FILED Doodle a day challenge- Day 11: Street sign

“No U-turn”

This doodle art represents people’s decision in life. Everyday, we choose, everyday, we venture every possibility by taking chances, by choosing from what is there and not there. Everyday, we decide, whether to do good or to do bad, whether to stay or not, and so on and so forth. Decisions creates the variance in human biodiversity.

Some people regret their choices. They realize that their decision was wrong when everthing is done. Life is like street living. We must follow rules. At some points in our life, we make wrong decisions. We regret those. But every decision is a NO U TURN. Why NO U-TURN? It’s simply because Once we have chose something, or once we have decided for something, there is no way of turning back and regretting those. We must stand for our decision. But the same thing in real life, when we found a no u-turn sign, yet we really need to take that route, we tend to find ways or alternate route for us to get in our destination. We may find a lot of NO U-TURNS, but still, there is always an alternate route, all we need is to find ways for it.