i really think people have either forgotten or just never knew what exo faced after they lost not one but two members like the whispers that they were gonna fail and that they were sm’s biggest failure and then they lost another member and they STILL broke records and won daesangs despite everything everyone was saying about them being a failure and they persisted and grew stronger and won respect that they worked so incredibly hard for so when you talk about exo being flops or failing just know they’ll literally only come back stronger and set new records because that’s what they do and they’re in this for the long run


Holy moly, this blog just hit 6,000 followers! And right before a new Genyatta week too!

Thank you all so much for following this blog. I know activity here has been slow lately, but I’ve still kept up with posts just for you guys! Summer is finally here which means I will have much more time to find content for this blog. 

Thank you all for being patient and sticking around. You guys keep me going and keep my love for Genyatta strong.To everyone new here, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you find! 

Thank you all again, I can’t wait to see the future of this fandom.

Поддерживаем друг друга

1 Не унывай! - Cheer up! [чиэр] [ап]!
2 Выше голову! - Chin up! [чин] [ап]!
3 Не сдавайся! - Don’t give up! [донт] [гив] [ап]!
4 Давайте, вы можете! - Come on, you can do! [кам] [он], [ю] [кэн] [ду]!
5 Продолжай! - Keep going! [кип] [гоуин]!
6 Расслабься! - Lighten up! [лайтн] [ап]!
7 Улыбнись! - Smile! [смайл]!
8 Могло быть хуже. - Could be worse! [куд] [би] [вос]!
9 Так держать! - Keep up the good work! [кип] [ап] [зэ] [гуд] [вок]!
10 Ты хорошо поработал! That’s a good effort! [зэтс] [э] [гуд] [ефэт]!
11 Это реальный прогресс! - That’s a real improvement! [зэтс] [э] [риэл] [импрувмэнт]!
12 Вы на правильном пути! - You’re on the right lines! [юа] [он] [зэ] [райт] [лайнс]!
13 Нет худа без добра. - Every cloud has a silver lining. [еври] [клaуд] [хэз] [э] [силвэ] [лайнин].
14 Это не конец света. - It’s not the end of the world. [итс] [нот] [зэ] [енд] [оф] [зэ] [волд].
15 Все будет хорошо! - Everything will be fine! [еврисин] [вил] [би] [файн]!

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anonymous asked:

I'm curious to know, when you make your lists do you actually name these at the top of your head or do you search it? If you really know them, you're one really hardcore fujoshi ;p

Haha, it really depends on what the person is asking for! I have my own preferences in the kind of yaoi I read, and my own favorites so I can recommend those right off the top of my head!

I also archive all the manga I’ve read so all I have to do is scroll through and find ones that match what the requester is looking for, but sometimes that takes a little bit because I’ve read over 1,100 manga.That’s a lot of pages to scroll through!

When a requester asks for something I’m not very into (I’m at least a little bit into everything, but there are some things I like a lot more than others) that’s when I do research and look through tags made by other people to make my lists!

  • Person: *looks at me*
  • Me: they're looking at me because they found my tumblr blog and they've seen all my posts and well I guess it's time I deactivate my account it was nice expressing my demon but everything good must come to an end unfortunately