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Never drawn a srs comic in my liiiife. Guess I shouldn´t think too hard about this, everything about it. Who knew this was harder than shit posting.

Been feelin real bad bout my drawings for a bit, and I don´t think I really know how to pace something. Good to know, see you tomorrow class

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*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc


I got Odin one of those slow feed dog bowls! I figured it would be a neat way to provide him some enrichment during feeding time. Also he figured out rather quickly how to get the worms out!

Never Give the Necromancer a "Gray Area"

Friend DMing for me and one other person (small campaign) he’d never DMd before so I was going easy on him and helping out when I could.
DM: okay so you (me necromancer) arrive in town having reached lvl 3 during your journey.
(He has no clue how to run a necromancer or their skills so he said I could make them up and if they worked he’d let them slide)
My immediate reply: don’t give me a gray area dude that’s not a good idea I am chaotic evil hoe don’t do it.
DM: you’ll be fine.
Game starts.
Day one: my necromancer fed the homeless and poor in the slums of what we dubbed Newbshire, a large city but good for beginners. Little did they know he’d poisoned all the food so that everyone would contract a plague and die.
DM: *looks at me* you’re a bad man.
Me: oh I’m not done yet.
Day two: necromancer murders a priest, his wife, his two sons, then resurrects them as corpses, and takes his place in order to gain acolytes of the death goddess, end of the day he poisons more beggars.
Dm: you’re a bad bad man.
Me: still not done.
Dm: ohmygodwhathaveidone
Day three: necromancer sends all his human zombies into the sewers to infect the rats causing them to die and became undead plague rats.
Dm: no
Me: yes
Day four: Armageddon is unleashed as hundreds of zombies and thousands of plague ridden rat corpses flood the city biting, infecting, and adding to the horde. The adventurers guild in the city puts up a resistance but is eventually overrun by the necromancers acolytes and the adventurers are converted to elite corpses and death knights. As the sun sets on Newbshires flaming husk the necromancer leaves the city with not a single living thing inside.
So great was his destruction that the heavenly beings themselves took notice and sent the death god to make a contract with this evil human.
Total death count: 300,000
Total mana expended by necromancer: 12
DM: you are a BAD MAN
Me: *shrugs* I TOLD YOU never give the necromancer a gray area!


D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
↳ Favourite Noah - Wisely Kamelot

[20 q’s | jungkook]


summary; 20 questions ends pretty well for you, you’d say. (gender neutral!)

You froze. You couldn’t fathom how one second you could be shocked and disgusted by him and the next trying to get your heart to slow down.

The epitome of a fuckboy.

You couldn’t deny the fact that you loved him- he was enticing, charming, and unnervingly sweet when he wanted to be.

When he wanted to be.

Other times, he was sickeningly frustrating- whether that was caused by how undeniably hot he was or how undeniably fucking annoying.

Jungkook [11:19]: Wanna play a game?

You sighed, swiping open your phone and praising God you didn’t have read receipts on. Although after pondering for a while, you decided that you should probably respond to the boy. It wasn’t like you were busy studying- your exam week was finished- what was the harm?

You [11:21]: What is this game exactly?

The response was quick, your phone buzzing almost immediately after you locked in.

Jungkook [11:21]: 20 questions.

Of course. The fuckboy game.

You scoffed. You had known Jungkook for upwards of three years, so why did he even want to play 20 questions?

Regardless of reasons, you were entertaining a boring night. What was the harm?

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collision - Chapter 1 - buttered_onions - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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a fanfic for Uliro Week 2017: day 7: AU

Six months after the successful Kerberos mission, an alien ship crashes into the desert. Shiro’s tasked with figuring out the mysterious ship - a challenge made harder by what the Garrison is trying to hide. Written for Uliro Week 2017, day 7: AU Day.

That’s it. There’s nothing in this ship but an empty cockpit. If there’s hidden panels containing equipment, Shiro can’t see them. The only object of interest is the single pedestal directly in front of the darkened window. A wide, flat surface extends at the top of the pedestal to either side, vaguely hexagonal. It’s as inactive as everything else here.

