worker caste

on his home planet, lob was born as a member of a menial worker caste and lived under that system for most of his life

lobs do not age, but due to occupational hazards they don’t tend to live very long

lob has survived for about 30 years so far - a solid accomplishment

lob communicates via sonar from his head dongle.  (don’t ask how this also functions as a mouth, the biology will not hold up upon examination)

lob and ricardo know each other’s languages although neither of them can physically speak it

finally: why is lob orange? …why not

When you’re struggling in Dun Scaith because all the DPS are dying and you’re wondering why you’re the only person in your party raising them while focus healing your tank who is also MT but then you realize this is your co-healer

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Wtf is going on - there is a gossip site with blinds about MM and NR and more than 2000 comments about it! What the what?

Hi, Nonny, 

Yes, the topic came up in a thread today because a member was confused by many references to a love triangle in tumblr blogs recently.

I’m gonna piss off more people I know, but I don’t care. Putting the rest under the cut.  Feel free to unfollow me. 

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Q: I wanna get into the donation you made at the beginning of the year. A lot of things were said about that, PK. One of them being, you know, PK had political motivations in making this donation to the Montreal Childrens, that he wanted to ensure himself that he’d be a Montreal Canadien for the remainder of his contract, that he could be the captain of the team if he made something like this happen. How do you deal with that kind of perception?

You know, when I made the donation, I didn’t think I’d be taking heat on anything that had to do with that. I mean, was my story with Alex Shapiro, was it fabricated, you know? When you have a relationship with a kid who you develop over time, you get to know he and his family and then, he … you know, he passes away and you see that. And now, I have to explain that to a reporter who wants to tell me that I want to donate to help kids because that was my experience or the fact that I want to put a letter on my jersey?

Boxed In (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Imagine: You were always able to keep your fear of large crowds a well-kept secret from your co-workers, the cast of Riverdale. When your fame grows and you become recognized by fans on the street, your secret comes out and you worry about what your crush, Cole, will think.

“That’s a wrap! Great job, everyone!” Lee, the director of the current episode, boomed into the megaphone, clapping his hand together.

You wiped the tears away you had shed during your monologue to Cole, the both of you laughing. Your cast members, Lili, KJ, Casey, and Camilia came out onto the set–Pop’s parking lot–to give you both a big hug. That was the end of Season 2 of Riverdale, and the end of your first time acting in a mainstream television show. You were exhilarated, proud, and excited to see the finished product.

Everyone returned to their dressing rooms to change out of their costumes.

“I’m gonna miss wearing this,” you said with a sly grin, gesturing to your South Side Serpents jacket as you hung it on the rack.

“Don’t worry, once a Serpent, always a Serpent,” Cole said, chuckling.

“Great job, (Y/N),” Lili said with a kind smile. “That was awesome for someone’s first time acting on-screen.”

You smiled back, shyly. “Thank you, Lili. That means a lot. I’m so glad to have become friends with all of you, you’re all family to me, now!” You raised your voice so everyone could hear.

“Incoming!” KJ yelled, wrapping his arms around you. Everyone joined into a group hug, and one of the marketing interns snapped a picture for the Instagram. What a great way to end the season.

Your hair whipped around in the wind as you cruised down a busy Hollywood street, seated on the passenger’s side of Cole’s convertible. His radio blasted some local indie rock, mixing with the whooshing noise of the hot air. The two of you bopped your heads to the music, and his hand rested on your knee. Your heart raced.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t crushing on your co-star, Cole, hardcore. When he’d suggested grabbing lunch after wrapping the last episode (he was booked with photography sessions and interviews the whole season), you excitedly said yes, and counted down the days until you’d finally get to go on what you called “your first date”, even if it was just lunch.

He pulled into the roundabout, handing his keys to the valet before rounding around the front to grab your door. You blushed, taking his arm to enter what was probably the nicest restaurant you’ve ever seen.

Lunch was everything you’d hoped it would be. The food was amazing, and Cole was genuine, charming, and just a bit flirtatious. You reminisced over funny moments during filming and filled each other in on your side hobbies, yours being music and his being photography.

The meal was over as fast as it started, and you were disappointed to know that it may be the last time you hang out with Cole for a while.

“Want to take a walk?” Cole said with a smile.

You grinned. “I wouldn’t want anything more.”

