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Do you think jumin's a virgin or nah? What's your opinion?

Should I flag this as NSFW?  I get really clinical, here, but this is about sex…

I would not be surprised if he were a virgin.  And I would not be surprised if he weren’t.

For MC, I want him to be a virgin.  He’s a professed Christian (abstinence, anyone?  And he does not approve of living together before marriage.) and he’s a disciplined workaholic, who would put his job before his emotional or physical needs.  I want him to be a virgin, and only MC gets a piece of him.

However, he also strikes me as having “tried it.”

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palindromic1 replied to your post “So totally random, but like Q literally just re-earthed (?) a niffin….”

It’s a lot more believable in the books, given how rushed the show is. In the books Q and friends are certified workaholics and the series ends about twelve years after it begins, so there was a lot of time and practice accrued in those years.

yeah a few of us have brought up how quickly the alice niffin to human plotline was done so fast where as in the books it takes years during which time q does alot of growing

so its gonna be interesting to see what theyre gonna throw at quentin now to help him grow

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Can i have a ship? So im a 26 year old African American girl. Im a visual artist and soon to be teacher. I put others ahead of myself and try to see the good in others. Many say i have the patience of a saint and i like a mother to others. I love children and watching them grow. Im a workaholic and when im sick....i still overwork my self. Im usually the advice and caregiver. Im also an idealistic person. Love being in the rain....Egyptian history and listening to Native American music to sleep.

I ship you with Damian Wayne.

First of all, being an artist makes you a good match for Damian. Perhaps the two of you would attempt to make art together as a experiment. One time the two of you attempted to paint a painting together. You can imagine how that went…

Damian needs someone to take care of him. He will push himself too far, and he needs someone to tell him to stop. Also he needs someone who sees the good inside of him. You help him through his doubtful times, and he loves you the more for it. You are the light in his life, and you help him find the light in himself.

Likewise, Damian will be someone who will force you to rest when you work too much. He may tie you down if you resist him. It makes for interesting moments between the two of you. Damian would enjoy your love of Egyptian history and Native American music. He would learn about them from you, and research them on his own, so he can share your love of them.