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in the halls of the mountain king

Summary: Tsubomi can taste the ozone in the air.

Author’s Notes: Part 2 of the Esper!Tsubomi series, now with added Shou for flavor! Shou is a very interesting character to write, even though I haven’t discovered too much about him (and what I have discovered has some fucking horrifying implications).

This is a sequel to the fallacy of memory, so make sure to read that first.

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Tsubomi feels him before she sees him.

He’s no raging bonfire like Shigeo, more like a banked blaze, more like lightning that scorches and strikes down trees. She thinks of lightning that sparks wildfires, and her vines bloom thorns as long as her fingers.

“Well, there’s no need for that,” the wall she’s left bare of bristling greenery says, and the light there twists.

He’s refracted the light around him to make himself invisible, Tsubomi thinks, as the boy steps into her view, seemingly from thin air. And then, on the heels of that thought, comes: this boy is very dangerous.

The boy in question looks her age, perhaps a little bit younger. He’s short and pale and foreign-looking, his eyes a much lighter shade of blue than her own, his spiky hair almost neon-red under the fluorescent lightning of the hall.

Dangerous, her mind whispers.

Tsubomi can taste the ozone in the air.

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Saturday 6

Watching youngest play dragon age Inquisition.

Raccoon in attic is chirbling

Work was a disaster this morning. Power was out for 3 hours last night. Took me an hour to get store cleared.

Round 2 of work starts in a couple of hours, I hope I don’t rip someone’s head off.

I slept completely and soundly thru the storm last night. Kinda bummed about it.

Daughter is on spring break in Florida. Must be nice.

some unlucky kiddos :’)

i had this friend. loud, vivacious, and brimming with energy and colour. her sun-bright smile drew others to her like moths to flame; and yet she could always pick me out from the crowd effortlessly. i wondered how she did that, why she’d pick me over many. 

she was the kind of person you could never look away from for long, but i saw her better from my peripherals. when she lifted her chin, her face would become awash with glowing light; and then she’d laugh about her pale skin, and the ruddy cheeks and dark freckles would appear again, as if they’d momentarily blanked out. when she grew protective, her blue eyes would spark dangerously and burn white; and then she’d blink, and the glint of her glasses would stand in with explanation. 

but i saw her best from the back. when she’d run, her fire-bright curls would flare out behind her like wings.

as flighty as she was, she always came back to me. i wondered why. 

she told me, once. 

one day, before class had started, when i was in the middle of falling asleep in the sunbeam warming my desk, she turned around in her seat to talk to me. she spoke with her whole body, from her waving hands to her bouncing shoulders. 

then she petered off, and settled into stillness. watchfulness. despite all the eyes on her, she only saw me. 

“hey,” she said. “could you look at me for a sec?” 

and when i lifted my head to look at her straight on, she smiled as if she’d found the answer. 

“look at that,” she murmured. “your eyes have halos in them too.” 


DGM Sketch Dump.. I guess? Two of them are just line-art for this post and this post.  And the other two are just rejects. 


48-50/? preseries screencaps

263 AC  ♛  “My father insists on attending.  Insists!” Taking the chair beside the king, Tywin leaned back with his boots stretched out in front of him and signaled for wine. 

“I would not have thought him capable,” Aerys confessed, adjusting his crown as it threatened to topple.  Though he had worn it for nearly a year, the heavy circlet of red gold still did not rest easily upon his brow.  

“Making a mockery of me and mine is my father’s sole talent. He would not miss my wedding for the world, or so he claims.” 

Aerys voiced his sympathy.  “Does she know?” 

“Not yet.” Tywin studied the women shaded by a silken canopy as they took their midday meal. One of them, at least. “My betrothed is already marshaling an army of porters, seamstresses, and confectioners. Had we had such numbers on the Stepstones, Maelys would have been defeated within a month. She will be crestfallen when she learns Tytos the Tame shall play the host.  At least he has finally tired of his milk cow. I suppose I should kneel and thank the gods we shall be spared her presence.” Tywin swirled his wine and took a deep draft.

“I could preside over the feast,” Aerys said quietly, not looking at his Hand.  “Tytos would give way before his king.”

Tywin’s surprise quickly turned to pleasure.  “Thank you, my friend.”  He returned his gaze to the queen’s companions.  “Joanna will not be disappointed.”

Gabriella Wilde as Joanna Lannister  ♥  Toby Regbo as Tywin Lannister  ♛  Christian Lees as Aerys Targaryen  ♥  Tamzin Merchant as Rhaella Targaryen


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

Tom- you want me to say it? fine.

Tom- I’m using him. I know his feelings for me, and I’m taking advantage of it.


Tom- ppffttt, hahaha

Tom- you guys are hilarious,

Tom- one minute you’re yelling at me and ready to rip my head off,

Tom- and the next you’re complimenting me?

Tom- on that note, I’m going to bed.