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Memos from the desk of Josephine Montilyet

“The commander is an intelligent, cautious man. I’m grateful he’s in charge of our standing army. Still, he does sometimes resemble the man with a hammer to whom everything appears as a nail.”

Worker: “First Enchanter Vivienne wishes to register a complaint about the upholstery in the dining hall.”
Josephine: “I’ve already told her, we cannot replace it with velvet right now.”
Josephine: “…it is a little worn.”

“You may tell The Iron Bull that I am quite sure I don’t want to ‘spill a few cold ones’ with him in the tavern. What does that even mean?”

Josephine: “Please tell Lord Dorian that I can’t get him an invitation to the Wintersend Ball in Lydes.”
Worker: “He won’t be surprised. He said it would probably be beyond you.”
Josephine: “It’s not beyond me, it’s…. (sighs). Tell him I’ll try.”

“I wanted to tell you that I share their sentiments, Inquisitor, and… well, I suppose I just did.”

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I was bored after finishing 3 seasons of Hannibal (again) and I need some refreshment. I watched Confession of shopaholic. It was a typical generic Romantic comedy movie. but COME ON FANCY DANCY with boss-office worker, shirt and tie, and THAT ACCENT THO oh my god he was so young and cute and all that jazz OMG i swooned. like, crushing harder than my 15 year-old self. screaming and blushing so hard every scene he appeared. OMG. no. i’m not ready. I fall for him hard enough already.

the other day at work i saw one of my co-workers wearing a shirt that said “gay werewolf” and i haven’t wanted a shirt more since i saw someone in my class wearing a sweater that said “here to save the gay”

When I was young I thought that I wasn’t Mexican, because ‘Mexican’ was someone who labors, and I hadn’t labored yet.

In some ways, I was right.

My abuela was Mexican. She showed me the tan lines on her skin once, permanent marks from when she had picked cotton in the field and the sack on her back had left part of her pale. And in my young mind where the world was still arranging itself into rules, I thought, 'This is why Mexicans are brown, and this is why I’m not Mexican.’

My mother was Mexican. She drove me through the barrio where she used to live once; streets riddled with potholes, concrete Guadalupe’s watching over small gardens in small lawns. It reeked of poverty, and I thought, 'This is where Mexicans come from, and this is why I’m not Mexican.’

My cousin was Mexican. I met him at a funeral in Texas. My abuela nudged me in the pew and pointed at him and said, 'His name is Juan Pablo too.’ He was covered in tattoos; he wore a long white tee and a gold chain. 'This is what I would look like if I were Mexican,’ I thought, 'but I am not Mexican.’

My classmates would dress up as Mexicans on Halloween. Some of them wore ponchos and sombreros and mustaches while others wore hard hats and orange vests and holey shirts – construction workers. I was angry but I didn’t know why. I had no reason to be. 'They are not dressed up as me,’ I thought to myself. 'I have never mixed concrete. I have never built a house. They are dressed up as Mexicans.' 

My streets were paved by Mexicans. My food was prepared by Mexicans. 'Mexicans,’ people would say, and I knew they meant 'workers.’ 'Mexicans,’ said the news, and I knew they meant 'thieves.’ 'Mexicans,’ said my abuela, and I knew she meant 'us,’ but I felt uncomfortable standing in that word with her. 'Mexicans,’ said my mother, and I wondered if she meant me too, and if she did, I wondered if she was wrong.

When I was young I thought that I wasn’t Mexican, because 'Mexican’ was someone who suffers, and I hadn’t suffered yet.

In some ways, I was right.


So my mom told me more stuff about what happened at the mega pokemon center today and so here’s what happened:
-She stopped by to get a rowlet plushie (which along with the other starters and legendaries have been released) when all of the sudden?!
-AAH! A bunch of workers in Team Rocket shirts come out!
-They start yelling that Sakaki-sama (Giovanni, but like with a super honorable title?! Oh my god) will be coming soon…
(So like cheering for Giovanni essentially)
-So i’m guessing my mom got in the act, which is hilarious from my stand point.
-Eventually Sakaki-sama~~~ came out and in order to take a picture with him…
-If you won, you got to take ur pic with him!
-My mom ALSO asked when the other bosses are gonna show up
-The employee said that a NEW BOSS WILL SHOW UP EVERY WEEK
She’ll try to go every week for pictures, so STAY TUNED Y'ALL
@cherry-jacks here u go brah

c3p0ops  asked:

Hey! Just wondering how I buy a "unionize sex workers" shirt... Thanks!

