” Her co-worker said, lightly punching her in the arm.

[Name]’s eyes widened, before she rolled her eyes. Nonetheless, there was soft, hidden smile on her lips.

“I am sure I will be. Hope he’s rich enough to help me pay my student loan debt,” The [h/c] female joked, causing her, and her co-worker to bust out laughing.

Moments later, their laughing ceased, and [Name] swiped the tip of her lipstick at her bottom lip, and puckered them to assure that it was applied nicely. Then, she closed it, and put it in her handbag.

“Well, I better go and entertain this ‘loaded’ and ‘extremely handsome’ customer,” She said, grinning, before she waved to her co-worker, and left the bathroom.

As soon as [Name] entered the private room to entertain her ‘customer,’ she came to regret it.

Fear shot through her nerves, anxiety began to overwhelm her, and the [h/c] female froze when she saw who her customer was: her ex-husband, Jumin Han.

The dark-haired male’s eyes flickered towards [Name], and instantly, his eyes gleamed.

Trying to contain his excitement, but being unable to, Jumin huskily breathed out her name.

This only heightened the stripper’s fear as her fingers began to tremble. This did not go unnoticed by Jumin, who then, stood up.

He strode towards [Name]’s frozen form.

“Oh, [Name], it’s good to see you again,” He began, his eyes slitting, and narrowing towards her.

His voice seemed to have caused her to snap out of her trance, and instantly, her eyes snapped towards him.

Her lips tremble, and with each step he took towards her, she took one back.

“I have not seen you since you in such a long time, my darling. The last time I did, you certainly did not look like this…” He said trailing off, and his eyes glazed over her form.

She wore black, frilly micro-shorts, and a sleeveless, frill, gothic-like top that hugged her form, and exposed her cleavage. Her hair was messy, and some bits of her makeup like her mascara were smeared on her face.

“You looked clean… you looked like someone that was polished by me. Obviously, now you look like someone who would sell herself to anyone. But surprisingly, I don’t find that unappealing. I won’t, if this is the way I’ll have yourself give to me,” He said stoically, walking towards her, until her back hit against the door, and he hovered above her.

He received nothing in reply as he lifted his hand and wiped his thumb against [Name]’s bottom lip. The lipstick that she had reapplied before stained his thumb.

Jumin rubbed his thumb against his index finger, and clicked his teeth in disgust.

“When we were together and I did this, the lipstick never came off. You must be wearing cheap, poor quality makeup,” He stated, flickering his gaze towards her, and taking in her petrified expression. Then, he leaned down, and blew a huff of air on her neck.

[Name] whimpered.

“W-Why are you h-here Jumin? W-What do you wan- AH,” She began asking, before her words slured into a gasp, when Jumin nipped at the skin of her neck. He wrapped an arm around her waist, and brought her form closer towards his, until their bodies became flushed together.

His nips turned into harsh bites, as he spoke.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to see you strip,” He mumbled, between each bite. As he did so, he slipped a note in her underwear.
[Name] yelped at the uncomfortable feeling, and then right away, she put her hands on his shoulders, firmly, and applied force in order to push him away from her.

“G-Get off–mfh,” [Name] spoke, trying to pry Jumin off her. However, he merely silenced her by forcing his lips upon hers, and his grip on her waist tightening.

Still, nonetheless, [Name] continued to push against him, until she felt something sharp prickling her bare shoulders.

Instantly, [Name] froze, no longer defying him. This seemed to please the young male, because he smirked in their kiss. Then, he broke away from it.

Jumin leaned down to [Name]’s ear, his breath fanning it. He licked her earlobe, before he spoke.

“Your body still remembers,” He whispered, and nipped at her earlobe. Then, with the object that Jumin had prickled [Name]’s skin with, a knife, he dragged it gently across her skin, making the [h/c] female to whimper.

“I missed those sweet sounds of yours,” He said, kissing the skin underneath her ear. “Now, be good for daddy,” He whispered, patting her head.

“Be good for him, or you will be punished. After all, this is not the first, and certainly not the last time that I will have my way with you. From now on, you are going to work for me, and only me,” He finished, pecking her lips in between few words.

[Name]’s grip on his shoulders tightened, and she shut her eyes tightly.

“W-What did you do?” She stammered.

Jumin chuckled.

“I bought the club,” He replied, before he forced his lips upon [Name]’s once again, reminding her no matter how much she tried to escape, he would always hunt her.

