worked hard on this looks like shit tbh

Soft summer boys~ :3c

Almost every Reylo I’ve seen talking about Daisy’s quote (re: Kylo) has linked directly to the article or shown screenshots of what Daisy said.

EVERY anti’s comment I’ve had the misfortune of seeing has mysteriously NOT linked directly to the article nor copied the quote verbatim - it’s all just, “DAISY MURDERED REYLO lolllololol.”

Y’all keep saying Rey “literally hates Kylo” - that Daisy literally said the word “hate” or a synonym of it… and yet, literally Daisy never said that.

For those who seem to have trouble, I’ll help you out. Here’s the quote as Daisy said it - not your poor, inaccurate paraphrasing:

“She just doesn’t understand Kylo. When all she wanted was parents, why would a person who has parents do that? It’s so beyond comprehension, it’s ridiculous. So she has grief for the loss and then there’s anger. To be honest, she couldn’t understand doing something like that – let alone to your parents.”

Source (X)

Not a single mention of hatred nor any of its synonyms.

And while I am convinced that Rey likely DOES hold some contempt for Kylo and what he’s done…

Daisy’s quote above insinuates that she - the MOST qualified to know Rey’s headspace - believes the root of Rey’s frustration is in her confusion over Kylo’s actions and the grief and anger she feels in loss. But that’s not hate…

This implies that Rey will need to LEARN *why* Kylo did what he did, and that she likely will learn… because that’s how storytelling works - characters and their dynamics are meant to change. And the implication here is certainly that things will change. In fact, if Rey is just meant to kick Kylo’s ass again, what is the point? Where is the growth, what does she learn from it? Reylos get so much shit for analyzing, and yet… we’re just trying to look at how the story can make sense and fit into the themes, guys. It’s not that hard, tbh. “Rey hates Kylo” is not a theme - it doesn’t fit into anything remotely Star Wars. It’s just you projecting your own dislike of the character. Guess what? That’s not very indicative of where the story is heading, because YOU don’t like the character.

Oh, and here’s another fun quote:

“What’s wonderful is it’s not so cut and dry, who’s good and who’s bad and that’s not me saying, ‘Oh, my God, some people are gonna go bad. There’s always room for bad people to make good decisions and vice versa.

Source (X)

Wonder who that could possibly be in reference to…

…A real mystery.

So, anyway, when people on this hell site go on about things but don’t cite their sources it’s… telling, isn’t it? I wouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t provide the original source materials - because it seems to me that is manipulation of the text to twist it in your favor, rather than to discuss the real meaning behind the words.

Reylos can read just fine. I am concerned whether some other people in this fandom may need glasses, however.

Also, shout out to Rian for liking a TON of Reylo fan art lately, especially in light of all these EW articles. Reylo is looking beautiful!

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tbh I'm more embarrassed for Eleanor than anything. The fact that it says she works for TH but skipped their event to be with a guy is quite sad and makes her look like she doesn't take her career seriously. Good luck getting deals once this shame is over again.

Yeah, I’m not sure why anyone would want the image of someone who is unreliable and doesn’t give a shit about their job, but then again, Eleanor made it clear years ago that she prefers bearding to building her name by actually working hard, so I won’t pretend to be surprised that she’s doing it again.

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Sorry, I just wanted to say I saw that video of the Goku and Vegeta game grumps comparison and was wondering if you ever thought about doing more videos like that? It's honestly the best thing I've ever scene and I don't think I've seen anything else like it. Your art style is really loved too. Happy drawings!

oh yea omg i totally forgot about that video tbh and i kept getting new subscriber notices on my email recently and i was like ‘wtf???’ and i looked and i was like ‘ohhh myyy gooddddd…’

like i mean…

and i have like almost 4k subs too???




honestly i thought it was gonna get like… 3k views MAX. i worked hard on it but it was just for fun and on a whim and its sort of silly and i really think no one was gonna actually dig it and i thought people would think its weird… but shit. 


but sorry. to your question:

eehhhhhh ooooo ahhhhh uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeee….

like. do you mean specifically to game grumps? or to make crossovers with other stuff?

if you mean to ask if ive thought of doing more GGxDBZ crossovers? then no.. i dont know???? i mean the pachinko town clip was the only clip i thought would fit guko and vegeets and the only one i had in mind sorta. there might be a few more gg moments i think might work but its been a long while since ive watched game grumps. ive been kinda on a break with them. 