Oh no, my bad! i haven’t made that a shirt yet. I’ll do that right now and it should be available in 15-20 minutes at the teespring store, thanks for the reminder lovey!

Keith, God-Killer

I was DMing a short one-night campaign inspired by the song Hotel California, about a mysterious hotel in the desert where people vanished and couldn’t leave. The first thing the party did after waking up amnesiac, naked, and alone in a massage/sauna (Massauna) room was knock out the hapless, innocent, polo-shirted hotel worker, Keith. The party’s Lich, an insanely powerful and incredibly senile Lich named Gerdy Greenguts, took a liking to ‘Timmy’ and carried him with her through the entire campaign.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Keith found himself in a sky-blue, puppy-patterned onesie (Complete with footies and ass-flap), strapped in a makeshift baby sling on Gerdy’s surprisingly mighty back alongside a pink backpack with the words 'You Go Girl’ emblazoned on it in glitter- only the word 'Girl’ had been crossed out and covered in tape reading 'BOY’. Gerdy carried Keith, clad in naught but a onesie and a single sandal, through the entire campaign. Keith failed every CON roll he took to re-awaken, resulting in Keith not being awake for more than five seconds at a time throughout the ~6 hours our campaign lasted.

Well, come to find out that the 'Hotel Eagle’ was actually a front for a hungry desert god. After an unfortunate ending to several other NPCs that were somehow picked up by the party (Including Ron 'The Shitter’ and the hotel’s chief of security), Keith was given one last chance to wake up in the middle of the party’s final, climactic battle against the god himself. For the first time in nearly 6 hours, Keith woke up. Gerdy’s player asked if they could roll a persuasion check to see if ol’ Auntie Gerdy could convince 'Timmy’ to fight with them. I permitted them to roll for it. They rolled a critical success.

I was forced to spec Keith the Attendant. I rolled incredibly high on every one of his stats. A random class roll dictated that Keith would be a Pugilist, the game’s bare-handed fighting class. Keith’s history was thusly: A poor abandoned orphan, all Keith had to listen to growing up were the radio-broadcast exploits of his favorite professional wrestler. After picking up some hand-me-down boxing gear, Keith became a golden glove fighter at a young age. When his bus became lost on the way to his next fight, Keith wound up at the Hotel Eagle, and the security chief took pity on him and gave him a job. The backpack Gerdy had picked up had once been his own. Inside was a pair of pink boxing gloves. And so Keith, still clad in his onesie, scored the final blow against the Desert God known as the Trickster King. The Desert God’s ichor rained down upon Keith, turning his gloves and onesie pure gold, and the God’s final curse turned his once-soft blonde hair black and also gave him five o'clock shadow. The traumatic experience of being strapped to the back of a Lich turned Keith’s disposition cold and unfeeling, and thus, Keith, God-Killer, was born. 

They say that Keith still keeps in touch with ol’ Gerdy to this day.

radio city || lellie

Ellie put in her earbuds as she began walking the familiar path out of the Radio City Music Hall. As she reached the main concourse, she finally looked up from her phone, taking note of the familiar sight of black tables with large partition-like walls behind them and workers pinning up t-shirts and other random merchandise to the walls. There was definitely a show tonight. The brunette sighed, knowing this meant the Subway was most likely going to be packed. She had reached the main exit door and went to push it open when she realized it was locked. She glanced outside to see a group of teenage girls dressed head to toe in black, one in particular with black paint on her arms and neck, staring back at her and then turning to talk to each other as they sat on the ground.

 "Doors locked, you’re going to have to use the back exit.“ One of the guys at the merch stand said. He then laughed, "You don’t want to go out there anyway…The Clique’s a sweet bunch, but they’re a tiny bit crazy.” Ellie raised an eyebrow, “O…kay.” She sighed in defeat and headed back where she came from, going towards the back exit. There were black equipment boxes everywhere, and she nearly ran into one as she turned a corner. The wardrobe box was labeled “TWENTY ONE PILOTS: LINK”. “What?” she thought to herself, “Is this like…a K-Pop group? Don’t they have like…twenty-one people per group?" 

Having been raised in a conservative Christian household, it was a miracle she was even allowed to be living in New York and attending school. It wasn’t shocking to her that she didn’t know this group. She kept walking until she encountered another box, this one with a pair of red drumsticks and a red ski mask on top. She stopped, picking up the ski mask, glancing around to make sure no one could see her as she looked it over. It was May and the high for the day was 89 degrees. The left behind accessory left her confused…and curious as to who its owner was. 

