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The most pointless meeting award goes to...

Literally, every single meeting leads to nowhere.

BTW, these are all screenshots from different episodes so you can see how many pointless meeting they had.


As a director are there any lessons you feel you learned from your experience working on Snowpiercer? Bong does things very differently as a director. Typically when you’re shooting a scene, if this were a scene, you would shoot in a master and you would get us together in a two-shot. Then you would do the whole scene on your single and then the whole scene on my single. And we would have a lot of options in the editing room to cut the scene together as you choose. Bong will shoot the edit in his mind. If he saw the scene between you and me, if he saw the first three lines in a two-shot and the next two lines were on you and the next two lines are on me, that’s what he would shoot. There are days where there’s plenty of lines of dialog I have in the movie that are not on film. There is no footage of my saying certain pieces of dialog. It’s the most bold, terrifying thing I’ve ever seen any director do. But it obviously worked out. I will never be that confident, but it worked out. It’s one of those amazing things that you can do when you’re that powerful a filmmaker.

give him an even dye job please

PSA: Sexuality is not a joke.

With a premise like “bromance as you’ve never seen it”, I expected another bout of problematic queerbaiting. To my pleasant surprise, I got a character that openly expresses attraction to both sexes, instead. He is unabashed in his appreciation of both Bong Soon and Gook Doo, admitting his attraction freely. If it isn’t clear, I’ll say it outright: I choose to read the flirtatious overtones as Min Hyuk being bisexual. Representation is so important, and Min Hyuk being bisexual would be an amazing step in the right direction for kdramas.

But I’ve seen that scene where he admits to being attracted to Gook Doo as being called Min Hyuk teasing Bong Soon about the rumors of his sexuality. I’ve seen it asserted that he’s not bisexual, but he’s just “having a bit of fun with her” or “he’s playing into his image and making fun of society”. If he is, then he’s problematic. Sexuality is not a joke. It isn’t something you can make light of, and then call “social commentary”. Given that homophobia and biphobia is a huge problem, making mockery of it is unacceptable. And then if it’s applauded? I don’t even know what I can say to that. Should this be what the canon supports, then this drama would become problematic. If this is the canon pushed by the audience, then the audience is problematic.  

His being bisexual wouldn’t make his (eventual) relationship with Bong Soon any less valid. To suggest so would be biphobic. Given the nature of this drama, I think it would be nice if he really is attracted to both sexes, and the “next level bromance” isn’t queerbaiting. If you don’t want to think he’s bisexual, then fine. I don’t ever claim to push my interpretation of a narrative as the only right one. Believe, interpret as you will. But please, don’t applaud the mockery of sexuality as smart social commentary. 

On another note, please refrain from calling someone as “a gay”. A person is gay just as they are tall or short. The word is a characteristic, an adjective. Adding the “a” in front of it, objectifies the people of that community. All things considered, it’s not something that we should have to experience in the fandom-sphere.