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I have to disagree with the previous anon, I mean I get why people think that ereri can't be canon. That is a possibility. But look at all the official art, The ereri novel created by Isayama himself plus all the hints in the manga. Why would they all exist if there wouldn't be a chance? I think that there is a chance that it will become canon, I just don't know how big it is. We need to believe 🙏

Anonymous said: I’m aware that Ereri will never be canon, and at this point, has to be one of the most sunken ships in this fandom. It pains me to admit this sad truth and I don’t like to be pessimistic about my otp because I love Ereri so much it hurts. But I have to face reality. BUT. I would AT LEAST want Isayama to make them interact more. I would beg for one more touching moment between them. Shake hands, give each other a friendly hug Idk just let them PLEASE TALK because they never do. :’(

Anonymous said: do you think isayama will give ereri a shot to be canon?

I had several asks regarding the same thing both here and on my main, so I’m putting them together. This seems to be a popular subject atm :P. (There was a 4th one but I won’t post it since it wasn’t appropiate for this blog, but if you read this anon, this response works for you too.)

Well, like I was saying the other day, this shows how the opinions are divided lol.

But that’s alright. There’s people who want to believe it can be canon. And the possibility is still there. As long as they are both alive, there’s a chance! 

And there’s also people who think that it’s not possible for a manga like this to make any ship canon. We have to always remember what kind of manga SnK is, and it’s definitely not a romance focused one. And that point of view is perfectly valid too.

And what do I think? Well… it depends on the day. Some days when I re-read or re-watch their interactions, and all the canon stuff, visual novel, interviews, etc… I think it might definitely be possible for them to get somewhere. But then, I also am up to date with the recent chapters, interviews with Isayama saying he wants to end the manga as soon as possible, and things like that… and I think that there might not be enough time for it, or simply Isayama won’t take the time to focus on something like that. I really don’t know!

On top of that I don’t want to be dissapointed, so I always try to not expect anything to not have my heart broken later, especially with ships.

But I have to disagree with the statment saying that Ereri is one of the most sunken ships in this fandom… I don’t see it like that at all! In canon, they’re still in good terms even if they went through a very difficult situation, and in fandom, is still the most popular ship!

The only problem is that because of how the manga has progressed, it’s been a long time since they had any meaningful interaction. And if we look at the anime, we have the same situation but in reverse: it’s going to be a while until their next moments get animated. So right now things are a bit slow in that sense. But trust me, once we get to the good stuff, the fandom will be all over it again ^^.

But well, whatever it happens, remember that it’s not good to obsess about any ship being canon. What makes Ereri great, it’s not only what happens in the manga. I’m very thankful to Isayama for creating this amazing story and characters! But the fandom made them even better, with their stories, art, headcanons, etc. The Ereri we love is going to keep existing no matter what happens on Isayama’s manga.

Like I was saying to a friend the other day, SnK is just a story, like any other. But there are thousands of stories out there where Eren and Levi are together and happy, really good stories! The only difference is that they’re not official, but at the end of the day, does that even matter that much? Both are just stories. As long as they bring you happiness, they’re as good as any official stuff for me ;).

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Could you do that cool au ask but with Shance!


