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Let Me // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: prince jungkook au where he always comes into the kitchen for late night snacks and y/n is new to the kitchen staff. soon they become friends and maybe something more. (definitely something more who am i trying to kid)(also request was rlly long so i summarized it)

words: 3820

category: fluff + once again, fond!kookie

author note: never apologize for long requests bc that is how i survive. also, someone seriously needs to stop me from writing about fond jungkook bc ya girl can’t get enough. anyway, please enjoy!

- destinee

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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 11]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

[Benjamin Cook asking David Christmas-themed questions]

BC: Which gift from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ would you most like to receive this year?

DT: If the pipers piping were Billie Pipers, then obviously I’d go for that. But that would be quite creepy. It’s got to be ladies dancing, hasn’t it? I mean, there’s not really much contest. Five golden rings you could flog, if they were really nice. But I don’t think you’d get much for them.

BC: If there were five of them, they’re unlikely to be top-notch quality.

DT: Well thought through. I mean, all the others would just be irritating, frankly. And dirty. Colley birds? French hens? Yes, you could eat them, but then you’d have to murder them yourself. I don’t want to do that at Christmas. That’s far too much effort. I want a shrink-wrapped turkey from Sainsbury’s. No, ladies dancing - much better. They can come and dance in my Christmas parlour.

BC: What’s the worst Christmas record of all time?

DT: Ooh jings. No, there’ve got to be some terrible ones, haven’t there? Well, anything by Cliff Richard. Mistletoe and Wine? It’s got to be Mistletoe and Wine. That is a heinous piece of work, isn’t it? My mum likes it. She likes everything by Cliff Richard. But she is wrong! It’s saccharine, and repulsive, and when all those kids start singing at the end, you just want to murder. It’s horrible.

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If a fanfiction blog-runner is going through a moment when they’re really into this one movie or character, don’t whine about how you miss when they used to write for something else.

ESPECIALLY if you don’t run a fanfiction blog yourself. It’s rude, it’s selfish, and it’s downright assholish. I have yet to receive this kind of bullshittery, but I’ve seen it way too often on other peoples’ blogs and it’s pissing me off to no end because it’s hard enough to write as it is. If a writer is experiencing a bout of motivation over this one film or character and literally neither are doing you harm, let them have this. Don’t go into their ask box just to complain and go, “Why aren’t you writing for this anymore?” or “I really wish you’d stop writing about this character and get back to the old stuff already.”


First off, this person writing? They’re doing it for free. And, newsflash, they’re not doing this to cater to you. So long as what they’re putting out isn’t harmful content, they are under no obligation to write solely for your specific entertainment. Especially if they already have a multitude of works for that specific fandom already written up!

And please, for the love of all that is holy, do not go and try to guilt them with that stupid “I’m worried you won’t write for X fandom because you keep writing for Y :(” because that is just unbe-freaking-lievable. You’re basically suggesting that because you aren’t feeling what they’re into at the moment, that they need to drop everything to cater to you. To which, I must repeat what any writer on this hell site will tell you:


Writers are people with interests that don’t all have to be in the same fandom as yours.

Unless you, yourself, are a writer and thereby know how annoying it can be to work with peoples’ constant demands or how tiring it can be to run an imagines blog, you don’t have the right to step in and tell them how to do things. Hell, even if you are a fanfic blog-runner, you don’t have the right to tell them who to write for.

But if you’re so impatient about when they’ll pop out whatever for your fandom, then go write for that fandom yourself and see how easy it is.

TL;DR - If an imagines blog-runner is living it up with a perfectly fine movie or character that you’re not interested in, don’t whine to them about how they “ought” to be writing for what you want. Chances are, they aren’t the only person writing for that fandom anyway. Just go seek someone else for the time being and let that other person be because getting inspired is hard enough as it is without getting heckled by faceless assholes.

Loud clap to the Teamiplier

 I’m taking my hat off to Mark and the Team. This last project has been one of if not the most fun things a channel I like has made. At first I was kind of disappointed to see a one minute video after that long countdown and all the clues left there and other places, but when I saw it was a interactive adventure I just had to clap to it. 

 I spent the last 40 minutes trying to get all 10 endings and I do not regret it. 

 Kudos to Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Amy and Kathryn, plus Pamela and Robert Rexx. I gotta say, you are some hard workers and I can appreciate your determination and creativity. You guys are truly an inspiration and your work is amazing.
 Plus I’m glad Darkiplier and Warfstache made a comeback, I love those guys. 

 But still, 1 of 25, eh? And only 10 endings. Guess there’s more?

