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can ya’ll please stop acting like jim doesn’t give a shit about studying the troll lore book because he clearly does


Finally getting around to posting personal art ;0 Here’s a character i recently bought on instagram! It’s a closed species, but they’re called distortians~ Mine is “dizzy fox” eyy,,, i love them a lot okay

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I'm literally at the point where if that little gremlin ass fucker is the Aquamarine I will forever deny it and when ppl ask what is Aquamarine i'll just be like lmao check teakip's blog

lmao I’m not worthy

I wanna apologize in advance to anyone who wants to talk to me because I’m the driest, most awkward person you could ever imagine and I can barely hold a conversation on my own jeebensjsnsjs

open to m/f/nb. a frequent affair that maybe got a little deeper than they had bargained for. suggested connection: step-daughter’s friend (18+ only), husband’s intern, employee, anyone really, bonus points for age gaps

“does it bother you or something?” the older woman spoke, back toward the other as she was reaching behind her to re-fasten the bra they’d so eagerly removed when they’d first entered the room. glancing over her shoulder, samaira’s eyes found theirs, offering the softest of smiles. “that as soon as i leave here i go back home to him? is that why you’ve been so quiet?” they were meant to be casual, an agreement they’d made upon their first hook up. but things had felt different lately. they were less accessible, at least on a level deeper than just sex. then again, why did she care? “you know this is just.. the way it has to be. i know it’s not perfect but—” cutting her own words off, her eyes were shifting down toward the bed. “if you want to stop this, i get it. it’s supposed to be fun.” it was always just supposed to be fun. and if it was over, she’d grit and bare it. she’d have to.

tfw you wear a sweater that reminds you of your bf so you can pretend you have a bf.

  • Me: (to a 5YO at work) I like your Star Wars shirt! It's super cool!
  • 5 YO: Thank you! I have a costume from The Force Awakens at home.
  • Me: Oh yeah, what character?
  • 5YO: Kylo Ren! I have his mask and lightsaber too!
  • Me: ::gasps in excitement:: Really? Oh I love Kylo Ren!
  • 5YO: ::gives me The Look:: Um. You know he's the bad guy right?
  • Me: Yeah I know, but I have a soft spot for the villains.

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Original anon about the lea sponsored post. Im not hating nor do i care *that* much about what she posts on her ig...i just feel uneasy over the fact that all those followers are skam fans some of whom are really young and comment stuff on her pics like "my self esteem is even lower now" and she doesn't seem to acknowledge it which i don't think should be her job plus she's only 17 (even tho she doesn't act like one). Im just pointing out that those (cont)

~50k followers are getting her jobs she wouldn’t have gotten other wise even tho she was pursuing a modelling career before henrik. She wouldn’t have signed with norway’s top modelling agency so quickly. And yes she’s doing what’s best for her and capitalism money yeah ok so? Does that mean someone can’t be uncomfortable with it? I know im not the only one bothered by the fact that people are benefitting from henrik and they never acknowledge him or his accomplishments at all

“it’s not that i care that much, but.” you do care, just accept that you care.

so you not only think you’re entitled to comment on a complete stranger’s life but you also think lea should praise henrik 24/7 for being a part of skam and for signing for norway’s top modeling agency on her social medias? (like! you do know that she’s… his girlfriend. they see each other. every other day! they talk to each other! every day!) and btw, it might not matter that much, but lea was signed by team models before it was official that she dated henrik!

she isn’t forcing anybody to follow her on her social medias. the thing she does? posting pictures of her boyfriend, which, by the way, every couple does.

if you feel uncomfortable? unfollow her. it’s that easy! 

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Have you watched that Dragon Maid anime? Do you know if its true that its fetish-y /the creator created fetishy work? i saw a post about that but a lot of people seem to like it and don't seem to have a problem with it (or maybe not aware?) so idk if its just me

I didn’t watch it. The tiddy physics put me off. Look at this:

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I see it has a lot of cute parts, but I’m sick of tiddy physics. I’d watch it if it wasn’t for that. The dragon maid herself doesn’t have this issue. But they keep adding characters with bigger and bigger tits and Bethesda boob physics.


With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Dayโ€™s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but whatโ€™s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktorโ€™s intentions are.

The End

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a collection of out-of-context The Adventure Zone quotes

- “You hear… crinkle-tinkles.” “FUCK.”

- “Hot diggity shit. That is a baller cookie.”

- “Oh, the Unicorn Double-Barrel Special.”

- “No dogs on the moon, they just run off the goddamn thing.”

- “I find that not killing people is very easy.” “Well, we all have dry spells, kid.”

- “Dad, you can just say ‘masturbating’.”

- “ ♫ Oh shit, sweet flip. ♫ “

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*