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Broken World: Chapter 2 (Pt. 3)

Narration, 3rd Person: Elizabeth Birch, American Soldier

He is not going to hurt me. We are allies. They are a species so civilized we look like barbarians to them. Thus, they won’t eat other sapient beings. Elizabeth shuddered. Quit being such a baby, she told herself. There is no reason to be afraid. They just look creepy, that doesn’t mean they are. The nuns would have scolded her for being so superficial. On the other hand, the nuns would have scolded her for being a soldier. And they probably still hadn’t entirely accepted that aliens were real.

She banned those thoughts from her mind. Right now was not the time to dwell in memories of the women that had raised her. Elizabeth stood, together with seven other men and women, in front of the door leading to the engine room. All eyes were on the Item'qar Worker who had control over sall the other workers on the ship. He was listening to an assessment of all their abilities over his interface. After a minute or two, he looked them up and down. “Allgäuer”, he said. The German to Elizabeth’s left stood to attention.

“That’s me, Sir”, he said.


Elizabeth couldn’t stand any straighter, but she saluted to make the point. “Present”

The Item'qar went through all their names and went on to tell them what tasks they would have to fulfil. One after the other, the humans left, led to their stations by subordinate Workers, until Elizabeth was the last one left. She cleared her throat. “My apologies, Sir, but what is your name?”

The alien froze and stopped talking in mid-sentence. He looked at her for about ten seconds, not saying anything. Then he opened his mouth, and the translators interpreted: “You can call me Rxchlpprßzs”

I can definitely not call him that, Elizabeth thought, no matter how hard I try. Half those sounds didn’t even exist in the English language.

She forced herself not to look away as the Item'qar with the name she couldn’t pronounce explained to her what she would have to look out for on the screens. Like all the human soldiers, she’d had to adapt a profession other than fighting in order to be allowed on board. The Item'qar had assured them that they had enough Workers to cover all needs, but it simply wouldn’t do to just sit around for weeks at a time until there was fighting happening. The expedition took them close to the territory of the Tarifel, a species of mammals that was the main competitor of the Item'qar and the Sherim, the two species that formed the confederacy, when it came to exploring and colonizing new planets. Occasionally, when one side had discovered a planet or system that the other wanted to have, there’d be a battle. These battles were always fought on the surface of the planet in question, as they were not officially property of anyone until at least six hundred settlers not affiliated with the military and an attack on a spaceship would be seen as a declaration of full fledged interstellar war.

“We will show you how to repair anything related to the sublight drive” said the Item'qar, bringing Elizabeth back to the present moment. “But, hyperspace drive is off limits until Leaders give permission. Not soon. Maybe not ever.” That didn’t surprise Elizabeth. Obviously the bugs wanted to keep the secret of superluminar travel from the new sapients. The way it was, they could simply dump all the humans back on earth and leave should they deem them to dangerous or unstable. She supposed that was better than wiping them all out.

That thought was scary. Even though America had lost its hegemony, it was still the most powerful country in the world and no one would have been stupid enough to actually start a war with them. But the aliens, all seven species, had several thousand years of scientific advancement on them. Energy weapons, force fields, all the stuff that people had thought of in science fiction for decades. They could render earth uninhabitable without the humans even so much as scratching a single ship.

“How often does the SLD actually require repairs?”, she asked the Item'qar. The alien’s antennae twitched a few times. Elizabeth was not sure, but she thought that the way the antennae moved might signal what thought process the Item'qar in question was currently undergoing.

“Repairs, not so often. It is very strong. Very stable. Mostly about maintenance. Very important. Very often. We will teach you. We will show you. One day, you can show other humans.”, he answered. Elizabeth had managed, in spite of her embarrassment, to ask one of the Warriors about the gender of the Item'qar on the ship, and had been informed that the most accurate behaviour would be to just refer to all of them as male unless told not to. No one, the Warrior named Ilfeq had assured her, would take offence if a human did not see that they were taking care of a hatchling.

A little confused, Elizabeth looked at the alien. As a member of the Worker caste, his chitin was blue. He was taller than the Warriors, about six feet in all, and far less intelligent. Workers were the lowest of the Item'qar and had to follow the orders of everyone else. Without these orders, without that hierarchy, they would probably not last long: They could not hunt, as they were slow, and they would most likely not be able to survive without meat. The civilization of the Item'qar depended on the Workers, but they relied on the Warriors to give them food and were far too stupid to realize that they were the most important of castes. Their low intelligence was the reason why there was usually a Thinker around, giving them orders, but the Worker in front of her was smart enough to run the machine deck on his own.

