So I emailed Hamish and Andy a couple of weeks ago...

And my email actually got read out on the show! But more than that, I think I ruined their lives! It’s about a game called Assassin, and they had a go at playing it.

Check it out, it’s very funny:

(There’s a bit at the start about it, and then the stuff about The Game starts around 17:45)


If you’re ever feeling down or just want to have a good laugh, I seriously recommend this video!! Hamish and Andy are the best!! Hilarious!! 


The 57th Annual TV Week Logie Awards

I had the honour of photographing all the winners this year at our backstage Winners studio for TV week magazine. As always a very busy but fun night. Its always a great pleasure working with and photographing all the small screen stars as they accept their Logie and come off the stage.

Have you ever had a last supper-esque dinner that only supplied coke zero and McDonalds with your best buddies CM Punk, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Kid Cudi, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Deadpool, Randy Marsh, Arya Stark, Greninja, Venom, Hopsin, Yami Yugi, your cat and your dogs… IN SPACE. I have! Thanks a bunch to Coreena Cole for making my physically impossible dreams come true!