Cheat Day (Gladio x Reader)

Nif!! Since everyone seemed to enjoy my Ignis x Reader cupcake fluff story (you included. I’m glad you enjoyed, btw <3), I decided to write cake themed stories for all the bros. Here’s Gladio’s. Fluff time! I hope it’s as good as my last. Hope to send you Noctis’s soon :)

Congrats on finishing those requests, btw. You’re such a hard worker and we all appreciate it. <3

You collapsed onto the couch with an exhausted groan. The clock that hung just above the flat screen TV in your boyfriend’s apartment read 5:13 PM.You never thought you’d be this tired this early in the evening. You weren’t much of a night person, but this was ridiculous. This diet and exercise regiment was going to be the end of you. You were sure of it. You and Gladiolus have been on it for a matter of months, but you were past the breaking point. You were dying for something sweet… and a nice long nap. 

Gladio chuckled lowly at the sight of you sprawled across the couch stretching out your right arm in desperation to reach the remote. As hard as you stretched, you came up only centimeters short. “Ughhh,” you cried out. 

“Here,” Gladio leaned over the edge of the couch to pick up the remote and toss it onto your stomach.
“Ow,” you moaned the the object hit your already sore abdomen. You removed the remote and pressed the red button labeled POWER, turning on the television in front of you. The evening news was reporting on the usual; the war with Niflheim. 

“Sore, huh?” Gladio asked, not bothering to hide the obvious smirk on his lips.
“What makes you think that?” You responded sarcastically turning on your side to attempt to get more comfortable on the couch and to get a better view of the television. 
You heard Gladio’s step into the kitchen and open the fridge. “You want leftover grilled chicken?” He called. 

You held back an unenthusiastic groan. “Can I be perfectly honest with you? If I have to eat one more piece of chicken, I’m going to turn into one.” You heard him snort at your joke. “You know what I really want?” You sat up slightly to peek over the couch. “A nice, big, chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting. Gods, that sounds so amazing right now.”

He stared at you with playful, scolding eyes. “Not gonna happen, babe,” he told you before he turned away to look into the fridge again.

“Ughhhhh,” you groaned louder, plopping back down into a laying position on the couch. “Just leave me to starve then. I’m taking a nap,” you stated, closing your eyes and letting the low murmur of the TV slowly put you to sleep. 

Your eyes fluttered open as you awoke naturally. You felt dried drool stain the left side of you chin. Ew. Steadily you sat up, letting a thin blanket that Gladio must have draped over you fall to your lap.  

The TV was turned off.
The remote was neatly placed on the coffee table in front of you. 
The clock read 9:37.
Whoops. Didn’t mean to sleep that much. 

You lazily tossed your blanket aside and got your feet. 
Unexpectedly, the sweet scent of chocolate wafted past your nose. 
“No way,” you whispered to yourself. You followed the scent to the kitchen, the sight before you genuinely surprised you. 

“Thanks for finally joining me, sleeping beauty.”

Gladio stood before you at the kitchen counter with a chocolate covered butterknife in hand. On the counter laid a serving plate that had a misshapen two layered cake that was only half frosted. The top layer looked as if it had been through an earthquake and had been poorly glued back together by frosting. Crumbs scattered across the counters and strayed on the floor.   

“What’s this about?” You couldn’t help but smile at the display. 
“I ran to the store and bought some cake mix,” he explained, putting the knife down onto the counter. “I figured we could both use a cheat day.”

You walked closer to your boyfriend, unable to wipe the smile from your lips. “I have just decided.. you are the best boyfriend in Eos,” you stated. 

He smirked proudly as he pulled you toward his chest. You pressed your right cheek against his muscular pectorals nuzzling him. He smelled like chocolate.His strong arms wrapped around your waist. 
“It’s nothing like Specs or Iris would have made. It still smells damn good though,” he admitted proudly. 

“It’s perfect,” you looked up at him, getting up on your tip toes to kiss his chin. He tilted his head downward to capture your lips in a sweet, tender kiss. His mouth tasted like chocolate frosting. 
You pulled away and giggled. “You’ve been eating the frosting,” you concluded. “Is that why the cake is only half frosted?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. 

You snorted and broke from his embrace you walk to the fridge. You pulled out the carton of milk that sat on the top shelf. Carefully placing it on the counter, you got onto your tip toes to reach the cabinets that contained the glasses.

“I got it, love,” he assured from behind you. “Go ahead and cut the cake.”

I AM SO HAPPY YOU’RE WRITING MORE OF THESE!!! Thank you for submitting this story, ahhh so cute!

lesbully  asked:

i turned in my two weeks the other day, found another job with better hours & better pay. my SM told the other manager i quit, & said "i just don't get why they didn't ask for more hours." last time i even mentioned getting more as a joke she cut me from 15 to 5. and she said i was one of the two best associates but neither of us get the hours to show for it, not even recognition as good workers. at least they appreciate me at the other job.

basically what im sayin is, appreciate your UPS driver, appreciate the workers that make getting a package come from halfway across the US in 2 days possible. they work incredibly fucking hard for little thanks and kind of shitty pay.


even they know and fucking acknowledge that Kiji is THEIR MOM and i can’t okay

Saigenos Week 2017: Day 1

Genos: Human AU


One Punch Man, you say??? No, It’s SALARY MAN!!!