but to do other cross-over-ish things in general? there was one idea i had using the audio of the actual english dbz voice actors reading scenes from movies in the dbz voices and sort of animating(?) to that. but as you can CLEARLY SEE- I AM NO ANIMATOR LOL. (sort of why i disabled comments on that video-i dont need people telling me i cant animate… i already know that lol)

but i mean…. i WOULD like to do another sort of animated( if you can even call it that) video with better art cuz ive improved a lot since then lol

i have crossover ideas ive wanted to do for FOREVER but just never had the time… until now really. so i dont know! youll have to wait and see. i cant guarantee anything.

i do really REALLY appreciate you liked it tho, and if it actually does make anyone smile then it was worth it and im glad i made it. i dont know if ill do more in the future but who knows? it might encourage me to do more?? but for now thank you for liking it! it really mean a lot.

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When Lightning Met Sally

most material (like books etc) that talks about their relationship always talks about how good sally is for lightning, why he likes her so much and i’m like ‘okay, #tru, i will never tire of hearing about how lightning dropped all his shit for her like a hot potato within 48hrs but what about sally’s side????’


  • Sally dated back in LA but never really had any proper serious relationships
  • She had this ‘live fast, work hard, play hard’ life where most of the people she met for dates and stuff were those she either met through work or socialising in her ‘fast lane life’ and just not really suited to her at all tbh after a couple dates
  • Seem super charming at first but mostly fuck boys 
  • When she first meets Lightning and he’s doing his #terrible ‘stand there and let me look at you B)’ thing she’s just like “OH GOD ANOTHER ONE.” 
  • but let’s be honest she did think he was kinda hot 
  • But she’s like “no, no, he’s a dick, he’s one of those flashy cars with the personality depth of a dead leaf”
  • Until she sees him with Mater and how he’s obviously not thrilled about it (at first) but he talks and hangs out with him even though Mater’s a rusty ol’ hillbilly like “oh no, he’s sweet” 
  • He intrigues her because at first she thinks he’s just a flashy racecar who thinks he’s better than everyone because he’s fast and she wants him to fix the road he broke to teach him ‘hey, no, you’re the same as everybody else’ (and also partly because none of them would’ve been able to pull Bessie if he got off scott-free). But then she sees this other side to him and she wants to know if he’s a nice guy who tries too hard and has developed a spoilt attitude recently, or is he really just a dick who occasionally is nice
  • So she offers him that drive and she’s hoping so hard she’s right on her hunch that he is really a sweet guy who just a bit spoilt
  • They go for that drive and tbh Sally really does like a little bit of excitement. She chased that fast lane lifestyle in LA because she mistakenly thought she wanted excitement all the time but it ended up being so draining. 
  • She has a good engine, she like to go fast and zip around sometimes and she has such a good time with Lightning with the playful racing. Like he really could’ve zipped way away of her if he really wanted to (although he would’ve gotten hopelessly lost eventually let’s be honest) but he chooses to take in the scenery and race with her 
  • And he’s genuinely so interested in Route 66 and the origin of the town like he’s not faking it just to get a date out of her he really wants to know and she’s just so touched 
  • When she thinks he’s left after finishing the road she’s so disappointed because she was just starting to get to know him, he was just starting to get to know her, and he’s just gone?
  • She really started to fall for him when he winks at her in Luigi’s

this gettin’ long i’mma continue this in another post later!

so can i just rant for a moment? Im absolutely in love with Will on TNT. amd while there is concern about queerbaiting or them taking the “the queer character is the villian” troupe, this whole show so far has been very (very) open about sex and sexuality, especially when it comes to how shit actually was back then. Male actors played women, guys kissed other guys on stage, in drag and not in drag, based on the play or because women didn’t (weren’t allowed to ) really act. both Marlowe and Shakespeare had gay themes in their plays and works. Will in his first hundred or so sonnets and Chris in many or his plays, but also Dr. Faustus. in Ep 1 when chris cuts Baxter’s hand, its not exactly subtle that it looks like Chris is about to kiss him, and from that moment i was fuckin screaming cause they better mot be queerbaiting and holy fuckin shit chris just kissed will. most historians (old peeps) have been loath to admit it but if we actually look at the time period without a heteronormative POV then look at Will and Chris’s works, its really not hard to think that “hey, they’re gay/bi”. and TBH we actually know so little about shakepeares life, that its not implausible that him and Marlowe could have been friends/lovers/enemies/opposites attract. hell we know they at least worked on a play together so at some point they were friendly enough to do that. and of any of my fellow writers are out there who have found that one person where RPing dialogue with them is natural and makes sense and tells a wonderful story, then you know how close you have to be with that person. sure, anyone can just “collab with someone” and write something, but its hard to write natural dialogue, and harder to write it with too people. so as a writer, imm gonna take a stab and say that because of this work we know that they were pretty damn close at some point. i just

