I recently worked with WorkAC on this huge ($500 Million) job for a competition in Saint Petersburg Russia. I found out this week through the internets that they won the competition. I worked on this for about 2 weeks straight, staying up till 6 am every day shooting stop motion animation.

Good Architect

Amale Andraos interviewed by

First step on a project
Examine it from every possible angle.

Last step on a project 
Take photographs. Usually with Elizabeth Felicella, who has been shooting our projects since the beginning. It’s always the last time we’re in the space alone and can take the time to record it before turning it over to its new life. It’s a necessary closure for us, when it all finally comes together.

How do you break a creative block?
1. Drop everything. 2. Generate a sense of untenable urgency. 3. Go for a run.

World-saving mission
With the current rate of urbanization and the projected population boom, one of the biggest challenges today is to reimagine our cities, reinvent their support systems, and rethink their infrastructure, working toward integration.

Best place to think 
Anywhere while running

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