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Today, Home turns two years old ♥

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The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥

Do you ever just wonder if anyone you know irl follows you on tumblr and you don’t know who they are and they don’t know who you are and maybe they’re one of your online friends but you actually know them or is it just me?

Shattered glass

Read the prequel here (not necessary to understand the fic)

Draco opened his eyes.

He immediately wished he hadn’t.

Merlin, we’re all gonna die .

He shared a dorm with Pansy, Millicent, Daphne, Theo and Blaise. A dorm that was supposed to have seven windows. A dorm that currently had five, as well as two gaping holes and a fuckton of water. The first window must have been the snap he’d heard in his dream, the second must have woken him up. But the others were all still sleeping soundly, including Millicent whose bed was closest to the third window that already showed a growing crack.

The Slytherin dungeons hadn’t been maintained as they should, after all if you had a limited budget and needed to choose between fixing the heroic Gryffindor tower or the Slytherin dungeons only an idiot would pick the snakes. They were all death eaters in the eye of the public anyway. Which is why Draco’s second thought was shit this is all my fault.

“They can’t swim!” Draco yelled as he jumped out of bed, the line now finally making sense. His bare feet splashed into the cold water that came rushing into their dorm at a frightening pace. The raging februari storm had made the water levels rise to extremes, and now what appeared to be the entire content of the lake, mud included, came rushing into the dungeons. Already it was impossible to see where you placed your feet and the sound of the rushing water was deafening. Draco could barely hear his own panicked thoughts above the noise.

“Merlin’s beard.” Blaise stammered, paling visibly. He quickly jumped out of bed, yelping when the cold water touched his skin, and waded over to Daphne who always slept with insanely strong silencing charms around her bed. The others were waking up too, most of them too shocked to say anything at first.

“This is bad. This is really really bad.” Pansy was shivering all over and she hadn’t even touched the water yet. Her breath made tiny fog clouds in the freezing air and the messy bun on top of her head shivered alongside the rest of her body. Draco quickly pulled her off the bed and into the water, handing over her wand in the proces. They had no time to deal with her hydrophobia now.

“We have to get everyone out, our windows might not be the only ones that broke!” Draco yelled. He took a deep breath and pulled up his occlumency wards, shielding himself from the panic that was threatening to destroy his ability to think. Then he waded towards Millicent’s bed to make sure she got out of it before window number three shattered. He cursed as his foot caught onto something underneath the surface of the muddy water. He was nearly knocked off his feet by Pansy’s now floating trunk, and had barely taken another step when he was stopped again, this time by the loud snap of breaking glass.

Shouting out Millicent’s name was all he could do before the rush of water from the third window knocked him off his feet. A shard of glass pierced the skin underneath his foot as he struggled to get up again, coughing like his life depended on it. The current was stronger than expected and the temperature of the water nearly completely paralyzed his muscles.

“Everybody out of the dorm!” Boomed Millicent’s voice through the room. Though her bed had been crushed against the wall she was still alive and kicking, or rather wading towards Draco. He strongly suspected she could out-speed and out-calm anyone during panic situations.

Her strong hands tugged on his elbow and soon he was back on his feet again. His whole body was shaking from the cold and if it hadn’t been for milly’s strong grip he would not have made it out of the dorm. By Hades’ blue balls, they were in trouble.

Peteo auxilio!” A large blue jet of light sprouted from the tip of Draco’s wand and it quickly disappeared into the hallway, illuminating the four inch layer of water already standing in it.

Videntur vitae! ” Pansy’s wand lit up, then extinguished, and suddenly there were numbers on every door. Seven third year girls. Four third year boys. Six fourth year girls. It went on like that for eleven more dorms.

“Pansy, you take the first six dorms with Blaise, Daphne and Theo you do the four after. Millicent and I do the last ones.” Draco had to yell in order to be heard above the tumult of the water. As the others took off and Millicent dragged him along to the far end of the corridor he quickly whispered a sonorus .

“EVERYONE WAKE UP NOW! THE WINDOWS ARE BREAKING. LEAVE ALL YOUR BELONGINGS AND GET TO THE GREAT HALL.” He managed to shout before his voice gave out. His vocal cords had never been a great fan of the cold and at the moment even dementors could not chill the place down further. Moments later the first panicked screams met their ears and soon after several doors flew open. The water level in the corridor rose several more inches before he and Milly had come halfway.

“Make sure everyone stays in the great hall when they get upstairs, we need to do a headcount.” He told Emily, a passing by third year. He knew all of his fellow snakes by heart and she was one of the few with enough leader qualities to make people listen. ”And make sure the house elves are safe, they sleep in the dungeons too.”

“Will do!” She answered before disappearing with a group of fourth years. Then he turned back to where he was headed; The end of the hallway that was as far from the common room door as you could get on this level of the Slytherin dungeons. It was a proper titanic like scene now, though the water was much muddier. For a second he froze, tempted by the idea to just run out of there as quick as he could, living up to his reputation as selfish, spineless dickhead.

“Well let’s get on with it Draco!” Yelled Millicent as she pulled him further towards what looked like their doom. “We’re not letting those students drown now are we?”

“Of course not.” Draco told her firmly, replacing the idea of running away with the image of Harry. “They can’t swim!”

Peteo auxilio = I ask for help

Videntur vitae = The lives are being seen

This was the second part in my Drarry fic “1953″ that I will keep updating dayly unless no one likes it. I’m new to this type of fic so it might fail like, really hard