worker bot

       Like (or reblog) for a simple Bee!Mettaton.

Quick things to know. 
* V Fluffy
    * Smaller than regular Mettaton ( 4′6″ ) 
       *Commands a bunch of small ‘worker bee bots’ 
          *Is the queen of all Honey Products.
             *Still an entertainer

300 followers! Want a thank you reward?

Okay, so some of my followers are absolutely porn bots (or other bots), but I’ve hit the 300 mark and then some, and since I’m not going to block what I think are bots in case they are a real person not a bot (sex workers, you are absolutely welcome here, I’m just raging against the machine) I’m counting this as 300 followers! I’m glad you’re here and I hope I remain at least moderately interesting!  

And! Since there are 300, I have decided I need to do a celebration of sorts, so here’s what I am going to do for this round of yay!  

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