Who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter? 
Lance is the werewolf and Shiro’s the hunter. Shiro’s always known werewolves to be big, aggressive and prone to violence, and was taught that they’re not to be trusted - then he meets Lance. Lance is cute and flirty and Shiro doesn’t know what to make of him because ?? 
Who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman?
Mhmmm I could go either way with this tbh.
Lance as a mermaid prince who’s always been curious about the world above, he frequently takes trips to the surface and one day comes across fisherman Shiro. He starts watching him, helps him catch fish and ends up falling for him.
Alternatively mermaid Shiro. Lance works on one of those big fishing boats and one day Shiro ends up caught in their net. The others all want to sell him or keep him as an attraction but Lance is against it, and later when no one’s paying attention he sets him free. Lance is fired but still goes out fishing on his own boat where he meets Shiro again, who wants to thank him.   
Who’s the witch and who’s the familiar?
Witch Lance and familiar Shiro! Lance originally summons Shiro when he’s young. Shiro’s a black kitten with a patch of white on his head - at least that’s what Lance originally thought. Shiro grows a lot larger than expected however, and oops actually he was a lion cub. He’d never even considered it at first because no one had ever heard of a black lion, he just thought Shiro was a big boy.
Who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict?
Lance is one of those show off barista’s who makes everything they do flashy - but not in a bad way. Shiro’s constantly coming in for coffee, and it always seems to be when Lance is working. At first he’s like ‘does he have a crush on me??’ but actually Shiro is studying (idk what but something hard) and he constantly has assignments due which means he gets so little sleep and basically lives on coffee. Lance tries testing the waters once and flirts with him and Shiro, who’s literally never paid any attention to anything there because he’s dead inside, ‘sees’ him for the first time and is like ‘holy shit!!’
Who’s the professor and who’s the TA?
I don’t have as much of an idea for this but Shiro as that really popular professor that doesn’t really care what you do in class as long as you’re not disruptive and pay attention and get the work done. Lance is simultaneously the TA who all the students love because he’s fun, but also the one that all the students love to tease
Who’s the knight and who’s the prince?
I’m a sucker for Altean prince Lance so ofc prince Lance and knight Shiro. Either knight Shiro is tasked to look after/guard the prince who likes to sneak out and cause a little trouble. Or like knight Shiro saving the prince from something but also Lance being like ‘lol’ and taking out a bunch of monsters/guards/whatever he’s meant to be being saved from and so Shiro’s like ! 0///0
Who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent?
Teacher Shiro and single parent Lance who has a small sassy child who tends to speak their mind which gets them in trouble a lot. It leads to a lot of parent-teacher meetings but honestly Lance isn’t complaining, his kid isn’t doing anything too bad and he gets an excuse to see the hot teacher
Who’s the writer and who’s the editor?
Hmmm either works for me but I want it to be like a strikingly huge difference between them and the things they write. Whoever is the editor in the au picks up their books after their last editor quits/retires.
Shiro writes a lot of soft, sensitive type things so when Lance meets this big, scarred buff guy for the first time he’s like…. wait…
Writer Lance writes a lot of raunchy, erotic novels so Shiro’s surprised to find that when he starts to question Lance about inspiration and motivation after a point Lance starts to get fidgety and embarrassed. Shiro’s not bothered by stuff like that so he doesn’t mind asking the more embarrassing questions but Lance is finally like ‘no! enough! please!’ his last editor just took his stuff he didn’t care about creating a relationship. He’s actually pretty shy underneath his flirty facade and doesn’t have much experience with the stuff he writes about. 

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fandom: Haikyuu!!
pairing: KuroHina/OiHina
words: 3485
A/N: yet another one - and last - part of ’searching for your heart’, now only epilogue is left, I hope you’re excited ^u^

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They walked slowly, taking their time, holding hands and smiling, every now and then stopping for a kiss, and to be honest,Shouyou felt like a high school girl in love, embarrassingly so.

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Idk if you've seen How I met your mother but that finale was AWFUL and showed exactly what happens when you stick so desperately to the plan a couple instead of going organic with the story. I know there have been some people who think that Arrow will go the HIMYM route with Lauriver and Olicity but I certainly hope they wouldn't be so stupid. What do you think?

Have….have I seen HIMYM? Have I SEEN HIMYM??


I wasted nine years - NINE FECKING YEARS!!!! - on that show. I trusted those writers with my life. (Okay, not really. ‘I trusted them with my television experience’ is more accurate.) They haven’t even invented the curse words I would use to accurately describe those writers. I will never again in my lifetime watch another Bays/Thomas show again if I can help it. Sounds dramatic, but really, I mean it. 