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Losers Club as Quotes My Co-Workers Have Said
  • Richie: Your job security is so good right now, you can come running here butt naked, slapping little kids, and you'll still have your job the next day.
  • Stan: *When someone comes to work not in dress code*: So, I didn't know it was casual Tuesday today.
  • Beverly: Yeah, that guy did shrooms in the break room like it was no big deal.
  • Ben: I basically live here, so they should probably set up a cot and a blanket in the break room for me.
  • Bill: That girl always sounds like she's losing her will to live over the intercom.
  • Eddie: This place is so disgusting, I'm surprised we passed the health inspection the last time.
  • Mike: If we left the registers right now and never came back, do you think anybody would notice?
new meat | jongup (m)

Originally posted by jonqups

Pairing: Jongup/Reader
Genre: Smut
AU: Sub!Jongup/Mistress!Reader
Warnings: dom/sub themes, hand job, orgasm denial, mild dirty talk (slut shaming), unbetad’d
Word Count: 853

Request: Can I have a sub! jongup fic with a female reader please? Any admin will do thank you so much !! 💕💕            

Summary: You are a fetish club worker and Moon Jongup is a brand new client.

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Gotham Preference - Discovering Your Youtube Channel

Requested by anon: could you do preferences for selina kyle, bruce wayne, jim gordon, harvey bullock, edward nygma, oswald cobblepot and fish mooney. for them finding out the reader has a youtube channel with a couple million subscribers? sorry if thats too many people.

A/N: These turned out away longer than I expected. Whoops. Also I kept this kinda neutral as to whether or not the reader is friends or in a relationship with the characters. Especially with Fish. Hers kinda came out as a mentor-student type relationship.

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Reversed 8 of Clubs.

Routines are an important part of creating stability in our lives. By creating these habits, we create a secure and stable lifestyle. The reversed 8 of Clubs suggests that perhaps we are having issues with the concept of repetition or making the moves to create that stability. Perhaps we are too bogged down in the routine to allow ourselves to grow. Or perhaps we are avoiding this responsibility and letting life carry us any which way. Either way, take the time to analyze your life.

Aspire to have a solid mix of stability and freedom in your life. Taking the steps to create a secure life for ourselves secures a safe environment and mindset for ages to come, but freedom is what we live and die for. Find the mix and find happiness.

Deck: The Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan.

Every Me And Every You - Twenty One

When you woke up again the next day you were alone in the bed. Shifting position, you tugged the kimono that had been discarded in the night back on, and searched in your bag for your phone.


You checked your messages and social media apps, responding to a few friends before deciding it was time to get out of bed. Just as you were about to throw the covers back, the bedroom door opened and Spencer entered, a tray in his hands.

“Good morning. I was starting to think you really were Snow White for a while there. How’s your head?”

“It feels okay. Sleep seems to have done it’s job and got rid of the headache.” You rolled your neck on your shoulders, releasing the tension that was still pent up, hearing your neck crick. Spencer cringed.

“Sorry, it does that sometimes.”

He crossed the room, perching on the side of your bed and lowering the tray to you.

Coffee and orange juice. Pancakes and syrup, with a side of bacon.

“I thought you couldn’t cook?”

Spencer grinned. “I can’t. I can pour coffee and juice really well though, and the cafe down the road can cook and luckily, provide take out.”

“Well I appreciate it all the same.” You adjusted yourself on the bed, wincing as the cover dragged over your chest as you sat up.

“Sore?” he asked, noticing the wince.

“Not sore, they don’t hurt. Just…. Extremely sensitive.”

“Good sensitive or bad sensitive?”

“Currently, good sensitive. I mean, they’re sensitive at the best of times but the slightest touch would erm… Well you know.”

He raised an eyebrow at you. “The slightest touch would turn you on, is that what you’re trying to say Y/N?”

“Pretty much.”

“That’s good to know. Anyway, eat up before it gets cold and I’ll fill you in our plans for the day, providing you’re still happy to go ahead with what was discussed last night?”

“The role play? I’m still happy to try,” you told him, feeling a sense of excitement already. You started tucking into your food, the pancakes delicious.

“Excellent. It’s been a good few months since I’ve had chance to do this. You’re familar with the concept enough for me to not have to explain the ins and outs yes?”

“Well yeah, I mean come on Spence, the amount of role plays we’ve had to do on training courses. Albeit, they were a totally different kind.”

“And I’m very happy they were. The last course I had to go on was led by Morgan. I would have walked out if it was same kind of role play that we’ll be doing today.”

