workaholic weeks

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Curious question but what would Daddy Newt do if I have been surviving on coffee, minimal sleep (I fall asleep on the couch, desk, floor, basically anywhere) and am a stressed workaholic? (thank gods killer week is going to end soon)

(Duuuude! Been there done that…still do that. It sucks and I wish you all the luck and please try and sleep more lol)

“Daddy would be very disappointed, my darling. If there ever is a reason to lose sleep…it should only be because of me.”


Ah I let loose for a couple of days….
but its summer holidays so its not that bad I guess. I still felt kinda guilty though ;u; I have now 2 weeks left to prep for school before I go to London and Ibiza, that means: workaholic for 2 weeks from now on!

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STOYD!!! this is a present for lockthedragon! they met during speed dating, maybe boyd is running the event and amused that stiles is talking so much and none of his dates are impressed but boyd likes it

Falling For You. Stiles/Boyd. Teen.

When Cora insists on hosting Speed Dating on Ice, Boyd is not amused. Then his former high school crush decides to attend the event, which just makes it worse. Or better. Boyd still isn’t entirely sure.

Speed Dating on Ice is a ridiculous concept. It actually is as silly as it sounds. Boyd’s convinced that the only reason Cora thought it up was so she could laugh at the poor schmucks who tried skating between the tables. Tried being the operative word. People that Boyd recognizes from free skate days at the rink are wobbling like they’re drunk, lacking their usual grace tonight. It’s probably just nerves.

Boyd can understand that since speed dating is a form of torture created to inflict pain on anyone participating in the mating ritual that believes three minutes is enough time to actually make a real connection with someone. Cora tells him he’s being an old fuddy duddy for not embracing the speed dating thing, but he knows he’s just being smart.

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So let’s do a brief thought experiment type thing about American college tuition. I’ve heard more than one person tout the “I worked during the summer so I could pay for school” idea, and I find that hella interesting.
So let’s say you worked eight weeks (June 1-Aug 1) at minimum wage, 25 hours a week. “Why 25 hours a week,” you ask, “when full-time is 40 hours a week?” For one thing, I don’t think it’s fair to ask an 18 year old to graduate high school and immediately begin working full time at a minimum wage job in order to pursue an education to (presumably) avoid working full time at a minimum wage job. For another, it’s actually pretty fucking difficult to get full time hours at a minimum wage, entry level job — full time means benefits, so nearly all places would rather keep you just under the full time cut off. But I’ll run this math with both 25 hours, the reasonable projection, and 40 hours, the insane workaholic idealistic projection.

8 weeks x $7.25 x 25 hours = $1,450
8 weeks x $7.25 x 40 hours = $2,320

If our theory is that a high school graduate should be able to work over the summer and make enough to pay for college the next year, college should cost no more than $2,320 per year. That includes tuition, books, and class fees — I’ll give room and board a pass because I don’t think that’s a feasible adjustment to make at this point. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, PEOPLE. FOR A YEAR.

There are 168 hours in a week. If you worked literally all of those hours, which is obviously impossible both physically and financially, you would make $1,218. In a summer, you would make between $9.744 and $12,180 WHICH IS STILL. AT MANY SCHOOLS. LESS THAN A YEAR’S TUITION.

This is impossible. Just for comparison, LSU, my darling state university subsidized by the state which accepts state scholarships like TOPS, charges in-state residents about $8,700 a year in tuition and fees. Out of state residents pay $26,476 — again, only in tuition and fees, not books or living space or food (or parking, or the dozen other ways a university charges you money). Housing and food are an estimated $10,000 more per year.

I’ve been out of college for several years now, and I don’t regret having gone. I test exceptionally well, and my bachelor’s degree cost me no money; I actually made money off of scholarships and federal grants. Grad school brought in some student loans, but still, I am extremely fortunate in this country, and I know that. But my youngest sister is sixteen, and my stepsister has two children. College tuition and the incredibly fucked up market that is the American educational system don’t stop mattering when you graduate, or when I do. This is unacceptable, and it has to change.