“What do you mean, show it to other humans? We do not have the technology for that. I doubt we even have the energy necessary to use it”

The Worker looked at her for a few moments. “You see. You learn. You tell.”

“It’s no use! I can tell people how to repair it, sure, but it won’t be of much use since we don’t have anything that we could repair,”

The alien used his right antenna to scratch his throat. Then he made a sound that sounded an awful lot like “Hm” and turned around. He motioned with his right hand, telling her to follow him. He led her into a hall, about the size of a football field. There were dozens of screens, buttons and levers all over the walls, and even the floor. There was one clear pathway though, leading from the door to the hall’s centre. As they walked along that way, Eizabeth noticed that there were several small areas amongst the levers and buttons  were a Worker would be able to stand. Apparently, they had to jump from one to the other in order to get to the necessary place. In the centre, there was a gigantic cube, grey and black. A number of tubes and cables came out of it, connecting it to the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. A sound filled the air, a sort of buzzing which became louder and louder the closer the Worker and Elizabeth came to the cube. It was high pitched at first, but it wasn’t long until it lowered a bit, stayed the same for a short few seconds, then lowered some more, and yet some more, until it was a bass sound. Then it rose again.

“Sound is not from machine, we think. Is from void.” That was what the Workers called Hyperspace. The void. They were more affected by the fear that being in it gave all Item'qar than the Warriors or Thinkers. “Is not regular. You will hear. In time, you will hear. When you have break. Sit here. Listen. Is very nice.” They arrived at the cube. “This is Hyperdrive. You must never touch it. That is order from Leaders.” He looked at her to make sure she was listening. “We must never show you how to do maintenance for Hyperdrive.”

“I understand. I do not wish to cause you any trouble.”, Elizabeth assured him. She sighed. “Excuse me, but I don’t think that I am able to pronounce your name. I am very sorry about that. Is there anything else that I can call you? Something with… vowels?”

The Worker stared at her. Than he made a sound, a sort of cooing. It took Elizabeth a few seconds to realize that he was laughing.

“I am not Leader, or Thinker, or Warrior, or Inquisitor. I am Worker. Name is not important. I am not important. Call me anything. Leaders call us anything. Thinkers call us anything. Warriors and Inquisitors call us nothing. Don’t bother giving each of us special name. Too many of us. Name changes when Thinker in charge changes. I am old. I have had many names. One more will not change things. Just think of one. Take all the time you need. There is no hurry. Am I the first Worker you have met?”


“Then for now, call me One.”

“I can’t just call you One! That’s not a name for an individual. That’s a name for a machine! For an animal, at best. That’s a name for a slave. I refuse to call you by a slave name.”

“Slave.” the Item'qar thought about that. “It is appropriate. We are very low. Only P'zim below us. P'zim don’t have any names. Only ‘the one that failed’, and 'the one that had a litter’. One is appropriate.”

A wave of disgust swept through Elizabeth. They have slaves, she realized. He’s not exaggerating. They actually don’t have rights. They have to obey everyone, and they aren’t even important enough for names of their own. She wanted to do something about that, wanted to help them. But what? Where should she even start? It wasn’t like she could overthrow the government on the world of the Item'qar. She couldn’t tell the Workers to leave, either, because where would they go? No nation on earth would risk the relationship with the Item'qar for a ship full of Workers.

Angry, but powerless, she pushed those thoughts aside. When there is nothing you can do, a nun had once told her, do nothing until you can do something. Sure, she had been talking about chores, but it was a surprisingly good piece of wisdom, as Elizabeth had noticed during her life. “Why did you show me the Hyperdrive?”, she asked. “I’m not supposed to touch it. Wouldn’t it have been best if I hadn’t even seen it?”

One looked at her as if she had asked the most ridiculous question he had ever heard. “I brought you here so you could see. I brought you here so you could listen. I brought you here so you could hear. Sound is very beautiful, no? Listen. It takes time, but listen. That is why I brought you here, so you could return. Now you know the way, now you know the sounds.” He turned around and went to leave the hall. Again, he waved. “Come. You can listen during break. Break is not now. Now is work.”