“Does the chocolate thunder not do it for you?” you teased, using Garcia’s nickname for Derek.

Spencer chuckled lowly. “Nope he most definitely does NOT.”

Something about the way he answered you made you ask the next question.

“He doesn’t do it for you because he’s got a penis right?.”

No answer.


Reid just stared back at you, his eyebrows raised again waiting for you to get it.

“Spencer…. Really?”

“Really what, Y/N.”

“Have you…. Are you…. Do I even want to?”

“I’m not gay, obviously. I’m not even sure what I’d label myself as. I’ve never been in a relationship with a man.”

“But you have….. had sex with a man?” you whispered the last part, although you weren’t sure why.

“Yes. I’ve experimented with a man. I’ve had my eyes opened up to a lot of different things over the years.”

Oh your little brain was having trouble with this one.

Spencer being into BDSM was one thing, Spencer having had sex with a guy was another.

He looked at you thoughtfully, trying to read you.

“Does that bother you, Y/N? That I’ve been with a man. You’ve got a pretty strange look on your face right now.”

You were sure you had.

“It doesn’t bother me, no. Not that. It’s just…… Every preconception I had about you is being smashed to pieces. None of this would surprise me if it coming from Morgan, or even Rossi. But….you just seem so innocent and…..I dunno. I should stop being surprised that you’re turning out to be the complete opposite of what I imagined.”

“And what did you imagine exactly?”

“I…. I don’t know.” You set your knife and fork down, done with your food.

“No come on. You said you had preconceptions about me. What were they?”

“Alright. Giving the teasing I saw from Morgan and Prentiss when I first joined the team, initially I presumed you were still a virgin. Which surprised me given your age, but you did very little to dispel that. I can’t remember exactly when I realised that you weren’t, but you said something and I thought ‘oh so he’s not’ but he obviously doesn’t get it very often.”

“Carry on. I can tell there’s more.”

“Okay… So then I figured you were some hopeless romantic who’d probably waited until he was like 25 before he lost it.”

“16,” he told you.

“Younger than I was. I was 18. Which again, shocks me. You’re just so awkward around girls at work or when we’re out. I don’t get it.

He shifted on his bed, tucking one of his long legs underneath him.

“What don’t you get exactly?”

“Why you act that way at work. When you’re clearly not as awkward as you let on.”

“It’s not an act Y/N. I AM awkward around other females until I get to know them. I’m weird and I talk too much about things no one cares about. Outside of work when I’m by myself, I’m a lot more…. prepared to take risks, when there’s no one to watch me get shot down or fall flat on my face. But in work, or around the team…. Well put me next to Morgan or Hotch or even Rossi and I’m the least appealing of them.”

“No you’re not,“ you replied, unbelieving that he could even think that.

“I’m fine with it Y/N. Really, I am. Stand me next to Derek Morgan with his abs and his pick up lines and I’d lose everytime. So I don’t even put myself up against him, there’s no point. I have my own thing and I enjoy my own thing, I’m good at it. And it’s really not an act. It’s just I feel more comfortable and at ease in certain scenarios than others.”

“Okay. Fair enough. I get that. But Spencer… wouldn’t lose everytime. Trust me on this. I’ve seen the way girls look at you when we’re out as a team. You get just as much attention as Morgan, you just choose not to see it.”

“Maybe I do, and maybe you’re right. I’m just not as confident as you are around the people we work with. Put me in my own comfort zone though and I’m fine.”

“But that’s a comfort zone you hide from everyone else.”

“And it’s a zone you’re hiding too.”

He was right. You’d never willingly tell the others that you’d been experimenting with BDSM, although it had nothing to do with who you were experimenting with.

“There’s still a stigma attached to it isn’t there. That’s why we’re not honest and open about it. You heard the jokes Derek and even Emily were making about the Doms and subs when we were out on that case. Oh god….. Spencer, I’m sorry. How uncomfortable he must have made you.”

Your companion shrugged, picking up the orange juice you hadn’t touched and taking it sip of it.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable. But you’re right. There’s a stigma. People into BDSM, people into anything other than the ‘sexual norm’ are still viewed as deviants or perverts. In our line of work, I can do without being judged because of what I like to do in my spare time and I’m sure that you can appreciate that just as much right now.”

You definitely, 100 percent, could.

“Spencer… Why me then? Why did you tell me when I asked? If it had been Emily or Penny, would you have opened up?”

He stared into your eyes momentarily before answering.