i love this show. sire it has the potential to be really problematic but its showing a lot of promise. This is not to mention the way it deals with religion and politics as foci but also on the sidelines. and how no matter whose plotline we’re following the plight of women and children without men in their lives is always there. baxter’s family, will’s family, Alice in general as a rebellious young woman, the boy who thieves and his sister who works at a brothel. that time period was really horrible to anyone but men and this show is not glancing over that.

i love everything about this show and i really hope the writers didnt fall into the same traps as many before them have when it comes to writing LGBT characters.

also, this doesn’t even start to show my love for all the subtle wordplay and puns and old english that the writers didn’t give a fuck if the audience caught or not. its an american show speaking modernized-elizabethan english. my dad walked in for about five minutes and was utterly confused about what they were actually saying, but caught enough modern stuff to not be thrown off. And dear lord in hell, the poetry/rap battle in the pub? i was. i- i cant- im in lovez the scene was so perfect in showing the cut-throat type of scene the theater world of london was back then.


love, a Shakespeare nerd.

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Why is everyone acting like Liam tole from the hem to buy all his flashy gear? That boy has been working his ass off for years in a band where he (and Zayn TBH ) is over looked and treated like shit ? The boy has been the backbone of 1D. If his ass wants to get a whole suit made of gold then he fucking better shove it up these ugly pressed stans ass. Lie naked in a bath of your HARD earned money Liam.


I don’t think I need to add anything more to what you said because !! every !! single !! word !!

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

I feel like most people are looking for – and have been so for a while – an excuse to drag Liam (and Zayn) for anything and everything they do. Even when it makes no sense. Like you said, Liam has earned every bit of the wealth he owns, Zayn too, and Harry, Louis and Niall too, so why must people pounce on Liam for living his life? It’s not like the other 3 are hermits atop the Himalayas?

I don’t even get what the problem is. Liam is a celebrity whose humility and integrity is intact. He might wear fancy but he’s still a sweetheart because he folds blankets on the plane (my heart) and stops by and takes pics with fans and tells them it was nice to meet them!!! The Paynes raised a wonderful boy.

These are just petty baseless things to say though, you know? I mean, until yesterday, Liam was desperate and jealous of Harry so he wore Gucci and today he’s showing off. Do they hear themselves? XD

Liam has yet to put music out and butt-hurt people are already growing so salty? With Zayn, they were jealous because how dare anyone else drop solo music before their own fave!!! And with Liam, people have always been jealous because how dare this boy be so supreme, that too from the start, what!!!! No, honestly. This whole “he’s tryna be black” is definitely something I expected but even when Liam was being a white crooning boybander, y’all found him extra, and I am here like

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A year ago on this day i got my first shot of Testosterone and began my journey matching my exterior appearance w/my interior self and how i’ve always felt. A lot looks like it’s changed on the outside and things have even changed on the inside such as feeling a type of comfort, confidence, and inner peace that i thought wasn’t possible or at least obtainable for a person such as myself, but at the end of the day when it comes down to it; i am still the same person; simply a better and more authentic version of myself; because this is who i’ve always been since the moment i came into this world. There were so many points in life where i was so close to giving up on everything, but coming from my personal experience, if any of you are dealing with everyday struggles that constantly leaves you feeling hopeless, i can tell you from first hand that you will get through everything and can achieve anything if you want it badly enough and work hard for it. Dont let anything or anyone get in your way from doing what you want. It’s your life. It’s too short to waste time worrying about what everyone else will think. Fuk bitches get money ya feel

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I hope that Namjoon has at least one song on his next mixtape that he completely goes off in. I love songs like Reflection, Always, etc but it's been so long since we've seen that side of him. We got a lil glimpse of it again with his rap in Outro: You Never Walk Alone, but that was short.

i mean not all of his solo work is emo, i think its just that he went through a really really hard time recently. but tbh yeah id like to see him go off. like its so FUNNY to me when every1 is like “oh yeah namjoon is that chill deep guy” like haVE YALL HEARD HIM WHEN HE GOES IN !!?? oml some of his disses still haunt me to this day. i wanna have a look into his beautiful mind while listening to his mixtape and then i wanna have one track where he sets every anti’s ass in flames just so casually like “this shit isnt even hard for me” in the kind of way he did joke where he just ! placed everyone in their rightful graves !! ooooh thatd be good. i want him to be like “yall antis, yall fake rapper fans, this is what rap is” n just murder them all. AHHHH THATD BE SO GREAT. ill be telling the grandkids about this mixtape one day fr i can feel it in my blood !!

