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anonymous asked:

Do you think Dylan and Eric were good with kids?

Well, when Dylan was a sophomore, he volunteered at a day care on the campus that Sue worked at. She says in her book-

I’d occasionally stop by to watch him work. True to form, Dylan would be out there on the playground, making sure the little kids were lining up neatly to get a turn on the swing.

That was from Sue’s perspective, but I’m assuming if Dylan volunteered then he was comfortable around kids. They probably liked the tall, cool high school kid and he didn’t have to worry about things for a while.

Sadly we don’t know a lot about how Eric might have been with kids, but I think he’d be pretty cool with them, up to a point. He had his own temper and he might not have wanted to deal with a little kid complaining. He said in his journal that he probably wouldn’t want to bring a child in the world, but that may have been more from a responsibility point of view and seeing the world as a bad place. It’s understandable he wouldn’t want to have children, but I can see him liking to teach kids new things.

I’m sure both of the boys would have grown to have a positive view of children, whether they actually wanted their own or not.