What a day...
  • Customer: Are you the manager here? I'd like to make a complaint about one of your store employees!
  • Me (serious mode): Well, I only manage the front end but if you tell me what happened I'll pass it on to the general manager the second I see him.
  • Customer: I tried to ask a young man over in produce for some help finding something and he <I>completely</I> ignored me. Took one look at me when I called out to him and then just walked right away! I even called out to him a couple more times and he just kept on walking, didn't even turn to look back! So rude!
  • Me: That does sound pretty bad, I'm very sorry ma'am. We have several people working around the store right now, did you happen to see his name tag, or could you describe him?
  • Customer: I didn't see his name tag but he looked- ooh! Ooh! That's him! Right there!
  • Me: Where, ma'am?
  • Customer: Right there! Down that aisle!
  • *beat*
  • Me: Ma'am are you sure that was him?
  • Customer (livid): What? Yes of course I'm sure! It happened barely five minutes ago!
  • Me: Ma'am-
  • Customer (still livid): Do you think I would just forget what he looked like?
  • Me: Ma'am that's not a XXXX's employee.
  • Customer: I...what?
  • Me: He doesn't work here. I...I think maybe he ignored you and walked away because he wasn't sure why you were calling out to him.
  • Customer: But he's wearing a red shirt! I thought all your workers wore red polo shirts...
  • Me: Yyyyyeesss. But that doesn't mean every person in the store wearing a red shirt actually works here. Sorry.
  • Customer: I, um...hmmm. *walks away without another word*
DAY 3223

Jalsa, Mumbai                       Jan 24,  2017                      Tue  11:08 pm

Many attract their attention to ‘DEEWAR’ the film which has just celebrated 42 years of its release .. media wishes to do interviews, others wish to organize an evening of the film … many others wish it to be screened again for a cinema viewing, not digital or through the net ..

And I look back on a rare ‘look back’ to spend sometime on the events during its making and after. In the early part of the day the sentiments were higher and of a strength that pushed me to express all immediately, as though if it did not happen, then the memory would fail and a great many detailing would be lost ..

‘Deewar’ was an after thought. Many great moments in life eventually turn out to be living with that stigma of an after thought. But this is genuine and true. I had already started and shot for a week, on another film, under the Production of Yash Chopra, being directed by his very senior and respected Editor - Pran ji - no not the artist - Pran the editor. On an evening quite by accident, Salim saheb and Javed saheb and I were at my place where they spoke of another script, which they felt should be made. They narrated it to me and I felt it was most dynamic. They did not tell be the detailed narration, just a few early scenes and the climax in the temple - vividly describing the injured Vijay stumbling over the overhead temple bells and falling into the arms of his Mother ! They also felt, Salim-Javed that the film should be directed by Yash Chopra, and urged me to make a call to him. I did and told Yash ji that he should hear the script I had just been narrated. He acknowledged the fact, but did tell me that once the current shooting of the film on the floor was over then he could think of listening to the one I was referring to. I told him to hear the script, and maybe he would want to make this first. He agreed, and we went across to his residence, then an apartment in Pali Hill.

Javed Saheb narrated the entire script, a rarity in those days, and after a few scenes would proudly declare ..” yeh aapke 10 hafte ho gaye”, then move on to a few more scenes and declare ..”aur yeh ho gaye 15 hafte” .. and so on till we reached 50 weeks !!!

The result .. Yash ji scrapped the one we were shooting for earlier, and began work on the script which had been titled ‘DEEWAR’ ..

There are so many stories linked to the film and its making that it would take me several BLOGS to cover all that I wish to say, or not say .. there are times when you wish to keep some for yourself and not disclose all .. but truly this film remains as vividly as possible in memory, for some strange reason .. the ones I may have done last year may not have the same descriptive value.

The awkwardly made blue dock workers shirt, which was far too long in length, on the first day of shoot, and the sudden idea in my mind to tie a knot to make it shorter .. the draping of a rope around the neck .. the action scene in the godown shot inside a studio at RajKamal studio, where Yash Chopra had a 1 mini room office cum production cum accounts cum dress storage space .. the action scene shot form a 2-10 pm shift because I was shooting a million miles away near China creek for another action sequence .. Shetty master was the fight director, Father of Rohit Shetty the famous and successful director of today .. no doubles used .. and the exterior shot at the actual docks of the city .. me getting all psyched in using the much heard and heralded Stanislavsky acting technology of ‘method acting’, by running round the entire docks in order to show the exhaustion on the face after the fight inside .. !! Try acting Mr B, is what Lawrence Olivier may have suggested to me, had he been there , as he did when he was enacting a scene with Dustin Hoffman in a Hollywood film, and Dustin had to run in from a distance it, to show fatigue. He did the method bit, ran several blocks to get the look and as soon as he reached the location of the shot, collapsed in a heap, prompting Sir Olivier to make that famous remark .. !!!

