Now I know" Tantalus continued, raising his voice, “that these races were discounted some years ago due to, ah, technical problems.”

“Three deaths and twenty-six mutilations,” someone at the Apollo table called.


Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

ten bucks that’s will solace

He presses his lips together. Nods, ever so slightly, as if it was only intended for her to see. He seems resigned still, resigned to what he thinks she’s about to do – damn him to rot.

Max looks at him helplessly, but the moment is over, snatched from her in seconds. Nathan turns his head, and stares at the ground.

I’ll always love you.

—  The Sense of Me by trecoolio
I almost didn’t recognize [Annabeth]. She was wearing a sleeveless silk dress like C.C.’s, only white. Her blond hair was newly washed and combed and braided with gold. Worst of all, she was wearing makeup, which I never thought Annabeth would be caught dead in. I mean, she looked good. Really good. I probably would’ve been tongue-tied if I could’ve said anything except reet, reet, reet. But there was also something totally wrong about it. It just wasn’t Annabeth.
—  The Sea of Monsters [page 178]
Andrew Eldritch: A new "The Sisters Of Mercy" album
On June 21st 2016, Andrew Eldritch was quoted in an interview stating: "What is happening in America is an ever more bizarre circus, and the population doesn't seem to realise just how much it's being taken for a ride. I can tell you one thing: If Donald Trump actually does become President, that will...

Speaking of music that can keep my will alive during the End Times… Andrew Eldritch, have Mercy and give us something to shout along to as the night comes down on the West.


The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love