Now I know" Tantalus continued, raising his voice, “that these races were discounted some years ago due to, ah, technical problems.”

“Three deaths and twenty-six mutilations,” someone at the Apollo table called.


Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

ten bucks that’s will solace

I made an overlay mash-up of Dolly Parton and Andrew Eldritch’s versions of “Jolene” for music class and didn’t realize that they’re not in the same key. Apparently, I caused some of the more finely musically-trained students in class to experience pain, oops.

I’m going to see if I can tweak the tuning before I post the piece here, but I think I’ll continue to foist off-key post-punk pastiches on my classmates for the remainder of the semester. LBR Andrew Eldritch would be happy that I’m forcing a bunch of unwilling Harvard music students to listen to his singing.

I’ve determined (not with total certainty) that the Sisters’ cover of “Jolene” is just about a half step off from the original (in Ab minor instead of A minor) and now I’m forced to decide between making Dolly Parton’s voice slightly lower or Andrew Eldritch’s voice slightly higher to make this mash-up work. This is a bad spot to be in. Part of the reason I selected this song for my mash-up was the opposite extremity of Parton and Eldritch’s voices.

I almost didn’t recognize [Annabeth]. She was wearing a sleeveless silk dress like C.C.’s, only white. Her blond hair was newly washed and combed and braided with gold. Worst of all, she was wearing makeup, which I never thought Annabeth would be caught dead in. I mean, she looked good. Really good. I probably would’ve been tongue-tied if I could’ve said anything except reet, reet, reet. But there was also something totally wrong about it. It just wasn’t Annabeth.
—  The Sea of Monsters [page 178]