“Where’s the pilot’s seat?” Shiro asks.

“It didn’t come with one,” Iverson says. Shiro steps forwards, half-listening. The pedestal is tall; he has to stretch his hands up to shoulder height to reach. “Retracted into the floor? The ship’s deep enough.”

Gingerly Shiro touches his fingertips to the panels; rests his full palms upon either side. Nothing happens.

“They fly standing,” he murmurs.

“Another thing we haven’t been able to figure out,” Iverson says, gruffly impressed. Shiro runs his hands over the wide surfaces to the pedestal itself, smooth metal under his fingertips. “We were hoping you’d be able to.”

Shiro blinks, turning. “Me?”

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Medical School—A Not-So-Quick Walkthrough

Hey humans! Aunt Scripty here. This post is a submission by Brittany, whose Tumblr handle I surprisingly don’t know. This post came through the Submissions Box. If you’re interested, I encourage people to submit articles to appear on the blog! [though it may behoove us both if you message me first, as I have a few posts in-progress and I don’t want us to duplicate efforts]

Anyway, give Brittany some props! This is an awesome post, and I’m CRAZY thankful she wrote in! And now, Brittany, take it away!

Disclaimer: This applies to the American medical system only, and may be biased by the author’s experiences.  Also note that this is the process for becoming an MD, not a DO (both MDs and DOs are fully licensed physicians, but DOs have a stronger focus on the musculoskeletal system and their schooling is slightly different).

Disclaimer Part 2: I swear, this was SUPPOSED to be a brief post.  Oops.

The quick and dirty:

—4 years of undergrad

—4 years of medical school, 2 in the classroom and 2 clinical

—3-5 years of residency depending on what they specialize in.  Can be longer if they add subspecialties or fellowships.

The in-depth description:

Getting in (Premed student)

Acceptance to medical school is hard enough to start with.  There’s an estimate that 75% of applicants are qualified, but only 50% get in.  Your character doesn’t need to major in biology or pre-med, but there are pre-requisites: two semesters each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, and physics, plus a couple biology electives, and I think psych and statistics have been added on since I graduated, but don’t quote me on that.  That’s pretty much 2/3 of a science major right there, so you can see why a lot of people just end up with that.  During spring of junior year, they’ll take a giant standardized test called the MCAT that covers all of those topics and is notoriously difficult.

Along with the classroom work, they’ll have to get clinical experience—most commonly volunteering, shadowing, or working as a medical scribe, but you can get creative—and usually do a little research of some kind.  Med school is hard and being a doctor is harder; they want to know that you’ve got an idea of what you’re getting into.  If your character does all that right, they interview with medical schools during the fall of senior year, and hopefully get accepted!

Year 1 (MS1)

Your first year is classroom based.  You get daily lectures on very complicated medical topics, with relatively little patient interaction this year.  Schools will include more practical classes as well, including a cadaver dissection, pathology (where you train to look at cells and understand what a healthy vs. diseased one looks like; some schools are old school and have people still work with slides and microscopes, others like mine do it virtually), and standardized patient encounters (where they hire actors to come in and work with us so we can practice histories and physical exams and basically get a baseline on things like “what does a normal lung sounds like?”).

Patient interaction varies from school to school, but generally is pretty low.  You can shadow a certain specialty you’re interested in, volunteer in free clinics, join different clubs/interest groups, or do various electives that will focus on teaching certain aspects of patient care (nutrition, medical Spanish, global health, etc.), but you have to go look for them.  If I hadn’t done any of that, I would have seen maybe… two patients a month?  Most students will branch out with those other opportunities, though.

Year 2 (MS2)

Similar to MS1 in that you’re still on classroom duty, still not seeing many patients.  Typically you learn more sensitive physical exams this year (urological, gynecologic, breast, etc.), and you’re finished with the cadaver dissection, but things are otherwise the same.  At the end of your character’s MS2 year, they’ll take their first board exam, called STEP 1.  You can take it one time only unless you fail.  Low scores or a fail are really frowned on, and can limit the specialty your character goes into, so you can imagine the pressure.