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Hey Xamag. I don't mean to assume when I look at your art, but you draw your lines with such confidence and make it look so easy. I know that there's a process that leads up to that that amounts to years of hard work, but when you get to the point where you're at, does drawing start to feel easier or more rewarding? And if it doesn't, is there a "trick" to basically make you not hate yourself when you make art?

*inhales deeply*

when i was 13 i used to trace art a lot. i didn’t post it anywhere or claimed it’s mine or anything, i just wanted to pretend my drawings could look pretty. i distinctly remember telling myself i’d probably never be able to draw anything cool-looking on my own

…later that year i made probably my biggest leap in improvement

imagine how painfully ironic it would be if i just gave up right there, amirite? actually, not really. maybe i’d become a professional gymnast or a writer instead. who knows?

that being said though, i’ve only had a couple of terrible self-loathing artblocks, but that was back when i hated everything about myself in general

i started drawing because i used to write silly stories and needed to illustrate them. the concept of creating even the most crude, ugliest picture of what was in my head always seemed magical to me. i’ve barely even shown that stuff to anyone til the age of 14-15 when i started posting it on a forum.

i did the art for myself, i do the art for myself, i fucking LOVE doing it. i look at people who do art for themselves and hate every second of it and it saddens me deeply.

why do you hate the magical act of transforming ideas into material objects, anon?

is that because you feel like you failed the society? do you feel ashamed of showing your art to anyone because they expect you to be Michelangelo right from the start? because for some reason even people who don’t have to compete for a vacancy feel like they need to compare themselves to others to get their daily dose of disappointment?

i fucking refuse to be upset about that. FUCK YEAH i’m bad. FUCK YEAH my panelling sucks. FUCK YEAH i can’t draw wildlife to save my life. FUCK YEAH i still barely can animate. FUCK YEAH i’ll keep breaking my legs on this shit, because FUCK NO i’m not gonna let it win. FUCK YEAH that artist is better than me. FUCK YEAH i love them, keep going bruh, keep getting better, imma catch up with you eventually. i’m not in a hurry, i’m savouring those failures, i’m gonna laugh about them years later.

is that because you envy the younger and more promising ones? confound those art boys who took art classes or started drawing at young age, they drive me to drink!

it’s never too late, ok? just google “famous people who made it late” or something. i’d love to take those art classes now that i’m an adult tbh. young me didn’t really care about this stuff at the time and missed half of the most important shit.

is that because you feel like you’ve spent too much time on it and still didn’t get better?

look at kids. looks at those poor bastards. remember how hard it was to learn writing? those bullshit letters just wouldn’t obey, would they? it’s not because kids are stupid talentless little shits, that’s just how learning new skill works. it’s 99% suffering and 1% being like “hey i think i draw hands a little bit better now”. then finding out you forgot how to draw hands once again.

but in the end, it always feels like it’s worth it, it’s a discovery, an adventure. if it never feels like it’s worth it, if you only bear with it expecting to experience some sudden euphoria firework one day, maybe it’s just not your thing, anon. it’s ok, too. don’t force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy.

i hope it gets better, whatever you do. please don’t hate yourself for being a flawed human being.

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Tbh you seem like a kind and very No Nonsense person to me,which I find an excellent combination, personally :)

This pleases me greatly, because “do no harm, but take no shit” is essentially my life’s mantra.

Kindness and compassion are core values to me, but the no-nonsense part is also very important because without it, kind people can get taken advantage of – and worse, that can be looked upon as a laudable “sacrifice” and turned into their most positive trait (see: American society and motherhood). Kindness is hard work. Kindness is not easy. I often say “It costs nothing to be kind” when I’m frustrated that someone was a dick unnecessarily, but I realize that it’s more complicated than that. Kindness can also be exhausting, and the thing is, when someone tells you that it’s good you’re so kind, it’s good you’re so selfless, it’s easy not to set up boundaries. Being kind while also knowing when to draw the line is a hard skill to learn, and the kinder you are, the more people will try to push it.

