Despite popular belief, Kismesitude is not based on hate. It’s based on jealousy. The reason kismesis will never kill each other or leave each other is because they may not have a chance of getting their other. Due to this, behind every kismesitude, is a flush crush.

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Hi I’m Alina! I identify as bigender, and tend to change my appearance often based on my gender for the moment.

It took me a while to understand why I felt uncomfortable with my gender sometimes and seemed fine with it at other times, and thanks to some good friends and extensive research, I’ve discovered my identity and feel more comfortable with myself.

I prefer certain pronouns of different days, but in the end, I’m comfortable with he, she, or they. 

(Also this is the first selfie I’ve ever posted on Tumblr… i hope I don’t disappoint…)

Free education for everyone!

Please sign this petition to make education free for everyone. We all need education but, with the economic downturn some people cannot afford it. Please click on the link, sign the petition and help everyone receive a better future.

Once the petition is signed, this is the proposed motion. Let’s make the future a little less scary for others. Please reblog and thank you for reading.

Long time no see. Really. I apologize for the lack of any activities. So sorry I couldn’t reply to messages.

This past few months, I needed to be focused on my real life. Out of necessity we’ve moved to a new house. In the process of this, my main computer got broken! Oh boy… I’ve lost all my save data, screen shots and downloaded stuffs. Including my legacy sim = Sheryl Moonlight. It’s really killing me.

Anyway I’m back again. Right now my TS3 and TS4 are totally clean slate! On the one hand my real house cluttered with cardboard boxes!
And then I bought GTW. But the launching is tomorrow in Japan. I’m enjoying all posts about new EP on my dash.