She nodded, and followed him. He led her back to the room with the sublight drive. It was active, even though they were currently in Hyperspace, as the Hyperdrive only took care of keeping the vessel in the Void. It was a standard engine, which the humans referred to as KEC, short for Kinetic Energy Corridor. The Thinkers had come up with the principle some three thousand years ago, long before they had discovered Hyperspace. The machine fired a sort of mist in front of the ship, and somehow, the scientists on earth still had no idea how, it gave the vessel and everything on board kinetic energy without affecting the momentum. Thus, there were no strong gravitational forces as the ship accelerated to its top speed. Once a velocity of about twenty percent of the speed of light was reached, however, the mist became unstable, making it impossible to go any faster. In hyperspace, of course, no one ever went faster than two point five percent of the speed of light. The field didn’t destabilize any faster, but whenever a ship tried to raise its speed above that, it disappeared shortly after.

One pointed at the machine. It was long, had the colour of bronze and there were two cylinders in the middle, both transparent, one containing a green fluid, the other one a red fluid. The one with the red fluid was significantly larger. “These two make mist”, the Item'qar said. “Is simple reaction. Mist not special. Fluids are special.” His antennae lowered, which judging from what he said next, seemed to indicate that he was sorry. “I can’t tell you how to make fluids. I don’t know. Thinkers make fluid. We can’t repair fluid, so they don’t tell us about fluid.” Then, as his antennae straightened up again, “But I can tell you about machine. I know much about machine. We all do. Machine needs maintenance. Humans clever. Don’t need formula for fluid.”

“I don’t think you are supposed to tell me how the machine works, One. I don’t want to get you into trouble.”, Elizabeth said. She didn’t really know One, but he seemed alright. Sure, he was still terrifying to look at, but when she talked to him, it was as if she was talking to one of the other children at the orphanage, Tommy, who had always been very nice, but also very slow. She had liked Tommy. Everyone had liked Tommy. Poor Tommy.

“There will be no trouble.”, One said. “Leaders tell us to teach you only what is necessary for repairs and maintenance. Leaders made mistake in thinking. Should have left the thinking to Thinkers. Everything we know about the machine is necessary for repairs and maintenance. Or else no one would have told us.” He cooed. “Is welcome gift. From Workers to you. You, the humans, but especially, you, Birch.” He reached for her. Elizabeth had to force herself not to shy away, but she managed to stand there, tense, but still. One of the bony fingers touched her forehead.

“When you teach humans how to build machine, surely the Thinkers of your world will be able to create the fluids over time. Humans still cannot beat light. But they can live and move in own system on their own. Surely, humans will be thankful to you. You will have many friends, and you can pick mate.” He looked at her. “Humans have mates like Sherim, no?”

“Uh…” She decided that this was not the right point of time to give the Worker a detailed description of the realm of human sexuality. They’d be working together for a few months, after all, so she could always explain it to him later if it came up again. “Yes”, she answered.

“Your Leaders will give you much food in Winter, and make you grave when you die.” One concluded.

“Why are you doing this? Why do you want to help my people?”

One was silent for a minute. Then he said: “Workers are stupid. I am smart for Worker, smart enough to know I’m stupid. But also smart enough to know that being smart is not all that is important. When the time comes, I will have friend. In you, maybe in your leaders. Then it won’t matter that I am stupid. My friends will think for me whenever I can’t think myself.”

That was the most adorable thing she had heard in years. Tommy could have said that. It was exactly the kind of thing he had always thought about. Poor Tommy.

“But why tell me?” she asked. “Why not any of the other humans?”

He closed his eyes. It was a gesture of trust, she knew. Closing your eyes meant you couldn’t see what the other did, at least that was the reasoning behind the gesture.

“Because”, One said, “You asked my name. I am old, for a worker. I have lived five hundred years. In all this time, you were the first one who was not a Worker and asked me for my name.”

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I'm confused. Third-worldists seem insistent that they don't have a racial ontology (which would be absurdly anti-materialist) but just that they have expanded and put a recolutionary focus on labor arostocracy within the imperial core. What precisely do you find so terrible in their tendency? Thanks, -a baby maoist

because their sole means of diagnosing a population as labour aristocracy has nothing to do with the material relations in which that population is exploited by capital, and everything to do with their ethnicity; ie. white proletarians in the US are categorically considered labour aristocracy because the US is an imperialist nation and these proletarians, regardless of their industry or how much their wages actually are, allegedly receive more than their labour power’s value as a wage. Thus white workers are cast as labour aristocracy regardless of it they… actually are the thing Lenin calls labour aristocracy. 