Year 3 (MS3)

Yay!  Your character’s now ready to be let loose on the clinic/hospital!

Boo!  This year kicks. your. ass.

This year is all about making your character feel like an idiot putting what your character’s been studying for two years into action.  The schedule is broken up into rotations, which are periods of 4-8 weeks where students focus on a specific specialty each time.  These courses are: pediatrics, family medicine, psychiatry, ob/gyn, neurology (usually), emergency (sometimes), surgery, and internal medicine.  Difficulty varies by rotation, with surgery and ob/gyn being the worst (12 hour days with only one day off a week, max; surgery adds in occasional 24 hour shifts too, just to spice things up).  Occasionally you’ll land on a nice one, like psychiatry, with 10 hour days and free weekends.

On a more day-to-day level, third years are usually part of a small medical team that cares for a set of patients.  The team consists of an attending (fully licensed physician), residents (physicians who are training in their particular specialty), and medical students (MS3s and MS4s both).  MS3s will usually get a small subset of hospital patients they care for every day—take their histories, do their physical exams, list what you think they have, and suggest treatments/tests—but because you’re not licensed, you basically take all that to the attending/resident who hears you out and then says ‘yea’ or ‘nay.’  As the year progresses, hopefully you hear more ‘yeas’ and fewer ‘nays.’

At the end of this year/the beginning of 4th year, there’s another board exam called STEP 2.  Half is your typical multiple choice test, with a numeric score—much like STEP 1—while half is a pass/fail practical where you work with standardized patients.

Year 4 (MS4)

Hopefully by now your character has figured out what they want to specialize in.  I can go over specialties in another post if anyone’s curious, but the biggest ones are basically the same as the ones listed as core rotations during the MS3 year.  There’s a giant application/interview process that takes up the lion’s share of the summer/fall/winter for interviews with residency.  At the end of the process, everyone ranks the residencies they interviewed with from most to least favorite, and at the same time the residencies rank their interviewees from most to least.  The whole thing goes into a giant computer algorithm to give as many people as possible as high a choice as possible, and then on the same day of the year, at the same time, MS4s across the country take a deep breath and open envelopes saying where they ‘matched.’

In addition, with those pesky core rotations out of the way, the character has time to take electives that may or may not be applicable to their future specialty—me, I’m going for emergency medicine, so I’m doing several rotations in EM as well as EMS, but I’m also doing a two week course forensics because it sounds awesome.

Otherwise, 4th year is widely known as the ‘take a breath’ year.  People get married or have babies during this time, travel, and generally start to act like human beings again.  There’s space in your schedule that’s off—it’s generally intended for interviews or studying for STEP 2 if you’re taking it late, but people will use it for anything.


Not going to give too much detail about it, seeing as how your character is technically a doctor at this point, but residency is basically 3-5 years where your character trains in a specialty—yes, they’re physicians, but they don’t know everything about their particular field and need trained.  You’re in this weird limbo between student and employee; you make a salary (although a very low one considering the number of hours) and can prescribe medication, perform procedures, etc., but an attending is responsible for you, you still attend a weekly lecture, and you can’t practice independently.  To give you an idea of how hard these years are, they recently had to limit things like “don’t make residents work more than 36 hours in a row,” and “don’t put the doctor who graduated med school a month ago in charge of an entire floor of ICU patients for a night with no backup.”  Incredibly, some of the old-school attendings think said changes are a bad idea and will produce doctors who are “weak.”

Also, you thought your character was done with standardized tests?  You sweet summer child.  STEP 3 has to be finished before you can complete residency, and is usually done during intern year.  The good side of this is, you’re in a residency now, so as long as you pass, no one cares about the score.

Random notes:

—This is a sample timeline, following your ‘traditional’ student.  It’s becoming more and more common for people to take a couple of years off after undergrad and apply for medical school after that.  If you want a chance for your character to gain some non-medical life experience (travel, other skill sets, becoming a parent, etc.), this is a good chance for them to do it!