Also – and this bears saying, I think, in the current climate: I do not fault ignorance. I do not fault not knowing. I give everyone the opportunity to learn, to grow, to understand. But when people prove that they have no interest in learning, or growing, that their ignorance is not the result of a lack of available information but rather a choice – when their enforced ignorance becomes an active force that harms people – then, well. That’s something else entirely.


| jaebum | | mark | | youngjae | | yugyeom |

• expect a lot of laughter and silly antics with Youngjae 

• this sweet cinnamon roll likes cuddling with you all day and all night 

• you would always wake up before him and when you attempt to get up, he would only tighten his grip around your waist, his head resting on yours 

 • “choi youngjae im gonna be late" 

• “five more minutes" 

• well, that only resulted to 20 more minutes, making you so late for work 

 • he’ll sometimes text you to go home early and eat dinner with him (date night!!) 

• “I’ll cook your fav dish jagi~!“ 

• but Youngjae’s gonna be in the kitchen preparing a freAKING RAMYUN for your date night 

 • “I though you’re cooking my fav food????" 

• "I couldn’t find coco for a minute so I went to look for my baby and when I came back, well, I burned the whole thing" 

• "jesus Youngjae" 

• awkwardly smiles when you compliment him and would sometimes turn into a blushing mess (gosh id pay see that) 

• random English words or phrases 

• he loves talking about the future with you and it would sometimes catch you off guard (because damn, he loves randomly saying that) 

• *watching you cook dinner* "I’d like to have 3 children. 2 boys and 1 girl, what’d you say (Y/N)?" 

• "jagi do you think our daughter would love the color purple? Should I buy her this teddy bear?" 

• of course, you love imagining your future with Youngjae but you always get surprised everytime he talks about it 

• "jagi what are you even talking about? we haven’t even done the thing yet." 

• "how about we try it now?” (jisoos Youngjae) 

• “Youngjae we’re at the children’s park. I don’t think these parents across the street would love to watch us doing the dirty deed." 

• he would snap out of this thought and mentally smacks himself in the head 

• "sorry about that jagi. I just can’t imagine a future with anyone else.” *cue all the butterflies in your stomach* 

• he loves spoiling you with affection and wouldn’t leave without giving you a soft peck on the lips 

 • he’ll constantly say all the cheesiest things in the whole world to see your reaction (because you’d either blush as red as a tomato or cringe at how cheesy it is) 

• a huuuuuuge fan of neck kisses (either he’s the one giving or receiving it) 

• deep conversations at night when you two are cuddling on the bed, his arms wrapped around you in a secured manner 

• he would sometimes laugh at you whenever you cry over a sad movie 

• “aigooo~ my jagi’s crying. It’s okay baby, the dog’s gonna be fine." 

• if you continue crying, he would make you a hot choco and cradle you in his arms 

• "shhh it’s okay, the movie’s fictional. They’re not dead." 

 • he’ll probably end up buying you a puppy 

• you would have Bambam or Yugyeom teasing both of you whenever you visit them in practice 

• he’ll get shy or insecure for some unknown reason when you watch them dance 

• so you would scream at the top of your lungs saying "I LOVE YOU CHOI YOUNGJAE! MARRY ME OPPA! GOSH YOURE SO PERFECT!" 

• and he would turn into a red tomato as Mark and Jackson laugh their asses off at your silly antics 

• he’ll purposely flip his wet hair as he walk over you after their practice in an attempt to look sexy and hot 

• but tbh, he’ll probably end up tripping on air and fall flat on his face 

• he always has either Jackson or Mark teaching him cheesy English pick up lines or anything he’d like to say to you 

 • he’ll always text you something in English 

 • "hey wanna see my dick?" 



 • loves singing all your favourite songs 

 • "gosh he sounds like an angel singing the songs of heaven" 

 • he loves all your quirks 

 • a jealous Youngjae is hard to detect because he wouldn’t share what he’s feeling and he’s doing good acting like nothing’s bothering him 

• but as you observe him, you would notice the change in him so you would confront him and that’s when he’ll say everything 

 • "you’re the light that I need in this dark world, (Y/N)" 

• "I love you to infinity and beyond!”