And I come from the Whedon School of Pain, Angst and Torture. I know not to automatically expect a happy ending. I know about suffering. That man is the reason I have trust issues. And I’ve spent my summers at the Moffat School for Lying Liars. Trust me when I say that I get frustration and suffering when it comes to television. But I will never in my life understand what possessed those egotistical blowhards to throw nine years of character development and organic storytelling down the drain. Even if, even if they had wanted to stick to their original plan of getting Robin/Ted together despite ALL the backlash, the obvious chemistry and love between Barney/Robin, the fact that they spent YEARS showing us exactly how wrong Ted and Robin were for each other - even despite all that if they had wanted to remain pig-headed and stick to their original plan, they could have written it a million times better. The thing that annoys me the most about what they did with that finale was that they ruined Barney. They took the character with the most growth of anyone on that show and they basically regressed him back to his season 1 self just so that they could fix their stupid vision in place. They took his character development and burned it before our eyes and for that I will never forgive them.

I think all screen and television writers should be shown HIMYM as a primer when they enter the industry or even so much as think about writing a television series, as a guide on HOW NOT TO SCREW UP YOUR OWN SHOW. It should be a cautionary tale for all newbies in the industry - don’t fuck your shit up like the HIMYM writers did. Ugh. I was never more pleased for a show to not be picked up at pilot than I was for How I Met Your Dad to be dropped. 

Having said ALL that - hey, I told you guys, if you ask me about HIMYM, don’t expect a rational answer - the Arrow writers aren’t that stupid, for one. At least I hope not. I get why people are anxious - I do, really. The thing is, at the end of the day, we can’t really know for sure what they are thinking in terms of their endgame. But there’s a fundamental difference between HIMYM and Arrow, specifically when it comes to their take on the main romantic relationship. 

As much as it pains me to admit this now - from HIMYM’s very first episode we were told that Robin was NOT the mother. And….she wasn’t. However - and correct if I am wrong - I don’t think the writers ever categorically said that Ted was NOT going to end up with Robin. We as fans took it for granted in a way that Mother = endgame, that a show called HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was going to feature this woman, this mythical, magical woman, the love of Ted’s life, the woman he spent nine years searching for as his one and only in the end. We were wrong. We conflated Robin = NOT the mother with Mother = endgame, and while it’s obvious and logical why we would think that, it simply wasn’t ever categorically or explicitly stated. 

Why do I make a big deal of that difference? The HIMYM writers always said, from day one, that they knew their ending. They never deviated from it despite the story going in a completely different direction. The Arrow writers might have thought in the pilot that they knew their endgame. They didn’t plan Olicity, or any other variation. But when they saw what was and wasn’t working, they changed their story. From what I recall about HIMYM having read interviews at the time, the Barney/Robin thing was always planned, even knowing that they would not ultimately end up together. So it was all one big, long fake-out, a ruse. Whereas on Arrow, it was a truly organic development and the writers went out of their way to change their story, spending nearly two years in the process. That tells me that the Arrow writers care about how their story is shaped on screen more than they care about their personal visions for it. The fact that they pay so much attention to the Olicity love story makes me feel like they respect it. The amount of back and forth between Ted, Robin and Barney throughout the years was truly yawn-inducing. Talk about on/again, off/again. I don’t honestly see that happening here. Marc being a trolly troll aside, I don’t see Olicity as on/again, off/again, or “one step forward and two steps back” or whatever he was trying to say in that latest interview. Slow burn, a simmer, a slow dance - these are not the same as regression. 

Arrow has taken many leaps unrelated to Olicity that have taken them away from the comic canon. They’ve respected it but they don’t live by it. And I don’t expect Olicity to be any different. Thing is, at this point, everybody in the industry probably knows the Bays/Thomas debacle. If the Arrow writers are any good, they will learn that lesson by proxy and not make the same mistakes. Follow in Whedon’s footsteps, sure. Give me angst, pain, suffering, torture - I’m all in. Just don’t write to placate your own egos. As a writer myself, I understand the impulse to do just that. But the problem is that when you come nine years down the line and when your product has taken a life of its own, you need to respect it. You need to let the product tell you the story, instead of the other way around. 

Here’s hoping the Arrow writers know how to curb their egos.