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Ok so of all my complaints on customers I gotta shout out to my bosses and coworkers. I have ms and since my diagnosis working has been really hard but they always help me out by flexing my hours so I can go to the doctor or when I have to take off cause of illness. Love them to pieces and part of the reason i dont want to leave. I doubt I would find a more supportive work. Customers make it stressful as hell but coworkers make it much better

ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat

Artificial Intelligence Part 6

Word Count: 1,088

Ship: Platonic Logicality

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Ahhh truth be told, I’m not feeling the best about this chapter guys. But I promised you guys an update today so I needed to get it up, hopefully it turned out better than I thought!


Logan was pulled out of his work a few hours later by a weird sound from downstairs. He looked over to the clock to see that it had actually been around two hours. And for a few minutes he was actually pretty confused as to where Patton was. He was pulled out of it by another sound, it sounded a bit like someone was trying to cry, but they couldn’t.

That was when he remembered that he had sent Patton downstairs. And that must have meant that the sound was coming from Patton…it only took him a moment to stand up, starting downstairs quickly. What if the virus was starting to glitch out his systems again? He had thought he would have had more time! His eyes were wide with worry as he reached the living room, only to pause.

The android was curled up on the couch, a pillow pulled close to his chest. Logan frowned and quickly moved over, not noticing what was playing on the television. ‘Patton! Are you alright?” he questioned, Patton dropped the pillow automatically and moved to Logan, clinging to him. Logan awkwardly curled his arms around him. That’s when he noticed what was on the screen. “You…Oh my god. Patton, you shouldn’t have watched that.” He held back a sigh of relief. While he did feel that Patton getting so emotional over nothing more but a movie was ridiculous, he figured it was best not to bring it up and instead simply tried to bring him comfort.

Patton didn’t speak for a while after that, he stayed curled up in Logan’s arms, his hands curled into fists in his shirt. Logan was completely unsure of what to do. So he simply held him close, gently rubbing the androids back. Eventually he spoke up.  “Why would anyone make a movie like that!?” He whined, burying his face into Logan’s shirt. “They killed the puppy Logan! The puppy!!”

“Yes I know they did…but they didn’t really kill him Patton, there really is no need to get this emotional.” Logan glanced down at the electronic who simply responded with more whimpering. But eventually he did look back up at him. “T-they didn’t..?” he questioned softly. Even Logan had to admit that Patton was rather cute…well, for an electronic he was.

“No, they didn’t kill the dog. It was just a movie, nothing more.” Logan moved so he could fix his glasses before he tried to stand up. But to no avail, as it seemed that Patton was absolutely determined to make it so he couldn’t stand up. “Patton, you’re fine. The dog didn’t die, now please let me get back to work.” He stated, trying once again to stand up, only for the machine to stubbornly pull him back down. “But you promised me you’d take a break!”

“I came down here to help you did I not? I would say that that counts for enough of a break.” Logan insisted, trying one last time to stand up before he gave up. “But you were only down here for like, a minute Logan! Please just relax with me? You worked for a whole extra hour you weren’t supposed to!” Patton held onto his creator as he spoke, obviously not going to give up on the matter.

Logan really hated to admit it, but Patton did have a point. So he ended up giving in to what Patton wanted, laying down on the couch. Patton still didn’t move though, he just kept clinging to him. Naturally, Logan felt incredibly awkward as he wasn’t used to physical contact. But he didn’t bother trying to move away, he didn’t even ask for Patton to let go of him. He didn’t know exactly why he just let it happen, he just did. Hell, for once he wasn’t even questioning what he was doing here. For the first time ever since he had discovered the virus in Patton’s systems he actually let himself completely relax.

He ended up just lying there with Patton in a comfortable silence for a while. He didn’t know when exactly, but he must have ended up drifting off. As when he opened his eyes again the sky was starting to darken. Logan knew he must have slept for quite some time, but he still somehow managed to feel tired. He looked down to check on Patton to see the android had pretty much curled up on top of him and was listening to his heartbeat. If Logan hadn’t made him he would have just thought that Patton was just asleep.

Logan didn’t know what he did to get his attention, but only a moment later Patton was looking up at him with a happy glint in his eyes. “Hey Logan! Did you sleep well?” He questioned, he got a simple nod in response. Logan reached up to rub where his glasses had pressed into his nose. There was a reason you always had to remove your glasses before falling asleep (besides how they might break). “Yes Patton…I slept well. Now if you excuse me, I really need to get back to work”

Logan moved to sit up, and Patton simply moved away. He was content that Logan managed to sleep for a while and that he actually took a proper break. “Okay! Don’t work too late!” He smiled widely as he watched Logan stand and stretch out. “Well I have to catch up on the work I missed out o-” He was cut off by a loud knocking at the door. The scientist frowned, wondering who could possibly be at his door at this time. Or…well, ever. Logan didn’t get visitors much at all. “I’ll be right back, Patton. Stay here.” He told him before he walked down to the door.

Patton couldn’t hear much of what was being said at first, but eventually it escalated and he could hear Logan getting more and more frustrated until eventually the sound of the door slamming shut echoed through the house. The electronic frowned, wondering what could have possibly angered Logan to the point of where he slammed the door. He watched curiously as Logan headed back over.

Logan ran a hand through his hair as he sat back down next to him, obviously stressing out and gripping so tightly onto a letter that his knuckles had turned white. “Logan? Whats wrong?” Patton questioned, the frown still present on his features as Logan looked over to him, setting the letter aside

. “Its nothing, Patton.”

After looking at the VSFS pics, I wanted to remind you guys of one important thing: a model’s full-time job is to look good. While you dedicate your time to school and your job, models spend hours working out and maintaining a ‘perfect’ body. (Not to mention they have personal trainers, etc.) Would it be reasonable to tear yourself apart because professional athletes are so much better than you? Not when being good at a sport is literally their job and they practice for hours every day! Models work out for a living, and unless you have the time to do the same, you will not (and should not expect to!!) have the body of a VS angel.

“My Netflix wasn’t working so I called the Netflix dude and after he fixed it he said let’s try it out and see if it worked so we watched an hour long movie together and I don’t know I think it was a date” Killian couldn’t help but to laugh at himself with how ridiculous he sounded. “I mean, it’s not weird right? Please lie to me and tell me that it’s not weird or pathetic so I will feel better about myself.”

Mia: psss.. hey over here. Yeah you. You should TOTALY binge rn. I mean your parents just went grocery shopping and you can purge right after

Ana: nonono are you kidding me??? It’s impossible to purge absolutely EVERY calorie and you’ve already eating 600 calories today you’ll just get fat

Mia: ummmm so what’s 100 calories just do ittttt ❤️❤️

Ana: I swear to god do it and I’ll make you work out for 2 hours

*ends up looking at thinspo and crying while drinking tea*


Campfire Kiss or Makeout

some unlucky kiddos :’)


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Happy Birthday to Frank Iero! (October 31st, 1981)

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Ravenclaws study in the library, some spread out their work in empty hallways and sit on the floor surrounded by parchment.


CBX throwback: Minseok teasing us