I don’t propose that labour aristocracy do not exist but that to cast them as the majority of the proletariat in an imperialist nation, by virtue of the fact that they are being exploited in an imperialist nation, is a fundamental revision of Marxism. We are expected to believe that Marx, writing from within an imperialist superpower about the relations of production that existed in that nation, neglected to mention that actually 90% of the labouring population are worthless to the revolutionary effort. That’s just insane. 

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So here's a question--and I apologize if you've answered it before--but what's your rational for putting Zuko in Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor? (That's not a criticism. Genuinely interested in your thinking!)

I have talked about why I sort Zuko into Hufflepuff, but only in bits and pieces.  Those bits and pieces can be found at these links: [Link], [Link], [Link] and [Link]

Hufflepuff is often seen by Harry Potter fans as the sunshine house, but that’s not how Hufflepuff has been defined in text, and the sorting hat says nothing about cheerfulness or optimism when it talks about Hufflepuff House.

What the sorting hat has to say about Hufflepuff:

“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil”

-Harry Potter and the Philosoper’s Stone

“For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission”

-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

“Said Hufflepuff, ‘I’ll teach the lot
And treat them just the same.’"

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The defining traits of Hufflepuff House are hard work, loyalty, and a strong sense of justice and fairness.

Zuko, angry, reckless Zuko, whose plans never work out because he struggles to think things through is nothing if not a hard worker.  Abused, cast aside, and forgotten about by his father, Zuko refuses to give up.  He refuses to quit, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds.  He takes the advice “Never give up without a fight,” and transforms it into “Never give up at all.”  This is something even his enemies remark on.  After Aang is kidnapped by Zuko, and carried off into a blizzard, Sokka assures his sister that they won’t die, because, “If we know anything, it’s that Zuko never gives up.”

In the same episode, Zuko gets to the heart of the Hufflepuff values of hard work and determination when he compares himself to his sister: “I don’t need luck though, I don’t want it. I’ve always had to struggle and fight and that’s made me strong. It’s made me who I am.”  Zuko has come to take pride in his hard work and determination as the one thing that sees him through.

Later, Zuko will again beautifully articulate this core value of Hufflepuff House, at the Boiling Rock. In this scene, Zuko has come to terms with who he is. His identification as someone who works hard and keeps at it in the face of misfortune and failure is no longer a defense, used to salvage some sense of pride. Instead, he has accepted it as a strength and a virtue. Or as he tells Sokka, “Look… you’re going to fail a lot before things work out. Even though you’ll probably fail over and over and over again… You have to try every time. You can’t quit because you’re afraid you might fail.”

Zuko is intensely loyal, to his father, a loyalty that fuels his three year long quest to find and capture the Avatar, and leads to his siding with his sister to conquer Ba Sing Se, to his people, a loyalty that first reinforces his loyalty to his father as the Firelord, and then later helps lead to his defection, to his uncle, his loyalty to whom and betrayal of tears him apart after he helps his sister conquer Ba Sing Se.  Zuko’s loyalty leads him to make some of his worst and most decisions as well as some of his most noble.  It is a major motivating factor for him, and an essential part of his world view and personality.

Zuko’s sense of justice and fairness is what leads to his exile in the first place.  He is revolted and horrified by the Fire Nation generals’ willingness to throw the lives of soldiers away in a fight they cannot win to bait a trap.  Although during the course of his banishment, Zuko convinces himself he was in the wrong, this sense of justice is what will ultimately break his loyalty to his father.  The conflict between what Zuko’s father tells him is right, and what he knows at his core to be right fuels his anger and misery in Book Three until he makes the choice to follow his sense of justice and break away from his father.  Until then, Zuko had subsumed his sense of justice and fairness into his notions about honor, and fought hard against his own conscience to take his father’s view of honor as his own.  Later, he will build a new concept of honor, based around his willingness to to what he knows is right.  Honor is a thing he gives himself.

None of this is to say that Zuko isn’t brave.  He is incredibly brave, just has he can also be clever, cunning, and even ruthless.  However, he brings all of these traits into the service of his determination, his loyalties, and his sense of justice.