In a world where obstructive bureaucrats run rampant… Saitama, the most effective and efficient, under-appreciated office worker ever existed, together with his loyal and adoring top-manager-to-be sidekick Genos, are ready to kick some Red Tape asses!

Tiana Appreciation Week ♕ Day 5 - Favorite Personality Trait
Chapter 127: Beginning

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Pg 1: Men sit inside a restaurant and make small talk.

Pg 2: Outside the restaurant Oggai members comment that things are relaxed without their squad leader. They enter the restaurant and spot a customer sitting at the counter. The restaurant worker questioningly greets them while the Oggai tell one another to hit the customer.

Pg 3: An Oggai member suddenly extends his kagune, striking the customer in the back of the head. The customer’s head falls to the counter and the worker begins to scream. The Oggai member grabs the worker’s face and introduces himself as Mayuzumi from the Oggai squad. He tells the worker that he appreciates his cooperation with their investigative activities and says that the customer was probably eating other customers of the restaurant.

Pg 4: The scene changes to a man in a crowded store being chased by Mutsuki. Other people in the store notice the man bleeding. Mutsuki catches up to the man and stabs his throat while calling the man a ghoul.

Pg 5: The scene changes to an Oggai member holding a struggling ghoul up to a fence. The ghoul asks him to let him go but the Oggai member slaughters him. The scene changes to Furuta standing in front of a large sign that reads that the “Ghoul Annihilation Rate” is at 88%. Furuta announces that the percentage in the 23rd ward will reach 90% soon.

Pg 6: Scenes of Ui, Juuzou, and the Quinx squad killing ghouls in a frenzy are shown. Text under Furuta states that things are getting more and more peaceful, which is contrasted with an image of dead ghouls.

Pg 7: The scene changes to a young ghoul being chased by a number of investigators. One investigator fires a shot and the ghoul falls to its knees.

Pg 8: Naki suddenly jumps in, shielding the ghoul from the next attack. The investigators recognize him and one shouts that they should stick to the plan. Naki leaps above the investigators and slashes the one in the front.

Pg 9: Naki blocks an attack from the investigator in midair and then lands, cutting apart one of the men. Naki stabs the final man through the chest. The other White Suit members arrive and comment that Naki worked quickly, killing all the investigators before they arrived. One member pats the young ghoul on the head.

Pg 10: The ghoul thanks Naki and Naki tells the ghoul that what goes around comes around. He tells the ghoul that they are going underground where the Goat base is and asks if the ghoul will follow them. The White Suit members proceed 5 km deep under the 24th ward .

Pg 11: Naki and the others are greeted by ghouls that are sitting around. The young ghoul asks if they are all ghouls and the Suits answer that they are. Naki approaches the side of a building and greets Tsukiyama, accidentally calling him the wrong name.

Pg 12: Tsukiyama turns and greets them. Naki tells Tsukiyama that he rescued the young ghoul and Tsukiyama wonders if they have any bedding left.

Pg 13: Naki comments that the surface is no longer safe for ghouls due to the Oggai’s recon abilities. Tsukiyama compliments Naki’s vocabulary and wonders if it’s a result of Kaneki educating him. Naki says it’s a sign that the world has gone crazy. Tsukiyama asks the young ghoul’s name and says that he’ll show the ghoul, Kou, to sleeping quarters.

Pg 14: Kou comments that the base is crazy. Tsukiyama replies that they are squatting in the ruins that previous ghouls left. Tsukiyama says that it is his first time underground too and says that their goal is to save the remaining ghouls on the surface and recruit them for their cause. Tsukiyama begins to say that they are trying to reclaim their lost home but stops himself.

Pg 15: A ghoul in the distance calls out that the King (Kaneki) has returned. Tsukiyama calls him the last hope of the dwindling ghouls.

Pg 16: The ghouls begin looking towards where Kaneki is arriving, calling him their king. Some even drop to their knees.

Pg 17: Kaneki jumps down and lands on the bent part of a metal fixture. Kou comments that something just fell down. Kaneki emerges as a cloaked figure.

anonymous asked:

i appreciate mcdonalds workers so hard, thank you for making dem cookies and milkshakes for me at 2 o 'clock in the night when im depressed

its ok babe we know, we know exactly whats up past 12am its all good bb <3 xxx

          ~::{ When you just wanted to do something to show the Walter Workers you appreciate them but you make a complete mess and now they have to clean it and help get batter out of your joints 

          My friend showed me the apron and I had to doodle him in it. so this happened. the apron says; Mr. Good Lookin’ is Cookin’ }::~

anonymous asked:

Can you do how makoto, rei, ritsu, eichi, and leo would confess to their crush that they like them? (Thanks a ton for all the work that you do!)

