Every kind of Guy on Tinder

1. Look at this dead animal

2. My wife has to like you

3. I’m actually 18

4. I am/want to be a youth pastor and I want a wife by my side

5. I hope you like whiskey, mustaches, and intelligent banter 

6. Look at this sword

7. Lol Tinder doesn’t work

8. I’m just a country boy looking for my cowgirl

9. I hope you’re an enlightened atheist

10. I’m a model looking for love

11. I’m a model looking for work

12. I’m a photographer looking for models

13. 420 friendly

14. Isn’t my dog cute?

15. That’s not my baby

16. That is my baby

17. I’m looking for someone to workout with

18. Netflix and chill

19. I’m down for anything (and by anything I mean sex)

20. I’m new in town and need a guide

21. beer is my only hobby

22. My mom wants grandchildren

23. John 3:16

24. Yeah, that’s me cosplaying as Goku

25. (No pictures, no description)

26. I’m a real life Andy Dwyer