The climax of the film was shot at night at Ballard Estate, among those iconic structures and galleries of the ancient architectural buildings of the location, finishing each night by early morning and then Shashi ji Yash ji and I would drive close by to Tardeo to eat our breakfast, at one of the most delicious, egg parathas of the world. I would depart for the airport, because, I was shooting simultaneously in Bangalore for ‘Sholay’ .. !! So it was ‘Sholay’ in Bangalore in the day and ‘Deewar’ at night in Bombay then. Sleep .. in the aircraft and that was it ..  7 days of this travel and work .. !! fascinating na ..??

Ahhh … so much more to describe .. but on another occasion .. yes ..?

42 years .. gone by .. 42 !!

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan  

There’s a lot of :“don’t shame one to make the other feel better” posts submitted here, but I have one that I think might actually be unpopular.

I think fat people (girls specifically) are catered to way more than thin people. That’s right, fat people have it easier.

When someone doesn’t want to date a fat girl, they’re called fatphobic and shallow.

When someone doesn’t want to date a thin person, nobody cares.

When fat people feel bad about themselves, people coddle them and tell them how real they are and how they don’t need to be a size 0 to feel beautiful.

If a fat person posts a picture in a bikini, they’re considered “Real” and “Beautiful” and “Curvy”

When a thin person posts a  picture in that same bikini, “Girl you need to put some meat on those bones” “You’re so skinny” “eat a cheeseburger”

Especially when that thin person WORKED to be thin, they went to the gym. they stopped eating taco bell. They worked hard to be healthy and people are still shaming them in favor of the girls who sit around coughing up chicken bones and gurgling “maah cuuurvesss” all day.

We have constant graphics being shoved at us about how being fat is ultimately more attractive than being thin, how being thin is unrealistic, how anyone who is attracted to thin people is shallow.

“BUT BUT BUT ALL MODELS ARE SKINNY SO SKINNY GIRLS KNOW THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL TOO!” Yeah? what about skinny girls who are short? skinny girls with narrow waists but large breasts? skinny girls who don’t have perfectly flat stomachs but long thin legs? There are so many different types of thin that not everyone can relate to those models. It doesn’t help that we are constantly stuck in this stage of not being fat enough to be a real woman and still not looking like a victoria’s secret model.

“BUT THEY ACTUALLY MAKE CLOTHES TO FIT SKINNY GIRLS! FAT GIRLS HAVE TO SHOP AT PLACES LIKE TORRID!” See my previous point about how not every thin body is the same. A skinny girl could be short with a large round butt, maybe she can’t find jeans that aren’t too tight but not too long? A skinny girl could be tall with no butt, maybe she can’t find pants that aren’t too loose but still long enough? what about the thin girl with large breasts and an extremely narrow waist? wouldn’t it be nice if she could find a shirt that was big enough for her breasts but didn’t look like a maternity shirt in the stomach? Skinny people don’t have stores specifically for them (unlike fat girls) and most of those stores also carry plus sized clothing. Fat girls don’t get kicked out of stores like Wet Seal because they’re not skinny enough to shop there. My very thin co-worker was christmas shopping at a plus size store for her size 16 mother who said she really wanted a shirt she saw there, so of course my co-worker went to shop for it. Upon walking in, the sales associate confronted her at the door and said “Sorry, but we don’t carry your size. This store is for women with more realistic bodies” but instead of calling HR and reporting the store, my co-worker ordered the shirt for her mother because she knew how badly she wanted it. Do you know how much of a tantrum a fat girl would throw if the same thing happened to them?

Skinny people get accused of being mentally ill simply because of the way they look. Fat girls MIGHT get called lazy but guess what? there’s a million people jumping in to defend them. If a fat girl feels insecure about her body, all she has to do is get on the internet and find one of the many pictures like the one I used as an example. What do skinny people have when they feel bad about themselves? a picture of Adriana Lima? guess what comes with that picture though? Comments from fat people talking about how ugly it is to be thin.

So no, if you’re fat I don’t feel sorry for you. You should be happy that you live in a time where obesity reigns supreme and its considered taboo to not be attracted to you. If thin people were really glorified, the picture I used would not exist.