—I’ve been asked by a writer I know in RL how young someone could potentially become a doctor.  I think she wanted to put in a prodigy kind of person.  The problem with that is that medical schools don’t just look for smarts, they look for maturity—imagine having someone who looks like they can’t drink yet tell you you’ve got a terminal disease, and you can see why.  That said, there are a couple of accelerated programs, where I’ve seen people graduate undergrad a year early and go straight into medical school, or where they condense medical school into three whirlwind years because the person’s on track for a specific primary care residency.  So if most people graduate medical school at age 26-27, you could have someone out at 25 or maybe 24, but probably no younger.  And remember, they’ll still need residency training from there.

—Not gonna lie, medical school is incredibly difficult.  That said, I think the best students/doctors are the ones who maintain an outside interest or two, so don’t feel like your character can only have medical skills (*cough*Grey'sAnatomy*cough*) .  Give them a few side interests to maintain their spirit.

—I can give more detail about any and all of these if anyone asks; these are supposed to help you understand what your character has had to go through to be a doctor, not be a full detail spiel.  I can also do ‘day in the lifes’ if someone’s writing a med student character and wants an accurate description, but let’s be real: most people want to write the master, not the pupil.


(Left the teacher unnamed for anyone you want to implement.)

You and your friends sat at a table in the back. Joking around. He sat as his desk watching you intently. “Guys if I have to tell you to be quiet again I’m going to have to separate you.” He growls. “Okay Dad.” You smirk. He immediately felt his pants tighten and you turn to return to your assignment. It was your last class of the day and you were ready to go home. The bell sounded off and allowed the class to leave. You stood up and walked out of the classroom, joining the rest of your friends. As the last students filed out, he groaned in annoyance. He couldn’t believe you’d say that so casually. He sat back in his chair and continued to grade his assignments.

The next day you and your friends were sitting in your usual spot at lunch. He happend to be walking back from the teachers lounge. His classroom was passed there. He could hear the music from one of your friends’ speakers. “Sexy Can I, visit you at work. When you sliding down the pole no panties, no shirt.” As he turned the corner you had your hands on your knees with 3 of your other friends. You were moving your hips to the song. As he walked passed, he couldn’t help but mention it. “More appropriate songs for school, girls.” He set his basket of graded assignments on his desk as he entered his classroom and let out a groan. Why did you have to that to him?

Another day was over and you left his classroom again and he stared at your backside as you walked out. Rubbing his eyes as he saw you disappear down the hallway. Groaning.

Later that day you came back to pick up your jacket that you had left. The secretary was still there, she had given you the keys to his classroom. Not even realizing that he was still there. He had been so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn’t heard you unlocking the door. The only thing that pulled him away from what he was doing, was the gasp that left your lips. His eyes opened wide. And he tried to cover himself.

Embarrassed that he’d just been caught jerking off by one of his students, much less the one he’d been thinking about while doing so, if you told anyone he’d surely lose his job. “Y/N” He gasps shocked. “What are you doing here?” He asks. “I just- f-forgot my jacket.” You stutter. You saw it laying by the computers. Someone must have moved it. You rushed to grab it, and he rushed to pull his pants up. You made your way back to the door. “Y/N! Please wait!” He tried to catch you but you were gone as fast as you had come. You left the keys with the secretary. You got into your car and burst into tears. Wiping them away and he rushed out of the school doors. Your eyes met his and you pulled out of the parking lot quickly as he tried to stop you. You didn’t know why you felt so weird. He was one of your favorite teachers. You were embarrassed. That’s why you cried. Because you had run similar scenarios in your head before.

The next day he called role for your class. When he got to your name, you didn’t reply and when he looked up, your seat was empty. “Anyone know where Y/N is?” He asks aloud. “She’s sick.” One of your friends answers and he nods. Marking you absent. He knew you weren’t sick.