//kinmirai happy end plays in the bg no problem! tq too for requesting <3

makoto ~ ☆

 If it were up to him, Makoto would rather jump into a pool full of rampant, starving sharks than to spill his guts out to crush. But it’s come to the point where he can barely function around them, and even when they’re not around; Makoto dreams of their smile on him, their lips on his - it’s consuming him, all of him. He needs to know how they truly feel, and then move on.

  "_-_____-chan…“ He corners them after school, hands fumbling about behind him. "Can I speak to you for a bit? I-I… I have something to… to give you!”

  Makoto passes them the letter which he had written quite shoddily, in which he rambled on and on about his feelings and the like. His face is hot and heavy, and just as he’s about to run away, they grab onto his sleeve, pulling him back.

   “Makoto, I don’t want to read it.”

  He blinks, his heart beat stopping for a split second. “H-huh?”

  "I don’t want to read your feelings - I want to hear them. That way, you can hear mine too.“

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Lily lovee

Lily Rose Depp deserves all the appreciation she can get. She is working so hard and being such a go-getter. She is my age and I just cannot fathom how she is working and traveling and jut being so brave, so much. And (it might have to do with her parent’s status and money enabling her to travel so often but) I love how she’s been going after and getting roles in more indie, intercontinental, foreign movies like La Danseuse and Planetarium which were released outside of America in festival-type premieres. And plus, she’s been modeling for Chanel and doing shoots and commercials and being so fearless that she blows my mind. She is amazing.

We Are Family: Coming Out

Summary: Y/N is kicked out of her parents house after they learn she’s gay. She turns to her best friend’s aunt, Peggy Carter, for a place to stay and winds up at 384 Friday Avenue. The house is crammed with colorful characters all trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Avengers AU

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Thor, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, other eventual Marvel characters

Warnings: mentions of homophobia

Word count: 1658

Read previous parts here

The past two weeks had gone by in a blur. As Bucky predicted, the owner of the cafe was desperate for help, and he hired you on the spot the day after you moved into the brownstone. Thankfully, you had worked at a Starbucks for a summer between sophomore and junior year of high school, so you had an upper hand when it came to making drinks. You had been working almost every day (except Sunday of course), sometimes even picking up two shifts in one day. The money was decent, and you always got to take any leftover sandwiches when you closed the cafe.

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Dietary and nutrition workers are so under appreciated, overworked and underpaid, and the work they do is very physically demanding.

Try to always be aware of who’s making your life easier in general, but especially when it’s workers who are constantly overlooked and whose labor is seen as beneath others

Recognizing the Inferior Function in INxJ

[ quick switch: ISxJ | INxJ | IxTP | IxFP | ExTJ | ENxP | ExFJ | ESxP ]

(excerpts from Was That Really Me? by Naomi Quenk)

Important Features of Dominant Introverted Intuition

Introverted Intuitive types are the most intellectually independent of the types. They have a theory to explain everything, prefer innovative solutions to established ones, and are adept at seeing situations from an unusual perspective. Their skill at taking a very broad, long-range view of things contributes to their reputation as visionaries. Regardless of whether their auxiliary judging preference is Thinking or Feeling, their dominant Intuition tends to be sharp, quick, and often uncannily correct. It is as if they have antennae that enable them to detect things long before other people do.

People often count on INTJs and INFJs for insightful analyses and forthright judgments. They are adept at appropriately discounting distracting details and homing in on the essential meaning of complex, confusing situations.

Introverted Intuitive types report being puzzled by others’ perception of them as rigid and intractable.This perception may result from their tendency to express their views directly and forcefully.This is especially true for INTJs. Misinterpretation of their forthright communication style as inflexibility may make others reluctant to present alternatives or argue their own point of view. But, as described in Chapter 3, dominant Perceiving types are unlikely to be wedded to their decisions, since they give greater weight to data (perceptions) than to conclusions (judgments). Experience bears this out for the most part. INTJs and INFJs readily modify their incorrect conclusions when they receive convincing contradictory new information.

The spiritual, sometimes mystical, bent of Introverted Intuitive types has been frequently noted.At the very least, they seem to be aware of subtle cues or nuances long before others notice them. INFJs are especially sensitive to unexpressed anger and conflict, whose presence is usually denied by others.This contributes to the sense of separateness from others that many Introverted Intuitive types report, which may lead them to doubt their own mental stability.

Introverted Intuitive types, especially INTJs, readily see the big picture in crisis situations and know how to direct others to take the most effective action.

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