There is one last trait of Hufflepuff House.  Helga Hufflepuff refused to turn a student away.  Zuko, who has faced some of the worst rejection imaginable, whose own father banished him when he was still a child, would appeal to Helga Hufflepuff’s wish to take in those unwanted elsewhere.  Likewise, Zuko carries that desire in his own heart.  You can’t tell me that Zuko doesn’t see the rejection of a child as a moral evil and even a personal affront.  This trait too is one of deep resonance for Zuko.

I would like to note that a young canon Zuko would be horrified to be sorted into Hufflepuff.  Hufflepuff is strongly implied to have gained the reputation of being full of the people unworthy for any other house.  Zuko would see it as a rejection by the other three houses, instead of a welcoming by a house that he embodies the values of.  It’s a tremendously sad fact that Zuko has thoroughly internalized the idea that everything he is, is wrong and inadequate.  It would take him a long time to come to appreciate Hufflepuff House, just as it takes him a long time to come to appreciate himself.

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Dacre is literally the nicest according to all his co workers

Yeah his cast mates like him alot  from what I see in PR and STranger things. He just tries too hard to look cool and is so very white; blone hair, blue eyes, aussy, that people are who wary of white boys (my ppl) are gonna take a while to like him. I like him, he’s not husband material (Rj done did that) but i’d let him fuck me and my friends…no doubt. 

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idk if i accept this headcanon for myself yet but i do want to say that your blog content is good and also that it is supported by my troll biology headcanons, wherein all trolls are haploid drones and gender goes off of warrior vs. worker caste. equius' obsession with bodybuilding is, through this lens, an attempt to attain a warlike and thus more "feminine" body; the robotics could be seen as either "what haha i'm definitely a noncombatant dude" or a defiantly masculine pursuit.

omfg thats a great headcanon
i just assume that gender must be assigned by trollsign, because all trolls have the same genders as their ancestors/descendants, but trolls aren’t as physically variable as humans are. My humanstuck has a lot more trans characters in it, but in canon/trollstuck it’s mostly just meulin and equius who are binary trans, though john introduces a lot of the characters to nonbinary genders.

As for the fighting thing– based on how Hussie presented troll masculinity and femininity (see latula) we can assume that it IS a male-dominated species and that men are considered to be more powerful. the tyrians are most likely in power because their lifespan is nearly double that of all other castes, and because they can absorb the powers of other trolls, giving them advantage.

I’m not entirely sure what purpose gender serves in troll society, beyond being a nuisance. it’s not the same power structure that developed logically in human society (logically, but mind you, it wasn’t good or worthwhile or helpful) so I’m not entirely sure why it’s there at all. 

But hey. Andrew hussie is human. he grew up with human gender structures. Whatever, right?

Thanks for sending this ask!!

Big conversations

Ondiru brought the kids to see me at work (yay!) and we went to a fast food lunch afterward. After lunch, they were headed back to MD for a friend’s birthday party and I was headed to see Fun Home at Harrisburg Open Stage.

(Aside: I got the very last ticket for the very last performance from my co-worker, who is Stage Managing. I felt like I should support her. It was amazing. My friend who I stay with in Harrisburg has also seen it, as one of her co-workers is in the cast. Small world.)

Me: I have to go soon, I don’t want to be late to the show.

Ondiru: And we have to go soon, too.

Mokey: What is the show about? Can we go?

Me: No, it’s a grown up show. It’s about a woman and how when she was a kid her family ran a funeral home, and then she grew up and became a comic artist and an activist.

Wembley: What’s an activist?

Me: Somebody who spends a lot of time trying to make the world better.

Wembley: Was she an activist with her comics?

Me: Yes. When I was a young person, like when I was in college, her comics were some of the only ones I saw with Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender characters just being themselves and having lives. That was important, because people who were not Gay, Lesbian, or Transgender people might have been afraid, and needed to see characters being themselves so they could be less afraid. So her comics made the world better.

Mokey: Are they the funny kind of comics?

Me: They are funny, but mainly they are story-based.

Wembley: Wait, people might be afraid?

Me: Sort of. People just didn’t understand. Some people still don’t. They didn’t want their kids to play with kids who are Gay, Lesbian, or Transgender, or kids whose parents were. It’s better now.

Wembley: Why?

Me: That’s a big discussion.