This is for the cutie who requested for a Boyfriend!Youngjae! Just tell me if you’d like me to make the other member’s version!! 🙊Don’t hesitate to click the ask button and request! Feel free to talk to me babes! 💙

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hey srry if this a weird question!! ive been getting involved with the yansim crit community bc yanderedev is such a fucking asshole and im rlly glad to start helping ppl become aware of that!! my problem is tho im going 2 a con in september and i made an ayano cosplay to wear 2 it! i worked really hard on it and it looks amazing, and i want to wear it, but idk if i should?? i dont want ppl to think im supporting alex and his shit? but then like thats a whole cosplay wasted :-( idk

Tbh I think its fine to wear it if you want to especially since you put all of your hard work into it! If anyone asks you if you like the game you could just tell them that you did but don’t support the creator anymore

If you really want to though and still have enough time maybe you could change it up a bit to make it more of an ambiguous yandere character rather than Ayano? For example you could style your hair down instead of in a ponytail or add accessories to the cosplay

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What are some good clexa fics?

 Perfect timing anon! I was actually planning on updating my fic rec lmao so I guess I’ll do it now. Below 



  • High as a Kite - Basically Lexa has a bad reaction to the medicine she’s given after being badly injured, and she ends up high as shit babbling adorabley about Clarke. Raven finds great amusement in seeing the Commander in such a childish and immature state, and Clarke takes care of Lexa in the cutest way ever and is the worried girlfriend that hates herself for falling for someone who’s constantly at risk. This one shot is so cute tho omgsdhjfjkh.



  • The Three Truths - ughhh so good. So this follows the whole ‘pretend to be my girlfriend’ trope (which is my fAVE), but be warned it ends up so much deeper than that. This fic was honestly a huge surprise because I just wanted a simple trope read and it ended up being this beautifully written, angsty and emotional journey and it is just fantastic. I recommend it so much. Be prepared for mass feels though.
  • Possibility Days - I’m usually not a fan of celebrity AUs for some reason but this fic got me bad. Basically Clarke and Lexa star in a TV series as one another’s lovers and Lexa has mad ass feelings for Clarke that she refuses to admit to. It’s really good and the tension between Clexa is so well-written ugh. The world-building is executed really smoothly as well and there’s a great Raven/Anya thing thrown in there that I am hERE FOR
  • As It Happens (I Fall Fast) - Lexa’s nursing a broken heart when she meets Clarke (who draws superheroes omg) at a work Christmas party. The fic follows the trope: “Oh shit my ex is coming qUICK KISS ME” and it’s fantastic and very cute. 
  • The Heart is the Strongest Muscle - Clarke decides to get her life together and starts attending the gym. It’s there that she first meets Lexa, and proceeds to fall right off the treadmill.

And shameless self promo, I’m also writing a College AU called Break Your Plans

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on a serious note, why do you like shooting film so much?

Shooting film is so damn fun and every time I shoot film, even now, Its like a huge surprise.

Holding a roll of film that you just shot is a present to yourself tbh!

a present of beauty!

I mean look at that shit?!

Thats quality you cant replicate with software my friend, I mean you can try! but like did you really try.

Most of my favorite work has been shot on film. 

It’s all about fun and experimenting and technique and hard work and thats why I LOVE shooting film.

liam did the most during 1d tbh, he deserves to have his own stage. he deserves to get credit for his own hard work, he deserves to show off his immense talent and incredible vocals. i look forward to his cute lil accent and videos of him announcing shit by starting off ‘hey guys!’ like what a cUTIE PA TOOTIE!

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How do you get so many notes, when your artwork barely has at effort or any intricate details in it while I struggled trying to get notes on hard work that looks actually like something rather than just lines and random squiggly lines??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Effort and time does not equal good artwork, so you need to get past that idea. Every drawing, even the most detailed, is made up of lines and squiggles so w/e. Tbh my shit may be simple but I put a lot of effort into making a composed and balanced image, which takes a lot of thought and skill.

Also I’m making artwork because it’s fun, why are you? For notes? For recognition? There’s no point in you trying to tear me down to lift yourself up bc 1) I don’t care about your opinion, who are you even 2) if you aren’t succeeding as an artist it’s because Your work probably isn’t interesting or good, not bc the public is too stupid to see You’re truly the skilled one, like get a grip. ✌️

Reasons why Frankie is not a piece of shit for “throwing Zach under the bus”:

-It will blow up the bomb squad.
-It will make Devin look bad (not hard to do tbh)
-It will separate Caleb and Devin even more.
-He’s saving Victoria
-He knows Zach won’t go home (Dudes working with half of the house like come on)
-It looks like Zach and Frankie aren’t working together and will probably never be nominated together.
-Frankie is playing for Frankie not for Zach. It’s Big Brother, every man for himself. (If you don’t know that by now, then get out)