workaholics fandom


So you’ve just found out about prettymuch and you are confused. Im here to help! BEANZ is the fandom bame for the new vocal group prettymuch. It stands for the first letter of the boyz names. Brandon, Edwin, Austin, Nick, and Zion. The boyz were scouted by simon cowell 2 years ago and were finally united together last march. Every sunday at 12 pm PST the boyz go on ig live for a special prettybrunch so make sure you tune in!!! So now I’ll give you the low down on our favorite men.

This is brandon. He is the youngest member at 17 years old. His birthday is December 14, 1999. He is from Corinth, Texas and is Mexican-American. Loves to produce beats and a known workaholic.  

This is Edwin. Fandom calls him Eggwin tho because he always cooks eggs during prettybrunch. He is 18 years old ans his birthday is February 12, 1999. He is Dominican. Loves Fashion and artsy stuff. He is originally from the Bronx, NY.  

This is Austin. Austin is the oldest at 20 being born on August 14, 1997. He is from a small town near Charlotte, NC. Loves anime,skateboarding, and being a chill dude. He also loves to draw.  

This is Nick. Nick is 19 years old, and his birthday falls on November 8, 1997. Nick may look familiar to you as he previously appeared on ABDC with the ICONic Boyz. He is from Manapalan, NJ. Besides being an extremely good dancer(and also my fav), he enjoys sleeping.

And lastly here is Zion. Zion was born on June 29, 1999 making him 18 years old. He hails from Ottawa, Canada and is of black/white descent. Zion enjoys being a goofball and is a living meme and forever my mood (search meme in tags!!!). Feel free to click links of the boyz on my blog, or search up their first name in tags if you’re on mobile. Any other questions, comments, or even conversations y'all wanna start feel free to hit up my ask box or private message me 😊 BUY THEIR DEBUT SINGLE WOULD YOU MIND OUT EVERYWHERE!!!!! REBLOG TO HELP THE NEW BEANZ OUT!!!!!