You hadn’t showed up for the rest of that week. But when Monday came around when he said your name, he was shocked to hear you answer. His eyes traveled up to where you sat. You were wearing high-waisted jeans. One of his weaknesses. You rarely wore them but when you did, it always made him feel some kind of way.

You didn’t lift your head.

Later he asked you to stay after class. You weren’t willing but you did. As the class left you remained. Gathering your stuff and meeting at his desk. “Look Y/N about last week-” he tried to explain but you cut him off. “It’s fine. You’re a dude. You have needs just like everyone else.” You sigh. “Yeah but that’s not the point. I should have picked a better place. Because of my actions you were victimized and I just wanted to apologize.” He swallows hard. You let out a laugh. “Victimized?” You snort. “What? You think I’ve never seen a dick before?” His eyes almost popped out of his head. “Well- I uh I didn’t want to assume.” He stumbles over his words. “Think again Mr. T/N.” You chuckle walking out of the room. That didn’t go like he thought it would. He thought it would have been different. He thought it would have ended with some more tears. “Than why did you cry?” He asks quite loudly. You pop your head back into where he can see you. “Being extremely Embarrassed does that to you.” You smile sarcastically. You step back and walk in again, this time closing the door behind you and letting it lock. “Who were you thinking about?” You smirk. “What?” He raises an eyebrow. “When you were touching yourself. Who were you thinking about?” You smirk. “That’s not a conversation we should be having Ms. Y/L/N.” You slowly made your way around his desk. “Does decency really matter after how I saw you last week? Head tipped back and groaning.” Lifting one knee and placing it on one side of him and lifting the other to place on his other side. Straddling him in his office chair. “Are you sure you don’t have the Facebook page of that person pulled up on your laptop?” You whisper into his ear. He swallows hard. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He tries desperately to keep his composure. “Yeah? I saw the tab when you kept me after and it didn’t make me think too hard about it. Until now. You were thinking of me when you slid your hand up and down your hard cock. Weren’t you?” You whisper whipping your hair back and pressing your lips on his neck. “Y/N this isn’t appropriate.” He takes a deep breath. “Neither was catching you touching yourself like that.” You whisper. “Fuck I can’t- I can’t touch you like that I’ll lose my job.” He closes his eyes tightly. “I just want to hear you say it.” You moan into his ear. You moved your knee in between his legs and began to rock against his thigh. Moaning out loud. “Fine. Yes- Yes Y/N I was thinking of you.” He groans. You continue to rock yourself against him. Keeping your eyes closed. The lights outside went off. “The last person left. They’re locking up the school.” He sighs. You still don’t stop. You grasp the back of his office chair and continue to rock your hips against his thigh. “Y/N this isn’t-” he pauses. He was hard. Rock hard. You throw your head back. “Mr. T/N!” You moan. He growls. And places his hands on your hips. “If you’re going to ride something on my body at least let it be my cock.” He groans. You look back at him and smile. “Thought it would work.” You smile. You stand up and move in between his legs. “Go on. Take them off.” You whisper. He grabs the hem of your jeans and unbuttons them slowly. Pulling them down your legs. You unbutton his jeans and pull his boxers down. His hard cock finally free from it’s confinement. You moan at his size. He was much larger than any of the boys that you had slept with. You returned to straddle him and lined him up with your entrance and sunk down on him. Burying your face into his neck. Whimpering. “You’re so big.” You whisper. Mouth opening.

You lift yourself up and sink back down onto him, moaning. He sighs. All of those times he thought about having you. And here you were. Sinking down on him. He could hear your whimpers as you did so. “That’s it Y/N. Ride me. Such a naughty girl.” He smirks when he hears you moan.