Mokey: I like big discussions.

Me: I know you do. We’ll have to talk about it another time.

(Here follows additional stalling, then goodbyes. I got to the theater at one minute past theoretical curtain time, but luckily they started a few minutes late.)

Anyway, amazing show, and a reminder that the world I came out into is incomprehensible to my kids.

random thought about UB assembly
what if each individual block has its own sentient mind?
like its the UB equivelant of wishiwashi!

but I imagine maybe they’re more intelligent and organized, its difficult to train them because they’re like a little independant nation forming a collective pokemon. Like they make elaborate cities and have societal organization like ants, but also its a democracy without any form of queens and worker castes.
So your UB assembly might seem scatterbrained and indecisive, cos it comes to all its decisions via voting consensus between its componant parts. And in your downtime between battles you might have to always present it with multiple options for everything, and be prepared for it to split up and form smaller UB assemblies that like… enjoy different pet food or brushie brush.
there’s a general sense of what you can say UB assembly wants, but its not any sort of hive mind, just like saying ‘what this friend group wants’ or ‘what fifth street high school wants’. Most trainers find it hard to get to know 100 tiny identical pokemon individually, until they’ve spent many years together. So their collective stacked form is very useful as an ambassador between them and the strange human creature they call mom.

so basically just put them in different boxes at naptime, and learn to cook a variety of breakfasts. your new eldritch friends will appreciate it!

also probably they’d respond positively to a harry potter esque house points system, it’d help them decide on a few fixed groups and feel motivated to do their best in battle for the sake of yellow house pride. Though if you amp them up too much about this, they might start fighting amoungst each other. You don’t want a griffindor and slytherin when they’re both part of the same arm!

Oh boy

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I’m just gonna copy-paste a word document so if the margins are messed up sorry :)

Cast worker AU: In which everyone works at Disney
MARVIN- Probably a job everyone hates like non-stop it’s a small world or Haunted Mansion (In the late hours he probs seen some scary shit).

MENDEL- Works with Marv (I’m thinking small world is a better analogy) He’s the person that is the biggest Disney fan and learns the song in like seven different languages.  He also thoroughly believes in Disney ghosts and scares the shit out of Marv when he messes around after hours.

TRINA- Works as a lead (They are a manager to basically an entire land).  God she hates her job.

CORDELIA- Works in the bakery (No one knows how she has worked there for three years when she can’t cook).  Her fellow co-workers let her work on the candy apples and she gets to make them look nice.  While she can’t cook, she can actually bake really well!

CHARLOTTE- Works in first-aid, you wouldn’t believe the things she’s seen. (And trust me she’ll go into detail).

JASON- During the summers he gets to walk around the park all day for free since he literally has six legal guardians who work there.  He especially loves it when Mendel lets him sneak around it’s a small world when it’s closed late at night (Cue Marvin having eight heart-attacks).

WHIZZER- He’s a Disney Prince.  Duh. When Jason was younger he was so confused when Whizzer would go on break with Marvin (“Why is Prince Phillip kissing Dad?”)

Help I find this AU great.

-Halloween is the best.  The TKF all share Disney ghost stories and then Jason gets so hyper from sugar that it’s almost as terrifying as some as their ghost stories.  
- (Once Jason’s old enough and he gets the whole cast member thing) He visits Whizzer every day and keeps trying to get him to break character and his co-workers have no clue why this twelve-year-old goes back to only Prince Eric’s stall daily.
(For real, breaking character gets you fired on the spot.  You aren’t allowed to discuss what characters you play/played with family or friends so the fact Jason has Whizzer’s schedule down baffles them all)
-Elder Price is crying somewhere because he isn’t Jason

If anyone has any sort of interest in hearing more, I wrote some fics for it lol

Finally my intense love/knowledge of Disney World and Falsettos put together at last.  The AU no one asked for but you’re getting anyways

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Kail isn’t a good person but I will say 1 thing if my newly ex husband was in another relationship I wouldn’t want it to be with one of my co-workers or cast members.. I do believe kail and javi still love each other.

Agree with the ex/co-worker thing.

Art Museum (TOP Scenario) - Part 4

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Part four is here!! ^^

I really love working on this series, so I hope that you will all like it. Enjoy! ^^

Summary: Meeting him in an art museum was all it took for you to fall for him. What could a future with him in it possibly hold?

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