“Because I’d watched you all week, your curiosity was showing in your actions. The way you handled the evidence, the way you talked to the workers at the clubs or the witnesses. And you never once cracked a joke about the lifestyle. You were interested and I could tell. So when you asked, I figured I’d be honest. I trusted you enough not to say anything and to respect my privacy and you clearly trusted me enough to be open and honest about your curiosity, and then to ask me to do these things with you.”

“I trust you with my life, Reid.”

“As do I you. I also trusted that you’d take this for what it was and not find it weird that we’re two colleagues, fucking each others brains out in the strangest of ways.”

You laughed at that. You had found it strange initially, but not because it was a colleague, just because it was him. But it was so easy to be yourself around him and so far it had been easier for this to not affect work. Because you HAD taken it for what it was. A bit of fun, a curiosity that was being satisfied. There weren’t any feeling involved other than friendship and a mutual physical attraction. And that made it easy.

“Speaking of fucking each other in strange ways…. I’m done with breakfast. Are we moving on to sexy spanky times?”

“Sexy spanky times…..You make it sound like you want to me bent over my desk and paddled.” He licked his lips slowly, his eyes trailing down your face to your chest.

“Maybe I do. But only if I’ve been bad and deserve it.”

Yeah.. Dirty talk was not your forte.

Although by the flicker in his eyes then, perhaps you weren’t as bad as you thought.

“Okay. Get up, get bathed and dressed. It’s 10am now, that gives me time to set up in the living room.”

“Set up?”

“Rearrange it into an office of sorts. And to change into a suit. You report for work at 11am. No later, alright.”

“Yes Dr Reid.”

He shot you a look. “None of that. Sir will do nicely thank you. Black french knickers and the bra that fastens at the front please. Hair up, I don’t mind how. And stockings please. Yellow or red at anytime.”

“Yes…. Sir.”

He reached over and ran his thumb over your bottom lip, you poking your tongue out and licking it lightly.

“I could get to use to that coming from your mouth.”

Maybe you could too.


​Portland’s Vegan Strip Club Is Being Sued for Allegedly Mistreating Its Dancers

“If you love being assaulted on stage for a dollar or less, this is the club for you,” reads one stripper’s 2011 review of Casa Diablo in Portland, Oregon.

She’s not the only one who has beef with the world's first vegan strip club, the official slogan of which is: “Vixens on veal, sizzle not steak, we put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.” Casa Diablo and its proprietors are now being sued by two strippers for $208,276 in back wages, return of unlawful fees, and damages for battery.

When Casa Diablo opened in 2008, it made headlines for its novel combination of veganism and naked women. The manager, Johnny Zukle—a.k.a. Johnny Diablo—seemed like an interesting character with a great business model. Within months, however, warnings about him started to spread among strippers online. A 2010 forum post on that labeled the “owner"—presumably Zukle, who haspreviously been described as the owner in local press accounts, along with co-defendant Carol Lee—a "slimeball and an idiot.” The forum member said that he had imposed “bullshit ‘late fees’” and tried to convince the younger, more naïve dancers to pay their fines to him in sexual favors.


anonymous asked:

Is there ever any drama beetween the dancers and/or workers in the club?

I would say, yeah. Cos it’s a bunch of guys, strangers or not, temp workers, people who just don’t agree with each other. The club has a lot of staff out in the club or at the back like the janitors, the waiters, the kitchen staff, manager, etc. There are also temp dancers, not just the regulars. There’s bound to be some sort of trouble/disagreement with every work place.

Like for example, a janitor was found out taking pictures of the dancers in secret, and sold them off to the customers/fans. He was fired and kicked out. Since then, no worker is allowed to carry their phones while working. Everything needs to be stashed in the lockers. Or they’re only allowed to check their phones outside the club.

My Idol: Part Twenty Three

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

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Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 -
Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24

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,,Yesterday I ceased to be a player of Real Madrid CF, of a club where I came 6 years ago and a club that has helped me to grow as a footballer and, above all, as a person, because I came as a boy and I leave as a man. It’s never easy to leave a place that has been my home for some many years, but now it’s time to face new challenges and aims in the such historical club as Olympique Lyon. I would like to thank all the players, coaches, members of the tecnincal staff, physiotherapists, doctors and workers of the club that I had met on my way, to all the people who made it possible for me to be where I am and, especially, to Real Madrid as a whole for all those years full of successes and triumphs. Thank you for everything!” - Mariano

Once again - we wish you all the best in your new football chapter!