“You’ve never had anyone this size before have you? All of those other boys you had were small. They don’t know how to please you like I do. They can’t hit those sensitive places in between your thighs like I can. Can they?” He whispers into your ear. You shudder. “Can they?” He growls thrusting up into you, slamming himself into your G-spot. “No!” You moan. “They don’t give you butterflies in your stomach. Do they?” You’re too in shock to answer. “Do they?” He thrusts up again and you collapse on top of him, your legs spasming harshly. You’d never come like this before. “No they don’t.” You whimper. He grabs your hips and thrusts up into you. You didn’t have enough power to ride through your high. But he was determined to make you come. He knew you’d never come like this before. And you moan aloud. Crying out his name, lips quivering, stomach clenching, thighs spasming. “Look at you princess.” He chuckles. He lifts you onto him again. “I’ve wrecked you.” He smirks. You blush and look down. “Not so confident now huh? You made a mess on my jeans and now you’re embarrassed? You shouldn’t be.” He chuckles. “When you called me Dad you weren’t embarrassed. But when I make you moan, you are?” He lifts you up and you sink down again. This time you feel his cock quiver and twitch and you feel his warmness coat your insides. He let’s his head fall back and his Adams apple bobs as he swallows a groan. You lean forward and begin sucking deep red marks there. Surely he’d have to cover them with somthing. You pull away again and lay your head against his chest. Too tired to move.

“We made a mess, Princess.”

Be Quiet

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Yoongi (Suga)

Rating: NC-17 (warning: light choking) 

Word Count: 1,746

Summary:  You and Yoongi have been fighting. Days of passive aggression and pointed comments - all of which come to a head during the rather timely dinner party you’re throwing for your friends. 

“You have to be quiet,” he smiles, gaze finding yours in the mirror.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

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this is the super happy face of a radical babe that not only nailed her presentation but honestly smashed that shizz out of the park bc hecka yeah i’m so gr8

My store uses coupons, and sometimes it makes a fuckton of them avaliable online. Not everyone uses them, but if the line’s slow and I see that someone’s paying full price when they don’t need to, I’ll usually help them out by telling them they can load coupons on their smartphone while i scan their items.

So, this lady comes through my line and immediately starts complaining that she doesn’t have more discounts on her purchase (which was about $11 total btw). I tell her is against our policy to keep physical copies of coupons at the register, but there may be other ways she could get some.

Going by my usual script, I ask her if she has a smartphone, and this is my big mistake. She sneered viciously, as if I’d asked if she’d like to stop at the puppy-kicking booth on her way out of the store. “I don’t have a smartphone!,” she spat. “Neither does anybody in my family. I don’t want Obama listening in on me, finding out what I eat and drink and shit!”

Mind you, this was approximately a week ago, in April, nearly three months since Obama’s been retired. Seeing her get agitated about it, i forced a smile and a “sorry, nevermind”. She continued ranting until i finished ringing her up.

The funniest part was that she was clearly directing some of that paranoia and defiance towards me, and I’m quite sure she thought I was part of Obama’s secret team of spies, disguised as minimum wage employees, tempting unsuspecting citizens into getting bugged smartphones with the promise of sweet 20% off coupons… how else can we discover the no doubt fascinating and important secrets of this woman’s thrilling life… sorry Barack, she’s too smart for us… anyway…

Finally i told her her total. She stuck her card in and followed the prompts until it asked her to sign for her purchase and she started yelling at me. “OH NO. That is NOT how my card works! I don’t have to sign for a purchase under $25!” I explained that actually, that’s how our card readers work now. The old slide cards don’t need a signature under $25, but the new chip cards need either a PIN or a signature for any amount. “Well maybe that’s some fancy [store name] rule, but I know MY card doesn’t work like that! I just used it another place and it didn’t make me sign!” Again, I explained that that’s how our credit card machines work and that sometimes other companies may have different machines, but there’s no way of getting around how they work. She was yelling and i expected to need to involve a manager, but then suddenly she signed it while still yelling about how she refused to sign it. Overall, a strange and angry interaction.

Black and White (Part 1)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group? Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Word Count: 3250

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

There’s nothing left to do for the day, and Dean’s just about to lock up when a woman walks in, walking briskly and looking a little flustered, like most people who’ve just had unexpected car trouble.

“And what can I do for you?” Dean asks, eyeing her as she sets her purse on the counter. Pretty, but a little too upscale for his taste, with her manicured nails and name-brand everything.

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